707 Instant and Storage Water Heaters Review – Best Water Heater

707 is a local water heater brand with more than 50 years of history. It is one of the 3 brands under the Cheong Hock Guan Group (CHG). 707 is among the most popular water heaters in Singapore. With their in-depth knowledge of the Singapore market, they have developed water heaters that are perfect for your home.



707 Water Heater Range And Price


707 has a good range of water heaters to choose from, be it instant or storage. Because of their wide range, it also means that there is a water heater that is suitable for every budget. For instant water heaters, you can choose from the Queenston, Princeton, Everton, Alpine and Compact models. (from premium to budget)


For storage water heaters, there are two choices, the Kensington and Dalton. Within these models, you can choose different water capacity depending on your family’s needs. If you are confused by all these choices, don’t worry. We will delve deeper into each model’s specifications and features to make it easier for you to choose the best one for your family.



Where To Buy A 707 Water Heater


707 is a well-established brand, as such their water heaters are available widely all around Singapore. You can find them in hardware shops, large electronics stores and on e-commerce websites.


Our recommendation for the best deal possible is to purchase a 707 water heater online. We find that prices online are usually more competitive than in retail stores. To make it easy for you to buy, we have added links to buy for each water heater.



707 Instant Water Heaters



1. 707 Princeton Instant Water Heater

The most popular model

707 Princeton Instant Water Heater

  • Fast and efficient water heating
  • Modern and sleek design
  • High-quality and long-lasting copper tank
  • Multiple safety features for peace of mind
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Being one of the most popular water heaters in Singapore means that the 707 Princeton must offer excellent value and performance. And we agree. While it is not the cheapest in terms of price, it offers good specifications together with the promise of reliability.


Its water heating performance is top-quality. You will never run out of warm water during a bath ever again. Additionally, it has a whole range of safeguards that ensure every shower is a safe one. It is equipped with a pressure relief device, anti-scald protection and warning indicators. All these safety aspects are especially important if you have children at home.


It doesn’t hurt that the 707 Princeton is a really good-looking water heater. It will fit seamlessly into even the most modern bathroom. Also, its controls are non-slip to allow for easy usage. It is these small yet essential features that add up to make the 707 Princeton one of the best.


Following the crowd is a good choice when choosing an instant water heater. That is why you should choose the popular 707 Princeton Water Heater.



2. 707 Queenston Instant Water Heater

The luxurious choice

707 Queenston

  • Intuitive touchscreen controls
  • Able to supply hot water to multiple points
  • Pamper yourself with its rainshower
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The 707 Queenston Water Heater is the premium option that offers high tech features at every turn. No longer with you need to control your water heater by turning a physical knob. Instead, a touch is all you need. Don’t worry it is very safe to use! The internal components of the water heater are IPX5 splash proof.


The Queenston model comes with a rain shower that will make you feel like a King and Queen when taking your everyday bath. You will want to take extra baths just to enjoy its relaxing effect!


The 707 Queenston is the 21st-century water heater for the 21st century home. Move into the future by upgrading your shower experience!



3. 707 Everton Instant Water Heater

707 Everton Instant Water Heater

  • Consistent temperatures always
  • High-quality interior and exterior
  • Reliable performance for long term use
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The 707 Everton Water Heater is a close cousin of the 707 Princeton. It has a lower price tag but has the same powerful yet safe features that have made the 707 Princeton popular. The main difference is its simpler-looking exterior. However, that does not mean that the 707 Everton is ugly. It has its own minimalistic charms and is pleasing on the eyes.


Regarding performance, you can expect a consistent flow of hot water for every bath that you take. The 707 Everton has also passed rigorous tests like all 707 water heaters that ensure it is extremely safe to use.


Get high-quality performance at a discount with the 707 Everton Water Heater.



4. 707 Alpine Instant Water Heater

707 Alpine Instant Water Heater

  • Simple design that is easy to use
  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Extremely safe to use
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The 707 Alpine Water Heater is one of the most reliable water heaters out in the market. It is made high-quality materials as can be seen from its copper glass tank which can support daily usage for years easily. Furthermore, like all 707 water heaters, the commitment to safety is always taken seriously. The 707 Alpine has a pressure relief device, a warning indicator, anti-scalding detection and is splash-proof.


The 707 Alpine Water Heater will be your loyal companion for years to come if you decide to give it a chance.



5. 707 Compact Instant Water Heater

707 Compact Instant Water Heater

  • Reliable water heating performance
  • Small size perfect for smaller bathrooms
  • Affordable price tag
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The 707 Compact is the most affordable instant water heater from 707. But that does not mean that its performance is lacking. Conversely, it provides a level of performance that is similar to its pricer counterpart. You can expect a reliable supply of hot water and a whole load of safety features on it.


Also, as its name suggests, this water heater is very compact. It weighs just 1.5kg with dimensions of 270mm by 215mm by 88mm. That is great especially if space in your bathroom is limited.


If you want the reliable performance of a 707 water heater without hurting your wallet, the 707 Compact Instant Water Heater is a great choice.



707 Storage Water Heaters



6. 707 Kensington Storage Water Heater

707 Kensington Storage Water Heater

  • High-quality water tank covered by 10-year warranty
  • Energy-efficient heat retention           
  • 2-year local service and parts warranty
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When buying a water heater, you hope that it will last for a long time. 707 Kensington certainly makes that hope come true. Every part of the water heater is chosen and assembled with great care. And in the smallest chance, there is a problem, you can contact 707 directly to get it fixed. That’s the advantage of buying from a local brand, after-sales service is easily accessible.


With an array of energy-efficient features and materials, the 707 Kensington will reduce your electric bills. Its tank is thermal-insulated which significantly reduces the heat lost to the environment. Additionally, it has the Whirlflow 2 technology that distributes heat very effectively. Say hello to lower bills!


If you are searching for a high-quality storage water heater, the 707 Kensington will not disappoint. It is available in the 25L and 35L, with the 35L variant being the more popular one.



7. 707 Dalton Storage Water Heater

707 Dalton Storage Water Heater

  • Great heating performance up to 75C
  • Very compact and slim design
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If you have never thought of getting a storage water heater because of their large and clumsy size, you might change your mind once you see the 707 Dalton Water Heater. It almost looks like an instant water heater! With dimensions of 43.9cm by 43.9cm by 38.1cm, it can fit in virtually any bathroom and won’t look out of place.


Despite its compact size, it packs a punch when it comes to providing hot water. It heats up relatively fast and the water can stay warm for a long time. It is also covered by the same guarantees and assurances as the 707 Kensington. It is definitely a high-quality product.


Get the power of a storage water heater packed into the size of an instant water heater with the 707 Dalton Water Heater. You can get it in the 15L and 25L variants.



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Installing A 707 Water Heater


With the popularity of 707 water heaters, most handyman and plumbers are familiar with installing one. An instant water heater will be much easier and quicker to install than a storage water heater. The process is simplified and cheaper if you are just replacing a water heater. Depending on the complexity of the installation or replacement, prices will range from $80 to $200.



707 Warranty And Service Centre


With a local service centre, you can have peace of mind when you purchase a 707 water heater. In general, their instant water heaters are covered by one to two years of warranty. Additionally, the heating element inside is covered for five years. For storage water heaters, the tank is covered by a ten-year warranty.


Their service centre is located at LHK2 Building, 76 Playfair Road, #03-03 (Singapore 367996). You can also contact their customer hotline at +65 67498885. They are open on weekdays from 8am to 5.30pm with a break between 12pm to 1pm.


Based on customer feedback and experiences, 707 has great after-sales services which is why they are one of the most sought-after water heater brands in Singapore.


Do remember to register your warranty online at www.chg.com.sg/warranty. It is a pretty simple process which should take only 1 to 2 minutes.



Still unsure on which 707 Water Heater to get? Here are our TOP recommendations once more.



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