13 Best Air Coolers in Singapore (2023) to Keep You Cool

Air Cooler Singapore

Feeling the cooling breeze of an air conditioner is awesome. Especially so with the constant summer heatwave in Singapore. However, it is super expensive to buy and run an aircon. Here comes the hero – The Air Cooler. It costs a fraction of the price of an aircon and doesn’t guzzle up electricity. Feel the breeze without the pinch! 


Is an air cooler suitable for Singapore’s climate?


Is the humid and hot Singapore climate optimal for the use of air coolers? The answer is no. It is not the best region for the most effective use of air coolers because of its humid climate. However, it does not mean that it is useless. In fact, air coolers can be a good alternative for fans and air conditioners in Singapore.


Despite our humid weather, air coolers can reduce room temperatures by 5 to 10 degrees celsius. It can make a room feel like it is being cooled by air conditioning. So, don’t give up on the air cooler just yet. It can certainly do a good job of keeping you feel cool in the afternoon heat of Singapore.


After knowing about the effectiveness of air coolers for the Singapore weather, let’s find out which are the best. Here are the best air coolers you can buy in Singapore right now!



1. Honeywell CL151 Evaporative Air Cooler

Best Portable Air Cooler

Honeywell CL151 Evaporative Air Cooler

  • Cools fast and effectively
  • Great air circulation
  • High energy efficiency
  • 1-year warranty
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Similar to the other Honeywell model, the CL151 is considered to be one of the best evaporative air coolers available right now. Honeywell’s commitment to high-quality appliances can be seen in both of their air coolers. The main difference between the two models is that the CL 151 is more suitable for smaller spaces. The suggested area is still relatively large at 160 square feet and 15 square meter.


Because it is made for a smaller area, Honeywell CL151 Evaporative Air Cooler also has a smaller power consumption of 126W. This is slightly more than half of the CL25AE model, which means further savings in your electricity bill. Additionally, it has 3-speed settings and includes the ability to adjust the humidification level. Simply place the air cooler near a door or window. Fill it with water. Add some ice if you wish. Turn it on. Enjoy cool air all day long.


Honeywell CL151 Air Cooler is great for smaller spaces like balconies and study rooms. You can get the high-quality assurance of Honeywell with a lower purchase price and a smaller electrical bill.



2. Sona SAC 6029 Air Cooler

Value for Money Air Cooler

Sona SAC 6029 Air Cooler

  • Wide and strong airflow
  • Purifying ionizer function
  • Nice simple and modern design
  • 1-year warranty
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Simple to use. Good to look at. Great at what is supposed to do. With an affordable price point to boot! Sona SAC 6029 Air Cooler ticks all the right boxes. It definitely deserves the title as the most value-for-money air cooler on the market as of now.


In terms of functions, its fan produces up to 430m3 of airflow per hour. Along with its double oscillation ability, this strong gush of cool air will reach every corner of your room. Furthermore, Sona SAC 6029 Air Cooler has a built-in ionizer that can help to purify the air at the same time. What’s more, it has a humidifying function as well! With its touchscreen controls, it is simple to use and to switch between functions and speeds.


If you are considering an air cooler, Sona SAC 6029 Air Cooler should definitely be right smack in the centre of your consideration.



3. iFan PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler IF7310

iFan PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler IF7310

  • Improves air quality with air ioniser and dust filter
  • Oscillates for better distribution of cold air
  • Big water tank for less frequent draining
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The iFan PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler comes with wheels so that you can move it from room to room where it needs it to be. With a powerful motor capable of producing wind speeds of 6.3m per second, it cools down the surrounding quickly. There are 3 different speeds with oscillation available for better distribution of the cold air. For an undisturbed sleep, simply choose the sleep mode so that it operates silently. This air cooler not only cools the air but improves the quality of air in the indoor atmosphere. It has a built-in air ioniser and also a dust filter. This allows it to release clean and healthy air back for the comfort of your entire family. Get the iFan PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler for warmer days ahead!



4. Mistral Air Cooler MAC1600R

Mistral Air Cooler MAC1600R

  • Energy-efficient for low operation costs
  • Easy to use with 15L water tank
  • Cools air effectively with honeycomb cooling media
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The Mistral Air Cooler MAC1600R performs well in producing cold air with the inbuilt honeycomb cooling media. It is able to cool down a room of approx. 25 square metres effectively. With a power consumption of only 130 watts while it operates, it offers an energy-efficient and relatively less expensive way of having a cold room. Lower costs mean that you can afford to let the air cooler run for a longer period of time. This also comes with a 24-hour timer so you can program it to turn off in the middle of the night without waking up. It is also relatively fuss-free with a huge water tank. Stay cool without burning a hole in your pocket with the Mistral Air Cooler MAC.



5. Tecno TAF 2901 Turbo Fan Air Cooler

Tecno TAF 2901 Turbo Fan Air Cooler

  • Comes with turbo fan for extra-strong cold wind
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 3 pre-set programs for convenience
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The Tecno TAF 2901 Turbo Fan Air Cooler is capable of producing extra strong wind with the turbo fan. This allows it to disperse the cold air around the room quickly and effectively. The room cools down within a short amount of time so that you won’t have to perspire in the humid heat. With a removable guard grill and water tank, it is fuss-free to clean and maintain. You can choose from 3 different modes conveniently, especially the sleep mode before you go to bed. This comes with a timer too. You can set it to turn off after a set amount of time to save on electricity consumption. Stay cool with the Tecno TAF 2901 Turbo Fan Air Cooler.



6. Kagema Mini Air Cooler

Kagema Mini Air Cooler

  • Compact for great portability and convenience
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • Long-lasting battery for long running time
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The Kagema Mini Air Cooler features a cute box-like design that is very portable. It has a handle which allows you to lift and carry it with ease. Simply place it on the table in front of you to enjoy the cool air. You can even place ice cubes to further cool down the projected air. This mini air cooler can be connected with a USB port, which means that you can connect it to your laptop to recharge it. One full charge allows it to run for up to 8 hours. This also comes with an ambient light so it doubles up as a night lamp whenever you need. The Kagema Mini Air Cooler will be your best companion during those long warm days and nights!



7. JML Arctic Air Cooler

Cheapest air cooler in Singapore

JML Arctic Air Cooler

  • Excellent cooling power for its size
  • Small and compact design
  • Energy-efficient operation
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Most air coolers are pretty big in size. Thankfully, there is the JML Arctic Air Cooler if you need a compact and lightweight model. It weighs just 1.32kg, which makes it easy to move and bring around.


For its size, it is surprisingly cooling, especially if you target it at a specific area. Do not expect it to cool down an entire room as it is not feasible for its size. However, aim it at you, and you’ll definitely cool down even in Singapore’s hot weather.



8. EuropAce ECO 516Q Air Cooler

Multi – Functional 5 in 1 Evaporative Cooler

EuropAce ECO 516Q Air Cooler

  • All-in-one (cooler, fan, humidifier, purifier, ionizer)
  • Strong air flow volume and distance
  • Filter for fresh and clean air
  • Quiet operation
  • 1-year warranty (3 on motor)
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Ever thought, how convenient it would be if you could just buy one device instead of 5 different ones? Not to mention, the cost savings! The epitome of convenience is here, the EuropAce ECO 516Q Air Cooler. It can cool down the room, act as a fan, humidify, purify and ionize the air.


Well, is it just a jack of all trades only? The answer is no. EuropAce ECO 516Q Air Cooler performs each and every function well. The cooling effect is evident. Each time the fan circulates, you will definitely notice the powerful gushes of air. Similarly, the humidifier, air purification, and ionizer work great.


The EuropAce ECO 516Q Air Cooler will become the centrepiece of your home. You’ll be able to reduce clutter as you’ll just need one device. Especially helpful since flats have become smaller over the years. Enjoy fresh purified air that is cooling at the same time with the EuropAce ECO 516Q Air Cooler.



9. Honeywell CL25AE Air Cooler

Honeywell CL25AE Air Cooler

  • Strong and cooling airflow
  • 4-speed settings
  • Low power consumption
  • Portable and light
  • 1-year warranty
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Keep cool without burning a hole in your pocket. Find the perfect balance between a fan and an aircon with the Honeywell CL25AE Air Cooler. All the benefits of using an air cooler can be felt once you turn it on.


It is capable of generating a super strong airflow that reaches up to 850m3 per hour. Once you on it, you’ll definitely feel its prowess. It’s not just strong air, it’s cooling as well. Your room’s temperature is going to go down for sure. With an effective range of up to 250 square feet or 23 square meter, Honeywell CL25AE Air Cooler is perfect for a living room, bedroom or even balcony.


Additionally, it only consumes just 230W of power. That’s about just one-tenth the typical power consumption of an air conditioner. With the Honeywell CL25AE Air Cooler, enjoy the benefit of awesome cool air without the cost!



10. Aerogaz 5L Air Cooler

Best Budget-Friendly Air Cooler

Aerogaz 5L Air Cooler

  • Super low price
  • Decent airspeeds and flows
  • 1-year warranty
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At this price point, you would struggle to find any other air cooler that will match it. The Aerogaz 5L Air Cooler is truly the top choice for any budget hunter who wants the benefits of cool air at as low a cost as possible.


Let’s take a look at how good it is for its price. Aerogaz 5L Air Cooler can certainly cool down a room. It has decent airflow and you will definitely be able to feel its effects once you turn it on for a couple of minutes. Essentially, it is a very functional air cooler that serves its purpose well.


If you are looking to try out an air cooler but don’t want to commit a couple of hundreds to one, Aerogaz 5L Air Cooler is a good and decent start.



11. Mistral MAC700L Evaporative Air Cooler

Best Portable Air Cooler

Mistral MAC700L Evaporative Air Cooler

  • Inbuilt ionizer
  • Tiny energy consumption
  • Super small and portable
  • 6-months warranty
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Roll out the Mistral Air Cooler. It’s light and portable but powerful at the same time. You can literally wheel it into any room easily. And within minutes, a cool breezy room is the end result.


Along with its smaller size, the Mistral MAC700L Air Cooler also consumes less energy per hour at just 65W. Its honeycomb cooling media makes the cooling of the environment quick and effective. You won’t even need to seal up your room. Any open air area would work great. With an inbuilt ionizer, it can even freshen up the air while cooling it at the same time.


If you are looking for a portable air cooler, you should definitely consider the Mistral MAC700L Evaporative Air Cooler. Small but super efficient!



12. Kuche Air Cooler KAC2018C

Best Tower Design

Kuche Air Cooler KAC2018C

  • 90 degrees of air flow
  • 6 wind speeds and modes
  • Air purification function
  • Slim and function design
  • 1-year warranty


Immediately, Kuche Air Cooler KAC2018C’s slim tower design stands out. It looks sleek and portable. You can probably fit it in the corner of the room and won’t even notice it. Until you feel the cool breeze pass you by!


Besides its good looks, it is extremely functional with good airflow that can oscillate within a 90-degree range. There are 6 different options, namely low, medium, high, normal, natural and sleeping to choose from. Also, there is an option to purify the air through ionization. For every situation, there is for sure one mode that is perfect for it. To choose that mode, simply use the remote control.


Kuche KAC2018C is one of the rare air coolers with a tower design. If you like the looks of it, be assured that it is extremely good with its core function of air cooling as well. Definitely keep this model in mind if you are looking out for a sleek air cooler.



13. Mr Home Air Cooler

Super Popular Evaporative Cooler

Mr Home Air Cooler

  • Powerful and cool airflow
  • Ionic function available (great for haze)
  • Super energy efficient
  • 1-year warranty


Despite not being from one of the big household brands, Mr Home’s Air Cooler has been one of the top-selling models in Singapore. After examining its features and numerous positive reviews from buyers, it is clear why!


Most importantly, it is very effective in cooling down the room. In the hot climate of Singapore, this air cooler can reduce room temperatures to 24 to 25 degrees. If you use it in an air-conditioned setting, it can drive temperatures down to as low as 19 to 20 degrees.


Also, one advantage is that it does not require ice cubes to get temperatures low. It does it with just plain old water. Simple and convenient! Additionally, it has a setting to activate ions which would be useful to combat days with haze or air pollution. At just 80W of power consumption, you will definitely see a drastic drop in your electrical bill if you were using the air conditioner previously. Conversely, you will only notice a small bill increase if you use this air cooler instead of a fan.


With its wide range of functionality, good cooling performance, it is no wonder that Mr Home’s Air Cooler is an extremely popular choice.


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Air Cooler Buying Guide For Singapore


Benefits and features of an air cooler

Cools down a room at a fraction of the energy cost. Compared to air conditioners, they can be up to 70% more energy saving. If you are looking to cut down on your home’s electricity bill, an air cooler might be the solution.


Can act as a fan and aircon. Want air circulation but without cooling down the room too much? That is possible with an air cooler. Essentially an air cooler is a hybrid of the traditional fan and aircon. It can be a replacement for both in your home.


Some even have air purifying features! Many air coolers nowadays have additional features such as air purification. You can not only enjoy cool air but also clean air at the same time! By combining these features, it can save you from having to get an additional device. You can save hundreds of dollars!


How does an air cooler work?

So how does an air cooler turn hot air into that oh so refreshing cool air? Basically, most consumer-grade air coolers are evaporative coolers. They use evaporation to cool the air. What happens is the warm outdoor air will enter the air cooler and come into contact with the cooling pads. With the water and ice that you have put in, these cooling pads will be able to be kept cool.


After the warm air is magically transformed into cool air, it is then pumped out and blown out through the vents for you to enjoy. Within a few short minutes of turning it on, your room will be cooled down.


Where should I place my air cooler?

The best placement for an air cooler in near a window. That way, it can draw hot air from outside and turn it into cold air. An air cooler works best in a well-ventilated room. Ensure that there is smooth airflow in the room for maximum effectiveness.


How to use an air cooler?

Operating an air cooler is pretty simple and straightforward. The main thing you need to do is to fill up the water tank and ensure that the water is always above the minimum level indicated. This is important because running an air cooler without water may damage it in the long run. So to ensure your air cooler can last longer, always keep an eye on its water level.


Besides that, you can also get even cooler air by adding ice to the water. With iced water, you will be able to enjoy cool air that rivals an air conditioner. Some air coolers have a separate compartment for ice, so if that’s the case, you can put the ice in there.


Try to drain the water in your air cooler at least once a month. Dust and dirt may gather at the water compartment. Therefore, changing the water would eliminate this potential issue and help ensure fresh and clean air.


Air cooler vs fan

Is an air cooler better than a fan? In short, yes. Have you noticed that on hot days, a fan blows hot air out? That is because a fan is used more for air circulation and does not really have the ability to effectively cool hot air down. On the contrary, an air cooler has the ability to cool your room down even in extremely hot weather. With the addition of water and ice, it can reduce temperatures down in a way that a fan cannot do.


Also, many air coolers can also work as a fan. So if you are searching for a better version of a fan, an air cooler might be the answer.


Air cooler vs air conditioner

The first noticeable difference between an air cooler and air conditioner is the difference in electricity bills. An air cooler usually has an energy rating of 200 to 400W. In comparison, an air conditioner runs in more than 1000W easily. If you are looking for cool air without breaking the bank, an air cooler will be a very viable option.


That being said, an air cooler does require a little bit of work in order to operate. You have to fill it with water and sometimes ice if you want colder temperatures. If you are willing to exchange some effort for cost savings, then it is a worthwhile trade-off.


Taking care of your air cooler

Taking good care of your air cooler will help it last longer and save you from needing to replace it. A properly maintained air cooler can easily last for 5 years and more. So here are some easy tips on how to maintain it.


Keep it free of dust and dirt. The accumulation of these particles will cause damage to the pump and engine of an air cooler over time. Keeping your air cooler dust-free is quick and easy. You can simply wipe it with a cloth once a month.


Store your air cooler properly if not using it for an extended period. Perhaps it is the rainy season in Singapore and you don’t need your trusty air cooler. Give it a quick wipe down and store it away from the sun. If you have a dust-proof bag, use that as a cover for the air cooler.


Make sure to use clean water and ice when feeding it to your air cooler. Tap water is perfect with Singapore’s excellent water quality. Do not use dirty or used water as it may cause damage to the air cooler motor.


Some of the product links that we have included are affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small commission from platforms like Amazon if you make a purchase. This commission comes at no added cost to you. This helps to support us so that we can create more buyer guides for you.