12 Anello Bags in Singapore That Will Jazz Up Your Style

Anello Bags Singapore


Anello bags have been all the craze lately. And it’s easy to see why. Their bags are well designed, made of premium materials and highly functional. Most importantly, they look good! What is surprising is this high-quality bag comes at a pretty reasonable price.


So where should you buy an Anello bag from? It isn’t practical to fly all the way to Japan just to get one. Thankfully, Anello bags are available for sale online on marketplaces like Lazada. From what we have seen, bags sold online seem to be cheaper than those in physical stores.


But how do you tell whether they are authentic or not? It is hard to inspect bags when you are buying online. The most important tip is to check out the existing reviews before purchasing. Buy from sellers with many positive reviews and you’ll most likely receive an Anello bag that you will love. Below, we have chosen some of our favourite Anello bags that we think will look awesome in your bag collection!



1. Anello Water Repellent Classic Backpack FSO-B001

Anello Water Repellent Classic Backpack FSO-B001

  • Great waterproof ability
  • Simplistic cool look
  • Perfect for school or office use
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Protect your documents and laptops with this awesome Anello WaterProof Backpack! You will never need to worry about your laptop getting damaged in rainy Singapore anymore.

Its shiny nylon material has been treated to be water repellent. When combined with its effective zipper, an impressive barrier forms against rain, even in a thunderstorm.


Anello Water Repellent Classic Backpack has a large storage capacity. You can fit a laptop, books, documents, water bottle and more with space to spare. It is the perfect companion for a student or even a working adult. The stylish minimalist design is further enhanced by the subtle luxurious Anello logo.


Anello Water Repellent Classic Backpack combines functionality with style perfectly and is one of the best backpack choices!



2. Anello Japan Large Black Backpack

Anello Japan Large Black Backpack

  • Best-selling model
  • Unisex and stylish
  • Good quality materials and build
  • Comfortable to carry
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One of the most popular Anello backpack models. And it’s easy to see why. Anello Japan is made of premium quality materials. One touch and you know this backpack will last. Its large size allows for more storage and is perfect for a long day out. Also, it comes with a side pocket to conveniently slot in your water bottle.


Even if you stuff this bag full of heavy things like your laptop, it is still super comfortable to carry because of its nicely cushion back straps. Beyond being a backpack, Anello also comes with a hand strap for easy holding in your hand. Great if you don’t want to carry it on your back all the time and provide you with more flexibility.


If you are looking for a well-designed and built backpack, the unisex Anello Japan Large Black Backpack is perfect for both guys and girls.



3. Anello Limited Edition Black Bag EC-B001

Anello Limited Edition Black Bag EC-B001

  • Online special design
  • Stylish all black look
  • Extremely functional
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Anello is a really popular brand. That means it is common to find someone else carrying the same design wherever you go in Singapore. With this limited edition model that is only sold online, you can now stand out from the crowd!


Its all black colour gives it a sleek, modern and sophisticated look that goes with both casual and smart casual dressing. When you unzip it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the spacious interior which can fit many A4 size object easily.


Be unique with the Anello Limited Edition Black Backpack EC-B001.



4. Anello Black Backpack Limited EC-B002


Anello Black Backpack Limited EC-B002

  • Limited web edition
  • Super big storage and pockets
  • Waterproof
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This is the second version of the limited edition Anello EC range. The main differences are the addition of a back zip and an interior pocket, especially for a laptop. The back zip means you have another additional storage option. Perfect for keeping slimmer items like a writing notebook. The laptop pocket would be very useful if you bring a laptop out on a regular basis. It will protect your laptop against scratches from other objects inside the bag. Also, since the laptop will stay in place, the bag is also more comfortable to carry.



5. Anello Japan Camo Rucksack

Anello Japan Camo Bag

  • Unique rugged design
  • Spacious interior
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The normal colours of an Anello backpack are pretty nice. But do you want a design that stands out from the rest from the first glance? If yes, then the camouflage-skin Anello certainly attract envious stares. Enjoy all the benefits of an Anello backpack such as its large storage space, premium quality, and cushioned backstraps. It also comes in a large or smaller size if you prefer.


Look ruggedly cool in the Anello Japan Camo Rucksack, perfect for both guys and girls.



6. Anello Leather Mini Boston Bag

Anello Leather Mini Boston Bag

  • Luxurious leather
  • Vintage and classy design
  • Spacious interior
  • Value for money
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At first glance, you’ll be immediately impressed with the classy feel of Anello’s Mini Boston bag. Its leather exterior screams luxury. It is made from premium synthetic leather that looks, feels and even smells good. While it is branded as a mini bag, it has ample storage space for a day out. Also, it comes with a shoulder strap if you decide to use it. Carry it or sling it, it’ll look good either way.


Anello Leather Mini Boston Bag is versatile in matching any outfit you have. It complements and completes your look. Look good and feel good with this awesome bag!



7. Disney x Anello Backpack

Disney x Anello Bag

  • Exclusive and limited collection
  • Cute and stylish
  • Many designs and characters
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Are you a huge Disney fan? Disney x Anello collection combines the cuteness of Disney characters with the modern Anello bag design. Choose from 5 different bags that feature Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin, and Pinocchio.


Enjoy all the trademark qualities of the Anello brand of backpacks such as sleek design, comfort, and big storage space. At the same time revisit your precious childhood memories with your favourite Disney characters!


Grab this exclusive collaboration between Disney and Anello before it runs out!



8. Anello Japan Sax Colour Backpack

Anello Japan Sax Colour Backpack

  • Eye-popping and fashionable colour
  • Huge interior storage
  • Premium quality materials
  • Super comfortable to carry
  • 40 cm (H) by 26 cm (W) by 20 cm (D)
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9. Anello Japan Lavender Colour Bag

Anello Japan Lavender Colour Bag

  • Cute girly colour scheme
  • Big interior, back zip, side pockets
  • High quality
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10. Anello Messenger Bag AT-B1622

Anello Messenger Bag

  • Stylish slinging bag
  • Light and portable
  • Unisex design
  • 5 different colours to choose from
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Tired of the usual backpack? Jazz up your bag collection with a stylishly designed messenger sling bag from Anello. You can choose between black, grey, red khaki or navy blue colours. There’s a design for everyone!


It may look small from the outside. But once you unbuckle it, you’ll find more than ample space for your essentials (phone, iPad, power bank, water and more) The messenger bag is made of nylon which makes it light and easy to carry.


The Anello Messenger Bag is the perfect sidekick, be it a casual day out in town or a day lazing on the beach.



11. Anello x Legato Tote Handbag

Anello Legato Tote Handbag

  • Multifunctional (tote or sling)
  • Water-resistant
  • Super large interior
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Carry it three different ways. As a tote bag, sling or shoulder bag. The Anello x Legato Tote Handbag is extremely versatile. It comes with a detachable sling strap for you to change it up whenever you feel like it. Don’t let your bag define you. Anello x Legato Tote Handbag adapts to your needs.


Additionally, it is made of nylon and is waterproof. No need to worry when you’re caught in the rain. Your belongings, especially your phone, will be well protected. Anello x Legato Tote Handbag comes in both black and blue colours. Redefine your style with this awesome transformative Anello bag!



12. Anello MIX-F Large Bagpack

Anello MIX-F Large Bag

  • Eye-catching colour scheme
  • Super durable
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Red. White. Blue. We would have never thought those colours would work together that well. That’s exactly the colour scheme of the Anello MIX-F Bag. The white provides a layer of simplicity and minimalism. The navy blue brings a sense of calm. The red makes it fun. What a perfect trio of colours! It is no wonder the Anello MIX-F Large Bagpack is one of the most popular designs!


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