Ariston Instant and Storage Water Heaters Review For Singapore (2023)

Airston Water Heaters Singapore

Are you on the search for an Ariston water heater for your home? You must have heard good things about it from your friends and family. Or maybe you’re currently using an Ariston water heater in your home. Perhaps you have decided on Ariston, but with so many different models available, it can be a confusing choice.


That is why we have created this buyer’s guide for Ariston water heaters. The guide is divided into instant and storage water heaters. Within each segment, we highlight the most popular models and their standout points. By the end, you should be able to pinpoint a model that is best suited for your home. Here are the best Ariston water heaters you can get in Singapore today!



Ariston Instant Water Heaters Review



1. Ariston Aures Luxury ST33 Instant Water Heater

The premium choice

Ariston Aures Luxury ST33

  • Premium design and build
  • Consistently warm water
  • Touch functionality
  • 100% safe to use
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Functionality and style make the Ariston Luxury ST33 stand out from other instant water heaters. Famed designer Umberto Palermo is responsible for its unique Italian-inspired design. Together with its great looks, it has a whole range of amazing functionality that makes it a great water heater for every home.


You can enjoy consistent water temperature every single time with no fluctuation thanks to its high-quality printed circuit board (PCB). It can even store 3 different shower settings so you can choose the one you prefer for each bath. The futuristic nature of the Ariston Luxury ST33 is further compounded by its intuitive touch feature that is easy to use.


Also, it comes with a showerhead that has 5 different spray settings that you can choose from. Additionally, it is a super safe water heater with a range of safety features included. With its anti-scalding 2.0 system, you and your family will always be safe


With its stylish looks and impressive functions, the Ariston Luxury ST33 is one of the best instant water heaters around.




2. Ariston Aures Smart SMC33

The popular model

Ariston Aures Smart SMC33

  • Slim and sleek design
  • Energy efficient performance
  • Splash-proof and safe to use
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The Ariston Aures Smart SMC33 is one of the most popular instant water heater models in Singapore. There are two main reasons for this; its affordable price point and its top-notch features. These two factors make it a super value-for-money choice.


It provides hot water immediately whenever you need it. There is no need to wait for those precious minutes before you can enjoy your warm bath. You can control the temperature easily through the knob. Turning it on is as simple as a push on the power-on knob. Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about high electric bills as it is energy-efficient.


Get your money’s worth with the Ariston Aures Smart SMC33 Water Heater.



3. Ariston Aures Luxury Round RT33

The coolest one

Ariston Aures Luxury Round RT33

  • Unique luxurious design
  • Excellent heating performance
  • Customise up to 3 shower patterns
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Water heaters are usually deemed as a boring home appliance. That changes with the Ariston Aures Luxury Round RT33. Its sleek, unique and modern design will make it the centrepiece in your bathroom. We dare say that it is the most eye-catching instant water heater design in the entire market.


Corresponding to its modern profile, you can control the temperature and settings using its touch panel. Don’t worry as the entire water heater is splash resistant, so even it is essentially waterproof. Once you choose the settings you like, you can even save it as a profile! Your family can save up to 3 different profiles.


Want your bathroom to look luxurious? Go for the Ariston Aures Luxury Round RT33.



4. Ariston Aures Smart Round RMC33

Ariston Aures Smart Round RMC33

  • Stylish design
  • High safety factor
  • Accurate temperature control every time
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The Ariston Aures Smart Round RMC33 Instant Water Heater has many similarities to the RT33 model. They are both stylish and offers good water heating performance. However, the RMC33 is priced more affordably than its RT33 counterpart.


There are two features that the RMC33 lack: the ability to store shower profiles and the use of a knob for temperature control instead of a touch panel. Other than these two features, the RMC33 performs amazingly in all other aspects. You can save about $100 if you choose the RMC33. That’s a sizeable cost saving if you can do without those two features.


Style up your bathroom without hurting your wallet with the Ariston Aures Smart Round RMC33!



5. Ariston Aures Comfort SM33

Value-for-money option

Ariston Aures Comfort SM33

  • Reliable and consistent performance
  • Slim and compact design
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The Ariston Aures Comfort SM33 is priced competitively while delivering performance that is above and beyond its price tag. Compared to the other competing models at the $150 to $200 price range, the SM33 performs better.


Firstly, its slim and sleek design will make any bathroom look better. Anytime you want to shower, and it will supply you with an endless stream of warm water whether you want a quick 5-minute bath or a long one. Its high-quality parts also make it a reliable choice as it will likely last for many years before you need to service or replace it.


If you want a reliable and cost-effective partner for your bathroom, the Ariston Aures Comfort SM33 will be a smart choice.



6. Ariston Aures Easy SB33

Cheapest instant water heater

Ariston Aures Easy SB33

  • Budget-friendly
  • Good water heating performance
  • Easy to use
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The Ariston Aures Easy SB33 is a no-frills instant water heater that ticks all the right boxes. Firstly, it is very affordable and will definitely not burn a hole in your wallet. Secondly, it is a very reliable water heater that does what it is supposed to do without any fuss. Also, it is rated as “Very Good” in terms of water efficiency so you’ll likely save on your water bill as well.


With fewer frills, that also means less potential failure points. That means the SB33 water heater will be able to perform consistently over many years without the need for repair or maintenance. Its simple nature also makes it easy to use even for the elderly and young.


Want the reliability of an Ariston water heater without a hefty price tag? Consider the Ariston Aures Easy SB33 Instant Water Heater.



Ariston Storage Water Heaters Review



7. Ariston Lux 30 Storage Water Heater

The popular choice

Ariston Lux 15 or 30

  • Compact and modern design
  • High-quality build
  • Powerful water heating
  • Good water pressure
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If your impression of storage water heaters is that they are bulky and clumsy looking, that will change once you see the Ariston Lux Water Heater. It breaks all the negative size stereotypes. In fact, it doesn’t look that much larger than instant water heaters!


Despite its compact size, you will not be disappointed by the Ariston Lux’s performance. It can heat water up to 70 degrees celsius with a maximum pressure of 8bar. If you like the feeling of powerful water pressure, it’s perfect.


It is also made up of high-quality materials such as the copper heating element and titanium tank. This all ensures optimal performance that will continue for years. Its titanium tank will also help to keep heat in, making it extremely energy efficient as well.


The Ariston Lux Water Heater is available in the 15L and 30L option. Whichever you choose, your bath time will become more enjoyable for sure.



8. Ariston Andris Slim 20 Water Heater

The space saver

Ariston Andris Slim 20 or 30

  • Perfect for HDBs and condos
  • Fits even in the smallest spaces
  • Strong heating and pressure
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The Ariston Andris Slim is a storage water heater that was specially made for HDBs, condominiums and apartments. Space and height constraints are what usually makes you go for an instant water heater. Ariston has transformed the water heater into a horizontal rather than vertical form. This means that it can easily fit even in a small bathroom. With its modern and sleek design, you don’t need to hide your storage water heater from sight anymore!


As expected, the performance of the Ariston Andris Slim lives up to the famed Ariston brand despite the change in form factor. You can expect up to 7.5 bar of water pressure that guarantees a refreshing bath. Once the blue indicator turns on, that’s the signal that your bath time is ready!


Be proud of your storage water heater with the Ariston Andris Slim, available in the 20L or 30L model.



9. Ariston Andris R 30 Storage Water Heater

The budget choice

Ariston Andris R 15 or 30

  • Cheap storage water heater
  • Compact design
  • Durable and reliable performance
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The Ariston Andris R is a wallet-friendly option if you are looking for a storage water heater. It costs around the price range of an instant water heater but provides benefits such stronger water pressure and much hotter water.


Regarding design, the Ariston Andris R is similar than what you expect of storage water heaters. That means that the installation of it will be easier even for apartment dwellers. As space is a premium, its compact size will be beneficial for you.


You don’t need to break the bank for a reliable storage water heater. Instead, get the Ariston Andris R which is available in the 15L and 30L variants.



10. Ariston Inox 25 to 80 Storage Water Heater

Best for big families

Ariston Inox 25 to 80

  • Large capacity of up to 80L
  • Strong 8 bar water pressure
  • Energy-efficient operation
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With a mega capacity that reaches up to 80 litres, the Ariston Inox Water Heater is the choice for bigger families and homes. There are a total of 5 different variants that you can choose from, 25L, 40L, 50L, 65L and 80L. There is definitely one that is perfect for your family.


Because of the Ariston Inox’s larger size, it is more for larger families of more than 5 people. Also, it is more suited for landed homes because it does take up more space than the other Ariston storage water heaters. The flip side is that its large capacity will ensure that there is sufficient hot water for everyone.


Besides its capacity, it is a very effective and efficient water heater. Like all Ariston water heaters, it is made with the best materials that ensure smooth multi-year operations. Additionally, it can retain heat very effectively that makes it more energy-efficient.


If you have a big family, the Ariston Inox Water Heater will be the perfect complement for your home.



Still not sure which Ariston water heater to get? Here are our TOP recommendations once more!

  • Ariston Aures Luxury ST33 Instant Water Heater
  • Ariston Aures Smart SMC33
  • Ariston Lux 30 Storage Water Heater
  • Ariston Andris Slim 20 Water Heater


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Ariston’s History and Popularity


Founded in 1930, Ariston Thermo has been a market leader in the water heating industry for decades. Their focus on high-quality and well-designed products have made them a top choice for anyone looking to purchase a water heater. Supported by close to 7000 employees worldwide, Ariston constantly strives to provide cutting-edge technology to make your home a better one. Their success can be seen in their multi-billion dollar yearly revenue.

In Singapore, Ariston is one of the most popular water heater brands. Every day, thousands of homes enjoy a warm and comfortable bath delivered by an Ariston water heater.



Ariston Service Center and Warranty


Registering for your Ariston warranty is an easy and quick process. Just visit their warranty registration page ( and you will find a short form to fill up. It requires compulsory details such as your name, address, phone number, email, purchase date, model type and its unique serial number. It will just take you a minute or two to get the warranty coverage.


For any problems or enquiries after your purchase, you contact Ariston through their after-sales number (+65 63050899). Their offices are located at Westgate Tower, Level 20, Units 05/06. They are opened from 9am to 5pm on weekdays but are closed on weekends and public holidays.


With Ariston’s commitment to high-quality water heaters, you’ll seldom find a reason to visit the service centre. However, in the event that you need to do so, the service is good. As long as your problems are covered under the warranty period and terms, it will be resolved promptly.



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