8 Best Baby Carriers in Singapore (2023) That Are Safe And Comfortable

Baby carriers have become increasingly popular among parents in Singapore. There are many benefits that babywearing and baby carriers provide such as – bonding, flexibility, support and hands-free function. There are many different types of baby carriers and also brands available. They also differ greatly in terms of prices that start at $50 to upwards of $400.


It can be difficult to choose the right baby carrier for your precious child. Not to worry, we have done all the research for you. Here are the best baby carriers that you can buy for your baby in Singapore!



1. Tula Explore Baby Carrier

Tula Explore Baby Carrier

  • Suitable for newborns to toddlers
  • Excellent support and ergonomic features
  • Adjustable positions to carry your baby
  • Weighs only 0.77kg
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If you want a versatile and long-lasting baby carrier, definitely check out the Tula Explorer Baby Carrier. Almost every aspect of the baby carrier can be adjustable to make it more comfortable and fitting. Because of this, it can be used for babies of all ages – from a newborn to a toddler.


Its seat panel, neck pillow and hip belt can all be adjustable to pretty wide ranges. This adjustability is important because babies grow quickly. This Tula baby carrier can grow up together with your baby and ensure he or she is kept comfortable and snug at all times. You can even adjust it to different positions such as a back carry, facing in or facing out. It is perfect for any situation. While it may have a premium price tag, it is worth it because of its versatility and also because you won’t need to spend on another baby carrier. You won’t regret getting the Tula Explore for your baby.



2. Ergobaby 360 Bundle Of Joy Baby Carrier

Ergobaby 360 Bundle Of Joy Baby Carrier

  • Multiple carrying positions
  • Comfortable shoulder strap and hip belt
  • Supports 3.5 to 15kg babies
  • Infant insert for newborns
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Ergobaby is one of the most popular baby carrier brands. The Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier is one that will be with you and your baby throughout his or her formative years of 0 to 3. It is suitable for babies between the weights of 3.5 to 15kg. It also comes with an infant insert so the baby carrier can be used for newborns.


With the Ergobaby 360, you can carry your baby in 4 different positions – front carry (facing in), front carry (facing out), hip carry or back carry. Whichever way it is, it provides excellent support for you and your baby. Its shoulder straps are well-cushioned, so you won’t feel pain or strain after long hours. Additionally, it has even been acknowledged as a healthy product for your hip because of its ergonomic design. If you want a baby carrier with top-notch ergonomics, then get the Ergobaby 360.



3. Moby Buckle Tie Baby Carrier

Moby Buckle Tie Baby Carrier

  • Fits infants and toddlers perfectly
  • Numerous carrying positions
  • Padded waistband for a comfortable experience
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You can bond with your baby better when using the Moby Buckle Tie Baby Carrier. It fits newborns to toddlers well with the ability to transform into multiple secure carrying positions. You can change the positions from the front, hip and back depending on how old your baby is. Even with its versatility, one significant advantage it has is how lightweight and portable it is. You can keep it inside your diaper bag and only take it out whenever you need it.


Additionally, the baby carrier is very comfortable for both the baby and the parent carrying it. It is breathable enough for the hot Singapore weather. Also, it has a padded waistband that takes off the strain of long periods of carrying. If it gets dirty, you can machine wash it in a cold and gentle cycle, and it’ll come out looking clean and fresh. Surprisingly, this Moby Baby Carrier is relatively affordable despite its many features.



4. LilleBaby Complete 6-In-1 3D Mesh Baby Carrier

LilleBaby Complete 6-In-1 3D Mesh Baby Carrier

  • 6 different carrying positions
  • Comfortable padded shoulder and belt straps
  • Excellent lumbar support
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Most other baby carriers can be transformed into 3 or 4 different positions. If you want a super versatile one that has 6 carrying positions, check out the LilleBaby 3D Mesh Baby Carrier. You can try out any of the positions to find one that suits you and your baby in that period of his or her growth.


With mesh sides, it allows good airflow circulation so your baby will be kept cool even in the sweltering weather. Furthermore, it has excellent ergonomic features that give you good back, shoulder and lumbar support. If you like to switch up your baby carrying style, this is the baby carrier to go for.



5. Stokke MyCarrier Baby Carrier

Stokke MyCarrier Baby Carrier

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Ergonomic leg openings
  • Soft cotton gentle on your baby’s skin


Comfort is the name of the game for the Stokke MyCarrier Baby Carrier. It provides the ultimate level of comfort for both the passenger baby and carrier. It is made with soft cotton that is gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. Also, it is fitted with breathable mesh so he or she will stay cool day or night.


The best part is that this comfortable baby carrier is super easy to fit on even for new parents. It’ll take you only about a minute to get it in place and ready for a comfortable experience for your toddler. If you want a comfortable and user-friendly baby carrier, this Stokke model should be your top choice.



6. Boba Bamboo Wrap

Boba Bamboo Wrap

  • Comfortable fit for newborn to 3-year-olds
  • Great for on-the-go breastfeeding
  • Comfortable and lightweight texture
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A wrap is the most comfortable type of baby carrier, and the Boba Bamboo Wrap is the best of them all. It is made with a good blend of bamboo, cotton and spandex that makes up a very comfortable and cooling texture. It fits a newborn to a toddler perfectly as the wrap conforms to their body shape. It can handle a toddler who weighs up to 15kg without an issue.


If you are breastfeeding your baby, this wrap is going to be your best buddy. It allows you to breastfeed comfortably and discreetly so you can keep to your schedule but also maintain your privacy. The wrap is also a great bonding tool for you and your precious little one as it lets you be very close to each other. Another huge plus point is that the Boba Bamboo Wrap is much cheaper than a structured baby carrier – about one-third or half the price.



7. Baby K’tan Print Baby Carrier

Baby K’tan Print Baby Carrier

  • Easy sling design to put on
  • 5 different carrying positions
  • Best designed for newborns
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If you were put off by the idea of a baby wrap because it is so darn tricky to put on, here is the solution – the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier. It is similar to the wrap but requires zero knowledge on how to tie or secure because it is slip on like a t-shirt.


While this baby carrier can be used for both newborns and toddlers, it is simply perfect for newborn babies. It allows you to get skin-to-skin contact while keeping your baby well-supported. You can change between 5 different carrying positions depending on you and your baby’s preference. You have to consider this convenient baby sling wrap at least if you have or are preparing to have a newborn.



8. Manduca Baby Carrier

Manduca Baby Carrier

  • Solid build that supports up to 20kg
  • Suitable for front, back and hip carry
  • Very lightweight at only 0.6kg
  • Made with 100% organic cotton
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The Manduca Baby Carrier is one of the strongest baby carriers available in the market. It can support babies from 3.5kg to a 20kg child. That means you can potentially use the carrier from newborn age to 5 years old.


When you think of how it can support 20kg, you must be imagining a heavy and bulky carrier. Well, the opposite is true. It weighs an amazingly light 0.6kg – much lighter than most other baby carriers. Combined with ergonomic features, you can carry it and your baby around for hours before feeling any strain. Moreover, it is made with 100% organic cotton, so it is comfortable and also safe for contact. If you are searching for a lightweight but strong baby carrier, this one will tick all the right boxes.


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What is a baby carrier


A baby carrier or baby sling allows you to carry your baby comfortably for long periods. It provides ample support for your baby and also you. Most baby carriers have ergonomic features that make them a much better option than carrying your baby in your arms. There are many different types of baby carriers and also brands that you can choose from. So, you can be sure that you’ll find one that suits you and your baby needs.



When can your baby start using a baby carrier


Your baby can start using a baby carrier from when he or she is a newborn. However, you have to take note of the type of carrier you are buying to ensure that it is made for newborns. It should be stated very clearly in the product description. Each baby carrier should state the age of the baby that is most suited for.


Newborns, in general, have weaker neck muscles that need to be supported. So do get a baby carrier that has sufficient neck support if you plan to carry your newborn cutie in a baby carrier. Alternatively, you can also get variations of baby carriers such as baby slings and wraps.



Types of baby carriers


There are 4 main variations of baby carriers – hard structured, soft structured, wraps and slings. Each of them has its pros and cons in different situations. That is why parents sometimes buy 2 or 3 different variations so their baby can be comfortable all day and night long.


1. Hard structured baby carriers

These have the most robust build out of all the other baby carriers. They have a hard frame that is usually made with lightweight aluminium, which make them surprisingly portable. These hard structured baby carriers are perfect for parents who want to bring their baby on long walks or to the outdoors.


Pros: It is very durable and lasting. You can use it for years because of its solid build. It can also take on much more weight and pressure than other baby carriers. Therefore, you’ll be able to use it even as your child gets older and heavier. It is also ergonomically designed and will provide excellent support for your baby.


Cons: It is much heavier than other carriers because of its solid structure. You won’t be able to pack it into a bag because of its size. Also, as it is made of more premium materials, it is more costly as well.


2. Soft structured baby carriers

Soft structured baby carriers offer a nice balance between support, portability and flexibility. It can carry heavy weights and is much lighter than its hard structured counterpart. Its smaller size also makes it easier for both mummies and daddies to put it on.


Pros: It offers excellent ergonomic support while being light and manageable enough for parents to use without causing too much strain. It is very secure because it has a defined seat and also many belts and buckles to hold your baby in place. Some are very flexible which allows you to change up the ways of carrying your baby.


Cons: It does not closely fit the shape of your baby, especially when he or she is smaller. While it offers good support, it may not be as good for a newborn as wraps and slings.


3. Baby wraps

Baby wraps are very versatile because they are made of purely fabric. There are many different ways in which you can tie it to adjust the positioning. It is popular for newborns because it helps keeps the baby physically close to mummy and daddy.


Pros: It is the most versatile baby carrier because it can fit anyone and be adjusted to many different positions. It also provides great support because you can conform the wrap to the shape of your baby’s body. You’ll feel a closer physical and emotional connection as your baby is close to your body.


Cons: If you think changing a diaper was a headache, then you are not going to like baby wraps. It can be very complicated to use, especially for new parents. On the plus side, there are countless YouTube tutorials, but it takes time and effort to learn each different wrap.


4. Baby ring slings

Ring slings are a close alternative to a baby wrap. It offers similar close proximity to your baby but is less versatile. Wearing it is probably the easiest out of all the other baby carriers because all you need to do is to sling it across your body.


Pros: It is simple to wear and use. As busy parents, sometimes just being able to sling a baby carrier over your body and get going is pure luxury. It is also a favourite with mothers because you can breastfeed your baby in a ring sling.


Cons: It is less versatile and adjustable. It is not as usually after your baby outgrows his or her newborn status. With one shoulder supporting the strap, it can cause strain and is not recommended for extended outings.



Benefits of a baby carrier


If you still aren’t convinced to get a baby carrier – here are some of the awesome benefits that it can bring for you and your baby. We’re sure you’ll get one once you find out how useful and helpful it is.


1. Eliminates the need for a stroller

Bringing a bulky stroller around can be very troublesome. There are always obstacles in the way, such as escalators and crowds. You can skip out on all these troubles if you use a baby carrier. The excellent support of the baby carrier means both you and your baby will be comfortable even after a long day out.


2. Lets you bond with your precious baby

A baby carrier allows you to keep your baby close to you. Your skin almost touches and it just brings waves of emotions as you see your little bundle of joy up close. You’ll feel closer attachment and your baby will always feel safe and secure because mummy and daddy are always close by.


3. Improves breastfeeding

If you are still breastfeeding your baby, a baby carrier will be very helpful in several ways. Firstly, if you use a sling wrap, you can breastfeed your baby in it. Secondly, a baby carrier allows you to be close to your baby. Skin-to-skin contact between a mother and her baby is known to increase breast milk production.


4. Leaves your hands free

A baby carrier lets you carry your baby without occupying your hands. You can eat, do some small household chores, or hold your partner’s hand while strolling. It gives you a semblance of freedom, even amidst the busy parenting.


5. Less crying

Babywearing has been shown to decrease baby crying apparently by up to 50%. In public places, these baby carriers are a lifesaver making babies feel safe and thus lessen the need to cry for attention.



Things to consider when choosing a baby carrier


How heavy is it

The weight of a baby carrier is an important consideration. Too heavy and it may feel like a burden to you, especially after you add on your baby’s weight. If you are of a more petite build, it may be a smarter choice to get a lighter baby carrier.


How easy is it to fit on

Some baby carriers like the sling wrap are very easy to put on. For others like the hard structured baby carrier, it can be difficult to fit on, especially for the first few times. You don’t want a baby carrier that is too complicated to put on and takes up 15 to 20 minutes of your precious time.


Is it good for Singapore’s weather

With the hot temperatures and high humidity in Singapore, it is essential to choose a baby carrier that is made with lightweight and cooling material. You will want to look out for materials like breathable mesh and cooling fabrics.


Is it age and weight appropriate

When choosing a baby carrier, you need to check whether it is suitable for your baby’s age, size and weight. Getting the wrong one may cause support issues and be uncomfortable for both you and your baby. Check out the descriptions which should clearly state the age and weight limit of each baby carrier.


Is it washable

Given the heat of Singapore and the messiness of a baby, you can be sure the baby carrier will be stained with sweat, dirt, food stains and even vomit. So, it is good to choose one that can be machine-washed so you can just put in it the washing machine for a regular cleaning every few weeks.


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