11 Best Baby Cots in Singapore (2023) That Are Safe and Comfortable

Best Baby Cot Singapore

A good baby cot is one of the most important purchases as a new parent. Your precious baby is going to be sleeping in it for 12 to 15 hours a day. So, it is vital that you choose one that is perfect for him or her. It can be hard to find the right one because there are so many different brands and models out there. Don’t worry; we have done all the research on baby cots for you. Here are the best baby cots that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Joie Allura 120 Travel Cot

Joie Allura 120 Travel Cot

  • Compact and easy to bring around
  • For newborns and babies up to 15kg
  • Mesh lining for good ventilation
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Are you searching for a baby cot that you can bring on the go? Then you have got to check out the Joie Allura Travel Cot. It is a portable baby cot that can be folded and unfolded with a simple push of a button. Weighing at around 10kg, it is light enough to bring around if you have use of a car or taxi. Perfect for the weekend trip to your parents’ home.


It is large enough for babies up to 15kg and also comes with a removable bassinet for babies to sleep in. The mesh lining on the side of the travel cot is excellent for allowing good airflow, so the inside of the cot is always well-ventilated. Your baby will definitely have many restful naps if you get this portable travel cot.

2. Bonbijou Osito Baby Cot 5-in-1

Bonbijou Osito Baby Cot 5-in-1

  • Supports up to 60kg
  • Convenient drop-side for easy access
  • Noiseless wheels to move around quietly
  • Comes with a quality 4-inch mattress
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If you are looking for a solid and stable baby cot – then Bonbijou Osito Baby Cot is what you need. It is one of the most robust options and can support weights of up to 60kg, which is very impressive. A 4-inch high-density foam mattress that is worth $99 is also included free when you purchase this baby cot.


This baby cot is also multi-functional. It can be converted into a playpen, junior bed and even sofa bed. Its height is adjustable to 3 different levels depending on which one your child is more comfortable with. We like that it comes with wheels that do not make much sound when moving. This way, you can move the baby cot from one room to another without accidentally waking up your sleeping baby. It is Bonbijou’s attention to the small details that make their baby cots perfect.

3. Beblum Lavo 5 Baby Cot

Beblum Lavo 5 Baby Cot

  • Safe, secure and flexible uses
  • Transformable in 5 different forms
  • Made with high-quality wood
  • Comes with mattress and bedding set
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If you buy the Beblum Lavo 5 Baby Cot, all your baby needs will be fulfilled in one single structure. It comes in a set of the baby cot, mattress and also bedding accessories which means it offers excellent value-for-money. The baby cot is made from high-quality wood such as German Beechwood, Birchwood and New Zealand Pinewood. The structure is stable and secure, so your baby is safe all the time.


It is not only a baby cot. You can transform it into a co-sleeper, playpen, junior bed and even a sofa with a few simple adjustments. The cot is adjustable in terms of height too, which is very useful if you plan to use it as a co-sleeper. It’ll be able to match the height of your own bed perfectly. Its flexibility and value-for-money pricing makes the Beblum Lavo 5 an excellent choice for your baby.



4. Sweet Dreams Convertible 7-In-1 Baby Cot

Cheap baby cot

Sweet Dreams Convertible 7-In-1 Baby Cot

  • Suitable for babies to children to 6 years old
  • 4 adjustable height options
  • Convertible into 7 different functionalities
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If you’re on a budget, this Sweet Dreams Baby Cot is a godsend. It is one of the cheapest baby cots that you can find in the entire Singapore. And do not think for one moment that low price equals low quality – because that is absolutely the opposite for this baby cot. You’ll find that this baby cot can rival some of the more expensive and branded baby cots.


It is large and solid enough that is can be used by a newborn up to when he or she is 6 years old. It has 4 different height options. The structure is made with premium New Zealand pine wood and painted with non-toxic paint. The white design is also pleasant and would fit nicely in any room. All these features at a super affordable price – don’t miss it!



5. Graco Pack n Play Playpen

Graco Pack n Play Playpen

  • Compact and portable when closed
  • Integrated diaper changing station
  • Comfortable and cooling
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To some parents, playpens and baby cots are interchangeable. If you are one of them, then consider the Graco Pack n Play Playpen. It is simply one of the best playpens that you can get – while being really affordable at the same time.


Packing and unpacking this playpen is a breeze. You can do it all within a minute which is very convenient, especially when you have a toddler to take care of. It not only comes with a bassinet but also a diaper changing station. That makes the task of changing a diaper so much easier because you’ll have a dedicated area just for it. If you want a playpen as a baby cot, there is none better than this Graco playpen.



6. Beblum Sam Crib Convertible Baby Cot

Beblum Sam Crib Convertible Baby Cot

  • Easy to set up without any tools
  • Multifunctional with 5 different ways to set up
  • High quality and safe for your child
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The Beblum Sam Crib Convertible Baby Cot features an easy ‘click’ system that has revolutionised the entire set up process. You won’t need any tools to erect it and it takes a very short time from unboxing to being functional. This baby cot can be set up in 5 different ways, first as a bassinet and changing table and then can be converted to an oval crib, playpen, toddler bed and just as a piece of furniture when your child has moved to his own bed.


Made of quality German beechwood, it is durable and long-lasting. It is an all-white classic design that is minimalistic yet timeline. The Beblum Sam Crib Convertible Baby Cot will be a great purchase that will last you until your child turns 6!



7. Italbaby Baby Re Cot

Italbaby Baby Re Cot

  • Adjustable mattress base and height for customised use
  • Spacious and well-designed for safety
  • Hardy and able to withstand up to 40kg of weight
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The Italbaby Baby Re Cot features an adjustable mattress base. At the highest level, you can easily pick your infant up and this helps facilitate taking him or her out easily. With an internal dimension of 61cm by 122 cm, it offers a lot of room for your child’s mattress. It also has rounded edges, non-toxic paints and well-fitted parts so that your child’s safety is guaranteed. It is very hardy and able to withstand up to 40kg of weight too.


This comes with roller wheels with two that have brakes. You can easily wheel this from the room to the living room and ensure that it is halted stably and steadily while your child is sleeping in it. Get the Italbaby Baby Re Cot today.



8. Micuna Sweet Globito Cradle Baby Cot

Micuna Sweet Globito Cradle Baby Cot

  • Patented system to adjust the incline
  • Helps your baby sleep better
  • Solid structure made of Spanish beech wood
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The Micuna Sweet Globito Baby Cot is unlike any of the other cots. It is equipped with the patented Relax System that allows you to adjust the angle of the mattress from 7 degrees to 10 degrees. You won’t even have to wake your baby up as you can do it while he or she is sleeping in the baby cot.


The benefits of this are that it will help improve breathing, reduce vomiting and gas. All these contribute to better sleep for your baby. The cot also comes with 4 removable wheels that make it easy to bring from one room to another. Made with high-quality beech wood from Spain, the structure is solid, sturdy and safe. Give your baby the best sleep ever with this special baby cot!



9. BP Oliver Ergonomic Co-Sleeper

BP Oliver Ergonomic Co-Sleeper

  • 5 different functionality in one cot
  • Tilt adjustment for anti-spit milk
  • Compact enough to fit in any bedroom
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The BP Oliver Co-Sleeper is the perfect choice if you want to put the baby cot in your bedroom. It is compact enough to fit inside even a smaller bedroom while being spacious enough for your baby to sleep comfortably in.


This co-sleeper may look simple and minimalistic, but it can do many things. Besides using it as a baby cot, it can also be a diaper changing area, play area, swing bed and even a travel cot. Folding the cot can be done within 3 minutes which makes it quite portable. You can also adjust the tilt angle of the entire bed to lessen the chances of your baby vomiting after finishing his or her milk. What is amazing is that all these wonderful features are available without costing a bomb.



10. Puku 5 in 1 Baby Cot

Puku 5 in 1 Baby Cot

  • Perfect for babies to kids up to 6 years old
  • Transforms in 5 different functions
  • Made with A-grade pinewood
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A baby cot is usually thrown or given away once a baby outgrows it. The Puku Baby Cot is different. It can be used by newborns, toddlers and even kids up to 6 years old because of its wonderful flexibility.


When your baby is a newborn, you can use it as a baby cot. Once he or she turns 6 months old, you can convert the cot into a co-sleeper crib. You can use turn it into a safe playpen for your toddler to have fun in. It can support weights of up to 35kg or about a 6-years old child. It can even be converted into a study table once your child outgrows sleeping in it. It’ll be the most trusty companion of your child’s life. The cot also comes with a 2-inch mattress so you won’t have to search for one that fits the cot.


Everything considered, this Puku Baby Cot is a fabulous option. And the best part is it won’t break the bank because it has a surprisingly affordable price tag.





  • Beautiful and classy pure white design
  • Excellent support and comfort
  • Removable side for when your baby gets older


If you’re an IKEA fan, you’ll be happy to know that they sell baby cots too. The IKEA SUNDVIK Baby Cot is one of their most popular models. It is available in classic white that fits well in any room. The entire structure offers excellent support to their baby while he or she sleeps. It is very comfortable and cooling as well because the gaps allow sufficient air to flow in and out. Definitely, a decent choice, especially if you already love IKEA products.


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What is a baby cot


A baby cot, also known as a crib or infant bed, is a safe place for your baby to sleep in. It is designed to keep your baby 100% safe with features such as barred sides. Usually, the baby cot is large enough to see your baby through his or her development from a newborn to a toddler. So, you should invest in a good one that can last for at least 2 to 3 years.



Baby cot vs playpen


A common question among parents is what are the differences between a baby cot and playpen. The next question is which one should you get. The quick answer to these two questions is firstly – to get both a baby cot and a playpen because each has its advantages and benefits.


A baby cot is better for longer periods of sleep – especially during the night. The mattress quality is usually more supportive and of better quality. The structure of a baby cot also feels more sturdy and stable. Given that a baby sleeps 15 to 16 hours a day, a good baby cot is essential to give him or her the best quality sleep.


A playpen or play yard is more suitable for daytime playtime and small naps. Also, playpens are usually more suitable for older babies who have started crawling. A playpen gives your child a safe place to explore and play – with napping more of a side benefit.


A playpen is usually mobile and portable while a baby cot requires a more permanent spot. You can bring around a playpen from one room to another without any issue. With some models, you can even pack it up and bring it to a completely different location. That is how portable it is. On the contrary, a baby cot is a solid structure that is rather heavy. While some of them do come with wheels, it is almost impossible to bring it out of the house.


These differences are why we recommend getting both a baby cot and also a playpen. Best of all, they aren’t that expensive. You can get a good one for less than $300 each. Spending $600 for good sleep and playtime for your precious little baby is definitely worth it!



Convertible baby cots


In the past, baby cots used to be for newborns and young babies. Nowadays, many baby cots come with convertible features which allow it to grow up along with your child. Many of the parts are adjustable so that you can customize it to fit the needs of your baby as he or she gets older. When buying a baby cot, we definitely recommend that you get a convertible one. Its versatility means you won’t have to change the baby cot for years, saving you a good chunk of money.


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