7 Best Baby Gates in Singapore (2023) For Babies and Pets

Best Baby Gate Singapore

Babyproofing your home is important, especially when your baby starts crawling and exploring around. A good baby gate is essential for keeping your baby safe, away from potentially dangerous areas. With a baby gate, your baby crawl, walk and explore within safe limits.


So which baby gate should you get? We went through the entire Internet and also went down to retail stores to check the most popular models out. Here are the best baby gates you can get in Singapore today!



1. Lucky Baby Smart System Swing Back Steel Gate

Lucky Baby Smart System Swing Back Steel Gate

  • Triple lock system 
  • Sturdy and solid build
  • Easy to assemble 
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This Lucky Baby Smart System Swing Back Steel Gate is very simple to use and install. Installing requires no specialized tools and can be done in less than 15 minutes with the clear instructions provided. The dimensions of this gate are 76cm for its height and 74.2cm in length. However, this length can be extended all the way up to 169.2cm with extensions (available separately).


This gate is very sturdy with its steel construction. That means it is safe for use and also very durable – essential qualities for a baby gate. With a triple lock system, your toddler will not be able to unlock the gate by him or herself. On the other hand, you’ll be able to open the gate using just one-hand which makes it convenient for you especially when you are carrying things around.


One thing to note is that this baby gate only swings open backwards, so do install the gate accordingly to suit how it can best open for you. Overall, this Lucky Baby Smart System Steel Gate is an excellent value-for-money option for any home.



2. Lucky Baby Smart System 2 Ways Swing Back Steel Gate

Lucky Baby Smart System 2 Ways Swing Back Steel Gate

  • Pressure-mounted design for quick set-up
  • Opens both ways
  • Auto-lock feature
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With the flexibility of opening both ways, the Lucky Baby Smart System Steel Gate makes going in or out of the gate effortless. With this feature, you can either push or pull the gate to open it. If we were buying a baby gate, this feature would be one that we would place a high importance on.


Setting up this baby gate does not require any drilling. That is because it uses a pressure-mount system that sticks securely to the sides of your wall. Don’t worry as it is certified under the strict ASTM Safety Standards (F1004-12). It is sturdy and can definitely withstand the curious explorations of a baby or pet.


With optional extension pieces of 9cm, 18cm and 27cm available, you can extend the gate to one that fits your home. It can go up to a length of 196cm which should be long enough even for a huge house. We also like the black design which means its exterior won’t look dirty.


A convenient 2-way swing gate like this Lucky Baby Safety Gate should definitely be one of your top considerations when buying a baby gate.



3. AGUARD Safety Gate

AGUARD Safety Gate

  • Convenient push to open button
  • Wide range of extension options
  • Withstands strong pressure
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The AGUARD Safety Gate offers incredible flexibility with the wide range of extensions it has. There are extension panels from 10cm to 45cm so that you can mix and match it till it reaches the desired length you want.


Opening this baby gate is easy for you the adult but impossible for the baby or pet – the perfect combination that you want. There is a button to press to unlock the gate easily. However, the pressure required is high enough so a baby cannot press the button sufficiently to open it. Additionally, this safety gate is built to withstand strong weights, so it remains sturdy even if a baby leans on it.


If you need a variety of length customizations, the AGUARD Safety Gate will be the best choice with its extensive extension options.



4. Lucky Baby® SG-35 Baby Gate

Best for tall babies

Lucky Baby® SG-35 Baby Gate

  • Extra tall configuration at 85.4cm
  • 2-ways swing system
  • Auto-close and lock feature
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Is your baby a fast-grower? Or do you have a pet dog that jumps really high? Then you should consider getting the Lucky Baby® SG-35 Baby Gate which is 10cm taller than most other regular baby gates. The extra height provides you with the added assurance that your baby will not be able to crawl or climb over.


This baby gate operates with a dual-swing system that allows you to open the gate in any direction. It also has an automatic close and lock feature which means you won’t have to turn back to secure it once you cross over. With its pressure-mounted design, installation and even moving it from one place to another is pretty straightforward.


If you want extra peace of mind, it would be a good idea to get an extra-tall gate like the Lucky Baby® SG-35 Baby Gate. After all, it doesn’t cost much more than a regular baby gate.



5. Steve & Leif Doorway Baby Safety Gate

Best for older toddlers

Steve & Leif Doorway Baby Safety Gate

  • Super high height of 98cm
  • Maximum length extension to 122cm
  • 2-way swing gate
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For older kids or larger pets, this Steve & Leif Doorway Baby Safety Gate is even higher than the previous baby gate. It measures at a towering 98cm tall which is an insurmountable obstacle even for a fast-growing toddler.


With 10cm extensions available, this baby gate can be extended to a maximum length of 122cm. It also has a 2-swing operation and a one-handed opening movement which makes it convenient and simple to use. There is zero drilling needed to install this baby gate. However, they do include the drilling screws and holders just in case you want to reinforce the gate further.


With its high height and well-designed features, the Steve & Leif Doorway Baby Safety Gate will be an effective safety barrier for your baby.



6. Lucky Baby SG-38 Smart System Retractable Gate

Lucky Baby SG-38 Smart System Retractable Gate

  • Easily retracted to free up space
  • Prevents tripping 
  • Mesh that is safe and durable
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Baby gates are essential in a home with a baby. However, it does take up a permanent spot and could make your doorway feel cluttered because you need to open and close it every time you pass by. That problem is solved with the Lucky Baby SG-38 Smart System Retractable Gate!


Instead of a permanent fixture, you can now fully retract the mesh gate so that the walkway is open or closed whenever you want it to be. The mesh gate is safe for your baby to touch and durable so it lasts through your child’s growing up years. With this gate, it also removes the tripping hazard of other standard baby gates as it fully retracts and doesn’t leave a step at the bottom.


If you like the flexibility of fully opening up up your baby gate, this Lucky Baby SG-38 Smart System Retractable Gate would be a fantastic alternative.



7. Steel Safety and Baby Gate 

Cheap and affordable baby gate

Steel Safety and Baby Gate 

  • Lowest price in Singapore
  • Many different extension options available
  • Effortless to install


This Steel Safety and Baby Gate doesn’t have a brand and is an OEM product. However, what you get is a solid product that saves you close to 50% off the price of other branded baby and safety gates. With this amazingly low price, this baby gate is an excellent budget-friendly option.


With a superb range of extension options, this baby gate can cover a length of 75cm to 174cm and more as long as you keep adding on extension gates. With its lower price, it offers you extra length at the same cost of a much smaller baby gate.


With its affordable price tag, it is no surprise that this Steel Safety and Baby Gate is so popular among baby and fur-parents in Singapore.


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