8 Best Baby Wipes in Singapore (2023) that are Gentle, Soft and Safe

Best Baby Wipes Singapore

Baby wipes are every parent’s best friend. They make cleaning up the mess during a diaper change so much easier. Also, they are gentle and soothing on your precious toddler’s bum as well. We all want the best for our babies. However, there are just so many baby wipes brands out there – how can you know which ones are the best for you.


Not to worry, we have done the research – here are the best baby wipes that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Pigeon Baby Wet Wipes

Pigeon Baby Wet Wipes

  • 100% pure water
  • Works great even on sensitive skin
  • No alcohol, parabens or fragrances
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Pigeon is a well-known brand for baby and mother care products. It is no surprise that their baby wet wipes are one of the best and most popular in Singapore too. The Pigeon Baby Wet Wipes is specially formulated for the sensitive and soft baby skin. It has gone through intensive testing on all different skin types to ensure that it is safe.


It contains 100% water and does not have any potentially harmful ingredients like alcohol, parabens or even fragrances. The weaved design of the wet wipes makes it very durable and unlikely to tear when cleaning. You can never go wrong with a Pigeon brand baby product.



2. Pigeon Baby Wipes Moisturizing Cloths

Pigeon Baby Wipes Moisturizing Cloths

  • Lanolin oil for moisture and protection
  • Thick and easy to use with one hand
  • Suitable for newborns and babies up to 6 months old
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If you are looking for baby wipes suitable for newborns, check out the Pigeon Baby Wipes that is extra moisturizing. It has lanolin oil which provides additional moisture and also protection for your baby’s skin. Additionally, it also makes cleaning off stains much easier – especially useful when its a diaper change for poop.


We also like that this baby wipe is extra thick. Also, you can use it to wipe your baby’s buttocks with just one hand — no need to fumble around with two hands just to unfold it. As newborns are more delicate, using this baby wipe that is made especially for them is a good idea.



3. Bebesup Zero Baby Wipes

Bebesup Zero Baby Wipes

  • Number 1 baby wipes in Korea
  • Dermatologically-test to be safe
  • Can even be used on face and hands
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The Bebesup Zero Baby Wipes has been named the Number 1 baby wipes in Korea many times. Besides awards, it has also been through many dermatological tests. Needless to say, it has aced all the tests. In fact, it is described as being less of an irritant than water. That is how gentle and safe it is. Besides using it to clean up after a diaper change, you can also safely use this wet wipe on your baby’s face or hands.


We also like its packaging. It can a capped opening which helps keep moisture in and prevents the wet wipes from drying out. The Bebesup Zero Baby Wipes ticks all the right boxes – definitely worth a try.



4. LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes

  • Effective in preventing nappy rashes
  • Cleans up wet poop cleanly
  • Very thick for excellent absorption
  • Can be used for nursing too
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It’s great when a baby wipe can be used as a general wet wipe as well. The LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes can be used anywhere – from your baby’s bottom to hands and body. Also, it can be used after breastfeeding to clean up the mother’s breast safely and gently.


Made with newborns in mind, this LEC Baby Wipes is extraordinarily gentle and yet strong when it needs to be. It is one of the thickest baby wipes and is excellent at cleaning up wet poop. Its effectiveness help to prevent your precious newborn from suffering from nappy rashes. If you want to protect your delicate newborn, this LEC Baby Wipe is a wonderful choice.




5. Huggies Baby Wipes Clean Care

Huggies Baby Wipes Clean Care

  • Made with natural soft fibres
  • Large, thick to protect your entire hand
  • Aloe vera and vitamin E for extra care
  • Balanced pH and clinically safe
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As the leader in diapers, Huggies will know how to care for your baby’s bottom best. The Huggies Baby Wipes are made with natural fibres that are soft and gentle. The wipes have a balanced pH and have been tested extensively to ensure they are safe for babies. Additionally, it is also enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E, which help to keep skin healthy. The wet wipe is large and thick enough to make sure your hands never come into contact with your cute baby’s poop. If you want a trusted big brand – then go for the Huggies Wet Wipes.



6. Natural Organic Original Baby Wipes

Natural Organic Original Baby Wipes

  • Made with certified organic materials
  • Passed through rigorous testing
  • Super safe for your baby
  • Thick and extra moist
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There must be a reason why Natural Organic Baby Wipes are so popular in Singapore. There are thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of positive reviews online. Well, with its gentle and effective wipes, it is no wonder why parents love it.


It is made with the best quality materials which are certified to be organic. Furthermore, it has passed many safety tests all over the world with flying colours. The sheets are also large and thick enough to cover your hands. Everything you need in a baby wipe, you have it with this baby wipes.



7. NUK Oral Wipes

NUK Oral Wipes

  • Safe to use in the mouth
  • Useful for cleaning mucus, tongue, gums
  • 100% chemical-free
  • Only purified water and 100% cotton
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Besides the usual baby wipes, there are times when you need a wet wipe that is safe for cleaning more sensitive areas – like the mouth and nose. In that case, you can use the NUK Oral Wipes, knowing that it is 100% safe for your baby.


It is 100% chemical-free. It is made using cleanly purified water and 100% cotton. You can use it on your baby’s mouth, nose and just about anywhere. Each wet wipe is also individually wrapped so it is very hygienic and zero chance for contamination. If you need an oral baby wipe, get the NUK one for 100% peace of mind.



8. Jeju Natural Wet Wipes

Jeju Natural Wet Wipes

  • Soft and gentle to your baby’s skin
  • Unscented and alcohol-free
  • Made with freshly purified Jeju water
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Mummies and daddies have fallen in love with the Jeju Natural Wet Wipes recently. It is made by water taken from Jeju which has been put through a 6-step purification process – so you know that it is 100% safe. The wet wipe itself is soft yet thick enough so that you’ll never get poop or pee on your hands.


Furthermore, it does not contain any chemicals. It is free of parabens, alcohol and fragrances. Your baby’s skin will be kept in its soft and pristine condition with this natural wet wipe. Get on the hype train and try out this amazing Jeju wet wipes now.


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What to look out for when buying baby wipes


Most baby wipes are good and safe enough for your precious baby. However, there are some differences between each of them which could make one more suitable for you than another. These are the 6 primary considerations that you should look out for to find the perfect baby wipes for you and your baby.


1. How thick are the baby wipes

When wiping up the unsavoury things that come out of your babies behind, the thicker the baby wipes, the better. That way, your hand will never accidentally come into contact with those things. A thicker baby wipe is usually more absorbent as well. So you’ll be able to get more cleaning done with a single wipe. Even though thicker wet wipes may be slightly more expensive, it is worth the investment if it’ll keep you clean.


Besides thickness, another good to have attribute is a textured design. It will help to clean and pick up any messes and liquids more efficiently. It’ll save you time and also money because you’ll use fewer pieces of baby wipes.


2. How big are the baby wipes

Another size consideration is how big the baby wipe sheet is. The wider the sheet, the more it can wipe and also the more protected your hands will be. This attribute should be considered together with the thickness. If a baby wipe is very large but too thin, it’ll still suck. You want one that is large and also thick at the same time.


3. Scented vs unscented baby wipes

Baby wipes can either be scented or unscented. Most parents prefer an unscented wipe because it means fewer chemicals are used. Sometimes, fragrances can cause allergic reactions to your baby’s sensitive skin. We do agree that scented wipes do smell really nice and help to mask some of the nasty smells from your baby’s poop or pee. If you do choose to use a scented baby wipe, be sure to choose one that is reputable.


Honestly, most baby wipes are well-tested by its manufacturers before being pushed to the market. So while we recommend an unscented version as an additional precaution, a scented one is very safe too.


4. Flushable vs non-flushable wipes

Some baby wipes are advertised as flushable. That means you can safely flush it down the toilet once you are done with it. The reason why parents love the flushable baby wipes is how easy it is to get rid off. You won’t need to stink up the rubbish bin and make your entire house smell bad.


However, there have been some critics against flushable baby wipes. They say that while it can be flushed down with a problem, it can cause sewer or pipe problems in the long run. That may lead to hundreds of dollars in plumbing bills. Honestly, we aren’t too sure ourselves. Sometimes we do flush the baby wipes down the toilet, other times we don’t because we have a dedicated bin. So, the choice is up to you. But it’ll be good to get flushable baby wipes so you always have the option to choose.


5. Cost of baby wipes

Baby wipes may not seem like a significant expense at first. But over the months, you are going to be spending hundreds or even thousands on baby wipes. Each time you change a diaper, you’ll need between 5 to 10 wipes depending on whether its a poop or a pee. On average, you’ll be changing your baby’s diapers around 6 to 10 times a day. That means you’ll be using around 30 to 100 pieces of baby wipes in a single day! It is definitely not cheap. So it is crucial to choose the best baby wipes that are economical as well.


You should aim to get your baby wipes at the cost of below 5 cents per piece. Our preference is a brand that prices each piece at around 2 to 3 cents maximum. Instead of thousands of dollars a year, you’ll keep the baby wipes expense to only a few hundred every year.


6. Should you buy baby wipes in bulk

Yes, you should definitely buy baby wipes in as big a bundle as possible. The more you buy at one go, the more you can save. Anyway, your baby is going to need a lot of baby wipes over the months. If you see a good deal online, snap it up immediately, and you’ll also save yourself the hassle of lugging a massive pack of baby wipes home. We love home delivery, especially for bulky items like baby wipes or diapers.


Some of the product links that we have included are affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small commission from platforms like Amazon if you make a purchase. This commission comes at no added cost to you. This helps to support us so that we can create more buyer guides for you.