15 Best Backpacks in Singapore For Work, Travel and School

Best Backpack Singapore

Whether you’re travelling, going to work or going to school, a good backpack will be your best companion. A backpack is extremely versatile and has a good amount of storage capacity. Nowadays backpacks are also well-designed with stylish looks, you will definitely be able to find one that fits your personal style.


To help you to choose the best backpack suitable for you, we have gone through hundreds of them to find the most popular ones. Here are the best backpacks you can buy in Singapore today!



1. XD Design Bobby Bizz Backpack

Best business travel backpack

XD Design Bobby Bizz Backpack

  • Convertible backpack & briefcase
  • Anti-theft design
  • Spacious storage inside
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The popular Bobby Bizz Backpack was brought to life by a successful Kickstart campaign that raised more than S$500,000. Now, you can get it in Singapore at a really affordable price – cheaper than its Kickstarter price!


Features-wise, it is the perfect business backpack. It is spacious and can fit a 15 or 17inch laptop very comfortably. Storage-space inside feels bigger than it looks thanks to its well-thought-out compartments and zippers. If you feel like using a briefcase instead, you’ll be happy to know that it can be converted into one as well.


This backpack is also amazing for keeping valuables. It has an anti-theft design which includes anti-cut material and hidden zippers. Your laptop and valuables will be kept safe from pickpockets and thieves. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about rain because it is made with water-repellent material. Doesn’t the Bobby Bizz Backpack sound amazing?



2. Adidas Originals 3D Issey Miyake Backpack

Adidas Originals 3D Issey Miyake Backpack

  • Unique and eye-catching design
  • Comfortable padded straps
  • Lightweight and portable
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The Adidas Issey Miyake Backpack is one of the most popular backpack choices for youths and those young at heart. Its design is iconic and the epitome of cool. In the sunlight, the backpack reflects a different colour at different angles. You’ll certainly get many envious stares when you’re carrying this backpack around.


This backpack is comfortable when carrying thanks to its adjustable and padded shoulder straps. It is relatively light even when it is full which means it is good for those long days out where you have to carry your bag all the time. Inside, it has individual laptop and phone compartments so they are well-protected. Overall, this is a uniquely-styled backpack that is sure to catch everyone’s eyes.



3. Timbuk2 Tuck Laptop Backpack

Timbuk2 Tuck Laptop Backpack

  • Good for commuting 
  • Excellent cushioning for laptop
  • Hardy and rugged 
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Do you bike to work or school? If so you’ll love the Timbuk2 Tuck Laptop Backpack. It has a streamlined design that sticks nicely to your back and takes away the weight from your shoulders.


It has a rugged design and can take accidental knocks very well. The backpack is fitted with generous cushioning that keeps your laptop free from dents and scratches because it absorbs all the impact. With 12 widely different designs to select from, there’ll be one that you will love for sure.



4. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

Best backpack for school

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Logo works as a reflector in the dark
  • Weighs just 300 grams
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Fjallraven Kanken has been making backpacks since 1978. Their first backpacks were designed to help alleviate the complaints of back pain that school kids suffered from. What stands out about the Fjallraven Kanken Backpack is how light it is – it weighs just 300g which is much less than most other backpacks.


A lighter backpack is good news for the health of your back. It uses the lightweight material Vinlyon F which is very durable too. This backpack also adheres to the principles of minimalism. It does everything simply and smartly without overcomplication. As such, you’ll find that using this backpack is a joy-inducing experience.



5. CabinZero Classic 44L Backpack

Best travel backpack

CabinZero Classic 44L Backpack

  • Huge 44L capacity
  • Tracker tag so you won’t lose it
  • Up to 24 beautiful designs
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The CabinZero Classic Backpack is designed for travel. It fits within the cabin luggage requirements of all airlines so you can bring it on the aeroplane with you. With a spacious 44 litre interior, you’ll find that it has enough space for short and even medium-length travel vacations.


For a 44L backpack, it is also surprisingly light at just 0.76kg, which means that it won’t add redundant weight to your belongings. Besides shoulder straps, it also comes equipped with straps at the top and side for alternative carrying styles.


For travellers, CabinZero helps to make sure you will never lose your bag. Each bag has a built-in lost-and-found tag with OKABAN tracking. It is linked to airline bagging systems which makes it easy for you and them to find it the event that it is lost. No wonder avid travellers all around the world use CabinZero Backpacks.



6. Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

  • 25L capacity in a slim form
  • Built-in 15-inch padded laptop sleeve
  • 9 classic designs to choose from
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Herschel Supply Co’s Little America Backpack is one of the most popular casual backpacks in Singapore. Its classic look and design make it popular among a wide range of users – from students, working adults and frequent travellers.


This backpack has a slim profile which is modelled after bags that mountain climbers and hikers use. We like how it feels very comfortable on our shoulders even when it is weighed down with a laptop and packed full. Inside this backpack is a thickly padded laptop sleeve that can fit a 15-inch laptop.


This Herschel Backpack is also suitable for Singapore’ hot and humid weather. It has a mesh back padding which ensures that your skin has space to breathe that means less sweat. There are 9 different colour combinations which you can choose from so definitely considering this popular Herschel Backpack!



7. Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

  • Water-resistant exterior
  • External side and front pockets
  • Fits a 15-inch laptop comfortably 
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Touch the exterior of the Timbuk2 Spire Backpack and you’ll feel the thick amount of padding it has under its water-resistant skin. That padding is crucial to keeping your laptop and electronics safe. This backpack can fit either a 13 or 15-inch laptop easily with its spacious interior. There is a well-organized area inside the bag which you can put your pens and phone so that you can retrieve it easily.


For valuables, there is a secured zip pocket which will make it difficult for anyone besides you to access it. There are 2 external side pockets which are good for fitting a 500 to 750ml water bottle. Lastly, there is a front pocket for quick access to items like your Ez-link card. Timbuk2 backpacks aren’t the cheapest choice, but their premium price is worth it for the premium quality.



8. Samsonite Avant Backpack II

Samsonite Avant Backpack II

  • Boxy design for spacious inside
  • Thick padding for laptop protection
  • Hidden zipper pocket for valuables
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Samsonite is one of the top luggage and bag brands in the world. The Samsonite Avant Backpack II is one of their more affordable backpacks which cost just over $150 when we just checked. For Samsonite’s quality, this is a considerably cheap price to pay.


The Samsonite Avant has a total of 3 main compartments. There are 2 front compartments to store things which you need quick access to. In the main compartment, it is divided into 2 sections, one for your laptop, the other for your documents. The boxy design of this backpack gives it ample space to expand if needed that means more free space for you. If you want the quality of Samsonite at a cheaper than usual price, this Avant Backpack would interest you.



9. Anello Casual Backpack

Best backpack for ladies

Anello Casual Backpack

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Easy to maintain polyester canvas
  • Fits slightly larger than A4-sized items
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Unfortunately for ladies, many backpacks designed for men and are too large and bulky. But fret not because we found the Anello Casual Backpack that is perfect for ladies. It has a sleek and modern design that is good for a casual day out or even to the office.


It can fit a 13-inch laptop relatively comfortably and anything is A4-shaped can fit inside. With a 20cm width, this backpack can be stretched out to fit much more than it looks. You can even use it as a travel backpack for a short getaway.


With a polyester canvas exterior, this backpack doesn’t get dirty easily because it is non-absorbent. Even if there are stains, you can wipe it away very effortlessly. For ladies, this is the best compact backpack made for you – so don’t miss out on it!



10. Targus Newport Backpack

Targus Newport Backpack

  • Classy faux black leather skin
  • Excellent water-repellent ability
  • Hidden pockets for important documents
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The Targus Newport Backpack is made for business travel and work. Its faux leather exterior exudes a classy feel that is rare to find in backpacks. At the same time, its functionality is well-designed for business travel.


It can fit a 15-inch laptop with ample space left over for a few pieces of business attire and clothing. There are also hidden pockets which allow you to keep your cash, valuables and passport safely tucked away. We also like the orange lining inside the backpack which adds a dash of fun under all the seriousness.


If you ever get caught under the rain, your laptop and belongings will be well-protected under its water repellent surface. For the most stylish business backpack award, this Targus Newport takes the cake.



11. The North Face Waterproof Backpack

The North Face Waterproof Backpack

  • Super durable and lasting fabric
  • 30 litres interior capacity 
  • 12 colourful designs
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The North Face Waterproof Backpack gives you an outdoor vibe while being suitable for urban use like work or school. It has a total of 30L of storage space which is good enough for a 17-inch laptop and a couple of textbooks.


It is made with super durable polyester and nylon which means it will not get damaged easily even with rough use. Its straps are soft and comfortable on your shoulders and makes carrying it around a breeze. There are side pockets for a wet umbrella or a water bottle for easy convenience. There are 12 different colourful designs available from black, navy, yellow, red and many more!



12. Tigernu Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Cheap business backpack

Tigernu Anti Theft Travel Backpack

  • Anti-theft material and zipper
  • Removable external charging port
  • 18L capacity suitable for 15-inch laptop
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An anti-theft business backpack for less than $40? Yes, it is possible thanks to the Tigernu Travel Backpack. It is literally less than half the price of other business backpacks but carries about the same functionality.


It is relatively slim but has a capacity of 18 litres which can fit a 15-inch laptop along with chargers and any miscellaneous items. A cool feature of this backpack is its charging port. You can connect your power bank to this port which will link out through the bag to your phone. It makes using and charging your phone concurrently much easier. If you like a good bargain, you will love this budget-friendly Tigernu Travel Backpack.



13. Lixada Outdoor Travel Backpack

Best hiking backpack

Lixada Outdoor Travel Backpack

  • Water and tear-resistant nylon
  • Spacious interior with multiple compartments
  • Ergonomic design for shoulders and back
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Going for a challenging multi-day hike or trekking trip? You will need a good hiking backpack as your companion. Most hiking backpacks are really expensive, especially if you go for branded ones. The Lixada Hiking Backpack is a much cheaper alternative that is sturdy enough to survive your crazy adventures.


It is made from nylon that is water and tear-resistant. Rain or sun, it’ll survive the harsh elements. A 50-litre capacity means it is large enough for longer trips as well. Besides the main compartment, there are multiple other small compartments for you to separate your items. For a cheap backpack, it has surprisingly good ergonomics which care for your shoulders and back.



14. Alpha Industries Backpack

Alpha Industries Backpack

  • Many compartments for organization
  • Waterproof design
  • Fits a 15.6-inch laptop
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You might find this Alpha Industries Backpack familiar. Yes, there are quite a number of “square” or “rectangle” designs for backpack nowadays. However, you’ll find that this backpack is much more affordable than the other options. So if you like this design and want to save some money, this is an excellent alternative.


With a 22 litre capacity, it offers a nice balance between sufficient space and also compact size. But don’t worry because it can still keep a 15-inch laptop without any issues. There are side zippers which give you a space to put things that you need to take out at short notice. Because it is made with polyester with a layer of carbon coating, this backpack is also waterproof. For all these features, it is available at a very reasonable price tag!



15. Superdry Waterproof Backpack

Superdry Waterproof Backpack

  • Waterproof material and zipper
  • Large enough for 17-inch laptop
  • Well-padded shoulder strap
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If you like large logos, this Superdry Waterproof Backpack will be perfect. It has the iconic Superdry brand imprinted on its back in a huge font. Perhaps, it’ll be more suitable as a casual or school backpack rather than a business backpack.


It has a 21L capacity and is tall enough to fit a 17-inch laptop. With a well-cushioned shoulder strap, you won’t feel the strain if even your laptop is hefty. Furthermore, it has a fully-waterproof design which includes its material and its zip so no water can seep through. If you don’t want a dull design, this iconic backpack will be an awesome choice!


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