The Best Bed Sheets in Singapore (2023) For Great Sleep

A good bed sheet is an essential part of the sleep experience. Your skin and body will come into contact with it for eight to ten hours a day. For a good night of sleep, splurging a little on a high-quality bed sheet is definitely worth it. However, it can be hard to choose the right bed sheet because of the many choices out there. So, here are the best bed sheets you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Nile Valley Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet

Best cotton bed sheets

Nile Valley Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet 1000

  • Soft and comfortable Egyptian Cotton
  • Premium 1000 thread count
  • Transforms your bedroom into a hotel
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The Nile Valley Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet is the definition is luxury. Made with 100% top-quality Egyptian cotton, it will be the softest and most comfortable bed sheet you have ever slept on. Nile Valley is synonymous with quality. Their bed sheets are used by top luxury hotels all over the world. Now, you can get that level of comfort in your very own home with this bed sheet.


It is available in Single, Super Single, Queen, King and even Super King sizes. It doesn’t come with a pillow or bolster cases so you will have to get those separately. As the bed sheet is white, it should be easy to find matching one elsewhere. Also, this bed sheet is surprisingly affordable as well. Transform your sleep experience with this high-quality Egyptian cotton bed sheet!



2. Akemi Tencel Modal Bed Sheets

Best Tencel bed sheets

Akemi Tencel Modal Bed Sheets

  • Cool to touch
  • Ultra-smooth and soft texture
  • 880 thread count
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We are huge fans of the Akemi Tencel Modal Bed Sheets. Personally, we use them (and we buy it with our own money). Since trying it a year ago, the only thing we regret is not getting this amazing bed sheet earlier.


So why do we love it? Firstly, it is perfect for the hot Singapore weather. Tencel somehow feels so much cooler than other bed sheet materials like cotton. We find that we are turning on our aircon less now that our bed feels so cooling. At the same time, the texture is soft and smooth. Rolling around on this bedsheet is a truly luxurious experience.


The Akemi Tencel Modal Bed Sheets may be slightly more expensive than your usual cotton bed sheet. But we think it is worth every cent you pay – you won’t regret it once your skin touches it!



3. Palais Suite™ Tencel Fitted Sheet Set

Palais Suite™ Tencel Fitted Sheet Set

  • 930 thread count for maximum smoothness
  • Comfortable and cooling even in Singapore
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Tencel sheets are fast gaining popularity because of their soft, comfortable, breathable properties. The Palais Suite™ Tencel Fitted Sheet is one such example. In the hot humidity of Singapore, you sometimes feel that you can’t survive without aircon. Well, that is not the case anymore especially if you have a cooling and breathable bedsheet. With this Tencel sheet, you will feel cool throughout the night so you can sleep better.


With 930 thread count per 10-centimetre square, this is a high-quality bed sheet that can rival ones that are much more expensive than it. Additionally, Tencel is a durable material which means your sheet can last for years as long as you take care of it. Get a good night of sleep with this value-for-money sheet.



4. Akemi Cotton Select Affinity

Akemi Cotton Select Affinity

  • 100% cotton
  • 880 thread count
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If you prefer cotton sheets, the high thread count Akemi Cotton Select Affinity may just be the one for you. It is made with 100% high-quality cotton which explains why it has such a soft texture. Higher quality also means that this bed sheet will be longer-lasting and still be as comfortable even after years of use.


There are quite a number of designs to choose from – Grey Hail, Shadow Blue, Latte and many others. All the designs are very stylish and will give your bedroom a boost of modernity.


You deserve the best cotton sheets, and to us, that is the Akemi Cotton Select Affinity.



5. Hotel Collection Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Hotel Collection Cotton Bed Sheet Set

  • 100% pure cotton
  • 400 thread count
  • Breathable and comfortable material
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If you want to mimic the look and feel of a luxurious hotel room without breaking the bank, give this Hotel Collection Bed Sheet a try. It is very affordable for what it provides. Made with 100% cotton, it is comfortable and breathable at the same time. It allows good airflow and ventilation which means no more sweating during the night. Also, it comes as an entire set so you will get pillowcases and a bolster case as well. Get luxury at a discount with this bed sheet!



6. Star Wars Galactic Bed Sheet Set

Star Wars Galactic Bed Sheet Set

  • 700 thread count
  • 100% microfibre material
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If you are a Star Wars fan, you have got to get the Star Wars Galactic Bed Sheet Set. In it, you will be able to dream of your favourite Star Wars movies and characters while sleeping with them beside you. Besides an amazing themed design, it is also a pretty comfortable bed sheet that has 700 thread count and is made with 100% microfibre. Live out your Star Wars dream with this beyond cool bed sheet.



7. Hotelier Prestigio™ Bed Sheet

Hotelier Prestigio™ Bed Sheet

  • 510 thread count
  • 100% combed cotton for good breathability
  • Soft and comfortable to touch
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The Hotelier Prestigio™ Bed Sheet has a beautiful design with a nice blend of champagne and white colours. It will give your bedroom a modern yet comforting look. With its combed cotton material along with 510 thread count, it will also give you a comfortable experience once you lay on it. Combed cotton is softer than regular cotton as the process ensure no thread sticks out and every single impurity is removed. If you want a cotton sheet that is of higher quality, try the Hotelier Prestigio™ Bed Sheet.



8. Heveya Bamboo Sheets

Heveya Bamboo Sheets

  • Silky and soft feathery texture
  • Antimicrobial & hypoallergenic
  • High breathability and cooling
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From organic latex mattresses and pillows to FSC-certified slatted bed bases and reclaimed teak wooden frames, the focus at European Bedding is always on quality and sustainability. Recently, they added Organic Bamboo Lyocell bedsheets to their Heveya range, an excellent eco-friendly choice.
Bamboo lyocell has a unique silky smooth and soft feathery texture that is similar to silk.


The all-natural bamboo fibre is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Due to its high breathability, the fabric wicks away moisture and repels odour, keeping you dry and comfortable. The sheets are temperature regulating properties will cool you down in Singapore’s hot climate and keep you cosy-warm when the aircon cool air is blasting on you all night. To top it off, Heveya sheets are easy to maintain with a cold gentle cycle machine wash. Minimal ironing is required as well since wrinkles phase out after one night’s sleep. What more can u wish for?



9. AKEMI Modal Unity Fitted Bed Sheet Set

AKEMI Modal Unity Fitted Bed Sheet Set

  • 880 thread count
  • Soft and smooth texture for maximum comfort
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Akemi is one of the most popular bedding accessories brands in Singapore. One of their best selling bed sheets is the AKEMI Modal Unity Fitted Bed Sheet Set. When you first touch it, it almost feels like silk because of how incredibly soft it is. Not only that, it is very smooth as well which just feels amazing when you roll on it. It gives you the feeling of luxury at a more affordable price tag than silk and Egyptian cotton bed sheets. You can get an entire Akemi bed sheet set with the price of a single fitted sheet. Trust in Akemi and get this fantastic modal bed sheet for many amazing nights of sleep.



10. Sheridan 100% Cotton Sateen Bed Sheets

Sheridan 100% Cotton Sateen Bed Sheets

  • Silky soft and comfortable
  • 100% cotton


Sheridan has more than 50 years of experience crafting the best bedding accessories for a perfect night of sleep. They are not cheap, but many would say they are worth the money. Luxury defines their bed sheets. It is so comfortingly soft and silky smooth to touch. It is made with 100% high-quality cotton. It may burn a hole in your pocket but a good night’s rest is worth more.



11. IKEA Nattjasmin Bed Sheets

IKEA Nattjasmin Bed Sheets

  • Cooling and breathable cotton & lyocell
  • 310 thread count


IKEA is always the first destination that Singaporeans go to if they want value-for-money furnishings. Their bed sheets are pretty good value as well. The IKEA Nattjasmin Bed Sheet is made of a blend of cotton and lyocell. This blend allows it to be very cooling and breathable which is a godsend in our hot weather. Additionally, this bed sheet is pretty reasonably priced as well. However, IKEA beds and bed sheets are slightly different in dimensions from the usual beds’ sizes in Singapore. So do take note of that and check the dimensions out before you buy.


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Pros and cons of different bed sheet materials


When you are shopping for a new set of bed sheets, you may be surprised at the multitude of different materials available. It adds to the complexity of choosing the right bed sheets because it can get pretty confusing. Not to worry, let us share more about the most common types of bed sheet materials and their key selling points.


Egyptian cotton bed sheets

Egyptian cotton bed sheets are usually one of the most expensive and luxurious options available. The cotton is from the Gossypium Barbadense plant which can be found in Egypt – hence the reason for its name. Egyptian cotton sheets are very soft and comfortable to sleep on. It is also a very breathable material which makes it perfect for the hot and humid temperature of Singapore.


However, when you look at the price of an Egyptian cotton bed sheet, you may get a shock. It can cost anywhere from $100 to $400, depending on the brand and size of sheets. If you don’t mind paying a premium for a better night of sleep, it is an excellent choice. Also, you need to be wary when buying an Egyptian cotton bed sheet because there are some fakes out there which blends both Egyptian cotton and normal cotton. Try to buy from reputable brands to ensure you get the real deal.


Silk bed sheets

Similar to Egyptian cotton, silk sheets are very expensive. If you have touched silk before, you will know how smooth and comfortable it is. Imagine lying on a bed cover with silk sheets; it will likely be more comfortable than sleeping on a bed of clouds. Silk is also suitable for Singapore’s weather as they are a very cooling material.


If you can afford it, definitely give silk bed sheets a try. They may be the answer to better sleep. Another potential hurdle for silk sheets is that it requires a lot of care of concern when washing it. It can get damaged very easily, and if you use a washing machine, you should use the gentle cycle option.


Upland or normal cotton bed sheets

Most of us are probably most familiar with the usual cotton bed sheets. It is the most common and popular choice due to its wide availability and also affordability. Upland cotton is grown all around the world which makes it widely available. Compared to Egyptian cotton, they are not as soft, comfortable and durable. However, it is still a pretty comfortable sheet to sleep on as evidenced by its wide-ranging popularity. If you want a value-for-money option, these standard cotton sheets fit the bill.


Polyester bed sheets

Polyester on its own is not that popular as a bed sheet. When mixed with cotton, the polyester-cotton blend is a pretty decent choice for sheets. The main advantage of polyester is that it is very durable and also cheap. It also does not wrinkle easily which means making up your bed in the morning is a simple affair. Additionally, they are also resistant to stains which makes them popular as sheets for young kids.


Tencel bed sheets

Tencel bed sheets have been growing in popularity in Singapore. When you first touch a Tencel sheet, it feels very smooth – it feels a little like silk. It provides a very comfortable surface that is quite durable even after many washes. Tencel is made from Eucalyptus wood pulp and the manufacturing process is quite extensive which explains its higher price. It is more expensive than regular cotton sheets but is a cheaper way to attain the comfort of silk and Egyptian cotton at a fraction of the price.


Linen bed sheets

Linen bed sheets are very durable and can last for many years even with regular washing. It is soft, comfortable and can feel a little like silk. However, it takes time for it to soften up as it can feel hard and stiff when you first use it. After a few washes, you should be able to experience it in its full comfort. Linen is naturally hypoallergenic which makes them a great option if you have allergies. It costs around the same price as a Tencel bed sheet.



What is thread count and does it matter?


When you go shopping for bed sheets, often you will be bombarded by how many thread counts the bed sheet has. You will see figures from 200 to the 1000s. However, does a higher thread count always mean a better bed sheet? The answer is maybe not.


So what exactly is thread count? It is the measurement of how many threads are in one single square inch of your bed sheet. Technically, the higher the thread count would mean a softer, more comfortable and durable sheet. However, the problem is that the thread count figures advertised may not be accurate because of how it is calculated.


A common way that manufacturers inflate thread count numbers is by using multi-ply. Through this method, it is very easy to increase the thread count number technically. However, in terms of comfort and softness, it will definitely not feel like an 800 to 1000 thread count sheet. Don’t fall for the hype over thread count – instead, look at the material type of the sheets and buy from trusted brands.



What is included when you buy a bed sheet?


If you buy a bed sheet set, it will typically have a single piece of fitted bed sheet along with one of two pillowcases and a bolster case – depending on whether you get a single or queen and king. However, there are also instances when only the bed sheet is sold. If you don’t need a completely matching bed sheet set, this could be a good option as they are usually cheaper.


You can also choose to buy a quilt cover set. It will come with a bed sheet, pillowcases and bolster case along with a quilt cover for your blanket. You can choose to use the quilt cover with a quilt or just use the cover as a blanket. As the weather in Singapore is usually hot even during the night, it is very common to use the quilt cover itself like a blanket.



How to take care of bed sheets for them to last longer?


Bed sheets can be very expensive especially if you go for more premium options like Egyptian cotton, linen, Tencel or silk. Taking care of them is not that hard as long as you follow these tips!

  • Wash your bed sheets separate from other clothing items. It will reduce the chances of them being damaged from friction. It will also mean cleaner and more hygienic sheets.
  • If you want to remove a stain, try to remove it before putting it in the washing machine. You can try natural methods like lemon juice.
  • Always use the gentle cycle option as it will minimize damage to your sheets.
  • Dry your sheets naturally. However, try to avoid direct sunlight as it may cause damage in the long-term.


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