12 Best Bird’s Nest in Singapore (2020) For Better Health & Skin

Best Bird's Nest Singapore

Bird’s nest is one of nature’s superfood. In the context of Chinese medicine, bird’s nest has been consumed for hundreds of years because of its health properties. Bird’s nest is said to improve your immunity, promote cell rejuvenation and beautify your skin. It is no wonder that this superfood is loved by many in Singapore.


There are quite a number of bird’s nest options available in Singapore. You can choose from dried bird’s nest which requires cooking or ready-to-drink options in bottled form. To help you choose the tastiest and healthiest bird’s nest for you and your family, we have shortlisted the best. Here are the best bird’s nest you can get in Singapore today!



1. Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with Collagen

Kinohimitsu Bird's Nest with Collagen

  • Buy 1 get 1 free deal
  • Marine collagen for skin benefits
  • Seaweed for good digestion
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If you’re familiar with collagen or beauty drinks, you’ll know the Kinohimitsu brand. It is one of the best-selling beauty drinks in the world. The Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with Collagen is a very value-for-money option because of the 1-for-1 deal that is ongoing at the point of review. You get 2 boxes which has a total of 12 bottles of 75 grams. On average, each bottle only costs $5 which is an amazing deal!


Besides bird’s nest, this drink also contains marine collagen and seaweed. The combination of bird’s nest and collagen gives your skin the boost it needs. Your skin will enjoy benefits such as a reduction in pores, scars and increased moisture. Collagen can also strengthen our bone, joint, hair and nail health. This bird’s nest drink also has seaweed which is good for our digestion. Additionally, seaweed is extremely low in calories but has a good amount of calcium and protein which adds to the nutritional value of the drink.


If you’re looking for better skin, the Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with Collagen is the best bird’s nest drink to get!



2. Brand’s Bird’s Nest

Brand’s Bird’s Nest

  • Cleanses and improves lung health
  • Less sweet recipe that’s still tasty
  • High-quality and stringent process
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We love that that Brand’s Bird’s Nest has a new recipe that is less sweet. Sometimes, bottled bird’s nests are way too sweet which makes it less healthy. With this less sweet recipe, everyone can enjoy this still-delicious bird’s nest drink without feel guilty about the sugar content.


Brand’s is also one of the most reputable brands in Singapore and we can see that from their quality-control process while preparing their bird’s nest drinks. Each bottle goes through a thorough 7-step process which ensures that you are enjoying high-quality and yummy bird’s nest.


Some of the benefits associated with this bird’s nest drink are its cooling effect, lung cleansing and improvement in general wellbeing. If you’re feeling heaty from eating too many fried and oily food, this bird’s nest drink can reduce the heatiness. It may also help with any respiratory conditions that you might suffer from.


We think that you’ll love the Brand’s Bird’s Nest as much as we do, especially with its newly improved less sugar recipe.



3. Kinohimitsu BB Drink Bird’s Nest

Kinohimitsu BB Drink Bird's Nest

  • See visibly improved skin in 6 days
  • Skin cells rejuvenation & regeneration
  • 100% natural formula
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Are you suffering from dull, dry and blemished skin? If so, the answer to your skin problems is the Kinohimitsu BB Drink Bird’s Nest. It is so effective that you can see tangible results of firmer skin and smaller pores in less than 1 week. This formula is 100% natural and has also clinically proven results.


So what is in this amazing drink? There are 5 key ingredients – bird’s nest, chicken cartilage, fermented yeast, acerola cherry and rice bran ceramide. All of these ingredients are extremely beneficial to your skin across a wide range of factors. They can prompt faster skin regeneration, improve hydration, increase collagen production and even reduce acne.


If you want a quick formula for better skin, the Kinohimitsu BB Drink Bird’s Nest is your best bet.



4. Pristine Farms Freshly Cooked Bird’s Nest

Pristine Farms Freshly Cooked Bird’s Nest

  • Delivered fresh to your doorstep
  • 2 jars of 130g each
  • Available in 6 different variations
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Double-boiling a fresh bowl of bird’s nest takes a lot of time and effort. An excellent alternative would be the Pristine Farms Freshly Cooked Bird’s Nest! With this option, you can avoid the hassle but enjoy all the benefits of a fresh and warm bowl of bird’s nest that is delivered straight to your doorstep.


For this freshly-made bird’s nest, you can choose from 6 different variations. You can get it with chia seeds, American ginseng, pandan, goji berry, red dates or just all-natural. Each order comes with 2 jars with a total volume of 260 grams.


For its price, quality and convenience, we think that the Pristine Farms Freshly Cooked Bird’s Nest is definitely worth buying. So try it out if you want fresh birds’ nest without the hassle!



5. Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with Chia Seeds

Kinohimitsu Bird's Nest with Chia Seeds

  • Tasty with a great texture
  • Helps you get a beautiful & smooth complexion
  • 1-for-1 deal, a total of 12 bottles
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Bird’s nest and chia seeds may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it works perfectly together. The Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with Chia Seeds is a super yummy drink that comes with a unique texture with each bite. With the addition of chia seeds, this drink can make you feel full longer which can help to curb your appetite after.


Besides being a delicious drink, this bird’s nest recipe is also good for your complexion. Chia seeds has omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and can also reduce inflammation. Furthermore, bird’s nest also has many skin-related benefits. Together, they can help you turn back time and make your skin look younger.


The Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with Chia Seeds is a delicious and yummy meal replacement that will bring about many benefits, especially for your skin.



6. Dragon Brand Concentrated Bird’s Nest

Dragon Brand Concentrated Bird's Nest

  • Every spoonful is packed with bird’s nest
  • Harvested from Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Cleaned by hand without chemicals
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With every slurp of the Dragon Brand Concentrated Bird’s Nest, you’ll find generous thick strands of bird’s nest. It is the most luxurious bird’s nest drink. When you look at other bottled bird’s nest, you’ll usually find a limited amount of bird’s nest. This drink is totally different.


The bird’s nest is harvested from Yogyakarta in Indonesia which is known for its high-quality and natural bird’s nest. After harvesting, any impurities and feathers are removed from the bird’s nest by hand. In the entire process, there are no chemicals used to ensure you are getting it in its most natural form.


If you want a premium bottled bird’s nest, the Dragon Brand Concentrated Bird’s Nest ticks all the right boxes.



7. Brand’s Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng

Brand’s Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng

  • Boosts energy levels 
  • Beautifies your skin & complexion
  • Reduces heatiness 
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With the Brand’s Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng, you get to enjoy 2 of the best ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine in one convenient bottle. With the bird’s nest, it’ll give you better immunity and also beautify your skin. The addition of ginseng gives the depth of flavour to the drink which is an excellent complement to its sweetness.


Furthermore, American ginseng is classified as a cooling food. There is a common misconception that all ginseng is heaty – however, only the Korean ginseng is heaty. As such, this drink can help to reduce heatiness. If you’re feeling fatigued, the ginseng can boost your energy levels too.


With both bird’s nest and ginseng, this Brand’s drink is perfect for the morning to fuel you through the day.



8. Brand’s Royal Superior Bird’s Nest

Brand’s Royal Superior Bird’s Nest

  • Thick strands of bird’s nest inside
  • Amazing & authentic taste
  • Premium packaging perfect for a gift
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The Brand’s Royal Superior Bird’s Nest is an exclusive product available only online. The premium packaging of this bird’s nest drink stands out at first glance. If you’re looking for a gift for someone important (eg. your mother-in-law), this would be perfect.


The premium packaging is matched by the generous amount of bird’s nest in each bottle. You can see thick and luscious strands of bird’s nest which is visible from every angle. From one look, your gift will be greatly appreciated by the receiver.


Yes, the Brand’s Royal Superior Bird’s Nest is indeed a more expensive option. However, the generous amount of bird’s nest in every bottle justifies the higher price tag. As we said, this is the perfect bird’s nest gift.



9. Eu Yan Sang Superior Bird’s Nest

Eu Yan Sang Superior Bird's Nest

  • Pearl powder to brighten & lighten your skin
  • Collagen for skin rejuvenation
  • 25% less sugar for the perfect sweetness level
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With ingredients such as pearl powder and collagen, the Eu Yan Sang Superior Bird’s Nest is made for your skin. Pearl powder has anti-inflammatory properties and can detox effectively. Therefore, it is useful in reducing blemishes, lightening and whitening your skin. On the other hand, collagen helps to spur cell regeneration for more youthful skin. Together, with bird’s nest, you get an effective combination for better skin in a delicious drink.



10. Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng

Cheap bird’s nest

Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng

  • Strengthens your body and health
  • White fungus that adds a different texture dimension
  • Affordable price for 12 bottles
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For a Kinohumitsu’s product, the Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng is very affordable. This package comes in a total of 12 bottles with each bottle costing under 3 dollars. For a birds’ nest drink, that is a fantastic deal!


To be honest, the amount of bird’s nest is definitely not as plentiful as in more premium and expensive options. However, there is still more than enough bird’s nest for you to enjoy its full benefits. In addition, this drink includes other premium ingredients like American ginseng and white fungus. In particular, white fungus adds a different dimension in terms of texture to the entire drink which you will enjoy.


Overall, this is a very value-for-money drink that has premium ingredients for the betterment of your health. If you want a cheap option, this is a great choice.



11. New Moon Special Grade Bird’s Nest

New Moon Special Grade Bird's Nest

  • Improves lung & digestive health
  • Amino acids for anti-aging
  • Traditional slow cooking for the best taste
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The New Moon Special Grade Bird’s Nest contains only bird’s nest found in caves. These cave birds’ nest are of higher quality and usually costs more too. New Moon uses a long and traditional cooking process which enhances the flavour, taste and aroma of the birds’ nest. All these are then vacuum sealed so that you can enjoy its full goodness once you open the bottle.


Inside this bird’s nest drink are amino acids which greatly improves skin regeneration. This helps to slow down the aging process so your skin will continue to look young. Also, this drink can help strengthen your lung and digestive functions.


The New Moon Special Grade Bird’s Nest is a high-quality bottled bird’s nest which gives you the same benefits as though you were cooking it yourself.



12. Crown Bird’s Nest

Crown Bird’s Nest

  • Net weight of 50g
  • Harvested from house nests in Indonesia
  • No bleaching, chemicals or colourings
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If you prefer to double-boil your own bird’s nest, consider the Crown Bird’s Nest. It is priced pretty affordably and comes in at 50 grams for less than $170. The bird’s nest is harvested from Indonesia where the swiftlets gather in houses. The bird’s nest does not undergo any bleaching, colouring or chemical processes, so what you see is what you get. And what you get is a high-grade Silver Nest bowl which usually costs much more than this price. So grab this deal now while it’s still available!


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