The 10 Best Car Cameras and Dashcams in Singapore (2023)

Every car needs a dashcam. It will save you much trouble and money in the long run. Be it cheap or expensive, you definitely need one. The question is which one to get since there are so many brands and models available in Singapore. Not to worry, we have done the research for you. Here are the best car cameras in Singapore right now!



Blackvue Car Cameras


These are the best Blackvue car cameras available in Singapore today

  1. BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam
  2. BlackVue DR750S-2CH DashCam
  3. BlackVue DR590-1CH DashCam


Blackvue dashcams are one of the most popular dashcams in Singapore. They are made in Korea by Pittasoft and are distributed by Wow! Gadgets in Singapore. The key selling point of a Blackvue dashcam is their WiFi and cloud connectivity. You can easily access your video footage wirelessly through the Blackvue app available on iOS and Android.


They are not the cheapest dashcams available, but their technology and excellent build quality justify their high prices. All Blackvue car cameras are covered by a 12-months warranty as long as you purchase one from their authorised dealers.


BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam

BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam

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With 4K video recording capabilities, the BlackVue DR900S Dashcam is one of the best in the market right now. Every recording is crystal-clear, you can see important details like car plate numbers so clearly. You will also be able to get GPS data such as location and speed. It is also very user-friendly with its WiFi and cloud network. Super easy to access the videos taken. If you want the best for your car, then there is none other than the BlackVue DR900S-2CH.


BlackVue DR750S Dashcam

BlackVue DR750S Dashcam

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The BlackVue DR750S Dashcam may not have a 4K recording, but it can record in 60FPS. That means more frames can be captured which is important for car accidents which often happen fast. It is also equipped with the Sony Starvis technology which allows it to have night vision capability. No matter day or night, the BlackVue DR750S will protect your car.


BlackVue DR590-1CH DashCam

BlackVue DR590-1CH DashCam

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The BlackVue DR590 is the dashcam you want if you want the quality video recording capabilities of BlackVue, without the price tag. It is the cheapest BlackVue dashcam available. With the lower price, it means that there are fewer bells and whistles available. You will need to record your video into an SD card instead of the cloud network. If you don’t mind that, then definitely consider the BlackVue DR590.



Budget-friendly and cheap car cameras


So far, we have gone through the more premium brands which carry higher prices. As we said, having a cheap dashcam is better than having no dashcam. Here are the more wallet-friendly dashcams that have pretty good performance as well.


Xiaomi Car Cameras


Right now, the best Xiaomi car camera is

  1. Xiaomi 70MAI Wifi Dashcam


By now, Xiaomi should be a pretty recognisable brand in Singapore. They are known for their budget-friendly products that compete toe-to-toe with premium brands. Xiaomi has done the same in the dashcam segment.


Xiaomi 70MAI Wifi Dashcam

Xiaomi 70MAI Wifi Dashcam

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At this low price point, you may expect a low-quality dashcam with bare essentials. That is far from the case with the Xiaomi 70MAI Dashcam. It has good quality 1080P resolution recording. Additionally, its light-sensitive sensors allow it to capture night videos at high quality as well. With a field of view of 130 degrees, you will be able to capture every single detail you need from your left to right. What is surprising is it also come with WiFi connectivity that allows you to stream your video live. Pretty impressive for a dashcam under $60, yes?



Xiaoyi Car Cameras


Xiaoyi also known as YI technology is increasingly a powerhouse in the video recording industry. They are famous for their YI action cameras which compete with GoPro by offering top-quality performance at half of GoPro’s prices. Given that dashcams are pretty similar to an action camera, it isn’t surprising that Xiaoyi has also developed their own line of car cameras. Similar to their fight against GoPro, Xiaoyi dashcams are superb value-for-money. Expect high-quality video recording and features at low prices.

  1. Xiaoyi Yi Dashcam
  2. YI Compact Dash Camera
  3. YI Mini Dash Car Camera


Xiaoyi Yi Car Dashcam

Xiaoyi Yi Car Dashcam

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Listing down the features of the Xiaoyi Yi Car Dashcam feels like we are reviewing a premium product instead of one that is less than $100. It has an ultra-wide 165-degree field of view with 1080P video recording at 60FPS. It also has an inbuilt G-sensor which makes you will never lose valuable video footage. You can also retrieve your footage through WiFi. We can’t believe you can get such a quality dashcam for just $100.


YI Compact Dash Camera

YI Compact Dash Camera

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The main difference between the Yi Compact and the $99 variant is its slightly lower video quality and smaller field of vision. Instead of a 165 wide field of vision, it only has a 130-degree wide vision. That being said, it is still a very competent dashcam with good quality recording, G-sensor, and also WiFi capabilities.


YI Mini Dash Car Camera

YI Mini Dash Car Camera

  • Professional lens for ultra-sharp images
  • Small, compact and discrete design
  • Emergency recording mode to keep important videos
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If you don’t like to have a large and bulky dashcam blocking your view, then the YI Mini Dash Car Camera would be an excellent alternative. It is one of the smallest dash cams in the market. You can install it in front of your mirror so that it doesn’t block your windscreen at all. Also, installation is a piece of cake, and you can set it up fully within minutes.


It has an excellent lens which allows it to record in 1080P. Images are sharp and clear whether in the day or the night. If you ever meet with an accident, the camera has G-sensors which can detect the impact. The video recording for that event will be saved so you will have the footage on hand for any insurance claims.


Small yet powerful, the YI Mini Dash Car Camera has everything you need in a dashcam. At the same time, it is priced very affordably too – so definitely check it out!



iRoad Car Cameras


The two most popular models of iRoad are

  1. iRoad V9 Dashcam
  2. iRoad V7 Dashcam


iRoad is another Korean branded dashcam that has taken the world by storm. In fact, it claims to have sold the most dashcams in the world since 2009. In general, iRoad dashcams are known for the high video quality along with ease of use.

iRoad Car Cameras


iRoad vs BlackVue dashcams


Because of iRoad and BlackVue’s domination of the car camera market and also because they are both Korean brands, they are often compared. So how do they stack up? In our opinion, we think BlackVue dashcams are better because of their constant advancement into 4K recording and cloud storage. iRoad newer models will probably catch up to these technological advancements. But as of now, BlackVue takes the lead.



Thinkware Dashcams


These are the most popular models of the Thinkware lineups in Singapore

  1. Thinkware F800 Pro
  2. Thinkware F770


Thinkware dashcams stand out in the crowd with their commitment to continual improvement. You will likely see a new model come out relatively frequently, each better than the one before. Their top end cameras have cloud storage and WiFi connectivity, similar to BlackVue. Thinkware dashcams are also very reliable. They have been tested in extreme conditions that simulate car accidents, passing with flying colours each time. In terms of video recording, you can expect crisp and clear video both day and night.

Thinkware Dashcams


Thinkware vs iRoad


We think that Thinkware dashcams are comparable to Blackvue dashcams. That being said, this means that Thinkware dashcams have the edge over the current models of iRoad. Undisputable, these 3 are the best when it comes to dashcams. So if you buy either a BlackVue, Thinkware or iRoad, you’ll be getting a quality car camera.



Here are all the best dashcams in Singapore laid out for you to choose! To be honest, any one of them will do great!

Best Premium Car Cameras

  1. BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam
  2. BlackVue DR750S-2CH DashCam
  3. Thinkware F800 Pro

Best Budget Car Cameras

  1. Xiaomi 70MAI Wifi Dashcam
  2. Xiaoyi Yi Dashcam
  3. YI Compact Dash Camera


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Why you should get a car camera?


If you are driving a car now without a car camera, please go out and buy one. There is a reason why almost every car in Singapore is equipped with a car camera nowadays. Here are 5 good reasons why your car needs one.


Helps you with insurance claims


It can be a pain in the ass to claim insurance after a car accident. The insurance companies will need time to investigate the accident before approving any claims. Without video footage of the incident, this process can take many months. With video footage from your car camera, these claims can be expedited because all evidence is available for the insurance companies to make their judgement.


Protect yourself and others against careless drivers


Singaporean drivers are generally safe and law-abiding. However, there are always black sheep around who drive recklessly. When these drivers cause an accident, your dash camera footage will be vital in showing them at fault. Also, with more dash cameras on the road, these bad drivers will think twice when tailgating or cutting into a lane without signalling. Help make Singapore roads safer by getting a dash cam!


You can get one for really cheap


You can’t use the excuse that a dashcam is too expensive. There are hundreds of different models out there. In fact, you can get one that is less than $100 rather easily. It’ll probably be a bare-bones model, but a lousy car camera is better than no car camera. We recommend getting one with decent video recording quality though. You’ll thank us if you ever need the footage for insurance claims.


Protect your car when it’s parked


Some dashcams continue to record when your car is parked. This will protect your vehicle against vandals and accidents. Vandals will think twice before scratching your car after seeing the blinking red light of a car camera.


Also, you’ll be surprised by the number of minor accidents that happen in the car park. Car parks nowadays are very tight which means a slight mistake will cause small collisions that are hit-and-run. With a car camera, you’ll be able to record everything that happens even when you are not there. That may save you hundreds and thousands of dollars over the years.


Record memorable road trips


Do you drive your car up to Malaysia? Then your car camera can be useful for recording these long road trips. You will have something to look back on if you save the footage. No need to set up additional cameras if your dashcam has good quality footage. Looking back on the videos will bring back good memories and help you to get familiar with unfamiliar roads as well.



Should you get a cheap or expensive dashcam?


That depends on your budget. If you don’t have a dash camera now, even getting a cheap one that is below $50 will be great. With car cameras, you do get what you pay for. A more expensive car camera will have more bells and whistles such as higher quality videos, sensors, cloud storage and much more. The truth is that the price of a dash camera is almost negligible when you compare it to the value of your car. In the long run, it will pay for itself as it will save you money and time in the event of any car accident.


Our recommendation is to go for a mid-tier or a high-end model. Their newer features mean they will be functional for many more years compared to lower end dashcams.



What should I look out for when buying a car camera?


There are literally thousands of different car cameras in the market today. Many of them tout different features and specifications. Some may be marketing fluff, or some may be useful. These are the main factors and characteristics you should consider before buying any car camera.


Resolution and video quality


Having clear and crisp videos is very important. If your dashcam has low resolution recording, the videos will be of low quality which makes it hard to watch. If it can’t capture what is happening clearly, then the dashcam is useless.


Your car camera should have a minimum of 480P recording. For better image and video quality go for a 720 or 1080P one. Having a good quality video will make the task of reviewing the footage much easier.


Night recording


Car accidents often happen during the night. It is when drivers are more tired and less alert. The low light conditions combined with driver fatigue makes it a prime time for car accidents. This is why you need a car camera that can record clearly during lower light conditions in the night.




Most good dashcams will have G-sensor. A G-sensor is an accelerator which monitors the G-Force. It will enable your car camera to detect when there is a sudden change in direction, impact or movement. For example, if a car hit your bumper from behind, it will be able to detect that. This will trigger your car camera is save the video recorded during the incident so that you won’t lose the footage. Usually, it will save the video footage 15 to 30 seconds before the incident, up to around 1 minute after the incident. This video will be stored safely so that you can access it after the incident without fear of it being recorded over.


This is a crucial function especially if your dashcam has limited memory space. After an accident, you’re usually shaken and will forget to save the recording. Having an auto-save feature is essential to protect the valuable video footage for insurance claims.




Having GPS data such as route, location and speed can help piece together a more coherent picture of an accident. With speed data, it can prove that you were not speeding before an accident. With the tracking of your car’s position, it can prove that you had the right of way. Having a GPS-enabled car camera is definitely a plus point if you have the budget for it.


Field of view


The wider the field of view of your car camera, the more information it’ll be able to capture. The viewing angles of a car camera usually range from 90 to 180 degrees. In general, the wider the field of view the better as you’ll be able to see what is happening on the lanes beside your car. However, the wider the viewing angle, the more distorted the video will be as it will be stretched out.


We recommend a car camera that has a field of view of at least 120 degrees. If you get one with 180 degrees, make sure the video is not too distorted.


Front or rear camera or both


Most people agree that you need a front car camera, but not everyone agrees that you need a rear car camera as well. After all, when your car gets hits from behind, liability for the accident usually falls on the car that hits you. While that is true, having irrefutable video footage would help strengthen and expedite your claim.


We recommend having both a front and rear dashcam. If you want to save some money, you can get a lower quality rear car camera instead. But definitely get one!


WiFi and other connectivity


A car camera with WiFi connectivity will make the transfer of video recordings much more straightforward and quicker. You can connect it to your phone’s hotspot and with a few clicks, get the videos downloaded to your phone. Additionally, you’ll be able to access the camera’s live footage through your phone as well. That way, you can monitor your car even when you are not in it.


Some car cameras can be connected to the cloud. They will automatically upload the videos they record up to the cloud storage. If you don’t like the hassle of manual transfer, a cloud-enabled dash cam will be your best friend.



Where to install your dashcam in your car?


There are a few common areas where its best to place your dash cam at. The reason why these areas are popular is it allows for unobstructed video recording while also minimising distraction for your driving.


Your car’s windshield is one of those locations. There is ample space and nothing ahead that will obstruct the camera viewing angles. A popular spot is to stick it at the front of the rear mirror. The advantage of this spot is it will not obstruct your view at all. However, this is all up to your personal preference, any place on the windshield is a good spot.


Your rear view mirror is also an optimal spot to clip your dashcam on. Usually, there is ample space on it as you won’t really need the entire mirror to check your rear. Many dashcams also come with clips that attach easily to your mirror.


Another location you can consider is your dashboard. It is wide and offers a relatively clear view of what is happening in front of your car. You just need a strong enough suction cup to hold it in place. This spot is good if your dashboard is not cluttered with stuff.



How to install a dashcam or car camera?


Installing a dashcam is not very hard. You can Do-It-Yourself and save some money from the installation fees. Getting it mounted is easy, the hard part is keeping the wires hidden. Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to get it done.


  1. Decide where you want your dashcam to be (windshield, mirror or dashboard)
  2. Attach the mount or suction cup to the spot
  3. Put your car camera on the mount and adjust it till you get a clear and unobstructed video image
  4. Hide the wires along the headliner of your car to the side and onto the carpet
  5. You can use tapes to secure the wires and to hide them from sight
  6. Finally, plug it into the cigarette power socket and you are all done.



Where to install a car camera or dashcam in Singapore?


Most car workshops provide this service. If you buy a dashcam from them, this installation service is sometimes included for free. The price ranges from workshop to workshop, usually between $30 to $50. To be honest, the installation of a dashcam is pretty foolproof, so you can install it yourself without any issues.


If you haven’t decided, check out any of these dashcams and you’ll definitely find one that fits your needs.

Best Premium Car Cameras

  1. BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam
  2. BlackVue DR750S-2CH DashCam
  3. Thinkware F800 Pro

Best Budget Car Cameras

  1. Xiaomi 70MAI Wifi Dashcam
  2. Xiaoyi Yi Dashcam
  3. YI Compact Dash Camera


Some of the product links that we have included are affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small commission from platforms like Amazon if you make a purchase. This commission comes at no added cost to you. This helps to support us so that we can create more buyer guides for you.