7 Best Car Vacuums in Singapore For a Dust-Free Car

A car vacuum helps to keep your car’s interior dust-free and clean with ease. A simple few minutes of vacuuming is all you need when you get a powerful car vacuum. Besides power, a car vacuum also needs to be portable and well-designed to fit within the many nooks and crannies in your car. Choosing the right car vacuum is half the battle won. That is why we went through dozens of brands and models to pick out the best car vacuum for you. Here we go!


1. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini Singapore

With a slim build that is no larger than a thermos flask, the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum is designed with portability in mind. It weighs around 0.5kg which means it is very light and easy to control. It also comes with a few nozzles which can be fitted on depending on where you’re vacuuming. Despite its small size, its brushless motor provides good suction power of 6000Pa that allows you to pick up every speck of dust.


For charging, it comes with a convenient USB-C port which is easily compatible with most of our charging devices. There are two power settings, low and high, that determine the suction power. On the low setting, the vacuum can last for up to 30 minutes while on the higher setting, it’ll give you around 9 minutes of use. Overall, we find the battery to be more than sufficient even on the high power setting.


We also like the well-thought-out design of this Xiaomi vacuum. The dust cup and filtration parts can be detached and washed to ensure the vacuum is kept in tip-top condition. Additionally, emptying the dustbin is a simple one-touch operation. Overall, this is one of the sleekest and most versatile car vacuums in the Singapore market now so definitely check it out!

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2. Anker Eufy HomeVac H11 Pure

Anker Eufy HomeVac H11 Pure Singapore

Have there ever been times when your car doesn’t smell the best? Well, you can now purify the air in your car with the Anker Eufy Vacuum. Besides its vacuuming prowess, it comes with an Ozone Purification feature that eliminates bad odours and restores a fresh scent. We find this feature unique and useful and would highly recommend this if you want a dust-free and clean-smelling car.


Next, let’s talk about the specifications of this car vacuum. It is pretty powerful with 5000Pa of suction. Additionally, it comes with a 2-in-1 crevice tool that helps to reach every corner or crack in your car. At under 600g, it is considerably lightweight too. Charging is convenient with its micro-USB cable port. Priced at under $70, we think it’s a very reasonable price considering it has the functions of a purifier as well. Definitely check this car vacuum out if you love the smell of clean air.

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3. Baseus A3 Car Vacuum Cleaner

baseus a3 car vacuum cleaner

With a maximum suction power of 15000Pa, this Baseus Car Vacuum is one of the most powerful models we have found. This is about 3 times more powerful than most other car vacuums. What is impressive is that it still manages to be kept at only 56.5mm in diameter which gives it a slim fit. Its brushless motor provides 80000 rpm which is really impressive. The powerful suction generated means that every single strand of dust, hair or dirt particles is efficiently picked up. You’ll need to spend less time vacuuming as you won’t need to go over each area multiple times.


Powered by 4 2000mAh batteries, you’ll be able to get up to 45 minutes battery life on its standard mode. On the high-powered mode, battery life is significantly less at around 17 minutes. With QC 3.0 fast charging, it’ll take around 4 hours to fully charge this vacuum. If you need a powerful car vacuum, this Baseus model is one to consider.

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4. Black & Decker Car Vacuum dustbuster

Black & Decker Car Vacuum dustbuster Singapore

Black & Decker is a very recognized brand known for their powerful and high-quality power tools. Their car vacuums are also extremely popular and have been for quite a number of years. One thing to note is that this model is a wired model which comes with a 12V DC adapter to be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. There are pros and cons to a wired model. For the pros, this means you won’t have to charge the vacuum for hours before using it and you are not limited by battery life. For the cons, it is less portable and convenient because the wire might get in the way and you’re limited by its length.


Because this car vacuum comes with a 5m long wire, we foresee that it’ll definitely be long enough to reach from the front to the boot of 99% of cars. This vacuum also comes with a crevice tool and a brush that makes cleaning a breeze. Ergonomically, it is also well-designed as it doesn’t strain your hands and arms even with long periods of cleaning. At under $40, this is a great deal for a well-made product from a well-loved brand.

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5. Black & Decker Flexible Car Vacuum Cleaner PD1200AV

Black & Decker Flexible Car Vacuum Cleaner PD1200AV

Another Black & Decker vacuum to consider is the PD1200AV model. Similar to the previous recommendation, this car vacuum is a wired model. The main difference between the two models is that the PD1200AV is much larger and suitable for deep cleaning. It is more powerful with a suction pressure of 400mm/water and airflow of 1060L/min. The nozzle and flexible hose also help to reach deeper crevices or holes. Together with its 5-metre-long cable, this provides excellent coverage of your entire vehicle. While this vacuum is certainly larger than most car vacuums, it can still easily fit in your boot so don’t worry about that. If you like to be very thorough with your cleaning, this powerful model might just be the perfect car vacuum for you.

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6. DQRGO Car Vacuum Cleaner

DQRGO Car Vacuum Cleaner

Another popular option for car vacuums in Singapore is this model by DQRGO. From what we can tell, it is an OEM model which has received good reviews and ratings across multiple e-commerce platforms. It’s a very portable model with a slim body design and strong suction power of 9000Pa. With that suction, any dust, sand, debris, hair or dirt is easily vacuumed out in seconds. With the option of using a wide or narrow nozzle, it’ll give you flexibility depending on which areas of the car you’re cleaning. Furthermore, this vacuum can also be used in your home for quick vacuuming of small spaces or items like keyboards.

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7. Eluxgo Car Vacuum Cleaner

Eluxgo Car Vacuum Cleaner Singapore

At well under $20, the Eluxgo Car Vacuum is the cheapest on this list. The first thing to note is that it is a wired model with a 5m long cable. It has a lightweight build thanks to its mostly plastic exterior. With a maximum suction power of 4500Pa, it is not the most powerful vacuum but it is definitely sufficient for most car owners. It comes with a crevice tool, extension pipe and also a square brush. If you want a basic but highly functional car vacuum at a cheap price, we would suggest going for this model.

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