18 Best Ceiling Fans to Beat Singapore’s Hot Weather

Best Ceiling Fans Singapore

Ceiling fans can cool down your home without the exorbitant electrical cost of an aircon. Compared to regular standing fans, ceilings fans are better at circulating air and are much more powerful. It is no wonder why more homes are installing ceiling fans to beat the heat. So after deciding to get a ceiling fan, the next step is the choose the best one suitable for your home. Here are the best ceiling fans in Singapore that you can buy today!


Best Ceiling Fans in Singapore



1. Crestar Ninja Air Ceiling Fan

Best ceiling fan with light

Crestar Ninja Air Ceiling Fan

  • Aesthetically pleasing design for modern homes
  • Designed to create improved airflow circulation
  • Powerful yet energy-efficient and quiet motor
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The Crestar Ninja Air Ceiling Fan features a sleek matte design with 3 blades for any modern home furnishing. The blades, with their perfectly calculated curvature, are designed to create an improved circulation of airflow. Coupled with the powerful DC motor, you get a breezy atmosphere whenever this fan is switched on.


The motor is also made to be energy-efficient so that it reduces unnecessary electricity consumption and also turns the blades quietly to give you a peaceful environment. The fan is compatible with the touch screen remote and allows you to choose from 6 different speed settings from the comfort of your couch. Best of all, this ceiling fan is priced very affordably which gives you excellent value-for-money. Fear humid and warm days no more with the amazing Crestar Ninja Air Ceiling Fan!



2. Crestar Valueair 55″ Ceiling Fan with Light

Crestar Valueair 55 Ceiling Fan with Light


  • Cheapest 55″ ceiling fan with LED lighting
  • 5-blade design with double angled ABS blades
  • Sleek and modern finishing that’ll look good in any home
  • Comes in black, wood or white along with 48″ and 55″ options
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With a total of 5 doubled angled ABS blades, the Crestar Valueair Ceiling Fan is guaranteed to generate superb wind flow. You can feel its power even when it is on the first-speed settings out of the maximum of six. It can reach up to 250 revolutions per minute (rpm) for the 48-inch model and 180 rpm for the 55-inch model, powerful enough to combat even the hottest day in Singapore. It also comes with lighting that is supplied by a 20W RGB LED light kit. With 3 different colour options to choose from – black, wood or white, you can get one that fits into your room or home aesthetics,


With a price tag of under $250, this is best quality ceiling fan you can find at this price range. With over 72 positive ratings on Lazada, this is a very popular and well-received ceiling fan. Get the Crestar Valueair Ceiling Fan for your home – you will definitely love it too!



3. Acorn Intaglio DC-159 Ceiling Fan

Acorn Intaglio DC-159


  • Generates powerful wind that’ll cool down your room
  • Lasting and powerful ABS acrylic blades
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • 2-year warranty
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The Acorn Intaglio DC-159 Ceiling Fan is a great choice no matter where you put it. In fact, maybe you should get a few of them so that every room and space will have one. It is powered by a DC motor that allows you to choose from 6-speed options with the additional choice of “natural wind” or reversing the fan direction. Even with its powerful wind generation, it is designed to be energy-saving so your electrical bills will remain low even as your home is cooled. It is also fitted with a 22W LED lighting kit that will brighten up your room effortlessly. Acorn Intaglio DC-159 Ceiling Fan is one of the best choices in the market.

4. KDK U48FP 48” Ceiling Fan

KDK U48FP 48” Ceiling Fan

  • 3D blade for maximum airflow
  • 3 different light settings for day and night
  • Reliable and efficient performance for everyday use
  • Designed for HDB and apartments’ ceilings
  • 1-year warranty
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When you think of fans, you’ll likely think of KDK. It is no wonder that the KDK U48FP Ceiling Fan is one the best options around. It is a powerful fan that is equipped with a 3D blade that generates strong airflow with each turn. The KDK U48FP is perfect for the bedroom. Its blades are designed to be quiet, and you will barely hear it.


Additionally, you can enjoy the 1/f Yuragi function with this KDK ceiling fan. 1/f Yuragi simulates the gentle and soothing waves of relaxing nature. You will feel extra comfortable with the 1/f Yuragi breeze flowing through your home.


With 3 different lighting options (White, Cool Daylight, Warm) with a single click, you will not need to install a separate light source. We also like that the KDK U48FP is very safe. It has a safety wire, cut-off safety switch and fall prevention plate. You’ll feel safe with it in your home. If you choose this KDK Ceiling Fan, you definitely will not regret it.



5. Fanco Eco-Lite 52” Ceiling Fan

Fanco Eco-Lite 52” Ceiling Fan

  • Big and powerful blades for maximum airflow
  • 2 10W LED bulbs for good lighting
  • Lifetime warranty
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The Fanco Eco-Lite Ceiling Fan is one of the most popular models sold online. And it is easy to see why. Firstly, it has a very affordable price, and it also comes with free installation (below 2.9m ceiling and existing electrical point). Together with its value-for-money proposition, is its excellent performance. You can really feel the gusts of wind blowing past you with every turn of its blades. Much welcomed in Singapore’s hot and humid weather!


It is also a very affordable choice if you need a ceiling fan with lighting. It comes with 2 10W bulbs that provide sufficient illumination for the entire room. You must definitely consider the Fanco Eco-Lite if you love a good deal!



6. KDK M11SU 44” Ceiling Fan

KDK M11SU 44” Ceiling Fan

  • Good air distribution for efficient cooling
  • Very reliable performance that lasts for years
  • 1-year warranty
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If you don’t need something fancy, get the reliable KDK M11SU Ceiling Fan. It is powerful enough to cool down any room within minutes with its 44-inch blades. You can choose from 3 different speed settings along with 1, 3 or 6-hour timers. Sleep mode is also available which helps to save energy in the night as you sleep.


Most importantly, like all KDK fans, it is built to last. Its exterior may look simple, but its interior is made with high-quality materials that ensure optimal performance every day without fail. It also has a very affordable price tag that is well worth its performance.


Get the reliability of the KDK fan at a discount with the KDK M11SU Ceiling Fan.



7. Fanztec FT-TWS-1 Ceiling Fan

Fanztec FT-TWS-1 Ceiling Fan

  • Large wingspan to create stronger wind
  • Comes with timer and speed control settings
  • Interchangeable blades for preference
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The Fanztec FT-TWS-1 Ceiling Fan measures 52-inch and is set to create stronger wind for improved circulation in larger rooms. The blades are interchangeable, which means that you can choose from either 2, 3 or 4 blades based on your preference. Regardless of the number of blades, rest assured that the DC motor is powerful and strong. The blades are made of quality ABS material, which is lightweight and durable for the longevity of the fan. There is also an LED light in the middle, so you won’t have to worry about the lighting. With up to 6 different speed selections and a timer mode, this ceiling fan is totally at your disposal to control. Keep cool and carry on with the Fanztec FT-TWS-1 Ceiling Fan.



8. KDK M60SG Ceiling Fan

KDK M60SG Ceiling Fan

  • Different speed settings for economical use
  • Large fan suitable for big living rooms
  • Safety and quality assured for peace of mind
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The KDK M60SG Ceiling Fan is a massive fan at 60 inches, which allows it to create breezes powerful enough to reach each end of a big living room. This comes with a regulator which allows it to operate economically and conserve energy consumption at lower speed settings. You won’t have to worry about exponentially increasing bills! Equipped with functions like safety wire and switch, this gives you peace of mind as it will not operate if it is faulty. It also has a thermal fuse that prevents the motor from overheating or from power surge damage. You get a quality and safety assured product always with the KDK M60SG Ceiling Fan.



9. AeroAir Ceiling Fan AA-120

  • 6-speed settings for maximum control
  • Curved blades to generate strong wind
  • Available in 42 ($299) or 52-inch ($319), black & white
  • Lifetime warranty for motor, 1-year warranty for parts
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The AeroAir Ceiling Fan AA-120 is a super-powerful fan that is sure to cool down your home, even in the hot afternoon Singapore sun. It has a total of 6-speed settings which offers you a good amount of flexibility in choosing the wind speeds you want. Speeds 1 to 3 would be great for the night while speeds 4 to 6 gives you the coolness to combat the day’s heat.


You’ll also notice that the AeroAir Ceiling Fan has curved blades. Besides adding a dash of style, there is a practical reason for curved blades. It helps to generate stronger wind flow and circulation compared to straight blades so that you can enjoy a cooler home. For easy control, it comes with remote control for you to control the speed, light settings, and also the direction of fan movements.


You have a choice between a 42-inch or 52-inch model. If you live in an apartment or HDB, we recommend the 52-inch model for your living room and the 42-inch model for your bedrooms. For colours, you can choose between white or black, which are colour styles which will fit nicely in any home.


To make the entire process more seamless, Aeroair also provides reliable installation services at very affordable prices. Standard installation only costs $45. Other options include installation on a 3-metre ceiling at $80 and false ceiling installation for $150. For any installation prices, the installer can also provide you with a quote on-site.



10. Panasonic FM15GW LED Ceiling Fan

Panasonic FM15GW LED Ceiling Fan

  • 5-blade design for strong windflow
  • Wide 9-speed selection
  • 4 LED light settings
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Want to cool down your home? The Panasonic FM15GW Ceiling Fan can do just that with its sleek 5-blade design. The design allows it to generate more wind force with every turn which means faster and more efficient cooling. It also has one of the widest speed selection, with 9 that you can choose from. That means you’ll always be able to find the perfect speed setting no matter the weather. 


We are also impressed by its LED lighting. It has 4 lighting modes to select from. Even in the night, the LED light is powerful enough to illuminate your entire room evenly so that every corner is sufficiently lighted. Two thumbs up for its fantastic fan and LED design. 



11. Fanco Acon 42” Wood Ceiling Fan

Fanco Acon 42” Wood Ceiling Fan

  • Classy wooden design with lighting
  • Powerful 188mm motor for strong winds
  • 3D ABS blades for efficient air distribution
  • 1-year warranty
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If you have wood as a central theme in your home, you will love the Fanco Acon Ceiling Fan. It has a classy dark wooden exterior that will make it the centrepiece of the room it is in. Beyond looking at it, you will also feel it as its generates a strong breeze with its powerful motor that is distributed evenly by its 3D ABS wooden blades.


Looking for a wood ceiling fan that does not break the bank, get the Fanco Acon.



12. Elmark Aircraft A8 18” Ceiling Wall Fan

Elmark Aircraft A8 18” Ceiling Wall Fan

  • Strong winds that are good for cooling a large area
  • Cool retro-design inspired by aeroplanes
  • Can be installed on fan or ceiling
  • 1-year warranty
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The Elmark Aircraft A8 Ceiling Fan is a retrolicious model that will jazz up your entire living space. It will be a fabulous conversation starter for any visitor to your home. Inspired by the mechanical aspects of an aircraft, it is a unique ceiling fan for sure. You can also opt to install it on your wall or ceiling can it’ll work and look great.


Increase the attractive quotient of your room immediately with the Elmark Aircraft A8.



13. Samaire Frankfurt SA575 57” Ceiling Fan

Samaire Frankfurt SA575 57” Ceiling Fan

  • High-quality and powerful copper blades
  • Modern and classy design
  • 1-year warranty
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With its smooth copper blades, the Samaire Frankfurt SA575 Ceiling Fan can deliver a strong and steady gust of wind to every corner in the room. It has 3 different speed settings that drive the RPM from 110 all the way to 238. You can opt for a comfortable breeze or a super powerful one that will lower your room temperature significantly. It also comes with a light so that you won’t need an additional light installation.


Samaire Frankfurt SA575 Ceiling Fan is a great option for the modern home.



14. Spin Quincy 52” Ceiling Fan

Best designer ceiling fan

Spin Quincy 52” Ceiling Fan

  • The perfect minimalist design
  • “N” mode that simulates the soothing sea breeze
  • Energy-saving operation for both fan and lighting
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The Spin Quincy Ceiling Fan is not cheap. But when you see it fit seamlessly into your minimalist home, it will be well worth its price. After all, being minimalist does not mean being cheap. It simply means to buy only the things you need, that are quality. And Spin Ceiling Fans fit this minimalist model.


It is a very effective and efficient fan. There are 6 different speed modes that you can choose from. Additionally, there an option for the “N” mode which will make the fan stimulate the gentle and relaxing breeze from the ocean. Perfect after a long day at work.


Complete your minimalistic home with the Spin Quincy Ceiling Fan.



15. Amasco Wale 52” Ceiling Fan

Amasco Wale 52” Ceiling Fan

  • 3D blades that work as good as they look
  • 18W LED light kit
  • Lifetime warranty
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Powered by the ALM-DC motor, the Amasco Wale Ceiling Fan is both powerful and energy-efficient at the same time. You will be able to choose from 6-speed options including reserving the direction of the fan, which will help to promote better circulation. It’s 3D blades have a wavy design that looks very interesting. But beyond its looks, the blades’ design is made to distribute winds effectively and efficiently across the room. Definitely consider getting the Amasco Wale Ceiling Fan!



16. Fanztec Glide 43″ Ceiling Fan

Fanztec Glide Ceiling Fan

  • 5 speed and 3 light settings
  • Lifetime warranty
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Fanztec Glide is a ceiling fan that ticks all the right boxes. It makes your room feel windy, has good LED lighting, is reliable and also affordable. Additionally, it is also energy saving with its efficient motor and lighting options. With 3 colours (white, grey, black) to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that matches your home’s colour scheme.


Check out the Fanztec Glide Ceiling Fan today, and you may find it perfect for your home.



17. Panasonic 60” Ceiling Fan

Cheapest ceiling fan in Singapore

Panasonic 60” Ceiling Fan

  • Big blades for super powerful winds
  • Very affordable for every budget
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Wow. We were surprised when we found this deal while researching for the ceilings fans to include in this article. This Panasonic 60” Ceiling Fan is probably the cheapest and most value-for-money option available. Performance-wise, it is pretty good. It does what a ceiling fan needs to do, cool down the room well.


Snap up this Panasonic Ceiling Fan right now before it’s sold out!



18. Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Best Bladeless Option

Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan

  • Cyclonic airflow to cool down the whole room
  • Unique and futuristic design
  • Very safe for your home
  • Easy to maintain and clean


The Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan is a revolutionary product that has started to change the perception of a ceiling fan. In this sense, you can view it in the same light as to how Dyson introduced the bladeless concept to traditional standing fans.


There are a few reasons why it will be great for your home. Its unique futuristic look will fit seamlessly into your home, especially if you’re a fan of the minimalist theme. Besides its good looks, it is a very competent fan. With its bladeless functionality, it can circulate air around the entire room instead of just the spot where it is located.


Besides it has no blades, the Exhale Ceiling Fan is very easy to clean. You just have to use a static duster and place it on the fan while it is turned on. Also, if you have excitable young children who like to jump around, a bladeless ceiling fan will keep them safe.


The Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan may not be cheap, but it justifies its price with its revolutionary offerings.


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4 reasons why you should get a ceiling fan in Singapore


Ceiling fans take up less space than standing fans. Because they are installed on the ceiling, ceiling fans do not take up precious usable space. You won’t use the ceiling space anyway, so it is free real estate. On the contrary, standing fans take up floor space. With the smaller spaces in Singapore nowadays, every bit of extra space freed up will make your home feel larger.


Ceiling fans look great. Back in the days, ceiling fans were more function than form. Right now, most ceiling fans are well-designed and modern-looking. They can easily fit into your home theme rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. There are so many styles to choose from: from minimalistic, wood and even futuristic. A ceiling fan can also be the design centrepiece of your home.


Ceiling fans can cool down a room effectively, even in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Because of their long blades, ceiling fans can circulate the air within the room with much more efficiency than a regular fan. A larger fan will generally create a bigger breeze. If you notice, whenever a gust of winds blows past, it feels more cooling. That is how a ceiling fan makes your room feel cooler even with blazing hot temperatures in Singapore.


Ceiling fans are more energy-efficient than air conditioning. You won’t get a shock the next time you receive your electric bill! A ceiling fan consumes 70% less power than an aircon. Translated to cash savings, that is a massive discount! For an average-sized household, that is a $50 to $100 reduction in your electricity bill monthly. Additionally, ceiling fans can be used together with air conditioning for more comfort and lower electricity costs. Instead of setting your aircon temperature to 18 celsius, you can try setting it to 25 celsius when the ceiling fan is in use. It’ll feel as cooling without burning a hole in your wallet.

Popular ceiling fan brands in Singapore


The undisputed market leader for ceiling fans in Singapore is KDK. They are known for their reliability and performance that has been proven over many decades. If you don’t know which brand to go for, you will not go wrong choosing a KDK ceiling fan.


However, KDK is not the only popular brand in Singapore. Here are some others that should be in your consideration set – Fanco, Panasonic, Elmark, Acorn, Crestar, Samaire, Amasco and Fanztec.



Should you get a ceiling fan with light?


It depends. Many homeowners choose a ceiling fan with light because it is more convenient than installing another light source. Typically, your ceiling fan will use the electrical outlet that your previous light bulb was using. So it could be a smart choice to integrate both your fan and light into a ceiling fan that has a light source. That will save you money as you won’t need to install new electrical outlets and buy lighting installations.


If your room already has an alternative light source, then there is no need for a ceiling fan with light.



Can I fit a ceiling fan in my home?


No matter what size the room, there is a ceiling fan size perfect for it. Whether you stay in a HDB, condo or landed property, you’ll be able to fit a ceiling fan into your living rooms, bedrooms or even your balcony.


Ceiling fans sold in Singapore are designed especially for low ceilings because most of us live in apartments. So you won’t have to worry about your ceiling being too low for a ceiling fan. However, do tell your kids to be careful and not jump around the ceiling fan as it could be dangerous.


For size, most ceiling fans from 48 inches to 60 inches should fit comfortably in an average-sized living room. As long as the fan has more than 10 to 18 inches of free space from the wall, it’ll work well.



DC vs AC motors


You can choose between a fan that is powered by a DC or AC motor. There are pros and cons to both. But in general, these differences are minor in day-to-day use. So no matter which you choose, you’ll still love your ceiling fan.


Advantages of a DC motor ceiling fan


  1. More energy-efficient than AC-motor fans. They can help you save up to 70% in energy costs.
  2. Their DC motor emits less sound when in operation. They are quieter and would be suitable for the bedroom if you are sensitive to noise.
  3. They are more compact because the DC motor is smaller than the AC motor.
  4. You can make the fan go in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction which helps for better air circulation
  5. It is more reactive to speed changes and to turn off or on.
  6. You can choose from more speed settings.


Advantages of an AC motor ceiling fan


  1. They are generally cheaper in the short and long run than DC-powered fans, even after accounting for the higher electricity consumption.
  2. Can be controlled by a remote, wall control unit and even pull-cord. DC models usually only are controlled by remote.



Buying ceiling fans from Malaysia and JB


Singaporeans love to shop in JB. But is it a good idea to buy a large and bulky ceiling fan and transport it all the way from JB to Singapore? We don’t think so. Let’s talk about the pros and cons.


The most obvious pro is that it’ll likely be cheaper than Singapore. Based on real-life accounts, prices can be as low as half the price. Assuming the average price of a ceiling fan is $300, that means you are saving around $150. If you are buying multiple fans, the amount saved can be pretty substantial.


However, these costs savings can be eroded if you look at all the long term potential costs. Firstly, these JB ceiling fans do not have Singapore warranty. If there are problems, you will have to dismantle the fan and bring it all the way to the service centre in JB. Most likely, you’ll need to make another trip down to collect the repaired fan. That wastes a lot of your precious time and effort.


If you do decide to buy from JB, do take note that you will need to pay GST if the price of your items is more than $300 per person (48 hours), $150 (24 hours), $50 (less than 24 hours). That potentially adds another 7% to the price you paid.



Buying ceiling fans from Taobao


Taobao is another favourite shopping destination for Singaporeans. Should you buy a big ticket item like a ceiling fan on it? Again, our answer is probably not. Here is why.


The price of a ceiling fan does not include the shipping to Singapore. While shipping smaller items is relatively affordable, large and bulky items are expensive to ship from China to Singapore. You will have to use a forwarder and sea shipping for lower prices. Sea shipping is slow and can take up to a month to reach you.


Additionally, there is no international warranty. If there is a problem, you will need to dismantle the fan and ship it all the way back to China. You’ll probably need to pay for the shipping fee back to Singapore again.


Essentially once the fan spoils, it’ll be more economical to simply buy a new one. In the long run, purchasing a local warranty fan from one of the trusted brands like KDK will be a smarter financial choice.



Installing a ceiling fan


The first question is whether you should install it yourself. Unless you are a trained electrician, we would recommend not to. Dealing with electrical wiring can be dangerous, and any misstep would result in injury. Additionally, securing the ceiling fan properly is very important as you would not want it to fall off after months of daily usage.


Instead, hire a handyman or electrician to install your new ceiling fan. It will cost around $40 to $60 per installation. Sometimes, installation comes free with purchase for local stores. Some of the products we recommended come with free delivery and installation. Given that it does not cost that much, getting a professional to install your fan will be a smart choice.



Taking care of your ceiling fan


Proper maintenance and care for your ceiling fan will help it last longer and ensure optimal performance every single day. Here are some of the things you can do to pamper your ceiling fan.


Clean it. Like any other fans, dust and dirt will stick to the blades of your ceiling fan. You should clean it every 6 months or even more frequently if your family members are allergic to dust.


Oil your fan. Not all ceiling fans need this, so refer to your user manual to see if this is applicable. There is usually an oiling hole at the motor of your fan. Drip a few drops of oil into this hole, and the motor will run at optimal efficiency.


Tighten any loose screws or connection. After daily use, screws will come a little loose. For those screws that are visible, you can tighten them easily. This will prevent your ceiling fan from being wobbly and noisy while operating.



Common ceiling fan problems


Most of the time, your ceiling fan will function perfectly, especially if you got it from one of the popular and trusted brands. However, as it ages, these are some of the problems that you may face. Most of these problems can be solved easily by calling an electrician. For some, you can even DIY if you’re confident enough.


The fan is shaky or wobbly or noisy. This is a really common problem and usually occurs after years of daily use. The connection of the brackets and screws may have loosened. If you want to DIY, you can try looking out for any screws and connection and tighten them.


Ceiling light doesn’t turn on or is flickering. This is usually not a ceiling fan problem but more of a light bulb issue. Most of the time, you can just replace the light bulb and problem solved! If the problem persists, perhaps it’s time to call the electrician.


Unable to change fan speed. This could be an issue with your remote and the receiver which is located inside your ceiling fan. Another potential failure point could be the ball bearings inside your fan.


Some of the product links that we have included are affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small commission from platforms like Amazon if you make a purchase. This commission comes at no added cost to you. This helps to support us so that we can create more buyer guides for you.