14 Best Cooker Hobs and Stoves in Singapore

Best Cooker Hob and Stove Singapore

If you love to cook at home, a good cooker hob is what you need. A good cooker gives you the right platform to display your culinary skills to whip up delicious meals for you and your family. There are quite many induction and gas cooker hobs and stoves available in Singapore, which makes it hard to decide on one. To help you, we have shortlisted ones that we think are the best. Here are the best cooker hobs and stoves you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Fujioh FH-ID5125 Induction Hob

Fujioh FH-ID5125 Induction Hob

  • 2-stove vertical setup
  • 9-step power setting
  • Easy to maintain Schott Ceran ceramic glass
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A 2-stove setup is a really popular option among small to medium-sized households. Among all the 2-stove induction hobs, the Fujioh FH-ID5125 Induction Hob is one of the most popular thanks to its design and features.


With a vertical setup, it helps save you by using less countertop space. This induction cooker has a 9-step power setting which affords you sufficient heat control to cook any dish deliciously. With the Schott Ceran ceramic glass, its smooth surface makes cleanup very easy after you’re done cooking. With touch controls, it just makes the design so much sleeker. If you want a quality 2-stove induction cooker, this will be a great buy!



2. Rinnai RB-7502D-GBS Cooker Hob

  • 2-burner gas stoves
  • Strong flames for wok hei taste
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Want to get that wok hei flavour in your very own home? Try the Rinnai RB-7502D-GBS Cooker Hob which can provide you with fierce double-ringed flames for perfect charring. Yes, it won’t be as powerful as those “zhi char” stores, but you definitely won’t be disappointed.


Rinnai is the top-selling Japanese brand for cooker hobs in Singapore. Their products undergo strict testing to ensure quality and safety standards are met. This stove also comes with the cast iron support grills if you prefer using cast iron pans. Its standard sizing means it can fit almost any kitchen seamlessly. If you need a powerful heat source, this Rinnai gas stove will help you achieve your home cook dreams.



3. Fujioh FH-GS6030 3-Burner Glass Hob

Fujioh FH-GS6030 3-Burner Glass Hob

  • Reliable Italian “Defendi” burners
  • 3-stove layout that maximizes space
  • Tough and lasting Schott glass
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The Fujioh FH-GS6030 Glass Hob is an extremely space-efficient 3-Burner stove. It offers you the ability to cook 3 dishes at one time without taking up too much of your kitchen countertop thanks for its compact design.


It combines uses quality Italian and Spanish in its Defenti burner and Orkli thermoelectric system respectively. You can expect a high level of performance and reliability from this gas hob. Similar to the Fujioh inductor hob, this model also uses the Schott glass, which is very hardy and easy to clean. If you like the flexibility of a 3 stove design but worry if there is sufficient space, this Fujioh Gas Hob will solve that problem for you.



4. Rinnai RB7012H-CB Induction Hob

Rinnai RB7012H-CB Induction Hob

  • Intuitive touch controls and display
  • Automatic pan detection for energy efficiency
  • Effortless cleanup every time
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The Rinnai RB7012H-CB Induction Hob is a super energy-efficient stove. It is equipped with the automatic detection technology which senses the exact size of your pan and adjusts the heating area to fit it perfectly. If you cook with a variety of pans, this feature could help you save a lot on your electrical bills.


Using this Rinnai Induction Hob is a pleasant experience thanks to its intuitive touch controls. From there, you can adjust the on and off settings along with the 9-level temperature controls. The current status will be displayed on its digital display. Even if it’s your first time using an induction hob, you’ll find it easy to learn.



5. Tecno Induction Hob TIH280D

Tecno Induction Hob TIH280D

  • Maximum power output of 2200W
  • 10-level temperature control up to 240 degrees
  • 3-hour timer mode
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With a maximum power output of 2200W or 240-degree celsius, the Tecno Induction Hob TIH280D is more than powerful enough for serious home cooking. With 10-level precise temperature control, you can alternate between the temperatures from 60 degrees to 240 degrees. Whether you like cooking on low or high heat, this induction hob will serve you well.


This induction cooker also comes with a timer for up to 3 hours. With this, you can set the timer and leave the dishes cooking without fear of burnt food. It is also equipped with overheating protection for extra safety. This induction hob has everything that you’ll need.



6. Tecno T788GI Gas-Induction Hybrid Glass Hob

Tecno T788GI Gas-Induction Hybrid Glass Hob

  • Offers flexibility and suitable for all types of cookware
  • Designed to fit large sized woks concurrently
  • Knobs come with cool touch to prevent burnt fingers
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The Tecno Gas-Induction Hybrid Glass Hob integrates both gas and induction burners so that you literally have your cake and eat it. This gives you great flexibility when cooking, either when you’re looking to get some wok-hei in your food or when you just want to whip something up simply and safely. The surface top is made of good quality ceramic glass, which is highly resistant to heat and durable. You can easily wipe off any stains too! This hybrid glass hob has enough space in between so that you can fit larger sized pans or woks at the same time. Never have to choose between gas or induction again with the Tecno T788GI Gas-Induction Hybrid Glass Hob.



7. Brandt BPI6210B Induction Hob

Brandt BPI6210B Induction Hob

  • Dual hob 30cm setup
  • Boost function to quickly hit maximum power
  • 10-point safety features
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The Brandt BPI6210B Induction Hob should be one of your top choices if you’re searching for a 2-stove induction cooker. It has a dual hob setup that can fit the sizes of most induction pans.


Getting to the maximum potential power of this hob is very easy with its Boost function. In seconds, you’ll be able to cook with the maximum heat. With 10 different safety features such as the anti-overflow system, automatic-stop system, pan detection and many others, this induction cooker is as safe as it gets. Overall, we definitely think that you should at least consider this excellent Brandt Induction Hob.



8. Aerogaz AZ 3628IC Induction Hob

Aerogaz AZ 3628IC Induction Hob

  • Maximum power of 3700W
  • Hyper speed heating
  • Residual heat indicators for safety
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The Aerogaz AZ 3628IC Induction Hob has two zones which have a total maximum power output of 3700W. This is divided into 2300W and 1400W for the bigger hob and smaller hob respectively. We find that the 2300W hob is excellent for stir-frying and more heat-intensive cooking. The 1400W hob is great for stewing or making a pot of nutritious soup.


The heat-up speed of both the hobs is pretty quick which means faster cooking times as you won’t need to waste time waiting for it to heat up. After cooking, each hob also has an individual residual heat indicator to let you know whether it is safe to touch. If you’re okay with one high heat and one low heat induction hob, this is an excellent option.



9. Aerogaz AZ-262F Tempered Glass Hob

Cheap gas stove hob

Aerogaz AZ-262F Tempered Glass Hob

  • Large and small-sized burner
  • Flame failure protection
  • Sturdy tempered glass 
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The Aerogaz AZ-262F Glass Hob is one of the cheapest gas cooker hobs you can find in Singapore. The last we checked, you could get it for less than $300 which is a terrific deal. During sales, you’ll likely get it for $270 or less, especially if you buy it online.


This glass hob has two burners, one big and one smaller one. As such, you can fit a wide variety of pans on these two burners without it being too big or small. The burners are also equipped with flame failure protection which protects you from accidental combustion. For its low price, this Aerogaz hob is one of the best deals you can get.



10. Brandt TG1482B Glass Hob

Brandt TG1482B Glass Hob

  • Ample space for large woks
  • Electric ignition for one-handed operation
  • Gas-cut off safety feature
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With two gas burners which are placed wide apart, the Brandt TG1482B Glass Hob is perfect for large pans. If you like wok cooking, you’ll know that woks take up a lot of space. With the broad design of this cooker hob, your wok will never be constrained by the lack of space ever again.


Turning on this gas stove is effortless with its electric ignition. You will just need one hand to turn the hob, and magically, flames will appear. This gas hob also has an important gas cut-off feature. If it detects that wind has caused the fire to extinguish, it’ll cut off the gas supply so that there is no chance for a gas buildup. If you’re a fan of wok cooking, this spacious gas hob should be your first choice.



11. Bosch PP182560MS Induction Hob

Bosch PP182560MS Induction Hob

  • Powerboost function for faster heating
  • Precise control of 9 different power levels
  • Luxurious smooth ceramic top
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Bosch products aren’t cheap. But one thing for sure is that all their products are of the highest quality possible. That is true for the Bosch PP182560MS Induction Hob. It is definitely one of the pricer induction cookers around. But it fully justifies its higher price with its quality finishing and features.


The first thing you will notice is its luxurious-looking ceramic top. It adds a dash of understated luxury to your kitchen. This ceramic surface also makes cleaning any spills simple.


You can accurately control the power of each induction hob up to 9 different levels. If you need even faster heating, you can activate its Powerboost function that makes heating up to 3 times faster. If you want the best in style and build, this Bosch Induction Hob might be the one you’re looking for.



12. EF EFH 3971 Gas Cooker Hob

EF EFH 3971 Gas Cooker Hob


  • Compact and optimised to fit 3 burners 
  • Triple ring burners for extra stability and safety
  • Good quality stainless steel with good heat resistance
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The EF EFH 3971 Gas Cooker Hob features a compact design that has been optimised to fit 3 burners. You get to use up to 3 pots at one time without taking up too much countertop space. The 2 bigger burners come with triple ring encasing to give you extra stability for your cookware. The safety device shuts off automatically if the flame gets puts out accidentally. With good quality and hardy stainless steel top, it has excellent heat resistance and will remain in tip-top condition even with prolonged high heat use. It is also easy to clean and wipe down. The EF EFH 3971 Gas Cooker Hob will simplify cooking for you.



13. Cornell Table Top Gas Stove CGS-P1102SSD

Cornell Table Top Gas Stove CGS-P1102SSD

  • Use instantly with no installation required
  • Non-slip feet for added stability
  • Easy to use with an automatic piezo-electric ignition
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The Cornell Table Top Gas Stove is the perfect cheap alternative to having an in-built cooker hob. With no installation required, you get to use it instantly with no downtime and installation costs. There are non-slip feet at the bottom so that it sits securely on the countertop with stability. It is also easy to use as it gets lit with the automatic piezo-electric ignition. The design is intuitive and comes with large trivets, which is good to have especially if you’re using a big pan or wok. For a fuss-free cooker hob to get cooking right away, look no further than the Cornell Table Top Gas Stove.



14. Ellane EB-248SV Stainless Steel Hob

Bosch PP182560MS Induction Hob

  • 3-burners with different configurations
  • Long-lasting stainless steel design
  • Flame failure protection
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If you prefer stainless steel over glass, you should definitely consider the Ellane EB-248SV Stainless Steel Hob. It has a stainless steel exterior that is built to last. There are 3 different burners on this gas hob which can serve different purposes.


Firstly, there is the largest burner which has a triple ring setup suitable for cooking which requires powerful flames. Next, there is the semi-rapid burner that can still go to pretty high heat. The third is the auxiliary burner which is great for slower and lower cooking. Combined, it forms the ultimate cooker hob that will fulfil all your cooking needs.


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