13 Best Dehumidifiers in Singapore For Our Humid Weather

Do you know that you may be exposed to health risks if there is excess moisture in a home? If the humidity levels are constantly high, your furniture and electronics can also be adversely affected. Your clothes may smell musky and turn mouldy too. If you have branded bags, these will also require special attention to how they’re stored at home.


Singapore is known to be humid. It rains frequently, and the temperatures are high as we’re close to the equator. We’re surrounded by the sea. Our homes are also likely to be in the vicinity of the 17 huge reservoirs which are scattered around our island.


To help you combat high levels of moisture, we have written this super detailed guide on dehumidifiers so that you can choose the perfect dehumidifier. Here are the best dehumidifiers that you can buy in Singapore today!


Best Dehumidifiers in Singapore



1. Philips Series 5000 Dehumidifier DE5205/30

Best dehumidifier with air purification

Philips Series 5000 Dehumidifier DE5205

  • 2-in-1 function for an optimal living environment
  • Customisable with 5 fan settings
  • Automatic dehumidification control settings for ease of use
  • Purifier only mode for dryer seasons
  • 2-year warranty
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The Philips Series 5000 Dehumidifier DE5205/30 is designed to dehumidify and purify the air, which brings about a whole load of positive benefits. First, your wet garments dry easier and faster indoors. Second, air pollutants are removed, and the growth of germs and bacteria are inhibited. This optimal environment helps to shape a clean and comfortable space for you and your family.


Not only is the environment perfect for humans, your furniture and electronics will also enjoy a longer lifespan as humidity damage is reduced. The occurrence of corrosion arising from rust is also significantly decreased.


This dehumidifier is easy to use as it will alert you to replace the filter or empty the tank. This ensures that the air is always kept optimally and healthily. You also have the option of controlling the extent of the dehumidifier with 5 different fan settings. On a day when humidity levels are relatively low, you can also opt just for the purifier mode.


For a bespoke dehumidifier with excellent performance, get the Philips Series 5000 Dehumidifier DE 5205/30 today! You will definitely love it!



2. Novita ND838 Dehumidifier

Best for drying laundry

Novita ND838 Dehumidifier

  • 4 multi-functional modes
  • Energy-efficient
  • Doubles up as a drying device
  • 3-year warranty
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The Novita ND838 Dehumidifier regulates the moisture in the environment to ensure an ideal humidity level. By producing millions of negative ions, this dehumidifier effectively kills all airborne germs and keeps your indoor air fresh.


This dehumidifier can also double up as a drying device – especially on rainy days or excessively humid days, and ensure that your indoor laundry or shoes dry quickly and smell crisp and fresh, without any musky odour.


With energy-efficient functions, it is also more economical to keep this dehumidifier on at all times. It is also effortless to use and a convenient means to keep the moisture levels under control.



3. Novita ND298 Dehumidifier

Best for bedroom

Novita ND298 Dehumidifier

  • Customisable humidity settings
  • Built-in ioniser to purify and fresh your air quality
  • Energy and power efficient
  • 1-year warranty
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The Novita ND298 Dehumidifier offers excellent control against excessively high levels of humidity at home so that the air is healthy for you and your family. It effectively regulates humidity levels to keep it at an optimal 50% RH. You will also find that you have fewer allergy triggers, as the growth of mould and mildew is reduced and airborne allergens are removed. This humidifier also doubles up to protect your valuable furniture and electronics from damage by excessive moisture.


The Novita ND298 Dehumidifier is the perfect protection for your loved ones from potential health allergies and triggers.



4. EuropAce 12L Dehumidifier & Air Purifier

EuropAce 12L Dehumidifier & Air Purifier

  • Keeps air at optimal humidity for good health
  • Removes harmful air pollutants and odours
  • LCD screen displays real time ambient humidity levels
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The EuropAce 12L Dehumidifier & Air Purifier not only removes excess moisture from the atmosphere. It also purifies the air and keeps your laundry fresh and hygienic. Inbuilt with 3 different filters, namely the prefilter, HEPA, and carbon charcoal filter, it maintains the optimal humidity level and ensures the indoor atmosphere are rid of harmful air pollutants and unpleasant odours. You can also easily track the real-time humidity level of your room on the LCD screen. As the water tank has a capacity of 2.5L, you’d find that you won’t have to drain the tank so often and is generally a fuss-free dehumidifier and air purifier to have at home. Get the EuropAce 12L Dehumidifier & Air Purifier for a conducive environment at home today.



5. Xiaomi Deerma Mini Portable Dehumidifier

Xiaomi Deerma Mini Portable Dehumidifier

  • Lightweight and compact for full portability
  • Efficient and effective at removing excess moisture
  • Rechargeable battery and convenient to use
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The Xiaomi Deerma Mini Portable Dehumidifier looks just like any large beer can and fits just about anywhere – in your drawer with your camera gear, in your cabinet of shoes, or even on your bookshelves. It is lightweight and can be moved around easily where it is needed. It is designed to remove excess moisture without any reverse osmosis and lasts about 2-3 weeks each time after it is heated and dried. The battery is rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about having a plug nearby. This Xiaomi Deerma Mini Portable Dehumidifier can be reused up to 300 times and gives you cost savings in the long run.



6. Olee Turbo Dehumidifier OL-323

Olee Turbo Dehumidifier OL-323

  • Effectively absorbs excess moisture in the atmosphere
  • Prevents growth of mould and mildew
  • Convenient to use with fast charging
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The Olee Turbo Dehumidifier OL-323 is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient dehumidifier that lasts up to 21 days before having to restart. It absorbs excess moisture in the atmosphere using the Water Glass Crystal technology that is totally colourless, odourless and non-toxic. All you need to do after that is to charge it up for 2 hours, and it is brand new and ready to absorb more moisture. With a sturdy base design, you can count on it to protect your valuable items from the growth of mould and mildew. The Olee Turbo Dehumidifier OL-323 will help you reduce the dampness in any enclosed spaces. Get it today!

7. Europace EDH 6601S Dehumidifier

Best and most powerful

Europace EDH 6601S Dehumidifier

  • Effectively keeps moisture level between 40%-60% for entire household
  • 3-in-1 functions for an optimal environment
  • Sleek and compact design
  • 1-year warranty
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The Europace EDH 6601S Dehumidifier is powerful and has the ability to take good care of you and your family. Just one unit is sufficient to keep the moisture levels at an optimal level of 40% to 60% for your entire home. Mildrew and mould growth, which may cause respiratory problems, are also effectively inhibited.


Also, this dehumidifier has the AirPURE and LaundryPURE functions that triples up to purify the air and keeps your laundry smelling crisp and fresh while they hang to dry!


With a carbon charcoal filter, lingering musty odours in the air or from your hanging laundry are effectively removed. The result is a fresh and clean air that energises your spirits. The tank, once filled, is also easily emptied as it is removable from the unit.


Breathe well and give your family an optimal environment to live in! Click here to check the Europace EDH 6601S Dehumidifier today.



8. Delonghi DEX16 Dehumidifier

Delonghi DEX16 Dehumidifier

  • Almost silent when in use
  • Improves overall air quality effectively
  • Hastens indoor drying of wet clothing
  • Easily portable
  • 1-year warranty
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The Delonghi DEX16 Dehumidifier is perfect for light sleepers or anyone who’s sensitive to noise. This dehumidifier produces extremely minimal noise without compromising on de-humidifying the air. With the Bio Silver Tech system with the silver ion filter, the air is purified and any airborne germs and bacteria is removed immediately. It also comes with a drying clothes function. You will need less time for your clothes to dry indoor and stay fresh and crisp.


This dehumidifier is easily portable with an ergonomically designed handle, so you can move it to the part of your home where the humidity levels are higher.


For a silent yet efficient dehumidifier, get this Delonghi DEX16 Dehumidifier and you will sleep soundly at night!



9. Delonghi DEX14 Dehumidifier

Delonghi DEX14 Dehumidifier

  • Extremely low noise emission
  • Washable anti-dust filter to purify air
  • 1-year warranty
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The Delonghi DEX14 Dehumidifier has similar specifications to its DEX16 counterpart but boasts of a lower price point. If you have a smaller home or prefer a dehumidifier with a smaller capacity, you should opt for this model instead. You should also note that the DEX14 uses an anti-dust filter to purify the air instead of the silver ion filter. If not, you can consider the DEX16 model which we have also included in this review.


All that comparison is done, the Delonghi DEX14 Dehumidifier still does an excellent job in keeping the moisture levels under control. This is definitely a tie between the DEX14 and DEX16 models.


If you’re constraint by budget, you can consider the Delonghi DEX14 Dehumidifier to regulate the moisture level and keep an optimal humidity level at home.




10. Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier

Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier

  • Compact and petite for space-saving
  • Minimal noise emissions
  • 1-year warranty
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The Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier condenses water vapour to remove moisture in this air and hence does not need a mechanical compressor. This means that the noise level is kept to a minimum and you will hardly even notice the dehumidifier in your home!


With this dehumidifier, you will find that mould and mildew grow less between your floor tiles and furniture. Dust mites that populate in damp conditions are also kept at bay. At the same time, discomfort to your eyes, throat or skin is reduced as the air smells fresh and crisp.


You can choose from 2 modes depending on your preference – when you want it to continuously operate or only when it senses higher humidity levels in the atmosphere.


For a super quiet yet effective dehumidifier, get this Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier and sleep sweet and soundly at night!



11. Thirsty Hippo Dehumidifier

Best for shoes and clothing

Thirsty Hippo Dehumidifier

  • Does not require electricity to operate
  • Suitable for use in small spaces
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We all grew up with Thirsty Hippo Dehumidifier. It is a simple means for keeping humidity levels low in your cupboards and small enclosed storage spaces, as it absorbs all moisture. The thirsty hippo is best used to keep your stored shoes and clothes from excess moisture. It fits in small areas and works well to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew. Any odour arising from dampness is also eliminated effectively.


Protect your shoes and clothes today with the Thirsty Hippo Dehumidifier!



12. Golden Rooster Dehumidifier

Best charcoal dehumidifier

Golden Rooster Dehumidifier

  • Prevents mould and moisture damage effectively
  • Cost-effective as one can last up to 2 months
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The Golden Rooster Dehumidifier uses charcoal to absorb moisture and remove odour in the atmosphere. With its small container size, you can place it in any small enclosed areas – your kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, shoe storage spaces and even on your bookshelves! This versatility ensures that you can prevent more items from the potential effects of excess moisture easily.


Get the Golden Rooster Dehumidifier today; it is indeed the handiest charcoal dehumidifier you can find!



13. OleeRod Dehumifidier

Best for closet and wardrobe

OleeRod Dehumifidier

  • Long lasting solution for moisture removal
  • Energy-efficient and noise-free
  • 1-year warranty
Check Price on Lazada


The OleeRod Dehumidifier is a thin long rod-like device that regulates and eliminates excess moisture. It is designed to be fitted in closets and wardrobes to inhibit growth of mould and mildew, and prevent the occurrence of rust and rot. This helps to protect your clothes and items from any destruction caused by humidity. At the same time, your clothes smell fresh and crisp even after being stored in the cupboard for a long time.


The OleeRod Dehumidifier is the best solution to protect valuables that you store in enclosed storage areas and in your wardrobe. Get it now for a long lasting solution.


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Humidity in Singapore


Singapore’s proximity to the equator and being surrounded by the sea results in high humidity levels on a daily basis. Our relative humidity is usually between 70% and 80%. This level may spike to even 100% during the monsoon seasons when it rains more frequently.


As Singapore has many tall concrete buildings, heat is also usually trapped in the city centre and where there is a concentration of higher buildings. This makes it even more so crucial to fighting the humidity on a constant daily basis.


Ideal humidity levels


Ideally, the relative humidity level is between 40% and 50% for humans. For items like electronics, clothes, shoes that may be damaged by corrosion or rust and growth of mildew and mould, the ideal relative humidity level is between 35% and 45%.


What happens when it is too humid?


When it gets too humid constantly, there may be detrimental effects on the human body. When it is humid, our body may get overheated as our perspiration does not evaporate and heat is retained in our body. We can feel warmer and get tired more easily. During hotter days, we may even be prone to suffering a heat stroke.


Humidity levels above 50% encourage the growth of mildew and mould progressively. This can impact our health negatively especially if one already suffers from asthma or are more prone to sinus allergies and infections. Mildew and mould typically also thrive in darker corners or between your floor tiles and can be unsightly.


Excessive moisture also destroys any furniture made from wood – wooden tables, cabinets and chairs – and your floor if it’s made from wood.


When the air is damp, a musty smell may also arise in the atmosphere. These could be even stronger in enclosed storage spaces and cabinets. Your damp laundry may take a long time to dry and may smell even when it finally dries.



Why do you need a dehumidifier in Singapore?


A dehumidifier regulates moisture level in the atmosphere and keeps it at an ideal level between 40% to 50%. Some dehumidifiers also come with air purifying benefits, which doubles up to remove airborne bacteria and allergens.


In this way, Your home is less susceptible to the growth of mildew, mould, dust mites and having a perpetual musty odour. This creates a healthier and cleaner environment for you and your family. Valuable belongings and electronics also enjoy a longer lifespan. Your clothes dry faster and stay fresh and smell crisp for a long time, even when they are stored away in your cabinets!



Where to put your dehumidifier?


At home, the humidity levels in your living room, laundry area, bathroom and wardrobes are higher and typically hover around the range of 80% to 90%. It is thus essential to place your dehumidifier at a position where it can reach these areas.


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