11 Best Deodorants For Singapore (2023) To Keep You Feeling Fresh

Sweaty armpits are a nightmare. They make you stink and look unsightly with pit stains. Unfortunately, we live in one of the hottest and most humid places on Earth – sunny old Singapore. But fret not, you can say goodbye to sweaty pits with a good deodorant. Here are the best deodorants that you can get for the Singapore weather today!



1. Nivea Deodorant for Men Roll On Dry Impact

Best deodorant for men

Nivea Deodorant for Men Roll On Dry Impact

  • 48-hour long perspiration protection
  • Feel dry and clean all day long
  • Gentle on your skin
  • Pleasant scent
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With 48 hours of sweat protection, the Nivea Deodorant for Men is perfect for the humid Singapore weather. The best part is that this protection comes without harmful ingredients like alcohol or colourants. So that means it is very gentle and kind to your skin even after being on for long hours.


The scent of this deodorant is pleasant and not too overpowering which is good if you don’t like strong scents. You will smell good, feel dry and sweat-free all day long with the amazing deodorant. Also, it is very affordable as well!



2. Nivea Deodorant Spray Extra Whitening Serum

Nivea Deodorant Spray Extra Whitening Serum

  • Made especially for women
  • 48 hours antiperspirant
  • Brightens, smoothens, firms up skin
  • Easy to apply spray bottle
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The Nivea Deodorant Spray For Women is a multi-functional deodorant that is tailored to meet the needs of ladies. Firstly, it is a wonder antiperspirant and will help keep you dry and clean for up to 48 hours. Secondly, it has a whitening serum that helps you to brighten and smoothen your armpits area. The serum is made from Vitamin C, Avocado Oil and Q10, which are very effective in skin care.


Also, this deodorant comes in a spray bottle, which makes the application very easy. We much prefer the spray over the roll-on deodorants. Treat your armpits right with the brightening Nivea Deodorant Spray for ladies.



3. Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

Best natural deodorant

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

  • Natural mineral salts for effective odour reduction
  • Fragrance and paraben-free
  • One bottle lasts up to a year
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If you are looking for a natural deodorant, then the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick has got to be your top choice. It is not just popular in Singapore but all over the world as well. It is made with natural mineral salts – very different from some of the other chemical-filled deodorants on the market. Mineral salts are very effective in reducing odour. So, you can smell good all day long.


Another plus point is that it won’t leave stains on your clothing. You don’t have to worry about it dirtying your favourite piece of clothing. It is also an economical option because one single stick can last you up to a year even with daily use. Save money and smell good naturally at the same time with the Crystal Body Deodorant.



4. Dove Go Fresh Deodorant

Dove Go Fresh Deodorant

  • Refreshing cucumber and green tea scent
  • 48-hour anti-perspiration
  • Moisturizing and gentle on your skin
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Stay fresh in the Singapore weather with the Dove Go Fresh Deodorant. It has a refreshing cucumber and green tea scent which makes you smell good. This deodorant can last effectively for close to 48 hours so you can be sure that you’ll stay sweat-free for the entire day. It also has moisturizing cream as one of its ingredients so your skin will stay supple and smooth. If you like a refreshing scent, this moisturizing Dove deodorant is the one to get.



5. Sukin Organic Natural Deodorant

Best deodorant for women

Sukin Organic Natural Deodorant

  • Cool and soothing sensation
  • Refreshing and tangy aroma
  • Aluminium-free and natural formula
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Since being founded in 2017, Australia-based Sukin has garnered a reputation as one of the best natural skincare brands. If you are looking for a natural deodorant, you should definitely consider their Sukin Organic Natural Deodorant.


Once you spray it on your armpits, you feel a soothing and cooling sensation that just refreshes you. Ingredients like tangerine, mandarin and lavender give it a unique and tangy scent that smells really good. Best of all, it’s all natural. Avoid chemicals and give your armpits the best with the Sukin Organic Natural Deodorant.



6. Rexona Men Ice Cool Deodorant Spray

Rexona Men Ice Cool Deodorant Spray

  • Great for active lifestyles
  • Effective 48 hours of sweat protection
  • Feel fresh all day long
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The Rexona Ice Cool Deodorant is perfect for you if you lead an active life. The more you move, the more fragrance you’ll activate with its MotionSense technology. Within each spray, microcapsules of the deodorant will stay on your skin and be released when it’s needed. That way, you are sure to stay fresh every single moment of the day.



7. Adidas Men Ice Dive Deodorant Body Spray

Adidas Men Ice Dive Deodorant Body Spray

  • Smells like the ocean
  • 24 hours of freshness
  • Made together with athletes
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If you want to smell good while working out, then you have got to try the Adidas Ice Dive Deodorant. It is a deodorant which is formulated for the active sportsman and athlete. A quick spray and you’ll keep fresh and cool for up to 24 hours. Also, the spray reminds you of the fresh ocean with a pleasant but not overly strong scent. Give the Adidas Ice Dive Deodorant a try and you will definitely not regret it!



8. Old Spice Classic Stick Original Scent Deodorant

Old Spice Classic Stick Original Scent Deodorant

  • Distinctive citrus and clove scents
  • 24 hours odour reduction
  • A super manly smell
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The smell of manliness can only be defined by the scent of the Old Spice Classic Deodorant. It has a very distinctive citrus and clove scent that makes you smell and feel manly. Besides smelling great, it also has an effectiveness of 24 hours in reducing armpit odour. Additionally, it an aluminium-free deodorant as well. Pump up the manly factor with the forever classic Old Spice.



9. LYNX Gold Temptation Deodorant Body Spray

LYNX Gold Temptation Deodorant Body Spray

  • Nice blend of sweet and fresh
  • A single spray for the entire day
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The LYNX Gold Temptation Deodorant is an interesting one. Its scent carries a unique balance made by combining citrus, amber and chocolate. It creates a special scent that is both fresh and sweet. However, it should be used more like a perfume rather than a deodorant as it might not be as effective in reducing sweat. So if your key aim is to smell good, definitely give it a try.



10. Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime Deodorant

Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime Deodorant

  • All natural and vegan
  • Refreshing lime scent to keep you fresh
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Schmidt’s Bergamot and Lime Deodorant is another excellent option if you are looking for a natural deodorant. It is excellent at reducing sweat and odour over the entire day. And, it smells really great as well with a refreshing citrusy flavour. Best of all, all these are achieved without the use of aluminium, parabens, phthalates. It is also vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. While it is slightly more expensive than other deodorants, it is definitely worth the extra premium.



11. AXE Deodorant Body Spray

AXE Deodorant Body Spray

  • Masculine scent
  • Good odour prevention
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AXE has been a long-standing brand for men’s grooming. The AXE Deodorant Spray is yet another perfect addition to your grooming products. In fact, it is available in a full set of shower gel, shampoo and even conditioner. The scent of the AXE deodorant can be described as masculine made with the perfect combination of sage, mandarin, sandalwood. It effectively provides a secure layer of protection against any bad-smelling odours for hours. Feel manly with the masculine AXE Deodorant.


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