10 Best Study & Desk Lamps in Singapore For Your Eyes

Best Study Lamp Singapore

A study or desk lamp can dramatically improve your desk setup. Getting a good desk lamp is very important, especially for the health of your eyes. Once you switch to a quality desk lamp, you’ll immediately see and feel the difference. It will even improve your productivity as it eases the tiredness.


With a wide range of desk and study lamps available in Singapore, it can be hard to choose one. But don’t worry as we have shortlisted the best for you. Here are the best study and desk lamps that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Philips 66111 Strider Desk Lamp

Philips 66111 Strider Desk Lamp

  • Uniform lighting with less glare
  • Dimmable light control
  • Wide distribution of light
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The Philips 66111 Strider Desk Lamp yet another excellent product developed by Philips. Firstly, its light distribution is excellent with wide coverage. It has the honeycomb lens which allows for the light to be evenly distributed with reduced glare. Because of this, your eyes will not feel tired even after long hours at your desk.


This LED light is also has a 4-level dimming function which makes it suitable for both day and night use. It is also equipped with a rotatable 3D arm that allows for good adjustability. It has a slim and compact design which means it will fit on almost any desk comfortably. The Philips 66111 Strider has everything that you’ll need for a desk or study lamp.



2. 3M LED 2000 Polarizing Task Light Lamp

3M LED 2000 Polarizing Task Light Lamp

  • Glare reduction of up to 80%
  • 7 brightness level to choose from
  • Bulb lifespan of up to 40000 hours
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If you want the best, then you have to check out the 3M Polarizing Task Light Lamp. 3M has been one of the market leaders in introducing lamps that care for our eyes. This lamp is equipped with the 3M Polarizing Filter that can reduce glare by up to 80%. Usually, glare is the main cause of eye fatigue and damage. With this drastic reduction, an improvement in you or your child’s eye health is guaranteed.


There are 7 different brightness levels which you can select, with the highest being rated at 1200 Lux. There is also the option for mood lighting, which is perfect if you just need a relaxing light source. You’ll also be happy to know that this bulb can last for up to 40,000 hours. Assuming that you use it for 8 hours a day, it’ll last you for close to 14 years. So while this 3M Study Lamp is pretty pricey, its quality and long lifespan make it an excellent buy.



3. Xiaomi Philips EyeCare 2 Smart Desk Lamp

Best value-for-money study lamp

Xiaomi Philips EyeCare 2 Smart Desk Lamp

  • Good brightness levels
  • Anti eye strain design
  • Controllable by both iOS and Android smartphones
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The Xiaomi Philips EyeCare 2 combines the expertise of two giants to create a desk lamp that is extremely value-for-money. Usually, when you look at brand name lamps, you’ll expect prices upwards of $100 and more. So when we saw the price tag of just under $60 for this lamp, we were shocked at what an excellent deal it was.


In terms of features, it combines the lighting expertise of Philips with the smart features of Xiaomi products. You get a desk lamp that is pretty comparable to brand names like 3M in terms of lighting. The light emitted feels very comfortable on your eyes, whether you are reading or working on the computer.


With Xiaomi’s input, you get a smart lamp that is controllable through the Mi Home app. The app works on both iOS and Android devices, so don’t worry about compatibility. You can switch it on and off and adjust the brightness settings all using the app. For a smart lamp that cares for your eyes, this lamp gives you the best bang for your buck.



4. BenQ WiT Eye-Care Lamp

Best for work from home

BenQ WiT Eye-Care Lamp

  • Ultra-wide lighting coverage 
  • Intelligent adjustment & auto dimming for perfect lighting
  • Easy to adjust brightness and colour temperature
  • Low blue light & flicker-free
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The BenQ WiT Eye-Care Lamp is the perfect addition to your work-from-home or home-based learning setup. With the long hours that we spend looking at our monitors, our eyes deserve the best care. This lamp has the Eye-Care Feature which equates to being flicker-free along with low blue light. If you are suffering from eye tiredness or strain, this lamp will definitely help!


You’ll also notice that the BenQ WiT Lamp is shaped like a smile. This design allows it to provide ultra-wide lighting coverage of 35 inches which is about 150% wider than other lamps. This feature is especially useful if you have a dual-monitor setup or a larger desk area. With a swing arm, you can adjust the lamp both vertically and horizontally to adjust the lighting to suit your needs. The lamp is also extremely versatile as it comes with a desk clamp and floor stand, which can be purchased separately.


Additionally, the BenQ WiT Eye-Care Lamp can detect the ambient light conditions and automatically adjust its lighting for the best balance and least glare. It also has the Smart Reading mode for book reading or screen reading respectively. If you prefer you could also easily turn the knob to adjust the brightness and colour temperature of the lamp. The lamp can go from 2700K to 5700K for colour temperature and 500 to 1600lux for brightness.


If you’re looking to upgrade the lighting in your work or study space, definitely consider the BenQ WiT Eye-Care Lamp!



5. Baseus Lett LED Lamp

Baseus Lett LED Lamp

  • 3 light modes with 5 brightness settings
  • Wireless charging base for your phone
  • Lightweight and portable
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The unique thing about the Baseus Lett LED Lamp is that it has an integrated wireless charging base. That means you can wirelessly charge your smartphones at the base of the lamp without needing to buy a separate wireless charger. That not only saves you money but also precious desk space which means less clutter. If you prefer USB charging, it also has a USB port.


As a desk lamp, it does very well too. It has 3 different light modes – reading, children and computer mode. Within those modes, you can adjust the brightness settings to 5 different levels. You can even set a timer to remind you to take a break. This feature-packed desk lamp is surprisingly affordable too!



6. Remax RL-E270 Desk Lamp

Remax RL-E270 Desk Lamp

  • Warm, white and RGB light modes
  • Time, date, temperature display
  • Lifespan of 35000 hours
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If you like fancy RGB colour lighting, you’ll love the Remax RL-E270 Desk Lamp. It has the night mode settings that lets you choose the RGB colour you like. With that function, you can immediately transform the mood of your room. If you want a more serious feel, there are 3 normal lighting modes – warm, white or a combination of the two.


On the lamp, there is a display which shows you the current time, date and temperature, which replaces the need for a clock. The lamp is also foldable and portable, which makes it easy to move around if you need to. Overall, if you want a cheap and good RGB lamp, this is a good bet.



7. Philips 66049 Gadwall Desk Lamp

Philips 66049 Gadwall Desk Lamp

  • Lighting that scientifically proven for eye care
  • Premium and solid design
  • Saves energy by up to 80%
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Philips is serious about taking care of your eyes. That is why they have adjusted the settings of the Philips 66049 Gadwall Desk Lamp to fit into what has been scientifically proven to be best for your eyes (1000 Lux, 6500K). Your eyes will be well taken care of when you use this Philips Desk Lamp.


We also like the energy-efficiency of this lamp. It can save you up to 80% on electricity bills which is quite a substantial amount if you use this lamp daily. Made with die-casted aluminium, this lamp feels very premium and would class up any work or study space.



8. Xiaomi Mijia LED Desk Lamp

Xiaomi Mijia LED Desk Lamp

  • Maximum 300 lumens brightness rating
  • Doesn’t heat up even with extended use
  • Compatible with the Mi Home app
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We love the minimalist Xiaomi Mijia LED Desk Lamp. It is slim with an all-white sleek design that is a dream desk light or a minimalist. In terms of functions, it has 4 different modes which can be adjusted to a 0 to 100% brightness level. You can choose to operate this lamp through its knob or the Mi Home app. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, this Xiaomi lamp also works with the Google Assistant, so you can turn it on or off with voice commands.


With a maximum brightness of 300 lumens, it offers sufficient lighting for all-day use. The lamp is rated for 25000 hours of use which is more than an 8 years lifespan if you use it for 8 hours every day. If you want a minimalist-inspired desk lamp, this is the one to get.



9. Xiaomi Yeelight Portable LED Lamp

Xiaomi Yeelight Portable LED Lamp

  • 60 light beads for light customization
  • 360-degree flexibility for perfect lamp placement
  • 5 hours of battery with one charge
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Need to bring your lamp to a place without a power source? Then you’ll be happy to find the rechargeable Xiaomi Yeelight Portable LED Lamp. It has a 2000mAh battery that will provide you with up to 5 hours of lighting, so you won’t have to worry about finding a power plug for your lamp. If you want a longer runtime, you can even connect it to a power bank.


We like how adjustable the head of the lamp it. In fact, you can move it in a 360-degree fashion till you find the perfect position to give you the lighting you prefer. With 30 warm beads and 30 cold beads, it allows you a great deal of customizability to the type of light you want. If you want a quality portable lamp, there is no better option than this Xiaomi Yeelight LED Lamp.





  • Strong directed light source
  • Wireless charging for smartphones
  • Award-winning design


The IKEA RIGGAD LED Work Lamp manages to combine beautiful design with functionality. It has even won the prestigious iF Design Award thanks to its aesthetically pleasing exterior that accentuates its lighting features.


If you like a strong directed light, you will appreciate the head of this lamp. It allows you to point directly to the area which you want without losing any brightness. With its wood-like base, you will never guess that it also doubles up as a wireless charger for your phone. For just under $100, it is a pretty decent option to consider.


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