13 Best Digital Locks in Singapore (2023) For Your Home

Best Digital Lock Singapore

Have you ever gotten locked out of your house because you forgot to bring your keys? With a digital lock, you will no longer be put in that sucky situation anymore. You can get access to your home just by a passcode or with your very own fingerprints. For a 21st century modern home, getting a digital lock is a must. Convinced that you need to get one? Continue reading to check out the best digital locks in Singapore today!


What is a Digital Lock


Digital locks are a popular alternative to the usual key and lock combination. They use electricity instead of a key to operate the lock. They help provide security that is convenient for your home without the hassle of keys.


Reasons to Get a Digital Lock

  • Convenience of a keyless system
  • You will never forget to lock your door
  • You can allow guests in your home easily and safely
  • Perfect for a smart home
  • They have modern and stylish designs


Once you get used to the convenience of not having to bring your keys around, you will love it. You won’t need to pat your pockets for your keys each time before you leave your house – because you won’t need it to lock and unlock your door. That also means no more losing your keys because you will have none to lose.


With a digital lock, you won’t forget to lock your door. It alerts you when the door is left unlocked for some time. Some even give you the option to lock and unlock it from an app on your phone. Do you have times when you leave your door unlocked accidentally? Or you do always wonder whether you locked your door or not? You won’t have any more of these worries if you switch to a digital lock.


You can give your guests, friends and relatives secure access to your home with a digital lock. You can generate a one-time passcode for them or share your current passcode with them. That way, you don’t have to be home just to let them in. Additionally, the passcode can be set to expire by a certain date or time. So you will still maintain the security and privacy of your home whenever you want.


If you want to transform your home in a 21st century modern smart home, then you definitely want a digital lock. Some digital locks can be synced with virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. You can lock and unlock your door by voice commands – how cool is that!


When you compare a digital lock to a traditional key and lock combo, the visual difference is stark. A digital lock is just so much better and modern looking. By adding it to your gate or door, you will instantly give it a modern and futuristic look.


Best Digital Lock Brands Singapore

  1. Starke 
  2. Samsung
  3. Yale 
  4. Schlage
  5. Igloohome
  6. Hafele


13 Best Digital Locks in Singapore 2020


1. Starke Seamless™ Designer Digital Lock

Starke Seamless™ Designer Digital Lock

  • Fingerprint, PIN, card, key unlocking
  • Smart app features
  • Free installation service
  • 1-year warranty
Check out Starke Digital Lock


The Starke Seamless™ Designer Digital Lock has everything you need in a modern door lock. This digital lock is ranked 1st on our recommendations for its unique, amazingly modern design and the value it provides at its price point. You can unlock this digital lock through 5 convenient methods – fingerprint, app, PIN, card or key. For the fingerprint scanner, it can store up to 100 different fingerprints which is useful, especially if you have a large extended family.


One of the standout features of this digital lock is its smart app features. With the app, you can unlock the digital lock remotely. When your guests are at your door, you can receive notifications to inform you about their arrival. Through the app, you can then opt to unlock the door for them. With this digital lock, you get both security and convenience without compromising one or the other.


This digital lock is compatible with all types of doors. It can fit metal, wooden, plastic, sliding doors and more. With each purchase of Starke Digital Locks, you get to enjoy free installation service. If you are planning to install it on a metal steel door frame, there would be an add-on fee of $40 because it requires welding work.


The process of purchase to installation is exceptionally smooth. At the point of purchase, you’ll be asked to indicate the date and time you want for the installation. The Starke team will then contact you to confirm the installation details. It is a seamless process from start to end.


If you’re looking for a well-designed digital lock, definitely check out the Starke Seamless™ Designer Digital Lock!


2. Samsung DP-728 Digital Lock

Samsung DP-728 Digital Lock

  • Fingerprint, passcode and RFID access
  • Push-pull open for extra convenience
  • Smartphone access and notifications
  • 1-year warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


The Samsung DP-728 Digital Lock is one of the most versatile options available in Singapore. It has all the different access types that a digital lock has. It can store up to 100 fingerprints for biometric access. You can also program it to use a password. It also comes with RFID cards which you can tap to gain access if you prefer a physical key-type. Your smartphone can even open it just by downloading its app. That is pretty amazing considering most other digital locks only have one or two access systems.


In terms of design, this Samsung Digital Lock is a thing of beauty. It is modern and minimalist and comes in 4 different colours – dark silver, gold, noble gold and bronze. You are sure to find one which suits your door colour and design. Seeing it in action, we can say that the user experience of the lock is superb. It opens with either a push or pull so when you are carrying heavy groceries, you won’t have trouble opening the door as you can just push it to open. If you want the best digital lock – then you have to go for the Samsung DP-728 Digital Lock.


3. Yale Intelligent YDM 4109RL Digital Door Lock

Yale Intelligent YDM 4109RL Digital Door Lock

  • Quick and easy fingerprint verification
  • Passcode access that is protected
  • Loud alarm if break-in detected
  • Free standard installation
  • 2-year warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


Yale digital door locks are very popular in Singapore for their reliability, security and service. The Yale YDM 4109 Digital Lock is one of their most popular models. It has an easy to use fingerprint scanner that detects your fingerprint at lightning speed so you can get in your house faster. If you want to use a passcode instead, it has several protective features that are very useful. Have you ever watched a spy movie and seen them use powder to trace the fingerprints over a passcode system? While that is unlikely to happen in Singapore – sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. It has a smart touchpad that allows you to touch it with your palm before opening to reduce fingerprint stains. Additionally, you can also scramble the numbers before and after keying in the correct passcode. You and your family will feel safe with this secure digital lock.


If you don’t know how to use a digital lock, don’t worry as it comes with a voice guide that will provide you with step-by-step guides on what to do. Even a tech newbie won’t have a problem operating this lock. This digital lock is suitable for wood and steel doors that are 4 to 8 cm in thickness which makes it easily compatible. For a limited time, you can even get a free safe box and smoke detector when you buy this digital lock. What are you still waiting for?


4. Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock

Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock

  • Very value-for-money and affordable
  • Passcode or RFID key access
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


If you are looking for a brand-name digital lock that is cheap and affordable, check out the Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Lock. It costs a fraction of what you would expect to pay for a top-end door lock. But if you don’t need all the extra features, there’s no point in wasting money that can be spent elsewhere.


There are two different access types – passcode or RFID keys which are sold separately. So if you get this lock, you’ll likely only be using passcode access which is sufficient for excellent security and also convenience. You can set passwords that are 3 to 19 digits long so you can choose how easy or difficult you want it to be. If you are going on a holiday, you can enable the security mode which will help protect your home against unauthorised access. If you are seeking a budget digital lock, then this Samsung model is one of your best choices.


5. Yale YDR343 Digital Vertical Rim Lock

Yale YDR343 Digital Vertical Rim Lock

  • Slim and sleek design
  • Passcode and RFID access
  • 2-year warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


The Yale YDR343 Digital Lock is one of the slimmest door lock available in Singapore. Unlike some other door locks that are bulky and unsightly, this Yale Digital Lock is slim, sleek and modern. To get access, you can choose either a passcode that is 4 to 12 digits long or an RFID card. It also has a safety feature that automatically unlocks when it detects fire – so you and your family can escape and not fumble with the lock in cases of fire emergencies. If you want a secure, safe and yet slim digital lock, get the Yale YDR343.


6. Samsung DP-738 Digital Lock

Samsung DP-738 Digital Lock

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Access through fingerprint, passcode or app
  • Easy push-pull opening
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


The Samsung DP-738 Digital Lock is one of the latest models to hit the market. That explains why it has such a beautifully modern and sleek design. In our opinion, it has the best aesthetic out of all the digital locks we have seen so far.


Besides looking good, it does its job as a digital lock very well. You can unlock it using 4 different methods – your fingerprint, a passcode, through its Bluetooth app or the physical key provided. Through the app, you can also monitor whenever the door is open, giving you peace of mind.


With an easy push-pull open motion, you’ll find opening the door a breeze with just one hand. This is very convenient especially if your hands are busy carrying groceries. You can see that Samsung has put a lot of effort into making this well-designed digital lock.


If you want a modern-looking digital lock with a wide range of functionalities, the Samsung DP-738 Digital Lock will be an excellent choice.


7. Schlage S-480 Digital Door Lock

Schlage S-480 Digital Door Lock

  • Access through card or passcode
  • Auto-lock function
  • Built-in alarm to detect forced entry
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


Schlage is one of the oldest manufacturers of locks in the world. When you buy a Schlage lock, you can have peace of mind that your door is well-secured. As such, we highly recommend the Schlage S-480 Digital Door Lock.


In terms of access, you can unlock it using the provided RFID card or through a passcode. You can also generate one-time passwords for guests to use so that they won’t know your main passcode. We also like that this digital lock has an automatic lock function which helps if you forget to lock it. It has a built-in alarm which rings out loud if it senses any forced entry.


Getting a trusted brand for your digital home lock is essential. With the Schlage S-480 Digital Door Lock, you’re getting the best and most experienced in the business.


8. Yale YDR3110 Digital Door Lock

Yale YDR3110 Digital Lock

  • Password or RFID card access
  • Automatic lock feature
  • 2-year warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


The Yale YDR3110 Digital Lock is an affordable and value-for-money option among the Yale models. It has just the right amount of features and functionality while being budget-friendly at the same time – considering that free installation is included.


You can either choose to gain access by using a passcode or by tapping an RFID card of which 4 is provided. If you accidentally lose a card, you can reprogram it just that the card lost cannot be used on your digital lock. So you won’t have to worry about the safety of your home if that happens. Also, when the lock senses that everything is in place, it will automatically lock itself so you’ll never accidentally leave your door unlocked anymore. If you want a value-for-money digital lock, definitely give the Yale YDR3110 a chance.


9. Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock

Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock

  • Fingerprint, password or RFID access
  • Top-level security features
  • 2-year warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


For top-notch security features, check out the Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock. It can store up to 100 fingerprints, be programmed with RFID cards (4 provided), passcode-enabled or opened with a mechanical key (3 provided). If it senses tampering or break-ins, it will emit a loud sound to scare off and also warn you of the intrusion. Once you close the door, it will also auto-lock which saves you time and also prevents you from forgetting to lock it. If your door is between 4 to 5 cm in thickness, this digital lock will be perfect for your home.


10. Yale YDME50 Bedroom Digital Lock

Yale YDME50 Bedroom Digital Lock

  • Pincode, RFID, Mechanical key access
  • Perfect for a room door lock
  • 2-year warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


Do you want security for your room without having the hassle of carrying a set of keys around? If so, give the Yale YDME50 Bedroom Digital Lock a try. You can easily lock your room and re-enter it using a password. This security feature is great especially if you have a home office which has sensitive documents. Also, if you are renting out a room or two, it can help you secure your room when you are not home. Besides a bedroom, it can also be used on office doors. Get the Yale YDME50 Digital lock to fully secure for your home or office room.


11. Yale YDF40 Digital Door Lock

Yale YDF40 Digital Door Lock

  • Pincode or fingerprint access
  • Automatic locking system
  • Voice guide for new users
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


Are you worried about using a digital lock for the first time? Don’t be, as the Yale YDF40 Digital Door Lock comes with a calming voice that will prompt you through the steps to be taken. With this guide, you’ll get used to using a digital lock in no time.


This Yale Digital Lock is pretty simple to use. You either can use a password or your fingerprint to unlock it. With the Easy Scan technology, it reads your fingerprint fast so you won’t have to try multiple times to gain access.


For first time user, the Yale YDF40 Digital Door Lock will be a good option to get because it is easy to use and guides you seamlessly through the process each time.


12. Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S Digital Lock

Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S Digital Lock

  • Versatile control using the app
  • No WiFi required
  • Access through Bluetooth, pincode or key
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


This Igloohome Smart Digital Lock is one of the most value-for-money options available now. When we last checked, it was priced at less than $400. What’s more, it comes with free installation, which can cost more than $100 if you engage an outside contractor to do it. This is a very good deal that you should not miss out on!


This Igloohome Digital Lock is the epitome of what you want a smart lock to be. Its app gives you a whole range of functionality and versatility that you can’t find in most digital door locks. With the app, you can unlock the door, grant visitors access and track the logs of who opened the door. And all these are done without needing a WiFi connection. Of course, you can also opt to use a passcode instead if that’s what you prefer.


$400 is already an excellent price for a smart lock. But the Igloohome Digital Lock offers you an even better deal with free installation thrown in!


13. Igloohome Smart Mortise Digital Lock

Igloohome Smart Mortise

  • Passcode, RFID, App access
  • Let visitors in even when you aren’t home
  • Access logs for better security tracking
  • 1-year warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


Igloohome is a Singapore-based startup that is one of the leading innovators of smart digital locks in the world. The Igloohome Smart Mortise Digital Lock is their latest invention which is a perfect complement for a 21st century smart home.


Similar to other digital locks, you can gain access by using a password or RFID card. However with the Igloohome, you can also gain access from the app which is compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones. Through the app, you can do many things. One of them is that you can create temporary passcodes for your guests to use. These passcodes can be set to expire, so access to your home is granted only when you want to allow it.


Additionally, you can also see visitor logs to check whether your lock has been unlocked and by which code. This functionality is useful for homeowners who have guests frequently coming over. If you want a truly smart digital lock, support the homegrown Igloohome.


Are Digital Locks Safe and Secure


Yes. Digital locks are as safe as key locks. As long as you keep your access code to yourself, there is little chance that someone will be able to get into your home without you knowing. As with all digital and internet-connected devices, we always fear the risk of being hacked. However, most digital locks from well-known brands are very secure and have many layers of security to ensure they are protected from hackers.


However, we can’t say that digital locks are 100% safe, similar to key locks. There is always a chance that someone can get in. However, they are close to 100% safe, especially in Singapore where the crime rate is low. So you can switch to a digital lock with no worries as it is as safe as a keyless lock if not more.


Types of Digital Locks

  • Password digital lock
  • Biometric lock
  • Bluetooth digital lock
  • Card or RFID digital lock


Most common digital locks in Singapore are passcode-enabled. What this means is that you can set a password which you will have to key in to gain access into your home. Usually, password enabled locks are more affordable and also easy to set up.


Biometric digital locks are gaining in popularity as well because of how secure they are. To set up a biometric lock, you will have to let it scan your fingerprint so that it can recognize you. It is more secure as a fingerprint is harder to copy than a passcode.


Bluetooth digital locks require you to have your Bluetooth-enabled phone around. Usually, there is an app which allows you to connect to the lock which will give you access when it senses the connected and synced Bluetooth device. This Bluetooth lock may not be suitable for a home with younger children as some of them may not have phones. Also, this means if your phone is out of battery, you are out of luck.


Card or RFID enabled locks are not that popular because it takes away some of the convenience of having a keyless digital lock. You will still have to carry a card or RFID device around with you. If you forget to bring it, it is the same scenario as forgetting to bring a set of keys. These kind of digital locks are more popular for offices rather than homes.


Where to Buy a Digital Lock in Singapore


You can get a digital lock both in retail stores and also online through locksmith websites or e-commerce sites. You will be able to find digital locks in retail outlets like Home-fix, DIY stores, hardware shops or locksmith shops. The advantage of buying from retail is you can see the digital lock before buying. However, the disadvantage is that it usually costs around 10 to 20% more than online stores – especially e-commerce sites like Lazada.


For online e-commerce sites, you can choose from Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee and even Carousell. You can find almost any digital lock available in Singapore on these sites. Usually, their prices are very competitive, and with the possibility of using coupons and discount codes, you can get a great deal!


Price of Digital Locks in Singapore


Digital locks prices start from around $200 to $1000 or more for more advanced designs and technology. For a home setup, you can expect to spend about $350 to $700 for a brand name digital lock that has a warranty included. On online sites, if you can also choose from bundle deals with consists of two locks for an additional discount. Overall, digital locks are definitely more expensive than regular key locks. However, the convenience they offer is worth it considering you can use the lock for many years.


Digital Lock Installation in Singapore


Installing a digital lock will cost around $100 to $200 depending on the type of lock and the company you choose to install. The installation will usually take between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on whether it is a replacement or new installation.


Another question that is commonly asked is whether you can install a digital lock yourself. Yes, it is possible. You can refer to the manual or even the countless number of YouTube video available online for a step-by-step tutorial. However, it does take a fair amount of time, especially if you are inexperienced. Honestly, the most cost and time-effective method is to get a professional to do it for you. That way, you won’t have to deal with the headache of figuring out how to install it. The $100 to $200 is worth paying in our opinion.


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