8 Best Dryers in Singapore (2020) For Dry & Wrinkle-Free Laundry

Best Dryer Singapore

Drying your laundry can be such a struggle even in sunny Singapore. With a dryer, say goodbye to all your laundry drying woes. You are no more rushing to bring in your laundry just because it rains! The next question is which dryer you should get? Some of us may not be familiar with the concept of a dryer because of our usually sunny climate. Not to worry, this article has everything you need to know about dryers. First, here are the best dryers that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Fisher & Paykel Vented Dryer DE7060M1

Fisher & Paykel Vented Dryer DE7060M1

  • Senses moisture so your clothes are perfectly dry
  • Reverse tumbling to prevent creases
  • Quiet when in operation
  • 2-year warranty
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Fisher & Paykel are known for their high-quality home appliances. The Fisher & Paykel DE7060M1 Vented Dryer is no exception. It has everything that you’ll need and want in a dryer.


It has automatic sensors that measure the amount of moisture in the dryer so to ensure that your clothes are always dried perfectly. It helps to ensure your clothing is never overdried, so it is always protected with care.


Additionally, it also uses reverse tumbling that keeps creases to a minimum. An essential aspect since it saves you time with ironing. Another plus point is it is quiet when it is in operation, so you can even use it in the night without disturbance. Considering it is a premium Fisher & Paykel product, the price of this dryer is surprisingly affordable.



2. Electrolux EDV705HQWA Vented Dryer

Electrolux EDV705HQWA Vented Dryer

  • Colour Care to keep your clothes vibrant
  • Smart sensor to protect your clothes
  • Energy efficient operation
  • 2-year warranty
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Some of you may have heard negative things about dryers. Perhaps you have an impression that dryers will damage your clothes. That won’t happen with the Electrolux EDV705HQWA Vented Dryer.


It is equipped with the Colour Care technology which keeps your clothes colours vibrant even after many drying cycles. In fact, it causes 80% less colour fading than if you dry your clothes under the sun.


Additionally, it has a Smart Sensor that detects the exact level of humidity in the dryer. That way, your laundry is never over dried or under dried – instead, it is always perfectly dry. Also, it is very energy efficient. It consumes 6% less power than its older counterpart. All these reasons are why this Electrolux dryer is so popular in Singapore.



3. LG TWC1408H3E Washer and Dryer

Best washer dryer in Singapore

LG TWC1408H3E Washer and Dryer

  • Wash and dry in one single operation
  • TruSteam to reduce up to 99% allergens
  • 6 motion washing technology for super clean laundry
  • 2-years warranty
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If you ever wished that your washing machine can also be a dryer – your wishes have come true with the LG TWC1408H3E Washer and Dryer. It combines both washing and drying your laundry in one single machine and operation. And it does both very well.


It has a 6-motion washing technology that combines stepping, scrubbing, rolling, filtration, tumble and swing together. What you get is 100% clean laundry with zero dirt. Furthermore, it has TruSteam that promises to reduce 99% of allergens.


When drying your clothes, you can choose either the Eco or normal settings, depending on if you want speed or money savings. If you select the eco mode, you’ll save close to 5000 litres of water a year. For the normal mode, it’ll speed up the process and save you 22000 minutes over a year. Whether washing or drying, this LG appliance functions like a dream.



4. ELBA EBD602S Vented Dryer

Best cheap dryer

ELBA EBD602S Vented Dryer

  • Super affordable price
  • Anti-crease function for less wrinkles
  • 6kg loading capacity
  • 2-year warranty
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Even if you are on a budget, you can find a dryer that works great. Here is the Elba EDB602S Vented Dryer that offers excellent value-for-money. It is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest dryer that you’ll find in Singapore.


It has a decent 6kg loading capacity, which is sufficient for most Singapore families. It is also equipped with reverse tumbling and anti-crease functionality. You’ll find that your dry clothes are less crinkled and wrinkled because of this. Honestly, this dryer has features that more expensive dryers do – at around 30% cheaper. So grab this deal while it’s still available!



5. Beko DRVS73W Dryer

Beko DRVS73W Dryer

  • Optimizes the drying process for you
  • Fewer creases after drying
  • Child lock for safety
  • 2-year warranty
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Even if you are unfamiliar with dryers, you won’t need to worry when you use the Beko DRVS73W Dryer. It has the OptiSense technology that makes the process hands-off and automated. All you need to do is to choose how dry you want your clothes to be, and it’ll do all the calculations to make it happen.


Also, clothes dried in the Beko dryer will be crease-free because of the gentle movement of its drum which keeps the clothes separated. If you are drying delicate laundry, it’ll be more gentle so it won’t get damaged. Best of all, this Beko dryer is priced very competitively as well. So, you have got to consider it for sure.



6. Bosch WTE84105GB Condenser Dryer

Bosch WTE84105GB Condenser Dryer

  • Sensitive drying system that cares for your clothes
  • Duo-Tronic sensors to prevent overdrying
  • Quiet operation because of AntiVibration design
  • 2-year warranty
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Bosch is a name that you’ll definitely recognize for its quality home appliances. The Bosch WTE84105GB Condenser Dryer may cost more than other dryers. But it justifies the premium because of its capabilities.


It cares for your clothes when drying them. It uses warm airflow and gentle drum movements in perfect combination to remove moisture with care. Also, it has the Duo-Tronic sensor that detects moisture inside to prevent overdrying of your clothes. With an AntiVibration design, you’ll barely hear it even when it is on. If you don’t mind paying a bit more for quality, this Bosch dryer will be an excellent choice.



7. Whirlpool Air-Vented Dryer AWD712S

Whirlpool Air-Vented Dryer AWD712S

  • 15 different drying cycles for different fabrics
  • Large drum door for quick and easy loading
  • Shoe rack for drying without rotation
  • 2-year warranty
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With a large drum door, you can load up your laundry in the Whirlpool AWD712S Air Vented Dryer at lightning speed. After that, you can choose from 15 drying cycles to fit perfectly to the type of fabrics inside. With the right drying program, you’ll get perfect results every single time.


Laundry inside this dryer also has fewer wrinkles because there is regular rotation to prevent them from sticking together. This dryer also comes with a shoe rack which prevents rotating so you can dry your shoes without damaging them. If you have a wide range of fabrics to dry, this Whirlpool will suit you well.



8. Europace Tumble Dryer EDY5701

Europace Tumble Dryer EDY5701

  • Senses moisture for perfect drying
  • 15 automatic programs to select
  • 12 hours delay timer
  • 2-year warranty
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Europace has steadily garnered an excellent reputation in Singapore for quality products at value-for-money prices. The Europace EDY5701S Tumble Dryer is another one which enhances their reputation.


It has all that you need in a dryer – especially a reasonable price. There is moisture sensing technology that tracks the moisture levels and stops the drying right when your laundry is dry. You can select one of the 15 different programs to suit the laundry that is inside. Additionally, it has a delay timer that can start up to 12 hours later. Perfect for the busy schedules of Singaporeans. If you give Europace a chance, they’ll never disappoint you.


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Why you should get a dryer for Singapore


1. It helps you save time.

Washing and drying your laundry is usually a time-consuming task. You need to sort out the clothing one by one and hang them up on poles or clothesline. It could easily take you a precious hour to hang up just one load of laundry.


With a dryer, you don’t need to sort or hang anything. Just put it into the dryer and get dried clothes with zero effort that is ready for the wardrobe.


2. You can have dry clothes no matter the weather.

Singapore’s hot weather is good for drying clothes. However, during the monsoon or rainy reasons, it can be hard to do your laundry because your washed clothes can never get dry. With a dryer, you can have ready laundry even if there is a thunderstorm for weeks.


Additionally, you won’t need to worry about bringing the laundry in and out depending on whether there is sun or rain. You can have peace of mind because your laundry is protected from the elements at all times.


3. It helps you save space in your home.

Say goodbye to bulky and messy laundry poles and clothesline. With a dryer in your home, that is the only thing you need to get dry laundry. You’ll no longer need to mess up your beautiful home with unsightly lines of wet clothing.


Yes, a dryer will take up some space, but it can also be stacked on top of a front-loading washing machine. Essentially, you’ll only need a single area for both a washing machine and dryer.


4. You can dry bedsheets and curtains easily.

Large items like bedsheets and curtains are notoriously hard to dry. Imaging lugging a heavy curtain set onto a laundry pole. It is difficult which is why many people send their curtains to laundry services. But those services are costly. With a dryer, you can just put your curtains in it without any fuss. You can save both time and money by doing it in your very own home.



Vented tumble vs condenser dryer


There are two main types of dryers – the vented tumble dryer and the condenser dryer. While the vented option is more popular because of its lower price, there are also some people who prefer the condenser dryer. Here are a list of their differences and the pros or cons of each.


A vented dryer is usually more affordable than a condenser dryer. You can get one for around $500 for a mid-range model. Conversely, a condenser dryer often cost approximately 1.5 times more.


They also use different methods to dry your clothes. A vented tumble dryer will heat up air and blow this hot air on your clothing as it spins inside. The heat helps the moisture in your laundry to evaporate. The evaporated air escapes the dryer as steam. A condenser dryer condenses the air from your laundry directly. The water will be collected in a tank so you’ll need to empty it when it is full.


In terms of compatibility, a condenser dryer is more versatile. You can put it almost anywhere in your home. That is because it doesn’t need an external hose to release the moisture collected. For vented dryers, it needs to be connected to a hose for it to expel the water. Usually, this means it needs to be put close to a bathroom or a drain.


Vented dryers have cheaper running costs – in terms of electrical consumption. They are about 25% more energy efficient than condenser dryers. That is because they do not waste energy in condensing the water and instead directly expels the water through the hose. If you want an economical dryer in the long and short run – the vented dryer is the one you want.


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