17 Best E-Scooters in Singapore (2023) – UL2272 Certified

Electric Scooter Singapore

Electric scooters are an increasingly popular mode of transportation in Singapore. They are very affordable especially compared to cars, taxis, and motorcycles. They don’t consume fuel nor require a paid parking spot which means the running costs of one usually just involves electricity charges. An electric scooter is a great alternative to taking the bus, train, walking and even cycling.  You can get to your destination quickly and cheaply without a break of sweat.


Most importantly, it is fun to ride an electric scooter. There are many models available in the market that are suitable for teenagers, adults and even slightly older folks. Here we have rounded up the e-scooters that you should definitely consider when purchasing one. Also, we will examine the rules, tips, and guides to owning an electric scooter in Singapore. We hope that it will help you make the right choice when purchasing an e-scooter. First, here are the best electric scooters you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Segway Ninebot ES2 (UL2272 Certified)

Futureproof and Reliable Escooter

Segway Ninebot ES2 UL2272 Singapore

  • Fully compliant with all LTA regulations
  • Easy to ride
  • Portable yet sturdy
  • Good braking power
  • 1-year warranty
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As we know, by 2021, all electric scooters will need to be compliant with the UL2272 fire safety standards. As such, it is important to choose an electric scooter which is currently compliant with it. As of now, your best bet would be the Segway Ninebot ES2.


Besides being futureproofed, it is also a really great ride to have. It is super smooth to ride on even on slightly uneven surfaces. it even has a built-in Bluetooth app that locks your scooter when it is not being used. If you are looking for an electric scooter for the long-term, you should definitely get the Segway Ninebot ES2 available on Lazada!



2. Xiaomi MiJia Electric Scooter (UL2272)

Cheapest UL2272 compliant escooter 

Xiaomi Mijia Escooter

  • Good control and manoeuvrability
  • 30km distance per charge
  • Solid and stylish build
  • Can be sync via Smart App
  • 1-year warranty
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The Xiaomi MiJia electric scooter is a clear winner. Over the decade, Xiaomi has grown to become one of the most trusted and price-friendly consumer brands in the world. This is shown in the excellent performance of its escooter models.


When you ride the MiJia, the experience is a very smooth one. Acceleration is quick and stable, even on slightly sloped pavements. It is also easy to control and direct as it reacts to your movements almost instantaneously. It has a modern look that is complemented by its sturdy and solid build. With its decent battery size, it can travel up to 30km on just a single charge. Definitely enough for you to cruise through longer distance rides. Quality coupled with affordability. The Xiaomi MiJia which retails on Lazada should definitely be one of your top choices whether you need an e-scooter for transport or leisure.



3. Fiido UL2272 Seated Electric Scooter

Fiido UL2272 Seated Electric Scooter

  • Powerful, comfortable and safe
  • Many customization options (eg. child seat or basket)
  • Available in green, red, white & black
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If you want an escooter which you can customize, get the Fiido Seated Electric Scooter. You can add a child seat or grocery basket very easily. It will become what you need it to be. This is why the Fiido brand is so popular.


With a powerful motor, this electric scooter is suitable for even if you are of a bigger build or need to ferry your kid around. With 12 inch tyres, the ride is very comfortable whether you are riding on the pavement or the park connector. With responsive front and back brakes, it is very safe even if the pavement is slippery.


Lastly, we love the industrial look of this escooter. What’s more, it is available in 4 different colours of bright green, red, white and black. You’ll definitely fall in love with this design and performance of the Fiido escooter!



4. Segway Ninebot Max Escooter (UL2272)

Segway Ninebot Max Escooter

  • Maximum range of 65km
  • Good power especially for slopes
  • Long-lasting pneumatic tyres
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The Segway Ninebot Max Escooter has one of the furthest range for a compact escooter. On a single charge, it can travel up to 65km, which is 2 to 3 times further than most of its other competitors. Despite its larger battery, it charges up pretty fast too with just 6 hours needed for a full charge.


Besides a long run time, it is driven by a powerful 350W motor. This allows it to do very well on slopes of up to 15 degrees. Underneath the escooter are 10-inch pneumatic tyres which absorb shocks well. They are also long-lasting because of their self-healing feature, which means you don’t have to spend money on replacing them often.


If you need an escooter that can go the distance, the Segway Ninebot Max is one of the best you can get right now!



5. Kido Golden Scooter (UL2272)

Best escooter for food delivery

Kido Golden Scooter

  • Solid and quality build
  • Maximum range of 40km
  • Detachable battery for additional range
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The standout point of the Kido Golden Scooter is that its battery is detachable. With one battery having a capacity of 10.4AH, you can go up to a maximum range of 40km each. If you carry an additional battery pack, it’ll give you a total of 80km, which gives you more hours to complete your deliveries.


The entire build of this Kido Golden Scooter is excellent. Firstly, it has 14-inch wheels which help make the entire ride more comfortable even over a bumpy road. The seat has good cushioning as well so your buttocks won’t hurt. If you are planning on riding at least a couple of hours every day, it is important to choose an escooter like the Kido Golden Scooter which makes your ride very comfortable.


Are you on your escooter many hours a day? If so, invest in the Kido Golden Scooter which gives you further range and more comfort.



6. Mobot F16 Electric Scooter

Mobot F16

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Max range of 20km
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If you’re looking for a lightweight scooter for last-mile travel, the Mobot F16 Electric Scooter would fit the bill. It is very lightweight, weighing at just 13kg. When folded up, it is compact and would not take up too much space. It is the perfect size for bringing aboard the MRT or bus.


It does have a smaller battery of 5.2AH which gives it a 10 to 20km range. That helps to keep the escooter light but still offers enough for your daily travel needs. Riding on this electric scooter is also comfortable thanks to its 10-inch pneumatic wheels which helps give it some suspension.


The Mobot F16 Electric Scooter is an excellent UL2272-certified lightweight and portable escooter for your daily use.



7. DYU UL2272 Seated Electric Scooter

DYU UL2272 Seated Electric Scooter

  • Excellent pick-up speed
  • Foldable and compact design
  • Good range of up to 25km
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You’ll be surprised by how lightweight the DYU UL2272 Seated Electric Scooter is. It is only 13kg in total and is very compact when you fold it up. Because it is relatively light and together with its powerful motor, pick up speed on this scooter is very fast.


Other features that we like are the smart unlock system and malfunction system tracking through their app. There is also cruise control so you won’t need to rev the handlebar once you reach the speed you want. This DYU escooter has basically everything you would need and want in an electric scooter



8. Mobot Knight GT Electric Scooter (UL2272)

Mobot Knight GT Electric Scooter

  • Maximum load capacity of 120kg
  • Front and rear suspensions and brakes
  • Available in black, blue and red colours
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Mobot is one of the leading players for electric scooters in Singapore. The Mobot Knight GT Electric Scooter is a very well-built model that is UL22722-certified and compliant with all of LTA’s regulations.


It has a solid build that can hold up to 120kg in capacity. It comes with an adult seat but you can also add on an additional child seat very easily. Equipped with a large lithium-ion battery, it has a maximum range of 35km.


Riding the Knight GT Electric Scooter is safe and smooth. This is thanks to its large 12-inch pneumatic wheels equipped with suspensions and brakes. Whether for a single rider or for ferry a child around, you’ll be impressed with the performance of this e-scooter.



9. MaximalSG UL2272 Electric Scooter

MaximalSG UL2272 Electric Scooter

  • Spacious and wide seating
  • One-click easy speed control
  • Thick 14-inch wheels for extra stability
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If you want to ferry your kids around, the MaximalSG UL2272 Electric Scooter would be perfect. The standout feature is its spacious seating for both the rider and the passenger. You can even fit two kiddos in the backseat!


Importantly, it is also powerful enough to transport an adult and two kids. At the same time, it is also very safe with its thick 14-inch wheels providing a good amount of stability. Riding this scooter around is also stress-free because of its one-click speed control feature. This MaximalSG scooter will be our top recommendation if you want a scooter for ferrying.



10. SCOOTY F1K Escooter UL2272

Cheapest UL2272 escooter in Singapore

SCOOTY F1K Escooter

  • Durable aluminium build
  • Very lightweight weighing only 8kg
  • Easily foldable design
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Most UL2272 are pretty expensive now due to limited stock. Thankfully, there is a more affordable option with the Scooty F1K Escooter. When we last checked, it was the only UL2272-certified escooter below $400.


Besides its low price, it is actually a very competent electric scooter. It is exceptionally suitable for first and last-mile commuting because of its foldable and compact design. Weighing less than 8kg, you can bring it around without much effort. This scooter does run out of stock often because of its super low price – so don’t miss out on it!



11. Kernel Swift Escooter (UL2272)

Kernel SWIFT UL2272 Certified Electric Scooter

  • Lightweight and portable at 12.5kg
  • Unique foot pedal accelerator
  • 10-inch wheels for smooth riding
  • 6-month warranty
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The most unique aspect of the amazing Kernel Swift Escooter is its foot accelerator. Instead of control your speeds through your handlebar, you’ll be using your feet to push down on the accelerator. Somehow, it makes riding more fun and exciting! Most importantly, the Kernel Swift Escooter ticks all the requirements by LTA, including the new UL2272 certification for fire prevention.


The Kernel Swift is suitable for mid to short distances. You can travel up to a maximum of 25km on one charge. It has 10-inch tires that are designed for smooth riding because it absorbs any impact very well. Powered by a 350W battery, it can go up to the maximum of 25km/h and uphill angles of around 15 degrees. The safety aspects of this electric scooter are also excellent. It comes with LED and brake lights that keep you safe during the night. Its braking system is reactive and responsible, so you can control the electric scooter accurately.


Carrying this electric scooter around is also relatively easy with its light 12.5kg weight. It can be folded within seconds and pushed around on its front wheel like a trolley. Bringing it onto public transport won’t be a problem. The Kernel Swift is a great choice if you want a top-performing and lightweight scooter



12. Aleoca E Potenza Alloy Electric Scooter

Great Value for Money

Aleoca E Potenza Alloy Electric Scooter

  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 1-year warranty


When you zip around Singapore with the Aleoca E Potenza, know that you are riding perhaps the most value for money e-scooter around. The electric scooter is powered by a 250W motor that helps it to zoom around seamlessly. With a weight of only 8.8kg, it helps to ensure greater and smoother acceleration every single time. Despite its light weight, it is sturdily built and can withstand a maximum load of 100kg. You can also bring it on buses and trains easily as it is compact and light when folded.


With a maximum range of between 12 to 15km, you won’t need to worry about it running out of juice before you reach your destination. Additionally, Aleoca is a local company and brand which means it is very in tuned with the new and existing regulations regarding electric scooters. You won’t have to worry about any illegality if you get an Aleoca escooter.


Aleoca has been around since 1996. It is a trusted choice in the consumer mobility segment, especially within the cycling community. If you would like to support the local branded Aleoco escooter that is of good quality, this model is a great choice.



13. coolpower 10″ Electric Scooter

Best Support for Heavier Riders

coolpower 10 Electric Scooter

  • Supports up to 180kg
  • Superb battery life – up to 70km
  • Comes fitted with front and brake lights
  • 2 security locks to prevent theft
  • 1-year warranty


It can be tough to find an electric scooter for riders who have a larger frame. Even if some escooters state a high weight capacity, it just does not feel as stable and secure because of their lightweight build. Coolpower excels in building an electric scooter that is extremely sturdy and can withstand weights of up to 180kg. If you have ever been disappointed with the instability of other escooters, that will all go away once you take a ride on the Coolpower.


Beyond its well-built attribute, it also has excellent battery life. On average, you can travel up to 60km on a single charge. If you are of a smaller frame, it will be able to travel even longer distances of more than 70km. If you require an escooter that has an extremely long range, you may want to consider the Coolpower electric scooter.


Other notable features include 2 security locks that will protect it from being stolen. It is also a very safe scooter as it comes with powerful front and brake lights that will ensure your safety even in the night. For average sized users, the Coolpower would be a great choice with its high-quality build and features. For heavier users, it will be the perfect escooter for you. 



14. MaximalSG 36V lithium PMD Electric Scooter 

Highest Safety Factor

MaximalSG 36V lithium PMD Electric Scooter 

  • Very solid and sturdy build
  • Great for 2 passengers
  • Good suspension for a smooth ride
  • Prominent LED lights
  • 1-year warranty


Riding around as a duo? Or just want a ride that feels safe and sturdy? Take a look at the MaximalSG Electric Scooter. It has all the qualities you want! Just a simple look and you will sense that it is different from the traditional size and shape of an electric scooter.


It has a much wider standing area that will provide more than sufficient space for you to rest and relax your feet. Also, it comes with a free rear seat that is well cushioned and very comfortable. You can also add on various other add-ons like the child and rear seats or even a basket! MaximalSG electric scooter also comes with 12-inch wheels that will provide better traction and stability even on slippery pavements. Furthermore, its prime suspension will make bumps seem nonexistent on your rides with it. A maximum range of 25 to 35km means it is suitable for both short and long rides. For duos, just make sure your total weight is below 120kg as that is its maximum safe load.


As you know, electric bicycles are banned from pavements and are only usable on roads. The MaximalSG’s electric scooter is a great replacement for it as it is allowed on pavements but provides the sturdiness and stability of an electric bicycle.



15. Inspirgo Lightweight Electric Scooter

Best for Public Transport

Inspirgo Lightweight Escooter

  • Super light and small when folded
  • Can be brought on MRT and buses easily
  • 1-month warranty


You ride to the MRT station closest to your house on the Inspirgo. Once you reach the MRT, you easily fold the scooter into a thin and portable shape. In the peak hour packed train, you easily fit in along with the Inspirgo electric scooter. No more dirty stares from fellow commuters who are angry at an electric scooter taking up precious space in the MRT. The Inspirgo is a super lightweight electric scooter that is perfect for the last-mile commute.


Despite its small frame, it is deceptively sturdy and solid. You can easily ride on the bumpiest roads with little difficulty. It is also super speedy in its acceleration and will handle slopes easily with ease.



16. Inokim electric scooter

Highest Quality and Best Battery Life

Inokim quick2 escooter

  • Stable, smooth and fast ride
  • Nimble in turning corners and changing directions
  • Superb 55 km distance per charge
  • 2 months warranty


High-quality motor. High-quality wheels. High-quality battery. Notice the trend? Yes, the defining term for the Inokim electric scooter is that it is a very high-quality product.


Zipping around with it is a breeze. It has very good acceleration that makes even sloped pavements feel flat. It has a good suspension that helps to mitigate any bumps or potholes that you may face while cruising. Turning and navigating corners with it is simple as its controls are intuitive and responsive. In terms of safety, it has a set of brakes that provide good braking control even during slightly wet conditions. There are no weak points in this electric scooter.



17. Genconnect Electric Scooter 100W Black

Genconnect Electric Scooter 100W Black

  • Good ride on flat terrain
  • Quiet even when accelerating
  • Superb price for a starter escooter
  • 3 months warranty


Getting your first electric scooter? Just want to try out the scooting lifestyle without investing too much? We found the one for you! The electric scooter sold by Genconnect is a great starter escooter! It has all the essential functions of an electric scooter at a fraction of the normal price. It has a relatively sturdy build and weighs just 11kg with a maximum carrying weight of 75kg. It has a good range of 13 to 15km which is sufficient for most commuters’ daily needs.


However, it does not have very good acceleration and speed. It can only reach a maximum speed of just 15km per hour. This can be seen as a positive as it would encourage slower but safer riding. Slower speeds would be good for a novice rider for his or her own safety.



Are you still unsure about which electric scooter to go for? Here are our TOP recommendations again! If you choose one of them, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

  • Segway Ninebot ES2

  • Xiaomi MiJia Electric Scooter


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The Many Advantages of Owning an Escooter



The Best Option for the Last Mile Commute


The electric scooter is great at improving the last mile commute. The public transport system in Singapore is pretty good for medium to long distances. However, there is much improvement to be made for the last mile commute as buses and LRTs are sometimes too slow and inflexible with their routes. On the other hand, walking and cycling takes up more time and energy. You do not want to walk on a hot, humid day in Singapore. Bucketloads of sweat are guaranteed.


With an escooter, you can easily ride home in under 10 minutes usually. Just push the throttle button and you can be cruising along at a maximum speed of 25km per hour. Most electric scooter models are designed to be portable and legal to bring on any form of public transport. If you want to improve on your last mile commute, definitely consider an electric scooter!


Riding an Electric Scooter is Super Fun


Feeling the breeze in your face while cruising down the pavement is one of the best feelings in the world. Beyond the many practical benefits of owning an escooter, riding it around is a super enjoyable experience. You can explore many areas, attractions and places you’ve never seen before. Suddenly it feels like the entire Singapore is new and undiscovered. Going exploring on your electric scooter sometimes feel like going on a treasure hunt for hidden gems!


Riding can also be a social activity. You can ride with your family and friends to go on adventures around Singapore together. Also, there are many escooter riding groups in Singapore that you can find on Facebook and Instagram. It is an awesome way to socialize and enjoy with like-minded folks.


Cheap to Buy, Use and Maintain


Electric scooters are very affordable right now. You can easily get a good quality model for less than $500 or a basic model for less than $300. Escooters have relatively sturdy and solid builds that can last. Let’s assume an escooter will last for 3 years and cost $500. That will cost you under 50 cents a day to own one. Even adding in electricity costs, it is likely to cost less than taking a bus and definitely way less than a taxi. Also, unlike cars, you do not need to pay for parking spaces. Even when you put it at home, its small size means it will not take up much space.


Maintaining an escooter is simple. There aren’t many complex parts. Usually, you will just need to inflate the tires if they aren’t the solid type. Maybe tighten a few screws here and there when they loosen over time. And that’s about it. It is definitely not rocket science. An electric scooter is definitely a good investment!


Riding is Safe


Contrary to some negative media reports, riding an electric scooter is an extremely safe experience. There are some inconsiderate riders similar to any other inconsiderate people cycling or driving. However, the majority of the community is law-abiding and gracious riders. As electric scooters are allowed on the pavement, it is much safer than electric bicycles who are mandated to be only rideable on roads. As long as you keep to the regulated laws, riding will be a safe and fun experience. For more information about the new laws governing personal mobility devices (PMDs) and some tips on safe riding, continue reading towards the end of the article.


Doing Your Part For the Environment


Instead of a car or motorbike which consumes petrol, an electric scooter is an environmentally-friendly choice. It does not produce any greenhouse gases as it uses clean electricity to power your ride. In addition, there are no bad smelling fumes emitted when riding it. Enjoy a breezy ride and save the environment at the same time? Sign us up!


Things to Look Out For When Buying an Electric Scooter



Do You Want a Big or Small Escooter?


Larger electric scooters provide a more stable ride. On the other hand, smaller scooters are more portable. So the question is, which one would suit your riding habits better?


Do you bring your escooter around on public transportation? If so, definitely go for a lightweight and portable model. You do not want to be dragging a heavy 20kg scooter, especially with the crazily crowded peak period rush. You would want a model that is preferably below 10kg so that you can easily carry it around.


Conversely, if the electric scooter is your main mode of transport, you should consider getting a sturdier model. With a heavier built, your rides will be more stable and comfortable. Riding 20 kilometers will be way more comfortable and less taxing on your body with a bigger escooter.


Batteries and Max Distance Range


A bigger capacity battery means a longer maximum distance range. However, a better battery also means a heavier and more expensive electric scooter. With this tradeoff in mind, a bigger battery might not be necessary depending on your riding patterns.


Are you planning to use the electric scooter as a last mile commute option? If so, you will barely travel more than 5 to 10 km per day. A scooter with a smaller battery and shorter range may be the more economical choice for you.


Alternatively, if the electric scooter is going to be your travel workhouse, definitely go for one with a high maximum distance range. The best ones nowadays have a range of more than 50km and up. However, it will likely cost a premium as batteries are one of the most expensive parts of an electric scooter.


Suspensions or Not?


Singapore’s pavements are pretty smooth but you will definitely meet some bumps along the way. And that begets the question, do I need an electric scooter equipped with suspension? If you are okay with a couple of bumps here and there, the suspension may not be the most important factor when considering which electric scooter to buy. However, if you prioritize a smooth and comfortable ride, you should go for an escooter that has dual suspension preferably in the front and back of it.


Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) Rules in Singapore


Do you want to get an electric scooter or any form of PMD? Then, it’s important to take note of the new rules and regulations for PMDs.


The Active Mobility Advisory Panel (AMAP) has come up with the recommendation for the regulation of PMDs in Singapore. These recommendations have been accepted by the Singapore government and has come into effect from 2018 onwards.


  1. As of the second half of 2018, it will be compulsory to register your PMD
  2. An identification sticker will be issued and has to be pasted clearly on the PMD
  3. Electric scooters are allowed on both footpaths and cycling paths at a maximum speed of 15km/h and 25km/h respectively
  4. PMDs should have a maximum unladen weight of 20kg with a maximum width of 700mm or less
  5. PMDs must be a type that is approved by LTA
  6. PMDs should be equipped with white front and red rear lights that need to be turned on during low light conditions



What is UL2272?


In simple terms, UL2272 a certification issued by an organization in the US which is awarded to electric scooters which pass safety tests and checks. A key reason why the Singapore parliament mandated this was because of the rising trend of fires resulting from the charging of electric scooters. With this UL2272 certification, it helps to ensure the electric scooters in the Singapore market are of high-quality and safe.


On the 1st of Jan 2021 on, any electric scooter that is not UL2272 certified will not be able to be ridden on any public paths in Singapore. You can still use any non-UL2272 electric scooter from now till the 31 of December 2020. However, it needs to be purchased and registered before the 1st of July 2019. Otherwise, it will be illegal to ride it outside.



How to register your electric scooter in Singapore?


If you own an electric scooter now, you have to register it before the 1st of July 2019. It is an offence to ride an unregistered electric scooter from that date on. You will need to register your Personal Mobility Device (PMD) as long as it has a handle and motor. However, devices like electric wheelchairs and mobility scooter do not need to be registered. It costs $20 to register and it can be done online at www.onemotoring.com.sg or at a Singapore Post office.


Firstly, you will have to ensure that your electric scooter meets the requirements for registration. Please be accurate with the information you give because it is a crime to provide false information. (Fine of up to $5000 and up to 12 months jail)


  • Maximum unladen weight of 20kg
  • Maximum width of 70cm
  • Maximum speed of 25km/h
  • UL2272 certified (After 1st July 2019)


Next, with all this information, you can either go online or a Post Office to register. You will need to provide the model type, specifications, photographs of your scooter, a photo of Ul2272 certification mark. You will need to be at least 16 years old to register an electric scooter.


With the registration number issued, you need to make a sign for your escooter from a sign craft retailer. For more information for this, you can visit www.onemotoring.com.sg/escooter. Next, you will also get the LTA Registration Mark which you need to paste on your electric scooter (commonly on the stem). It should be visible, permanent and affixed straight for easy reading.



Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Riding



Keep a Vigilant Lookout


As a responsible rider, you should always concentrate on the path ahead. You should not play with your phones, speakers or any other devices which may distract you. By keeping a vigilant lookout, you will be able to react to any situation way ahead of time and avoid any potential mishaps.


You should also pay attention to the pavement’s conditions. Sometimes, there could be obstacles in your way. There could be tree branches, potholes or wet surfaces. If you are traveling at a fast speed, these obstacles may even cause you to lose control of your electric scooter. Your eyes will keep you and your fellow pavement users safe.


Adjust Your Speed to Your Surroundings


Zipping around at 25km/h may save you time. However, you need to vary your speeds depending on the situation. On pavements that are shared with pedestrians, you can only ride at a maximum of 15km/h. Even then, you should lower your speed when you are overtaking or passing people and other users.


At pedestrian crossings, your speed should be lowered to the pace of a normal walking person. This is to allow the vehicle drivers time to react and stop. When riding past crowded areas like bus stops and overhead crossings, you should keep alert and reduce your speed.


Electric scooters have the potential to be very fast. However, as we share the pavements with other users, we need to take their welfare into consideration. Keep your speeds at safe limits and enjoy the ride!


Give Way and be Gracious


The electric scooter is a very powerful device because of its speed and velocity. As famously proclaimed by Uncle Ben in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility”. As escooter riders, we have a responsibility to make the pavements safe for both ourselves and other users.


Give way whenever possible. Be gracious when riding. That is our responsibility as riders of a powerful device.



Haven’t made up your mind? Check out these popular models and they may just be the right one for you!

  • Segway Ninebot ES2

  • Xiaomi MiJia Electric Scooter


Some of the product links that we have included are affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small commission from platforms like Amazon if you make a purchase. This commission comes at no added cost to you. This helps to support us so that we can create more buyer guides for you.