The 11 Best Electric Kettles in Singapore | 2023 Review

Electric Kettle Singapore

Having an electric kettle at home makes boiling hot water a piece of cake. A good electric kettle will be a mainstay in your home as it can last for many years. The question is how to find the best electric kettle.


We have written a quick buyer guide at the end of our recommendations that you can refer to. First, here are the best electric kettles that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Philips Electric Kettle Daily Collection HD9349/12

Philips Electric Kettle Daily Collection HD9349

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Philips kettles have been the mainstay of homes for many decades. We believe that the Philips Daily Collection Kettle will continue this tradition. At first look, it has a modern and minimalistic design that is made of both stainless steel and titanium. With its retractable cord, it will not create a visual mess in your kitchen like some other kettles.


In terms of performances, it goes beyond what the typical kettle offers. It boils fast and has a micro-mesh filter to ensure the water is clean. There are three different safety features for preventing overheating and accidents. This Philips Electric Kettle is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

2. Morries Glass Kettle MS3030GKKW

Best glass electric kettle

Morries Glass Kettle MS3030GKKW

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Boiling water never seems to be a fun thing, that is until you use the Morries Glass Kettle. Besides being able to see the entire process of boiling water, you’ll be mesmerized by its ability to change to 5 different colours. It makes the usually boring task of boiling water exciting.


Beyond its looks, the Morries Glass Kettle has all the functionality and safety aspects that you want in a kettle. It is made up of high-quality borosilicate glass that will ensure longevity. You can even keep the water warm for up to an hour with the “keep warm” function. In regards to safety, there is an automatic turn off and also boil dry protection to ensure zero accidents. The Morries Glass Kettle is a great kettle with a fun twist.



3. Morries Stainless Steel Kettle MS822SS

Morries Stainless Steel Kettle MS822SS

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The Morries Stainless Steel Kettle does look pretty old school compared to the modern sleek and slim designs nowadays. But if you want reliability, it is the choice for you. We ourselves have a stainless steel kettle that looks exactly like it. And guess how long it has lasted? It has been in our kitchen for more than 20 years!


If you want a reliable and functional kettle, go for the Morries Stainless Steel Kettle.



4. Tiger Electric Kettle PCD-A10S

Tiger Electric Kettle PCD-A10S

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You may be familiar with the popular Tiger Thermos. Tiger has now brought their expertise in keeping things hot over to electric kettles with the Tiger PCD-A10S Kettle. It has a 1-litre capacity that is perfect for the typical household. If you have kids, you will love the safety features offered by the Tiger Electric Kettle. It has a double wall structure which keeps the outside safe to touch. Additionally, you can activate the lock function to prevent it from spilling if the kettle topples. The Tiger Electric Kettle will be great for a family with young kids.



5. Tefal Electric Kettle KO2608

Tefal Electric Kettle KO2608

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You have always been warned not to touch a boiling kettle. But you can touch the Tefal KO2608 Electric Kettle all you want, even when it has boiling water in it. With dual heat barriers, it contains all the heat within the first barrier and makes it safe to touch. This double barrier also means that water in the kettle stays hot longer. With a 1.7 litre capacity, you may think that the kettle will be bulky. However, it remains slim and sleek because it’s size is in its taller height. The Tefal Electric Kettle is a fantastic kettle for your home.



6. Sencor Smart Kettle SWK 1791WH

Sencor Smart Kettle SWK 1791WH

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The Sencor Smart Kettle is a fully adaptable kettle that will make heating water a simple and intuitive process. There are 5 different temperature settings that you can choose from – 50, 60, 70, 85 and 100-degree celsius. Just select one temperature and you’ll get temperature-accurate water within a few short minutes. You can also choose to boil the water to 100 degree celsius fully and let it cool down to a preset temperature. This is perfect if you want boiled and sterilized water that is at a drinkable temperature.


A three-prong safety system will protect you and your family. It has overheating protection if there is too little or no water. It will also turn off once the set temperatures are reached to prevent over boiling. If you lift it from its heating base, it will also automatically switch off.


The Sencor Smart Kettle is the perfect addition to the 21st century smart home.



7. Toyomi Electric Kettle SK 455

Toyomi Electric Kettle SK 455

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You may not be impressed with the vintage look of the Toyomi Electric Kettle SK 455. But you will be impressed with its performance for sure. Underneath its exterior, it is packed with excellent performance. You will get boiling hot water at super quick speeds. Additionally, it is a very safe kettle. There is an auto safety off function to prevent any mishaps.


Forget looks and get reliable performance with the Toyomi SK 455 Electric Kettle.




8. Smeg Electric Kettle

Smeg Electric Kettle

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A Smeg Kettle is the ultimate centrepiece for your kitchen. With their retrolicious design, Smeg stands out and captures your attention. You can jazz up your entire kitchen with a Smeg Electric Kettle.


It is not just a pretty kettle. It has great functionality and features too. With a 1.7 litre capacity that can make approximately 6 cups of drinks, it is perfect for a small to medium-sized family. A stainless steel limescale filter ensures your kettle is protected so it lasts longer. This filter is also removable so that you can give it a quick rinse easily. A 3000W heating power means you will get your hot and boiling water in double quick time compared to cheaper kettles.


The Smeg Electric Kettle will satisfy your eyes and also every need you need from a kettle.



9. Mayer Electric Kettle MMEK17DW

Mayer Electric Kettle MMEK17DW

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The rose gold exterior of the Mayer Electric Kettle is just so pretty. It adds a dash of class and elegance to an otherwise dull kitchen appliance. Inside, it is made with a stainless steel interior that is food grade and safe for boiling water. A double wall interior also means the outside won’t be hot so it is safer if you accidentally touch it. This beautiful Mayer Electric Kettle is a wonderful addition to your beautiful kitchen.



10. Toyomi Travel Kettle WK315

Best travel electric kettle

Toyomi Travel Kettle WK315

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Small, compact and also functional, the Toyomi Travel Kettle is a great option if you want to bring a kettle around. If you need a small kettle for the office, it would also fit the bill. It takes up so little space that you can put it on your desk without cluttering it up.


Despite being small, it has the functionality of larger and even more expensive kettles. It can accept two different voltages which makes it useful for other countries. Its design makes it simple for daily cleaning and drying.


If you are looking for a portable kettle, the Toyomi Travel Kettle is a great choice.



11. Breville Smart Kettle BKE-825

Breville Smart Kettle BKE-825

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Breville is known for producing high-quality kitchen appliances, and the Breville BKE-825 Smart Kettle is yet another success. Did you know that different teas and coffee taste best when using a particular temperature of hot water? For example, green tea works best at 80 degrees celsius, oolong at 90 degrees celsius and coffee at 95 degrees celsius. This smart kettle has 5 different presets from 80 to 100 degrees celsius (with a 5 celsius incremental) so that you can make the perfect cup of hot drink every single time.


The build quality is also exceptional. Its stainless steel body feels sturdy. The process of boiling water is also fast and efficient. You will no longer need to wait long minutes for a cup of hot coffee. For a reliable and high-quality kettle, the Breville Smart Kettle is the one for you.



Choose one of our top recommendations for electric kettles and you will not be disappointed!

  • Philips Electric Kettle
  • Breville Smart Kettle
  • Morries Glass Kettle
  • Tiger Electric Kettle
  • Smeg Electric Kettle
  • Sencor Smart Kettle


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Electric vs non-electric kettles


Electric kettles are much more popular than stovetop kettles nowadays. Here are the reasons why.


Electric kettles are a much safer alternative than stovetop kettles. They usually come with a bunch of safety features that ensure there is no chance for accidents. Even the most forgetful and careless person in the world would be safe using an electric kettle. On the contrary, stovetop kettles require more care. You would need to turn it off manually and if you forget, it could be disastrous. Also, there are electric kettles which have double barriers that make their exterior cool enough to touch. If you have young kids, having a kettle like that will prevent them from scalding themselves.


Theoretically, an electric kettle will be more energy efficient than a stovetop kettle. Once the water reaches the boiling point, it will automatically shut off. With a stovetop kettle, it will continue boiling and using up energy until you manually turn it off.


Electric kettles boil water faster. Assuming you are using a relatively new model, you will find that an electric kettle would bring water to a boil much faster than a stovetop kettle. Additionally, if you want even faster performance, get an electric kettle with higher wattage.


You can choose the exact temperature that you want your water to be. Many electric kettles nowadays allow you to choose from a number of temperature presets. For stovetop kettles, you would need to manually track the temperature of the water with a thermometer if you want to stop at an exact temperature.



Things to consider when buying an electric kettle


Buying an electric kettle may seem straightforward; after all, it is just another kitchen appliance. However, you should consider the specifications and features carefully if you want to get a kettle that meets your needs and expectations. Here is a list of considerations that will be useful in your buying decision.


How fast does it boil


Sometimes, you just want a quick cup of coffee in the morning. If you have a kettle that takes too long to boil, it wastes precious minutes that you could have spent in dreamland. If you need speed, get a kettle that has a high wattage. A kettle with a heating element that has 2000W will take a longer time to boil than one which has 3500W. However, you would also need to take note of the capacity of the kettle. A lower capacity kettle together with a high wattage would be the best combination for a fast boiling kettle.


How loud is it


Boiling water requires a lot of energy. Energy creates noise. It is inevitable that an electric kettle emits some sound when it is operating. However, there are some models when it sounds like a jet plane is taking off. This can be very disruptive, especially if you need peace and quiet in the early morning or night. Thankfully, there are some kettles which have better noise insulation than others. If you need relative quiet, definitely choose one of those and make your everyday use of it more enjoyable.


How big is its capacity


Electric kettles come in all types of sizes and also capacity. The 2 most common capacities are 1 and 1.7 litres. If you are making a cup of coffee for 4 to 6 people, it would be sufficient. However, it may not be enough if you have a bigger household or are boiling water for daily consumption. In that case, getting an electric kettle with a larger capacity would be more suited for your usage pattern.


Temperature options


The traditional electric kettle used to come with a single temperature option – boiling water at 100 celsius. As technology advanced, there are more smart kettles appearing on the market that provides you with more temperature options. As mentioned, these precise temperatures are great because they are more optimal for certain type of beverages – coffee or different types of tea. With a smart kettle, you’ll be able to enjoy your drink at the optimal conditions and start your day right.


Safety features


A big advantage that electric kettles have over stove top kettles is their safety features. Within electric kettles, there are also differences in how comprehensive their safety features are. Most electric kettles have basic safety features like automatic turn off. However, additional safety functions like anti-slip and double barrier exteriors are very useful for families with children. These additional features will provide you with a peace of mind that your kids are protected from the potentially dangerous kettle.



Are you still unsure which electric kettle to get? Here are our top recommendations once again. Any one of these kettles will be great for your home!

  • Philips Electric Kettle
  • Breville Smart Kettle
  • Morries Glass Kettle
  • Tiger Electric Kettle
  • Smeg Electric Kettle
  • Sencor Smart Kettle


Some of the product links that we have included are affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small commission from platforms like Amazon if you make a purchase. This commission comes at no added cost to you. This helps to support us so that we can create more buyer guides for you.