8 Best Electric Lunch Boxes in Singapore (2023) For A Fresh Meal

Best Electric Lunch Box Singapore

Bringing your own lunch to work or school is easy if you have an electric lunch box. With it, you will no longer have to queue for a microwave, eat a cold meal or make your way through the dreaded lunch crowd. Instead, you can enjoy a hot and healthy meal in the comfort of your desk or pantry. Want to know which one to buy? Here are the best electric lunch boxes that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. RC-Global Electric Lunch Box

Cheapest electric lunch box in Singapore

RC-Global Electric Lunch Box

  • 2L capacity with 3 tier layers
  • Food-safe containers
  • Available in brown and pink
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The RC-Global Electric Lunch Box is pretty similar to the previous Yoice model. It is massive with a same 2L capacity and 3 tiers. The two differences are that this electric lunch box is about 30% cheaper. The main reason for its cheaper price is because it does not have the preset menu functions. However, it can still cook very well, just that you need to figure out the settings and timings yourself. If you want a large and cheap electric lunch box, this RC-Global model is your best choice.

2. Morries MS-8973LB Electric Lunch Box

Morries MS-8973LB Electric Lunch Box

  • Excellent reheating function
  • Rice cooker function
  • Portable and lightweight
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Enjoying a hot meal on the go is effortless with the Morries MS-8973LB Electric Lunch Box. It has a 1.0L capacity which gives you more than enough space for a hearty meal for one large appetite. Besides being a food warmer and steamer, it can also double up as a rice cooker.


You can use this electric lunch box to steam eggs, reheat food and soup. All these features are packed into a compact form that makes it very convenient to bring around. No wonder this Morries lunch box is so popular online.



3. Bear Electric Heating Lunch Box DFH-B10J2

Bear Electric Heating Lunch Box DFH-B10J2

  • Strong steam to cook food well
  • Divided containers to separate food
  • Cute and chic design
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We love the rectangular design of the Bear Electric Heating Lunch Box DFH-B10J2. It is very compact and is similar to the size of an iPad Mini. With a pull-out handle, carrying it around is not a problem. With its cute pink colour scheme, it is the perfect lunch box for a lady.


Inside the lunch box is a powerful steamer that generates sufficient steam to cook your food quickly and efficiently. There are two stainless steel containers inside. One of the containers is for your rice while the other is divided into 2 portions so you can separate your dishes. If you want a cute and powerful lunch box, this is the one for you.



4. Bear Multi-Function Electric Lunch Box DFH-B13E5

Bear Multi-Function Electric Lunch Box DFH-B13E5

  • Large capacity of 1.3L
  • 270W for quick and even cooking
  • Lightweight at just 0.8kg
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If you want a larger option, check out the Bear Electric Lunch Box DFH-B13E5. It has a 1.3L capacity instead of the usual 1L capacity. With that, you can fit in more rice or dishes for a more filling meal. Although it is larger, it is still very lightweight and weighs just 0.8kg.


With a powerful 270W steamer, it ensures quick cooking in under 30 minutes. Food that is kept in this lunch box tastes fresh even after some time, thanks to its negative pressure seal. You also won’t have to worry about leakage because it has excellent sealing that prevents any liquid from escaping. Enjoy a fast, hot and sumptuous meal with this Bear Lunch Box!



5. LifePro ELB-2016 1.3L Electric Lunch Box

LifePro ELB-2016 1.3L Electric Lunch Box

  • Big 1.3 litre capacity 
  • Quality and food-safe containers
  • Comes with egg steaming tray
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Cooking a meal from scratch is possible with the LifePro ELB-2016 Electric Lunch Box. That means instead of just keeping your food warm, you can make entire meals. Fresh hot meals taste so much better than reheated meals that are kept warm.


From meat to vegetables, this electric lunch box can cook in all in 15 minutes. With its 1.3 litre capacity, it can fit generous servings enough for 2 people. With your food being held in 304 stainless steel containers that are food-grade, it ensures that whatever cooked inside is safe and healthy for consumption.


If you like hard-boiled eggs, it even comes with an egg steaming tray which lets you steam 6 eggs effortlessly. For all these wonderful features, it is available at a really cheap and value-for-money price.



6. Yoice DFH16 Electric Lunch Box

Yoice DFH16 Electric Lunch Box

  • Huge 2L capacity with 3 tiers
  • 8 automatic menu functions
  • 99 minutes timer
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If you want a lunch box for 2 to 4 people, this huge Yoice DFH16 Electric Lunch Box is the perfect size. It has a 2L capacity and 3 different tiers so you can cook a variety of dishes. It is sure to fill your family’s belly to the brim.


Cooking a meal is also easy because there are 8 different preset menu functions. From rice, soup, porridge to even deserts, all you have to do is press the button, and it’ll adjust the right settings automatically. With a max timer setting of 99 minutes, you can really cook almost anything in this versatile electric lunch box.



7. Playbear Electric Lunch Box

Playbear Electric Lunch Box

  • Affordable price for large capacity
  • Powerful 300W for ultra-fast heating
  • Sleek and modern design
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The Playbear Electric Lunch Box is another affordable option for you to consider if you need a large-sized lunch box. It has a 2L capacity and also 3-layers for you to separate your different dishes. Powered with 300W, it can heat up and cook your food about 20% faster than some other models. It also looks very sleek and modern with its steel and black design. Overall, at just $25, it offers way more value than its low price.



8. Yoei Electric Lunch Box ELB-643

Yoei Electric Lunch Box ELB-643

  • Large 2L capacity with 3 different sized containers
  • Stainless steel containers with silicone seal
  • Keeps your food fresh and warm safely
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With the Yoei Electric Lunch Box ELB-643, you can have a piping hot and fresh meal whenever you want. It has excellent steaming and heat retention capabilities. In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it is very easy for food to go bad. Therefore, you need a Yoei Electric Lunch Box to make sure your meal is safe to consume.


It comes with 3 differently sized stainless steel containers. The biggest one is perfect for steaming up to 3 bowls of rice. If you don’t need that many tiers, you can take one or two of them out so that it’s lighter. We also like the modern design of this lunch box. Overall, its customizability makes it one of the best large electric lunch boxes around.


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