13 Best Essential Oils in Singapore (2023) That Are Full Of Benefits

Best Essential Oil Singapore

There is an essential oil for every kind of need. Be it for a relaxing respite or a deep slumber, or for awakening and reinvigorating your senses. It might be surprising to you, but some essential oils are also known for their healing effects! (Read: they also do wonders for your complexion and hair, not just your mental wellbeing!)


Read on as we round up the best essential oils that you can get in Singapore!



1. Now Foods Peppermint Essential Oil

Best essential oil for fever

Now Foods Peppermint Essential Oils

  • Reinvigorates senses and alleviates mental fatigue
  • Perfect for mornings
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The Now Foods Peppermint Essential Oils is a sure perk me up in the morning. It has a mint-like scent that feels refreshing and clean. Peppermint oil is also known to resolve blocked nose as it opens your airways. If you’re suffering from a cold or fever, put this on and you should feel better. It also helps to treat headaches or migraines.


It is 100% pure concentrated essential oil. You should use with care and make sure to dilute it or use a diffuser to enjoy its scent. Peppermint oil is really versatile. You can mix with some Rosemary essential oil for a balanced aromatherapy!



2. Now Foods Rosemary Essential Oil

Essential oil for headache

Now Foods Rosemary Essential Oils

  • Ideal for stimulating brain activity
  • Perfect for a refuel in the middle of the day
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The Now Foods Rosemary Essential Oils is often used to boost mental wellbeing. It has a slightly woody and herbaceous scent. Rosemary Oil is known to clear your mind and rid your body of stress and tension. You can put this scent on if you’re suffering from a headache and need fast relief.


Rosemary Oil also helps you focus and concentrate for better memory retention. Rosemary oil is also commonly used to stimulate hair growth. If you’re suffering from hair loss due to stress (and not genetics), rosemary oil may well encourage healthy hair reproduction.



3. Young Living Thieves Essential Oil

Young Living Thieves Essential Oil

  • Blend of essential oils for versatile uses
  • Anti-bacterial qualities to kill germs
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The Young Living Thieves Essential Oil is a unique blend of different ingredients like Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary. When combined, the essential mix smells somewhat spicy and earthy. It is known to have anti-bacterial qualities and can boost your immune system.


The best part about this essential oil is that it can take on different roles, from being a household cleaning solution, a toothpaste, breath spray and even for consumption! You can make a warm cup of booster tea with just a drop of the Young Living Thieves Essential Oil.



4. Now Foods Lemongrass Essential Oil

Now Foods Lemongrass Essential Oils

  • Calms and relaxes the mind
  • Perfect for unwinding after a long day
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The Now Foods Lemongrass Essential Oils contains 100% pure lemongrass oil. The lemongrass scent is rather distinct. It has a fresh citrusy smell. Lemongrass oil is commonly used in aromatherapy as it has a scent that can calm and heal one’s mind.


If you’re feeling stressed out or suffering through a bout of anxiety, this lemongrass essential oil is sure to provide a respite and make you feel better. The lemongrass scent can also help repel mosquitoes and other insects. This would definitely help you in your fight against the Dengue and Zika viruses!



5. Now Foods Cedarwood Essential Oil

Now Foods Cedarwood Essential Oils

  • Soothes your mind for better sleep at night
  • Perfect as an insect repellent
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The Now Foods Cedarwood Essential Oils is absolutely non-diluted. It is made with 100% pure steam-distilled oil from Virginia Cedarwood trees. The Cedarwood essential oil has an earthy and warm scent with a hint of balsamic.


Many people find the scent soothing and find themselves feeling more grounded, underscoring a sense of empowerment and strength. If you feel like you’ve been rather anxious and your body is always tense, you should consider dropping a few drops of Cedarwood essential oil in hot water or your diffuser at night



6. Now Foods Lavender Essential Oil

Now Foods Lavender Essential Oils

  • Relieves anxiety and calms body and mind
  • Perfect for baths and nights
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The Now Foods Lavender Essential Oils, as all essential oil from Now Foods, is 100% pure lavender oil. This allows you to dilute the essential oil upon application and still give off that strong aroma.


Lavender essential oil is probably one of the most commonly used scents around due to its powerful normalising qualities. It has a floral scent that ubiquitously gets everyone feeling comfortable. When you inhale the lavender scent, you’d feel any anxiety and tenseness slowly leaving your body and mind. Your heart beats more calmly, and this helps slowly shut your mind.



7. Now Foods Geranium Essential Oil

Now Foods Geranium Essential Oils

  • Conditions skin and beautifies complexion
  • Helps boost spirits and morale
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The Now Foods Geranium Essential Oils boasts of a myriad of benefits, both therapeutic and health-related. Geranium oil has a subtly sweet and full floral scent, which makes it really popular in perfumes. It helps lift your spirits and boosts morale so that you feel more light and carefree after a long day.


You can also add a small drop of this essential oil in your moisturiser to apply on your face. Geranium oil is known to help condition your skin for better complexion, including tightening your skin to prevent sagginess and wrinkles!



8. Now Foods Citronella Essential Oil

Now Foods Citronella Essential Oils

  • Perfect for repelling bugs and mosquitoes
  • Pleasantly calming and evokes happiness
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The Now Foods Citronella Essential Oils has a mix of grassy and lemony scent. It has an uplifting aroma that is believed to evoke emotions like happiness and hope in people’s minds. At the same time, it has a pleasant and calming undertone which can help to calm you down.


Citronella oil is commonly used as an insect repellent as it naturally dispels them. This presents a win-win situation as not only is it beneficial to humans in aromatherapy, it helps prevents you from getting bitten by mosquitoes! This is especially useful in the hottest and most humid months in Singapore.



9. Now Foods Bergamot Essential Oil

Now Foods Bergamot Essential Oils

  • Energising and reinvigorating for better spirits
  • Perfect to start your mornings
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The Now Foods Bergamot Essential Oils is a bottle of 100% concentrated Bergamot essential oil that can last you a long time. All it takes is 1 or 2 drops per use each time. Bergamot essential oil has an all-rounded fruity scent that doesn’t come off too strong. There are sweet undertones which augment its reinvigorating properties.


This oil is known to contain components that act as an anti-depressant. This helps to lift your spirits and get your ready for a full day ahead. It is perfect for the go-getters.



10. Now Foods Frankincense Essential Oil

Now Foods Frankincense Essential Oils

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Skin-benefitting qualities for better complexion
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The Now Foods Frankincense Essential Oils can be applied directly to the skin or used in diffusers to inhale. Frankincense oil has a warm and earthy scent with a hint of spiciness. It smells like pinewood mixed with a citrus fruit.


Frankincense oil is known to be antiseptic and can help heal cuts and burns. It also has astringent qualities which help protect your skin. This means that it can help reduce red flares and blemishes and can even reduce the size of pores on your face! You can include a drop of this Frankincense oil to mix with your moisturiser and apply no your face.



11. Now Foods Lemon Essential Oil

Now Foods Lemon Essential Oils

  • Energising to fight fatigue
  • Relieves and eases stress from mind
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The Now Foods Lemon Essential Oils is highly concentrated and 100% pure lemon oil. It has an uplifting citrusy scent that can instantly wake you up. If you need a perk-me-up or a mind-refresher in the middle of a long day, a lemon essential oil is just what you need.


It helps to clear your mind and eases stressful notions from the mind. This allows you to think clearer and better. Lemon oil is also known to be able to cleanse and detox your body. All it takes is 2 drops to a cup of water every morning.



12. Now Foods Tea Tree Essential Oil

Now Foods Tea Tree Essential Oils

  • Antibacterial and soothing for clearer complexion
  • Perfect as a disinfectant
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The Now Foods Tea Tree Essential Oils is a convenient bottle of concentrated Tea Tree essential oil. Tea Tree oil has quite a strong medicinal smell, and there is a good reason for this. Tea Tree is known for its many antimicrobial qualities and can be used to treat many issues.


For one, Tea Tree is known to kill the acne bacteria that cause pimples and outbreaks on your face. It also has soothing qualities that not only calm these painful flares but also your psyche. Another use is to treat toenail fungus. Just a soak in the bathtub with a few drops of this Tea Tree essential oils can help to treat it



13. Now Foods Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Essential oil for coughs

Now Foods Eucalyptus Essential Oils

  • Helps clear your nasal system to relieve nose block
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
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The Now Foods Eucalyptus Essential Oils is commonly used to relieve coughs. Inhaling Eucalyptus oil actually has health benefits. It has decongesting abilities that can help clear your nasal passageway and loosen phlegm in your throat. This helps you feel better quickly and can silence your cough!


Eucalyptus is also known to be anti-inflammatory and can be used on the skin for cuts and wounds. In any case, if you’re looking for a strong minty scent to help clear your mind, this Eucalyptus oil may likely be to your liking.


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What are essential oils?


Essential oils are typically concentrated oil extracted from plants. These oils carry with it the plant’s scents and can be aromatic in nature. These scents are used in aromatherapy as they are known to be able to influence one’s psyche in a positive way.


Some scents are known to be able to calm one’s senses, other scents are more popularly used to reinvigorate your mind and to think better. There are also medicinal benefits, thanks to the often anti-inflammatory or antibacterial qualities inherited from its extracted plants. Essential oils can help treat wounds and acne.


Essential oils are very versatile. They can be inhaled, applied on the skin and for some, may also be ingested. However, as essential oils are highly concentrated, you should always make sure you dilute them before use. You should also use with care and not overdo it.


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