6 Best Foam Rollers in Singapore (2023) For Deep Massage

Foam Roller Singapore

Are you suffering from sore and aching muscles after an intense workout? Now, you can relieve your aches conveniently and cheaply with your very own foam roller. A foam roller can stimulate the benefits and effects of a deep-tissue massage right in your very own home. The best part is that they are super affordable as well. Time to find out which foam roller to get. Here are the best foam rollers you can buy in Singapore today!



1. SPORTSCO Standard EVA Foam Roller 

SPORTSCO Standard EVA Foam Roller

  • High-quality and affordable
  • 32cm long, 14cm diameter
  • 6 different colours to choose from
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The SPORTSCO Standard EVA Foam Roller is one of the most popular and affordable options in Singapore. There are hundreds of positive reviews online, which is social proof of how well-received this product is.


This foam roller is 32cm long and has a diameter of 14cm. It is the most common size you will find and should work well for anyone. The outer texture is well-designed with the right number of bumps to give you a good massage with every roll. You can choose from 6 different colours – black, blue, purple, pink, orange, red. Also, it comes along with a mesh bag for you to store it and also bring it around conveniently.


If you’re looking for a quality foam roller that is light on your wallet, this SPORTSCO Foam Roller is going to be our top recommendation!



2. Hollow Trigger Point Yoga Roam Roller

Hollow Trigger Point Yoga Roam Roller

  • Made with durable EVA material
  • Supports up to 200kg of pressure
  • Washable and easy to keep clean
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It is crazy how affordable foam rollers are. Another crazily cheap option is this Hollow Trigger Point Yoga Roam Roller. When we last checked, its price was less than $13, which is an excellent deal considering it is a very well-made product.


It is made with the durable EVA material which can withstand friction and pressure well. In fact, it can support up to 200kg of pressure without breaking a sweat. This foam roller is also washable so you can wash off your sweat drops easily.


For a durable and budget-friendly option, this Hollow Trigger Point Yoga Roam Roller should definitely be in your consideration.



3. SPORTSCO Rumble Foam Roller 

SPORTSCO Rumble Foam Roller 

  • Firmer and protruded bumps
  • Good for extremely sore muscles
  • Comes with mesh carrying bag
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With firmer and more protruded bumps, the SPORTSCO Rumble Foam Roller is going to be more effective for super sore and tight muscles. It provides stronger kneading and massage for quicker relief so that your muscle recovery is much faster.


If you’re doing intense exercises like HIIT, CrossFit and long-distance running, this SPORTSCO Rumble Foam Roller will be super useful for you. It is slightly more expensive than other models because of its firmer texture and design. However, it is still much cheaper than going for a professional sports massage.


The SPORTSCO Rumble Foam Roller will provide you with quick relief for your muscles to keep you ready for another intense workout the next day.



4. SPORTSCO Flexi Grid Foam Roller

SPORTSCO Flexi Grid Foam Roller

  • Designed for daily use
  • Good option for beginners
  • Extremely quick delivery
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If you’re a first-time user of a foam roller, we recommend trying out the SPORTSCO Flexi Grid Foam Roller. It has a gentler design which we feel, offers a better start point for beginners. You won’t find pointy ends on its exterior, so it is also a good option for anyone afraid of foam rolling being too painful.


Its gentler design also makes it suitable for daily usage, even on days where you haven’t had a workout. It’ll help you achieve more muscle flexibility and endurance, especially if you use it regularly.


For beginners, our top recommendation would definitely be the SPORTSCO Flexi Grid Foam Roller. It gives you the best experience without overwhelming you.



5. Camel Yoga Foam Roller

Camel Yoga Foam Roller

  • Thousands of bumps to soothe your muscles
  • Softer texture for more relaxation
  • Holds the weight of 2 adults
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Some foam rollers really hurt because of their super hard texture. If you’re seeking a less painful option, this Camel Yoga Foam Roller is amazing. Instead of a few hard and pointy bumps, it spreads out into thousands of tiny bumps that soothes your muscles without inflicting pain.


Even though it is softer than other foam rollers, this Camel Foam Roller is designed to take on the weight of up to 2 adults. That means it will provide you with enough resistance and sturdiness for you to press your aching muscles against.


For a less painful foam rolling experience, try out the gentle Camel Yoga Foam Roller instead. It’ll make you fall in love with foam rollers.



6. Decathlon Foam Roller 

Decathlon Foam Roller 

  • Extremely hard texture for deep massage
  • 38cm length, 13mm diameter
  • Suitable for back, thigh and calves


This Decathlon Foam Roller is one of the most expensive options on our list. But it is a good alternative for those who want to buy their foam rollers in a retail setting. It has an extremely hard outer texture which is good for deep massage. However, if you are new to foam rollers, you may not like how intense it is.


It has a pretty standard sizing of a 38cm length and a 13mm diameter. You can use it on your back, thigh and calves to cure those aches. If your pain tolerance is high, this might be the foam roller for you.


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What does a foam roller help with?


A foam roller can help to relax your muscles and relieve pain. It can also help you to increase your body’s flexibility with regular use. You can also use it to relieve tension and pain in your back. A foam roller can also increase the blood flow in your muscles to drive faster recovery. Basically, a foam roller uses the concept of myofascial release. Myofascial release involves the use of low-intensity pressure to your soft tissues. Through this process, your body and muscles can enjoy the benefits mentioned.



Is a foam roller worth it?


Yes, a foam roller is a fantastic investment, especially if you exercise regularly. A foam roller stimulates some elements of a sports massage through myofascial release. Honestly, going for a massage every time after an intense workout session is going to be way too expensive. One massage session can easily cost upwards to $60 to $200. On the contrary, a foam roller cost around $20 to $30, with some even as low as $12. It’ll give your sore and tired muscles the relief it needs without burning a hole in your pocket.



Where to use a foam roller on?


You can use a foam roller on almost any part of your body. It is hard for us to write it out in words the motion involved, but if you do a quick search on YouTube, you’ll be able to find hundreds of relevant videos on how to use your foam roller on these areas. Here is a list of the common areas which a foam roller is effective for.

  • Thighs (front, back & side)
  • Back (upper & lower)
  • Feet
  • Butt
  • Chest
  • Hip
  • Neck



How often should you foam roll?


There is no right or wrong answer to how often you should use your foam roller. If you’re just starting out, we recommend starting slow and only doing it after your workouts to soothe your tired muscles. After you have gotten used to foam rolling, you might find yourself craving some muscle relaxation every day. If so, doing it once every day is good.


The most important thing is to never push your body and muscles too hard. If you experience intense pain and discomfort while using your foam roller, it is a sign to stop and rest instead.


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