7 Best Foldable Mattresses For Singapore | 2023 Review

A foldable mattress is a wonderful alternative to the regular mattress. A good one can provide the same level of support and comfort while taking up a fraction of the space when folded. The question is, how do you choose a good one? We have done the work and research for you! Here are the best foldable mattresses that you can get in Singapore today!



1. Seahorse Foldable Healthy Mattress

Seahorse Foldable Healthy Mattress

  • Super comfortable to sleep on
  • Compact when folded
  • Very fast delivery time
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Sleeping on the Seahorse Healthy Mattress feels like a luxurious experience. You’ll forget that it is a foldable mattress once you lie on it. No matter your sleeping style, it just feels right.


The dimensions of the mattress are 95 by 191 by 5cm. When folded, its length decreases by one-third. You can even store it in the bag that the mattress comes in. If you are looking for a compact mattress, this is it.


What we really like is their fast delivery time. Once you order, the mattress comes within 1-2 days. Great if you need a foldable mattress in a hurry! You will fall in love with the Seahorse Healthy Mattress once you sleep on it.



2. SUPERFOAM Foldable Mattress

SUPERFOAM Foldable Mattress

  • Medium firmness for maximum comfort
  • 2, 3 and 4-inch options
  • Antifungal, bacteria and dust mite
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
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The SUPERFOAM foldable mattress comes with a variety of options, and one of them is sure to fit what you need. It is available in the Single and Super Single sizes. Also, you can choose between the 2, 3 and 4-inch options. We recommend the 4-inch option, especially if the mattress is for an adult, as the price difference is only $40.


The mattress has a firmness level of 6 out 10. 80% of people in the world find this range of firmness to be comfortable. So, you can rest assured that whoever you are buying it for, will most likely be able to enjoy a good night sleep on it.


With a 10-year manufacturer warranty, you can be confident of the quality and durability of the SUPERFOAM mattress. It is rare to see such a long warranty period for a foldable mattress. That shows the level of trust they have in their product.


SUPERFOAM’s foldable mattress will leave you with plenty of sweet dreams. Float into dreamland by buying it today!



3. Viro Lion Foam Foldable Mattress

Amour Foldable Foam Mattress

  • Light, compact & multi-functional
  • Anti-dustmite & fungi
  • 2 or 3-inch thickness option
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The Viro Lion Foldable Foam Mattress is highly versatile. Its portable design makes it easy to convert it from a bed to playmat. You can move this mattress around from room to room without any hassle. This is especially useful if you’re buying it for your young child.


The mattress has a medium firmness, and you can choose between the 2 or 3-inch model, depending on your preference. The mattress also prevents the growth of fungi and dustmite so you can have peace of mind when sleeping on it.


Are you looking for a versatile and lightweight mattress? If so, you should definitely get the Viro Lion Foldable Foam Mattress.



4. Robin 3 Fold Mattress

Robin 3 Fold Mattress

  • High-density foam for good support
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Anti-dust mite, bacteria and fungi
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The Robin Mattress is one of the best foldable mattresses in terms of the support it offers. Made with high-density foam, it provides firm yet comfortable support that’ll help you sleep better with the right posture.


It comes with a removable cover that can be washed in the washing machine. The mattress itself is anti-dust mite, antibacterial and antifungal. These qualities are essential especially in humid Singapore, where we might sweat a lot.


For excellent support and hygiene, the Robin Mattress is an excellent option for any home.



5. Seahorse Foldable Quartz Mattress

Seahorse Foldable Quartz Mattress

  • Good for sensitive noses (hypoallergenic)
  • 2-inch thickness with firm support
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Seahorse has been a trusted name in the mattress industry for decades. There’s a reason for their longevity and popularity: their commitment to high-quality and a good night’s sleep. We can see that from the Seahorse Foldable Quartz Mattress.


It is made with high-quality density foam that provides excellent support and contouring. Even though it is only 2-inch thick, it feels like it gives as much support as thicker mattresses. We also like that it is hypoallergenic which is perfect for people with allergies.


The Seahorse Quartz has everything you want in a foldable mattress at a very affordable price.



6. Perfecta Foldable Foam Mattress

Perfecta Foldable Foam Mattress

  • High-quality foam
  • 4-inch thickness for good support
  • Anti-dust mite and antibacterial
  • 6-months warranty
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A good night’s sleep is guaranteed with the comfortable Perfecta Foldable Mattress. It is made with high-quality foam that is dense enough to provide superior support. A 4-inch thickness helps lift the sleeper comfortably off the floor.


The mattress comes with a removable cover that has anti-dust mites and antibacterial properties. You can easily remove the cover to wash anytime you want. Sleeping on it makes you feel fresh, clean and well-protected.


The sides of the mattress are fitted with 3D meshing. What this meshing does is to help create more airflow and circulation, keeping you cool throughout the night.


The Perfecta Mattress is the most comfortable foldable mattress you will find.



7. Sintex Country Club Mattress

Sintex Country Club Mattress

  • Good support with high-density foam
  • Two firmness to choose from
  • 2.5, 4-inch options


With the amount of support that the Sintex Foldable Mattress provides, you are sure to get a great night sleep. It is made with high-density foam that adapts to your body’s weight. If you can’t decide whether how firm you like your mattress to be, don’t worry. This mattress has two different firmness levels on each side. You can choose between medium soft and firm just by flipping the mattress to the other side. Pretty cool, right?



If you are still unsure of which foldable mattress to get, check out our TOP 3 recommendations again!

  • Perfecta Foldable Foam Mattress
  • Seahorse Foldable Healthy Mattress
  • SUPERFOAM Foldable Mattress


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Why buy a folding mattress?


Here are some of the advantages of a folding mattress compared to a regular-size mattress. If you find that some of them apply to you, then you should definitely buy a foldable mattress. Otherwise, a regular one may be a better alternative.


Portable and saves space


Our homes have shrunk in size over the years. Space is a luxury. A foldable mattress helps to solve that by shrinking in one-third of its size once folded. You can also easily store it in a cupboard or at the corner of a room. Suddenly, your home and rooms will seem more spacious in the day. Your children can run freely and enjoy themselves without running into a huge bed frame.


A foldable mattress is also perfect if you follow a minimalist lifestyle. It will help to declutter your space and while giving you a good night’s sleep at the same time.


Great for kids and guests


The smaller size of a foldable mattress is perfect for a child younger than 12 years old. A foldable mattress is also typically laid on the floor. This is much safer for a child as he or she will not roll and fall down. You won’t need to worry when they jump up and down their bed anymore.


If you have guests over on a semi-regular basis, a foldable mattress is much better than a regular bed or couch. Firstly, it doesn’t take up space on a permanent basis. You can take it out whenever your guest comes over. Secondly, it is much more comfortable than sleeping on the couch. Your guest will love the comfort of a foldable mattress while you’ll love its portability.


Much cheaper than normal mattresses


Regular mattress range from around $300 to thousands of dollars. A good-quality foldable mattress only costs slightly more than $100. You can even find a few below $50. You can easily save more than 50% if you choose a foldable over a regular mattress.


Now, with all these advantages of a foldable mattress, it is no wonder they are getting more popular.



Factors to consider when buying a foldable mattress


Mattress thickness


In general, the thickness of the mattress correlates positively with the support provided. Better support improves your sleep quality. You’ll wake up feeling fresher. If a mattress is too thin, your body will sink in and be too close to the floor. That is how you get a backache from sleeping.


However, this also depends on the weight distribution of the person sleeping on the mattress. For heavier body types (60 kg and above), a thicker mattress (4-inch) is essential for a good night sleep. If the weight is below 60kg, a 2-inch mattress would be good enough.


However, the price difference between a 2-inch and 4-inch foldable mattress is not significant. Good sleep is definitely worth paying a little more. Go for the 4-inch mattress if possible.




Mattress firmness is commonly rated on a scale of 1 to 10 from soft to hard. The most common firmness of a mattress is around 5 to 7 rating and is known as the universal comfort level. A majority of people would find a mattress in that range to be comfortable with the right amount of support.


Because a foldable mattress is thinner than a regular mattress, you should not get one which is too soft. We would recommend a firmness of at least 5 and above. Otherwise, when you lay down on it, it may sink too deeply and not provide sufficient support.


Mattress cover


The type and features of a mattress cover should be considered before committing to a purchase. After all, the mattress cover is the material which comes into contact with our skin while we are sleeping on the mattress.


The first thing you should look out for is whether the mattress cover is removable. If it can be removed, you can wash it to keep it clean very easily. You can take it off, put it into the washing machine and you’ll have a fresh cover within a day. Having a clean sheet will help remove dirt, germs and bacteria. Therefore, this is an important consideration.


Secondly, you should look at the material of the mattress cover. Some features we like are antibacterial and anti dust mite. We come into contact with the mattress for 8 hours a day. Our noses and mouth are close to it. These features will help to protect our family and us.


Is it big enough?


The last thing you want is a mattress that is too short or small for you. So it is very important to take note of the dimensions of the mattress before buying. Most foldable mattresses follow the sizes of regular mattresses. You should be familiar with sizes like Single (190cm x 91cm) and Super Single (190cm x 107cm).


There are some mattresses which are imported from overseas and may follow different measurements. For those, we would recommend that you contact the seller directly to get the exact dimensions. Typically, the differences are less than 10cm, so it should not cause any problems.


Weight and portability


If you are planning to move the mattress around on a regular basis, the weight of the mattress would be an important consideration. Most foldable mattresses are pretty lightweight and even a child would be able to lift it. However, the thicker the mattress, the heavier it usually is. A 2-inch thick mattress would weigh about half the weight of a 4-inch thick mattress. Therefore, if portability is very important to you, get one which is thinner.



Haven’t made up your mind? Check out these popular models and they may just be the right one for you!

  • Perfecta Foldable Foam Mattress
  • Seahorse Foldable Healthy Mattress
  • SUPERFOAM Foldable Mattress


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