8 Best Food Steamers in Singapore (2023) For Healthy Meals

Food steamers are a must-have in your kitchen, especially if you want to eat healthier. It also doesn’t hurt that food steamers are super easy to use. Cooking is a breeze because they don’t create a mess. Another huge plus point is that food steamers are very affordable. If you don’t have one, you should definitely consider it. Here are the best food steamers that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Tefal Stainless Steel Food Steamer VC1451

Tefal Stainless Steel Food Steamer VC1451

  • Dual-stackable compartments
  • Food-safe and durable stainless steel
  • Automatic turn-off function
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Personally, we love the Tefal Food Steamer VC1451. The main reason is that it comes with stainless steel instead of the usual plastic containers. With its food-grade quality construction, we just feel safer when we use it to steam our food.


With two spacious compartments, you can fit in quite a large amount of ingredients. It should be big enough to cook a meal for a family of 4. A 60-minute timer makes cooking a very hands-off experience.


If you ever need to top up the water tank while steaming, you can do it through the external opening easily. With a safety shutdown feature when water gets too low, it is extremely safe to use. Overall, if we had to choose one food steamer to buy – this Tefal Stainless Steel model is it.



2. Philips Avance Collection Food Steamer HD9150

Philips Avance Collection Food Steamer HD9150

  • Large 3-tier steamer rack
  • Aroma Infuser for an extra flavour boost
  • Digital timer and indicators
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If you are looking for a large food steamer, definitely consider the Philips HD9150 Food Steamer. It has a total of 3 different tiers, which is large enough to feed a medium-size family with ease. With 3 tiers, you can separate your different dishes easily.


Another cool thing about this food steamer is the unique Aroma Infuser. Sometimes, people complain that steamed food is bland. In this steamer, you can put herbs and spices into the Infuser, which will flavour the food as it steams.


Monitoring the steaming process is straightforward with its digital display and alerts. With a large screen, it will show you the time remaining and also alert you if the water level is low. Steam up yummy and delicious food with this modern food steamer!



3. Tefal Convenient Series Steamer VC1401

Tefal Convenient Series Steamer VC1401

  • Consistent steaming temperature for perfect results
  • Stackable containers for easy storage
  • Cleanup is quick and simple
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Our favourite part of the Tefal VC1401 Food Steamer is how compact it is, especially when you want to keep it away. The steaming baskets are designed to be collapsible so it just fits into 1 single tier. It is simply the perfect choice for a crowded or small kitchen.


In terms of its steaming performance, it works very well. You can expect very high consistency, which means yummy food each time. With 2 3 litres steaming containers, it offers sufficient space. You can even remove the middle compartment, so you get the full 6 litres of space. Best of all, it has a pretty attractive price tag as well. So definitely consider it!



4. EuropAce Food Steamer EFS A121

EuropAce Food Steamer EFS A121

  • Huge total capacity of 11 litres
  • Flavour scenter for herbs 
  • Loud alarm alert when timer is done
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Cooking an entire meal that is healthy for your family is simple with the EuropAce Food Steamer EFS A121. With a super big capacity of 11 litres spread over 3-tiers, you will have more than enough space for a family of 5.


There is also the option to add herbs and flavours to its flavour scenter so the steam can enhance the taste of your food. We also like the loud alarm alert when the timer is ready. It’ll be the signal for your family rushing to the dining table for a healthy yet mouth-watering meal.



5. Philips AVENT Food Steamer Blender

Best baby food steamer

Philips AVENT Food Steamer Blender

  • Defrost, steam, blend, reheat functions
  • Small and compact design
  • Washing up is quick
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The Philips AVENT Food Steamer Blender makes preparing food for your baby quick and straightforward. It is a multi-functional device that can steam, blend, reheat and defrost. Simply put, it is the perfect companion when weaning your precious baby.


You can prepare all types of baby food in it, even meat and fish. Because you can steam and blend in the same jar, cleanup is much less tedious. Its compact size also means you can bring it along with you anywhere you go. If you’re searching for a convenient way to prepare baby food, this Philips Steamer Blender is an excellent choice.



6. Cornell Electric Food Steamer CFS-EL20L

Cornell Electric Food Steamer CFS-EL20L

  • Spacious interior of 25L in total
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Side refiller for convenient adding of water
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With a total of 25 litres capacity, the Cornell CFS-EL20L Food Steamer is one of the largest you’ll find. It is perfect for a larger family and allows you to prepare more servings in one single steaming session.


It has two heaters which means the entire process of steaming is fast. Its frame ring design helps keep the steam and heat inside, which makes it very energy efficient. If you have a big family, this Cornell model should be your number one choice.



7. Toyomi Stainless Steel Steamer & Hot Pot 

Toyomi Stainless Steel Steamer & Hot Pot 

  • Creates steam in less than 2 minutes
  • Bottom pot can be used for steamboat
  • Automatically turns off when there is no water
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This Toyomi Food Steamer is not just a steamer but can be used as a hotpot as well. By combining two products into one, you save both space and money. And, it does both of its functions very well.


It is fast heating and generates maximum steam output in just under 2 minutes. Its stainless steel pots are more durable than plastic ones. It even has cooking options, so you don’t have to research on how much time you need for each dish.



8. PowerPac Multi-Functional 2-Tier Steamer

Cheapest food steamer in Singapore

PowerPac Multi-Functional 2-Tier Steamer

  • Compact and lightweight at only 1.1kg
  • Perfect size for a small family of 2 or 3
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If you want a small and compact steamer, you’ll enjoy the PowerPac 2-Tier Steamer. It weighs only 1.1kg and has a total capacity of 2.5 litres. We would recommend this steamer for a small family of no more than 3.


In total, it can fit in around 15 to 16 eggs at one go. So you should be able to visualize how much total ingredients it can take. Its cheap price is very attractive too – around only half the price of the next cheapest option.


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Benefits of a food steamer


1. Steaming food is very healthy

Steaming is the healthiest way of cooking. You don’t need to use oil, which means you can control your cholesterol and fat intake. When steaming your food, you can keep the nutrients and vitamins of it. Compared to frying, stir-frying and even baking – steaming is the best way to keep your diet healthy.


2. Can cook almost any food

A food steamer is very versatile. You can steam almost any kind of food in it. From meat to seafood to vegetables and even desserts, it can do it all. With a multi-tier steamer, you can cook an entire 3 dish meal all at the same time.


3. Easy to use even for a beginner cook

Food steamers are one of the simplest kitchen appliances to use. You won’t burn anything as long as there is sufficient water in the tank. The worst that can happen is that your food is slightly overcooked. As such, it is a very forgiving way of cooking. All you have to do is to push a button, estimate or find out the time needed and your job is done.


4. No mess and easy to clean up

Because there is no oil or frying involved, cooking with a food steamer is not a messy event. Your kitchen and home will be spotless, and you won’t need to spend time cleaning it up. For the food steamer itself, usually, a soak and quick wash in the sink is all you need. Most of us don’t like cooking because of the cleanup after. With a food steamer, you’ll start to fall in love with home cooking once more.


5. Hands-off cooking

When cooking in a food steamer, little to no supervision or hands-on work is needed. Once you set a timer, you are done. The steamer will do its job of steaming the food with zero help needed. Additionally, most food steamers come with safety features like auto-shutdown if the water level is too low. So you can feel at ease and leave the food steamer to do its job.



What can you cook in a food steamer


As mentioned, you can cook almost anything in a food steamer. Here are some of the popular foods and recipes that steam really well.

  • Meat (pork, chicken, lamb, beef)
  • Seafood and fish (squid, prawns, crabs, salmon, codfish etc)
  • Vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, bok choy, peas, carrots, corn etc)
  • Eggs
  • Frozen food (dumplings, buns etc)
  • Desert (steamed cakes)



How to use a food steamer


Step 1: Fill up the water tank above the minimum and below the maximum line

Step 2: Place your ingredients into the steam containers provided

Step 3: Turn on the steamer and set the timer 

Step 4: Wait for the timer to go off and voila – your meal is ready


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