8 Best Freezers in Singapore (2023) | Review & Buying Guide

Freezer Singapore

Typical refrigerators just do not produce sufficient freezer space. If you have a larger household, it can be super frustrating as you can probably only store a week or less of produce in the freezer. This is why standalone freezers are a great option. You can store months and months of frozen food in it with ease. For food and beverage businesses, a standalone freezer can be a vital piece of your operation.


This is why we have rounded up the best freezers. We hope you’ll be able to find the right freezer for your home or your business with our guide. Here are the best freezers you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Farfalla FUF-EP120 Freezer

Best Upright Freezer

Farfalla FUF-EP120

  • Spacious 120L of volume capacity
  • Energy efficient 4 stars
  • Convenient storage
  • 2-year warranty
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Farfalla FUF-EP120 Freezer is the crowd favourite when it comes to choosing a small to medium size freezer. And we can see why! It is an upright freezer with 4 drawers which means it can be easily compartmentalized to freeze different items. With a total of 120L of capacity, you can definitely fit a relatively large volume of products in it and still have space for more. It goes to a temperature of -18 degree Celsius, perfect for freezing fresh produce, breast milk, and almost anything you can think of.


While it has a spacious capacity within, the Farfalla FUF-EP120 has a compact outer size. It has a dimension of 55 by 58 centimetres and would fit nicely in any corner. Also, it has 4 stars on the European Energy Rating. So not to worry, Farfalla FUF-EP120 should not be too taxing on your electricity bill.


If you’re looking for a freezer, Farfalla FUF-EP120 is definitely one that should be in your consideration.



2. Butterfly BCF-110AS Freezer

Best Chest Freezer

Butterfly BCF-110AS

  • 110L of deep volume capacity
  • Precise temperature control
  • Relatively lightweight at 26kg
  • 2-year warranty
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Butterfly BCF-110AS is a chest freezer which has a large usable space of 110L. There are several advantages of a chest freezer that is epitomized by the Butterfly BCF-110AS. Firstly, its price point is around 10% to 15% less than a comparable upright freezer. Secondly, although its capacity is only listed as 110L, it feels much more spacious than that. That is because there are fewer compartments which mean all the internal space can be utilized. Lastly, chest freezers are more energy efficient due to their better insulation. They can maintain their low internal temperatures effectively which means less electricity is needed to constantly cool it down.  


Impressed by the advantages of a chest freezer? You’ll be impressed with the Butterfly BCF-110AS as it is one of the best chest freezers out there.



3. PowerPac Upright Mini Bar Freezer

Cheapest freezer in Singapore

PowerPac Upright Mini Bar Freezer

  • 60L storage capacity
  • Small and space-saving design
  • Anti-bacterial seal and carbon filter
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PowerPac has yet again come with up with another superb value-for-money appliances – the PowerPac Upright Mini Bar Freezer. It is small and compact so it won’t be a hindrance wherever you want to put it.


It is fitted with a door seal that is anti-bacterial and has a carbon filter. This helps to prevent the growth of bacteria which is very important if you are keeping food items inside – especially breast milk. If you want a cheap, good and small freezer, this is the one you need to get!



4. Farfalla FCF-W70 Freezer

Best Slim Chest Freezer

Farfalla FCF-W70

  • Super compact and slim design
  • 70L storage capacity
  • Designed for tropical climates
  • 2-year warranty
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With a width of just 40.4cm, the Farfalla FCF-W70 is one of the slimmest and sleekest chest freezers that you will find. A freezer is usually a secondary fridge and this means you might not need such a big one. In that case, it is preferable to get one that has a decent capacity but comes in a small size. That is the main selling point of the Farfalla FCF-W70. It can literally fit in any tiny corner of your kitchen with its unobtrusive design.


Also, it is made for tropical climates like Singapore. This ensures that its temperature control and insulation are optimal for storage in our environment.


Farfalla FCF-W70 will be a perfect addition to your household with its super slim aesthetic.



5. Tecno TFF238 Freezer

Best For Breast Milk Storage

Tecno TFF238

  • Big 156L capacity
  • Super cold, up to -25 degree Celsius
  • Frost-free
  • 5 different drawers for easy separation
  • Low noise and energy consumption
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The Tecno TFF238 Freezer does not come with a small price tag. It is premium priced but deservingly so. Firstly its storage capacity is impressive at a total of 156L. It is also the freezer that can go to the lowest temperatures, up to -25 degrees Celsius compared to the typical -18 degrees. Despite the low temperatures, it is also a frost free freezer. Your frozen food will not suffer from frost. This is especially important especially since frost can destroy the flavours and textures of food products. If you want to make sure your foodstuff is kept in the optimum condition, a frost free freezer like the Tecno TFF238 is highly recommended.


Furthermore, it has a fast freeze setting which can freeze your fresh produce in extra quick time. With all the high powered functions that the Tecno TFF238 has, you may have the impression that it would be energy inefficient. However, it is designed to be an energy saving freezer. Adding its ability to stay quiet even during its fast freeze operation, we can truly tell it is a superb high-quality product.


If you view quality as the most important factor in a freezer, you won’t go wrong with Tecno TFF238.



6. Farfalla FCF-108A Freezer

Portable Chest Freezer

Farfalla FCF-108A

  • Super portable with wheels
  • 108L capacity
  • A grade energy efficiency
  • 2-year warranty
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Imagine all the benefit of a chest freezer. Now, add wheels to it. What you have is the Farfalla FCF-108A Freezer. Typically, a freezer would need to find a permanent corner in a home. It is usually heavy especially when it’s filled to the brim with your frozen items. Now with the Farfalla FCF-108A, you can easily move your freezer around to wherever you want it to be.


Besides its superb portability, it has all the specifications that a good chest freezer should have. It is rated A in the European Energy Class and 4 stars for the European Energy Rating. Energy efficiency is a given with it. The Farfalla FCF-108A also comes with a lock which would be useful especially for businesses when they close up for the day.


Do you foresee needing to move your chest freezer around on a regular basis? If your answer is yes, definitely go with the Farfalla FCF-108A.



7. Kuche KUF-95U Freezer

Kuche KUF-95U

  • 95L total capacity
  • Good cool insulation
  • Perfect for tropical temperatures
  • 1-year warranty
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Kuche KUF-95U Freezer is another great option for a mid-sized upright freezer. It has a capacity of 95L that is split into 3 separate drawers. This allows you to easily separate different items into different compartments easily. It is also designed for temperatures and climates similar to Singapore which strengthens its ability to stay cold effectively. Kuche KUF-95U has good sound insulation as well, which means no noise pollution. Definitely, check it out if you are searching for a good upright freezer.



8. Farfalla FCF-SD210FG 

Best Large Capacity Chest Freezer

Farfalla FCF-SD210FG

  • Super large 210L storage
  • Easy access with glass sliders
  • Freezing or refrigeration both available
  • 2-year warranty
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210L of volume capacity is massive. It is double the storage of the usual freezer. This huge storage space is the main selling point of the Farfalla FCF-SD210FG Freezer. You can very literally fit months of frozen food to fry in your air fryer and still have space for more. Besides its large capacity, it is also a very competent freezer. Its temperature can reach a low of -18 degree Celsius. Additionally, you can even use it for normal refrigeration as an alternative. In terms of energy efficiency, its power consumption is about 2.25kW-h every 24 hours which is pretty good considering its larger size.


Its design is pretty intuitive as well. You can access the items inside the freezer through a sliding glass door inside of lifting a heavy lid. With a glass panel, you can also easily check what’s inside the freezer without even needing to open it. How convenient!


If your household or business requires a large capacity freezer, the Farfalla FCF-SD210FG should be your number one choice.


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