11 Best Fridges in Singapore | 2019 Review & Buying Guide

best fridges singapore

A fridge is an essential household appliance. It is something we use every day. If you cook on a regular basis, you’ll definitely need a good and sizeable fridge to keep your groceries fresh. Even if you don’t cook, you can’t do without it. Otherwise, where would you keep your chocolate bars, ice cool can drinks and tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?


Buying a fridge can be pretty confusing. There are so many brands and within the brands, there are so many different models. Not to worry, we have done the research. Here are the best fridges that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Fisher & Paykel Fridge RF610ADX4

The Smart Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel Fridge RF610ADX4

  • ActiveSmart processor for the freshest food
  • Humongous 540L capacity
  • High-quality build
  • Sleek, modern and luxurious design
  • 2-year warranty
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Fisher & Paykel are very well known for their high quality and premium home appliances. The Fisher & Paykel RF610ADX4 Fridge is no exception to the rule. It is a beautifully crafted piece of engineering that is technologically advanced at the same time.


The ActiveSmart technology is the core of a Fisher & Paykel fridge. By drawing on multiple sources of information, it analyzes the optimal temperature and condition for your usage patterns. This helps to keep your food and ingredients fresh and longer-lasting. Imagine seeing a week old bag of vegetables looking as fresh as they were harvested today. That’s possible with ActiveSmart.


Additionally, it has a super large capacity of 540L, which is more than sufficient even for a large family. With its stylish and modern design, you can be sure it will stand out as the centerpiece of your kitchen.


If you are looking for a smart refrigerator that is the best in its class, Fisher & Paykel Fridge RF610ADX4 will not disappoint. Check it out on Lazada here!



2. Smeg FAB28RB1 Refrigerator

Best Stylish Fridge

Smeg FAB28RB1 Refrigerator

  • Good cooling capacity
  • Energy efficient (A++)
  • Beautiful retro design
  • 2-year warranty
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Retrolicious. Stylish. Eye-catching. Walk into a kitchen with a Smeg fridge, and inadvertently, your eyes will only be drawn to it. With its 50’s-inspired look, the Smeg FAB28RB1 Fridge is effortlessly chic.


Beyond its gorgeous design, it is a very competent fridge in terms of its capabilities. It has a 256 liters capacity, perfect for a family of 4-6. When you open up the refrigerator, you’ll find ample spaces and shelves for not only your food but also your wines. It has a sturdy chrome wine rack within. Beyond its functionality, it is also very energy efficient with an A++ rating. It is estimated to use only 215 kWh of energy per year. Save your money and planet Earth at the same time!


If your home is going for the retro or industrialist minimalistic look, Smeg FAB28RB1 fridge will fit right in. It is definitely one of the most “Instagrammable” fridges around. Click here to check out this beautiful Smeg Fridge on Lazada!



3. Hitachi Fridge R-VG695P3MS

Hitachi Fridge R-VG695P3MS

  • Strong cooling function
  • Touch screen enabled
  • Customizable interior pockets
  • 1-year warranty
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A super large 550l capacity great for even extended families that keeps groceries for weeks. In hot weather in Singapore, which can reach up to 35C, Hitachi R-VG695P3MS Fridge performs well. In fact, it has been tested to work even in conditions of up to 60C! And keep icy cold!


An inverter that is powerful yet quiet at the same time – means your fridge stays cold with 0 noise pollution. Its r-600a refrigerant is also eco-friendly, making Earth a better place for our future generations


Adjustable temperature modes – veggie, dairy and meats compartments – which means your groceries can be kept at the optimum temperature – maintaining their freshness for a longer time. Space can also be optimized and customized with adjustable pockets. It is truly a fridge that is customized for your family’s use.


A fridge should accommodate your needs. And Hitachi truly does with its flexibility and customizability. It will truly be a part of your family. Click here to check out this amazing Hitachi fridge which is available on Lazada!




4. LG GB-B4451GV Fridge

Best Quiet Refrigerator

LG GB-B4451GV Fridge

  • Hygiene Fresh technology
  • Fast freeze function
  • Great at maintaining the right moisture balance
  • 1-year warranty
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Have you ever wanted to freeze some ice cubes? But knowing it takes hours to fully freeze is a bummer. With the Fast Freeze function of the LG GB-B4451GV Fridge, it will decrease the time needed to freeze by up to 32%. This function is amazing if you find yourself needing to freeze food items quickly on a regular basis!


Never be afraid that your food goes bad in the refrigerator. LG’s Hygiene Fresh technology utilizes a 5-step filter to wipe out bacteria, dust, fungi spores, acidic and alkaline odours. Furthermore, the moisture in the fridge is controlled precisely to ensure the right conditions for crisp and fresh produce. You will find the lifespan of your refrigerated food increase miraculously once you switch over to LG GB-B4451GV Fridge.


Another unique point is its Smart Diagnosis option. If you ever feel like there is anything wrong with your fridge, you can call the LG customer service hotline. They will be able to diagnose any issues remotely and may save you the trouble of spending money on repair services.


Quiet, efficient with a dash of great customer service to boot. LG GB-B4451GV Fridge is certainly making a strong case for being the best fridge in the market right now. It is available on Lazada!



5. Beko ASL141S Refrigerator

Best Big Fridge

Beko ASL141S Refrigerator

  • Very spacious interior of 610L
  • Energy efficient technology (A+)
  • Sleek and stylish exterior
  • 1-year warranty
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Absolutely huge. The Beko ASL141S Refrigerator would not look out of place in a restaurant’s kitchen. Once you open it up, you will be amazed by its spacious interior. You will be able to easily fit a month’s worth of fresh produce for a family of 6-8 comfortably.


As impressive as its size is Beko’s functionality. Its cooling capability is great even when it is at full capacity. You will find a good number of trays and drawers that allow you to effectively segregate different produce and ingredients in a systematic manner.


Even with its huge size and strong cool capabilities, Beko ASL141S Refrigerator is energy efficient with an A+ rating. You won’t need to worry about your electrical bills shooting through the roof with Beko’s fridges.


If your mid to large sized family enjoys home-cooked meals on a regular basis, Beko ASL141S Refrigerator will be a great choice. Check it out on Lazada!



6. Panasonic NR-BX468XSS1 Fridge

Best Bottom Freezer Fridge

Panasonic NR-BX468XSS1 Fridge

  • 450L capacity
  • Prime freezing option for fresher food
  • Smart eco sensors to save power
  • 1-year warranty
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As we know, cold air sinks. So, it does make sense if the freezer compartment is situated at the bottom of the fridge. The Panasonic NR-BX468XSS1 Fridge has a bottom freezer that is divided into 3 compartments. Through this segregation, you will be able to easily separate meat, seafood and ready to eat food. Separating your Ben and Jerry’s ice cream from your salmon fillets does sound like a good idea.


You can ease your worries about your fridge’s electricity consumption with the Panasonic NR-BX468XSS1 fridge. With its ECONAVI sensors, it will automatically reduce or increase its internal temperature to balance great cooling with efficient energy consumption.


With more than 60 years of experience in defining the fridge segment, the Panasonic NR-BX468XSS1 refrigerator is a solid choice. Especially if you are on the lookout for a fridge that has a bottom freezer. Check out the Panasonic fridge on Lazada!



7. Mitsubishi Fridge MR-V45EG

3 Door Refrigerator

Mitsubishi Fridge MR-V45EG

  • 343L effective capacity
  • Multi air flowing system for efficient cooling
  • 1-year warranty
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Mitsubishi Fridge MR-V45EG sits right at the mid-price point of a refrigerator in Singapore. However, its performance and features stand out even when compared to higher priced models. This is what makes it a great option for those looking for a value for money fridge.


The cool air within the fridge is circulated consistently through its Multi-Air Flow Cooling system. From fruits to vegetables to meats, you can be guaranteed that they will thrive in the cooling environment of the Mitsubishi Fridge MR-V45EG. With three different main compartments, you will be able to easily separate your groceries within its 343 litres of capacity.


A small family that cooks relatively regularly would be the perfect fit for the Mitsubishi Fridge MR-V45EG. It is available on Qoo10. Check it out by clicking here!



8. Samsung Fridge RT35K553ASL

Best for Flexibility

Samsung Fridge RT35K553ASL

  • 362L storage capacity
  • Flexible storage functionality
  • 5 modes for optimal control
  • 2-year warranty
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Samsung Fridge RT35K553ASL is super customizable. You are able to configure the freezer compartment into additional fridge space easily. Awesome if you find that you don’t use the freezer much. It’s also perfect for saving energy as the freezer uses more electricity. Additionally, there are 5 different modes that are centered on energy conservation. All these help to reduce the long run costs of using a fridge. That means a lower electricity bill each month!


Another cool thing is its Twin Cooling Plus system which separates the cooling of the freezer and fridge. This works together with the deodorizing filter. Your fresh food won’t smell like your frozen groceries and vice versa. Keeps your food smelling great like how they are supposed to be, even if you keep it for long.


Do you prefer more fridge storage space but want to use the freezer occasionally as well? The Samsung Fridge RT35K553ASL is one of the few fridges that will allow you to do just that. Check it out on Lazada!



9. PowerPac 2 Door Mini Fridge PPF85

Cheapest fridge in Singapore

PowerPac 2 Door Mini Fridge PPF85

  • 85L capacity
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Anti-bacteria carbon filter
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The PowerPac PPF85 Mini Fridge is probably the cheapest fridge you’ll find in Singapore. From the last we checked, it was less than $300, which is less than half the usual price for a fridge. It is smaller than the regular refrigerator, but we think its size is perfect for a couple or a small family.


It has 85L inner capacity which is more than sufficient to store your daily or weekly groceries easily. With an anti-bacteria carbon filter, it stops bacterial growth and keeps your food clean and hygienic. If you want a small and cheap fridge, this PowerPac fridge would be our number one choice.


Click here to check out the latest price for the PowerPac PPF85 Mini Fridge on Lazada today!



10. Midea MRD268 Fridge

Midea MRD268 Fridge

  • Good capacity space of 254L
  • Different compartments to separate foodstuff
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The Midea MRD268 Fridge only has two doors, but it feels like it has so many more – all because of its multiple compartments within the fridge. There is a cooler box, humidity box, crisper, egg tray and a multitude of shelves and trays.


As such, it is effortless for you to separate your groceries to keep them fresh. Its 254L capacity feels much bigger, as well. If you like your fridge to be kept neat and tidy, this Midea fridge will help you do just that.


Click here to check out the latest price for the Midea MRD268 Fridge on Lazada today!



11. Panasonic Fridge NRBM220SSG

Value-for-Money Refrigerator

Panasonic Fridge NRBM220SSG

  • 188L storage capacity
  • Consistent and efficient cooling
  • 1-year warranty
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Simple. Efficient. Super affordable price. This no-nonsense Panasonic Fridge ticks all the right boxes. You get all the basic functionality of a fridge at a fraction of the price.


While it may not match up to top range fridges that cost thousands of dollars, it can certainly hold its weight against mid-range models. It has a good cooling system both for the freezer and fridge. Food will be kept fresh with no problem. With an inbuilt filter, it also makes your fridge smell fresh and free of bacteria.


It is relatively small at 188L of storage capacity. Perfect for smaller families or households who eat out most of the time. Also, a small fridge equals lower electrical consumption.


Want the convenience of a fridge without the high cost of owning one? Panasonic Fridge NRBM220SSG would be a top budget choice. Check it out on Qoo10!



Are you still unsure about which fridge to go for? Here are our TOP recommendations again! If you choose one of them, you definitely won’t be disappointed.


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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Fridge


How much space do you have?


This is one of the most important factors in buying a fridge. If your kitchen has space constraints, you need to be very meticulous about making sure the new fridge dimensions fit the space that you have.


We recommend that you take a measuring tape to measure the free space that you have. The three important dimensions that you should take note of are height, width and depth. After measuring the free space, you should look at the dimensions of the fridge. To be safe, you should give it an additional 3 to 5 cm of free space. Also, remember to take note of how the fridge door will open. Make sure that there are no potential obstructions in the space that you envision it to be in.


How big is enough?


That depends on a few factors. Firstly, how big is your family size? For a couple, a smaller fridge with a capacity of around 300 litres will be more than enough. For a typical medium size family of 4, we would recommend getting a fridge with at least 450 litres of capacity.


Essentially, for every person in your household, add an additional 100 to 150 litres of capacity. With that, you will get the estimated fridge capacity that you will require. However, this capacity is just an estimate based on the regular consumption and usage patterns of a regular household. If your family cooks less often, you will require a smaller capacity. Vice versa if you guys cook almost everyday.


Type and design of fridges


There are four common types of refrigerators. Here’s a quick overview on what they are and the pros and cons for each.

The top freezer model is the most common one that most of us have probably come across. It is made up of a single column with two main compartments, the top freezer section and the regular fridge section below. In terms of price, the top freezer model is generally one of the more budget-friendly type of fridges. Additionally, it is also usually very energy efficient as well. The cons of a top freezer are that it has less features with lower emphasis on its design.


Bottom freezers are almost similar in design to top freezer fridges besides for one main difference. Their freezers are situated at the bottom of the fridge. Generally, bottom freezers are less energy efficient than top freezers. Therefore, they are less popular among households.

Beko ASL141S Refrigerator

Side-by-side fridges are around 1.5 to 2 time the size of a regular top freezer fridge. They are popular among larger households who require a fridge with a larger capacity. Usually half the fridge is made up of the freezer compartment. If you love have a large freezer, side-by-side fridges would be a dream come true. Also, these fridges often comes with more bells and whistles such as ice and water dispensers, touch screen panel controls and even smart features. On the flip side, these fridges are often priced at a premium.

Fisher & Paykel Fridge RF610ADX4

French door fridges are a hybrid of the side-by-side fridges. They are more flexible in terms of freezer and refrigeration compartments. They are great if you need a large fridge but not a large freezer. Instead of just two doors, a french door fridge can have up to 4 doors. As such, it is usually more energy efficient than side-by-side fridges as less cold air is let out each time you open a door. In terms of features, they are packed full of it with a whole wide range of functions. You can expect to pay a premium for french door fridges, but they are absolutely worth the price.


Some fridges’ premium features


Besides the usual cooling and freezing, there are some premium features that may be useful for you and your family. Of course, the cost will increase if you want a fridge with all these features. However, the convenience of those features may just be worth it. Let’s take a look.


First, convertible freezer and freezer compartments. Have you ever had the dilemma of a full freezer but empty fridge? Wouldn’t it be super useful if part of your fridge could be converted into a freezer? That is a reality if you buy a fridge that has convertible compartments. If you have changing consumptions patterns, this feature would be perfect.


Second, precise temperature-control. With the ability to control the exact temperature range of a compartment, you can ensure the right environment for food and drinks that require it. Things like wine, seafood and cheeses may have a longer shelf life and better taste when kept at their optimal storage temperatures.


Next, water and ice dispensers. How convenient would it be to have chilled water on hand all the time? No need to fill up bottles and putting them in the fridge in advance! This feature is one of the most sought after features in a fridge. Chilled water is awesome to have in the extremely hot and humid Singapore weather. Usually, water dispensers also comes with ice makers. That means no more needing to fill up those pesky ice cube trays. If your family has guests over regularly, these two features will be very helpful indeed.


Smart fridges are getting more interest as we move towards the smart home concept. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the smart fridge can be a central part of your home and kitchen. It oftens include a touchscreen and display panel. You can create grocery lists, control fridge temperatures, look at recipes and much more. If you love a tech-friendly home, a smart fridge would fit in seamlessly.


Energy efficiency


The Energy Label Fridge Singapore

Refrigerators sold in Singapore are attached with The Energy Label which is a form of energy efficiency rating by the National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA). Fridges are rated from 1 to 4 ticks with more ticks signalling better energy efficiency. On the label, the annual energy consumption and cost are reflected. This will provide you with an estimate of the yearly running cost of each fridge. With electricity costs rising in Singapore, we would recommend choosing a fridge that has at least 3 to 4 ticks.



Haven’t made up your mind? Check out these popular models and they may just be the right one for you!