13 Best Hair Dryers in Singapore (2023) From $18.90

Best Hair Dryers

Wet hair is one of the banes of life. Going out with a head of wet hair is unsightly while going to bed with damp hair is uncomfortable. The humble hair dryer has been our saviour. A good hair dryer will not only dry your hair but will prep you up for a good hair day. There is a wide range of hair dryers in the market today. So, how do you choose the right one for yourself and your precious hair?


We have rounded up the top hair dryers and sorted them by their prices. We also examined their features closely. So, here are the best hair dryers that you can get in Singapore today!



Best Hair Dryers Above $100 That Are Worth The Splurge



1. Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer

Truly the Best Hair Dryer on the Market

Dyson Supersonic Review

  • Dries hair in less than half the time
  • Silky smooth hair after drying
  • 3 speed, 4 heat settings
  • Negative ionizing for less frizzy hair
  • Sleek and futuristic design
  • 2-year warranty
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The Dyson Supersonic is a revolutionary product in the hairdryer world. It is the result of more than 100 million dollars of research and development, and it shows. The first thing that stands out is its futuristic look and design that shatters all your preconceived impressions of a hairdryer. There has been much thought put behind its design. When you first hold it, you will find that it is extremely lightweight and well balanced. That is because its motor is located in the handle of the hairdryer. You will never feel your arm ache again during a blow drying session.


Beyond its awesome design, it is packed with high-quality features and specifications. The Dyson Supersonic comes with 3 speed and 4 heat settings. Also, it comes with 3 magnetic attachments, namely the smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser. With these options, there is a perfect setting for every blow drying situation. Every day is a good hair day with the Dyson Supersonic.


Ever caught your hair in the hairdryer? Or burn your hand on the hot surface of one? You will never be hurt by a hairdryer again with the Dyson Supersonic. There are no grills at the head of it for your hair to get caught in. Its surfaces do not feel hot enough to hurt even after long blow-drying sessions. With its intelligent heat control, say goodbye to dry and burnt hair as it maintains a perfect stable temperature throughout the entire session.


Is it an expensive product? Yes, it definitely is. But it justifies its price with its revolutionary redefining of what a hair dryer should be. After all, a good hair day is priceless.


Check out our super comprehensive review of the Dyson Supersonic here!


2. Philips HP8280 MoistureProtect Hair Dryer

Philips HP8280

  • Keeps your hair natural hydration always
  • Powerful 2300W motor
  • Ionic care for frizz free hair
  • 2-year warranty
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Does your hair feel dry after every blow drying session? That could be because your current hair dryer is drying out the natural hydration in your hair! Philips recognized this issue and came up with the HP8280 MoistureProtect. It has a sensor which uses infrared technology to analyze your hair and adjust the perfect temperature for it.


There are 3 heat and 2-speed settings to create the optimal blow-drying experience. With a 2300W motor, the Philips HP8280 is powerful and can dry hair in minutes. A Cool Shot feature also provides a strong burst of cool air that helps to set your styled hair. Say goodbye to frizzy hair as negative ions are produced to help reduce static, resulting in smooth and beautiful hair.


Your natural hair is beautiful. However, some hair dryers can mess with that beauty with its uncontrolled heat. Keep your hair’s natural hydration with the Philips HP8280 MoistureProtect Hair Dryer!



3. Philips Pro HPS910 Hair Dryer

The Professional’s Hair Dryer

Philips Pro HPS910

  • 40% faster drying with 110km/h speeds
  • Comes with 2 styling concentrators
  • Professional AC motor for a longer lifespan
  • 2-year warranty
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Ever wondered what kind of hair dryers your professional hairdresser uses? How do they blow dry my hair so fast and beautifully? The Philips Pro HPS910 lets you experience professional quality blow drying at an affordable price point. With a maximum drying speed of 110km/h, even the thickest head of hair will be dry within minutes. According to Philips, it dries 40% faster than its HP4997 predecessor. Faster drying is a dream. No girl wants to hold a hair dryer for 30 minutes every single day. With the Philips Pro HPS910, you can do just that!


It also comes with 2 styling concentrators, 7mm and 9mm, that will help you to define your style while blow drying. With the Ceramic technology, infrared heat is used to produce a gentler heat that helps to dry your hair from its inside. This helps to prevent dry and damaged hair. Another plus point is its super long warranty of 4 years if you register it online. If you divide the cost of the hairdryer over the guaranteed 4 years of usage, it is extremely value for money.


The Philips Pro HPS910 is a professional level hairdryer with fast drying, 2-year warranty, and an affordable price point. Definitely, a top choice if you’re looking for a quality hair dryer.



Hair Dryers Below $100



4. Philips HP8233 Hair Dryer

Philips HP8233 Hair Dryer

  • Quick-drying at healthier temperatures
  • Comes with massaging diffuser and styling nozzle
  • 6 speed and temperature settings
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With the ThermoProtect function, the Philips HP8233 Hair Dryer can help you dry your hair at lower temperatures that are healthier for your hair. You save time and also protect your hair from being damaged from high heat exposure.


With 6 different speed and temperature settings, you’ll always be able to find one that is perfect. It also comes with a slim styling nozzle that concentrates the air for easier styling. At 2200W, this Philips hair dryer is comparable to salon-grade hair dryers. You will find perfect styling results every time with it.



5. Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoDryer HD 785 Hair Dryer

Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoDryer HD 780

  • Amazing 2000W motor
  • 10 different temperature controls
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 1-year warranty
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Braun Satin-Hair 7 HD785 is a balance between quick drying and healthy drying. With its 2000W long life motor, it can generate large amounts of heat and speed to quicken the blow drying process. However, it also prioritizes healthy drying with its Thermo Sensor technology. It monitors the temperature of the air and moderates it to create the right balance for healthy hair.


It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and carry during an entire blow drying session.  A removable filter at the back of the head ensures easy cleaning and also protects your hair from getting caught in the hair dryer. A total of 10 different options for temperature control allows for a great amount of flexibility in choosing the right settings for your hair.


The Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoDryer HD 785 has all the makings of a great and lasting hair dryer.



6. Philips Thermoprotect Ionic HP8233

Best Hair Dryer with Massage

Philips Thermoprotect Ionic HP8233

  • Powerful 2200W motor
  • Protects your hair with lower temps
  • Super relaxing massaging diffuser
  • Ionic care for less frizz
  • 2-year warranty
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High temperatures are bad for your hair. It can cause your hair to become dry, damaged and lose its natural shine. Philips seeks to solve this problem with the Philips HP8233 Thermoprotect. It uses a lower temperature setting that is optimal for drying the hair but stops short of overheating the hair. Its professional level 2200W motor helps to generate a strong airflow that speeds up the drying process and compensate for the lower temperatures. The end result, a head of healthy hair that is blow-dried perfectly.


It also comes with an 11mm styling nozzle which is good for precision styling. Additionally, a turbo boost function allows you to further increase the airflow. This means even faster drying. If you value a decent relaxing massage, you’ll be happy with its massaging diffuser. It helps to increase the volume of your hair and provide a gentle scalp massage.


Philips Thermoprotect Ionic HP8233 is a value-for-money hair dryer that ticks all the right boxes. It has everything you need for a perfect hair drying routine.



7. Braun Satin-Hair 5 HD 585 Hair Dryer

Braun Satin-Hair 5 HD 585

  • High powered 2500W dryer
  • Ionic functionality for frizz-free hair
  • 2 styling attachments provided
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 1-year warranty
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With its ergonomic, lightweight and compact design, you would not imagine that the Braun Satin-Hair 5 HD 585 has a super powerful 2500W motor. It is this motor that powers it to deliver a strong burst of airflow that speeds up the blow drying time. It has 3 heat and 2 airflow settings for you to choose from. Along with its package is a styling nozzle and diffusers which makes it great when you want to use different blow drying techniques.


If you are looking for a small and yet powerful hair dryer, the Braun Satin-Hair 5 HD 585 would be your number one choice.



8. BaByliss 6604RPE Pro Light Hair Dryer

BaByliss 6604RPE Pro Light

  • 2000W professional motor
  • 90km/h airflow speed for fast drying
  • 6 different speed and temperature options
  • 1-year warranty
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BaByliss 6604RPE Hair Dryer is the entry-level model of the BaByliss range. However, it maintains the quality and professional standing of the brand. It has a 2000W motor that is designed to last. It is able to generate up to 90km/h of airflow speed that quickens the blow drying process. The BaBybliss Hair Dryer is also customizable with 6 different options for speed and temperature. A cold shot option is also available for the setting for your styled hair. Additionally, the BaByliss 6604RPE comes with a concentrator nozzle for area-specific styling.


If you are interested in the BaByliss brand but don’t want to splash out too much for its higher-end models, the BaByliss 6604RPE is a great choice.



9. BaByliss PRO GTIonic Hair Dryer

BaByliss PRO GTIonic

  • Silky smooth hair with great shine
  • Strong 2000W power for quick drying
  • Compact and sleek design
  • 1-year warranty
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In their own words, BaBybliss hair dryers are designed by hairdressers for hairdressers. One thing is for sure, their products are optimized to produce great blow drying experiences. The PRO GTIonic comes with a powerful 2000W motor that propels its ability to blow dry your tresses in extra quick time. Accompanied by a ceramic ionic conditioning system, your hair will be treated to a blow drying process that will make it smooth and shiny.


BaByliss PRO GTIonic comes with 5 different speed and heat settings. A slim concentrator nozzle will allow you to focus on specific areas of your hair easily. With a cool shot function, you can easily set your styled hair to last the day. Maintenance of the hair dryer is simple. There is a removable rear filter that can be easily cleared whenever necessary.


BaByliss PRO GTIonic is a solid choice if you are looking for some elements of professional hair dryers at a reasonable price point.



Hair Dryers Below $50



10. Xiaomi Mijia Hair Dryer

Xiaomi Mijia Hair Dryer

  • Powerful speeds of 20000RPM
  • Hydrates and increases glossiness of your hair
  • Beautiful minimalistic and compact design
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With a beautiful white exterior, the Xiaomi Mijia Hair Dryer is the definition of minimalist design. It is also very compact. Despite its small size, it is very powerful and can generate speeds of up to 20000RPM for swift drying.


The thing that we love the most is how this Xiaomi Hair Dryer keeps our hair feeling hydrated, moisturized and healthy even as it dries it. Using ionic technology, it also reduces static and improves the glossiness of your hair. It is definitely one of the most technologically-advanced hair dryers available now!


11. Remington D5216 Shine Therapy

Value for Money Hair Dryer

Remington D5216 Shine Therapy

  • Super strong 2300W motor
  • Ionic conditioning for frizz-free hair
  • Diffuser and concentrator included
  • 1-year warranty
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A powerful 2300W motor is a rare find in lower-priced hair dryers. In fact, even some top-range hair dryers do not have such a strong motor. Remington D5216 Shine Therapy is a superb value-for-money option for anyone who is looking for a powerful yet affordable hair dryer. Beyond its strength, it comes with plenty of useful bells and whistles. It has ionic conditioning which will help lessen the frizziness of your hair. Furthermore, it comes with a diffuser and a concentrator as well! Again, another testament to its superb value offering.


For such a wide range of features and accessories, the Remington D5216 is a bargain.



12. Tefal HV1342 Hair Dryer

Best Travel Hair Dryer

Tefal HV1342

  • Decently strong 1400W motor
  • Small and foldable for travel
  • 2 speed and temperature options
  • 2-year warranty
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Do you travel often and need a hair dryer on the go? The Tefal HV1342 is a super lightweight model that is also foldable. It will fit in the corner of any luggage snuggly, and it’s so light you won’t even notice it’s there. Its functions are pretty basic but is sufficiently powerful with a 1400W motor. No one wants to bring a $500 hair dryer overseas.


That is why with its price and size, the Tefal HV1342, is your perfect travel companion.



13. Philips Essentialcare Compact BHD001/03 Hair Dryer

Philips Essentialcare Compact BHD001/03

  • 1200W motor for gentle drying
  • 2-speed options
  • Super light and small
  • 2-year warranty
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The Philips Essentialcare Compact BHD001/03 is a no-frills hair dryer that does well at its core function. Despite its relatively weak motor of 1200W, it generates sufficient heat and airflow to blow dry hair effectively. With less heat generated, it will also ensure your hair will not be hurt by high temperatures. If you are just concerned with getting your wet hair dry and would care less for fancier options, this is the perfect budget choice.


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