12 Best Instant Noodles in Singapore (2023) To Satisfy Your Tummy

Best Instant Noodles Singapore

Instant noodles are not only delicious, but they are a great convenient option for time-starved Singaporeans. In the past, our usual options were limited to brands like Maggi, Myojo and Nissin. However, times have now changed. There are easily hundreds of different brands and flavours available for you to choose from. Some of these instant noodles offer premium flavours which will tantalize your sophisticated tastebuds.


Want to know which flavours to try? We got your back. Here are the best instant noodles you can buy in Singapore today!


1. Tseng Noodles Scallion with Sichuan Pepper

Best Taiwan instant noodles

Tseng Noodles Scallion with Sichuan Pepper

  • Handmade al-dente noodles
  • Perfect combination of savoury and spice
  • No artificial preservatives
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If you like the texture of a well-cooked bowl of ban-mian, you will love the Tseng Noodles Scallion with Sichuan Pepper. The noodles are handmade and sundried which gives its a natural chewy texture that sets it apart from other noodles. It also soaks up the sauce well, so you get a burst of flavour with every bite.


The sauce is made of red scallion oil that is infused with Sichuan chilli peppers. The entire process takes up to 20 hours which thoroughly blends the two ingredients together. Every bite is the perfect combination of savoury and spiciness. It is no wonder the sauce for this noodles was named Number 1 in Taiwan.


If you like chewy noodles that are savoury and spicy, definitely try out the Tseng Noodles Scallion with Sichuan Pepper!



2. Samyang Kimchi Ramen

Best Korean instant noodles

Samyang Kimchi Ramen

  • Tasty kimchi flavour
  • Right amount of heat
  • Noodles don’t turn soggy
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We get a Kimchi ramen craving each time that we watch a Korean show where the leads are slurping down a bowl of instant noodles. To fulfil our craving, we always turn to the Samyang Kimchi Ramen. It is a simple packet of Kimchi ramen noodles but it always hits the spot.


The kimchi flavour is apparent with every spoonful of soup you drink. While it does carry some spice, it isn’t too overwhelming and won’t make you run to the toilet. We also like that the noodles don’t turn soggy even after accidentally cooking it for too long.


Overall, the Samyang Kimchi Ramen is an extremely satisfying bowl of noodles, especially for K-drama fans.



3. TTL Chinese Wine Chicken Instant Noodles

TTL Chinese Wine Chicken Instant Noodles

  • Contains real chicken chunks
  • Unique hua tiao jiu flavour
  • Takes just 3 minutes to prepare
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Ever wish there was real meat instead of those sad-looking dehydrated meat in your bowl of instant noodles? With the TTL Chinese Wine Chicken Instant Noodles, you get to enjoy real large chunks of well-marinated chicken that elevates the entire eating experience. It no longer feels like instant food, but feels like a real meal.


With the inclusion of hua tiao jiu, also known as Chinese wine, this instant noodles definitely stands out from the crowd. The best part is that the noodles that just about 3 minutes to prepare because it cooks really fast.


If you want a Chinese-influenced dish, the TTL Chinese Wine Chicken Instant Noodles is the perfect ramen for you.



4. Ottogi Cheese Ramen

Ottogi Cheese Ramen

  • Rich creamy cheese
  • Light spice to cut through the richness
  • Thick noodles with chewy texture
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Cheese and ramen may sound like a strange combination. But trust the Koreans to know what they are doing! The Ottogi Cheese Ramen is super creamy and tasty. The soup has a nice balance of cheesiness and creaminess that makes it different from the usual ramen options.


We also liked that there is a slight kick of spice that helps to cut through the creaminess of the cheese. Even after eating the entire bowl, we still couldn’t get enough of this unique flavour. The thick noodles has a chewy texture that we really enjoyed.


If you haven’t tried cheese ramen before, here is your chance! Check out the Ottogi Cheese Ramen and it may just become one of your favourites!



5. KiKi Scallion Noodles

KiKi Scallion Noodles

  • Special scallion sauce recipe
  • Fragrant sesame oil
  • Springy handmade noodles
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The KiKi Scallion Noodles has garnered lots of hype in recent months. We have seen it on newspapers, social media and on various food blogs. It was so popular that it was really hard for us to buy a packet. Thankfully, supply has been replenished and you can easily find it online now.


So after trying it out, do we think it is worth the hype? We definitely think so. The special scallion sauce together with the fragrant sesame oil is simply a simple but perfect combination. Add springy and chewy noodles to it and we think this is a damn good bowl of noodles.


Join the hype and get the super delicious KiKi Scallion Noodles today! You won’t regret buying it!



6. Laoma Handmade Noodles

Laoma Handmade Noodles

  • Extremely appetizing smell
  • Sour, spicy and tangy flavour
  • Flat, thick & QQ noodles
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Once you pour out the various sauces of this Laoma Handmade Noodles, the smell just hits you. The mix of vinegar, soy and spice is extremely appetizing. You’ll feel yourself salivating even before putting a strand of noodle in your mouth. If you’re on a diet, do not eat these noodles because you are sure to finish the entire plate in minutes. The flat, thick noodles with the QQ texture soaks up the sour and spicy sauce well. Your mouth will experience a flavour explosion with every bite.


For such an incredible taste, the Laoma Handmade Noodles is surprisingly affordable at less than $1.50 per packet. So get it now!



7. Marutai Hokkaido Sapporo Miso Ramen

Marutai Hokkaido Sapporo Miso Ramen

  • Creamy, buttery miso 
  • Non-fried noodles for a healthier touch
  • Brings the taste of Hokkaido to your tastebuds
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In our opinion, the Marutai Hokkaido Sapporo Miso Ramen is one of the healthier instant noodles. This ramen is directly imported from Japan. The miso broth is creamy, buttery and makes you want to finish the entire soup. The noodles are not fried which reduces the amount of oil in this dish. Miso is also slightly healthier than MSG-laden broth from other brands. If you served this dish to us in a restaurant, we would easily pay more than $10 for this bowl. So while these noodles cost about $5 per pack, we think it is worth it because you truly get an authentic taste of Japan with every mouthful.


Want premium Japanese ramen in the comfort of your own home? Then you should get the Marutai Hokkaido Sapporo Miso Ramen!



8. Nissin Cup Noodles Tom Yam

Nissin Cup Noodles Tom Yam

  • Sour, spicy and delicious tom yam in minutes
  • Good amount of ingredients
  • Convenient and easy to cook
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The Nissin Cup Noodles Tom Yam is one of our ultimate favourites. Whenever we crave the tom yum but can’t take a trip to Thailand, this cup noodles is our salvation. The tom yam taste is authentic with the right amount of sourness and spiciness that will quench your cravings. The cup noodles also come with a good variety of dehydrated ingredients such as crab sticks, shrimp, vegetables and egg.


If you love tom yum, this is one cup noodles which you should definitely try. We have a whole bunch of them in our cupboard for whenever those cravings appear.



9. Indomie Salted Egg Noodles

Indomie Salted Egg Noodles

  • Creamy salted egg sauce
  • Thick noodles that absorbs the sauce
  • MSG-laden but delicious
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Indomie noodles are stuff of legends. Each pack is super cheap and ultra-delicious. The Indomie Salted Egg Noodles is their premium offering. The salted egg sauce isn’t too overpowering. However, you can taste the MSG quite prominently because of the strong umami flavour. The noodles are also slightly thicker which is good for soaking up the sauce for more flavour in each bite. To be honest, we still prefer the good old Indomie, but this salted egg option is a novelty which is worth a try!



10. A1 Abalone Noodle

A1 Abalone Noodle

  • 2 pieces of real abalone
  • Enjoyable herbal flavour
  • Makes you feel like royalty
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Can you believe it? You get not just one piece but TWO pieces of abalone in the A1 Abalone Noodles! We were sceptical when trying it. Although the price isn’t cheap at $4.50, we still doubted that we could get real abalone in a packet of instant noodles. Once we opened the packet, our doubts evaporated as we saw the package with two pieces of real abalone.


So how was the taste? We liked the light herbal broth that went well with the wavy noodles. The highlight was clearly the two pieces of abalone which were perfectly braised. For $4.50, we say that the A1 Abalone Noodle is a very good deal and delicious too!



11. Samyang Hot Chicken Mala Ramen

Samyang Hot Chicken Mala Ramen

  • A serious burning & numbing spice
  • Generous amount of ingredients
  • Chewy noodle texture
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Any fans of mala out there? Judging by the queues at the mala stalls, we think there are plenty of mala lovers in Singapore. Honestly, mala is pretty expensive, and a bowl at a hawker stall can easily cost $10 per serving. If you want a cheap but tasty mala fix, try the Samyang Hot Chicken Mala Ramen.


It even comes with premium ingredients like mushrooms which is an excellent substitute for the taste and mouth feel of meat. A warning though, this mala ramen packs a punch in terms of spice. If you like spicy mala along with its numbing aftereffects, you will love this ramen!



12. Koka Signature Pepper Crab Noodles

Koka Signature Pepper Crab Noodles

  • Unique peppery taste that’s just right
  • Generous & filling noodle serving
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We love the taste of Black Pepper Crab – but it is so damn expensive. Thankfully, there is the Koka Signature Pepper Crab Noodles which gives you a taste of that luxury without burning a hole in your wallet. Each packet of these noodles costs less than $0.5 if you buy it in a bulk pack.


The peppery and spicy taste is very similar to that found in a dish of black pepper crab. The only downside is that there are no crab chunks for you to soak up the broth with. But you’ll definitely feel full after eating this because the noodle portion is very generous.


Get the taste of black pepper crab at a super affordable price with the Koka Signature Pepper Crab Noodles!


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