9 Best Ironing Boards in Singapore (2023) To Make Ironing Easier

Best Ironing Boards Singapore

Ironing your laundry can be a tedious task. Thankfully, with the right ironing board, it can make your job much easier. The question is how do you choose the perfect ironing board since there are so many different models and brands out there. Don’t worry; we have done the research for you – here are the best ironing boards that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Leifheit AirBoard Compact Ironing Board

Leifheit AirBoard Compact Ironing Board

  • Thermo-Reflect coating for 33% quicker ironing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 1-year warranty
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For the ultimate lightweight yet quality ironing board, check out the Leifheit Airboard. Leifheit has an excellent reputation for their commitment to high quality. This ironing board only weighs about 4.5kg which makes it very easy to carry from one room to another. Despite being very light, it is incredibly sturdy even when you use a heavier iron.


With its Thermo Reflect coating, you can also get done with your ironing chores up to 33% faster compared to other types of ironing boards. You’ll pay a premium for a Leifheit ironing board, but when it saves you precious time – it is definitely worth it.



2. Leifheit Ironing Board Gala

Leifheit Ironing Board Gala

  • Height-adjustable
  • Light but sturdy when ironing
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If you want a more affordable Leifheit ironing board, then consider the Leifheit Gala. It is much cheaper than the other model and has quality features too. This ironing board has an adjustable height from 75 to 96 cm which will mean it can be adjusted to the perfect height for anyone. It has a solid build while being quite light at the same time. For quality at an affordable price tag, give the Leifheit Ironing Board Gala a chance.



3. Home Buddy Ironing Board

Home Buddy Ironing Board

  • Super popular with more than 30k sets sold
  • Mesh design that prevents moisture buildup
  • Value-for-money


If you want the best bang for your buck, get the Home Buddy Ironing Board. It is super popular in Singapore for its value-for-money pricing. You get a quality ironing board that can match up to those that cost double of its price. It has a heat-reflective cover that increases the heat intensity, so your clothing is ironed much faster. Additionally, it has a mesh design that helps to prevent moisture from building up and damaging your ironing board or clothes. For its price, you will only have good things to say about the Home Buddy Ironing Board.


4. Brabantia Size B Ironing Board

Brabantia Size B Ironing Board

  • Adjustable to 7 heights from 69 to 96cm
  • Child-lock for safety when ironing
  • 10-year warranty
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The Brabantia Ironing Board is one of the most ergonomic models available. You can adjust the height from a low of 69 cm all the way to 96 cm. That is one of the widest adjustments that you can get on the market today. When you set it up, it has a child lock which will help to prevent meddling hands from toppling the ironing board. It is fitted with a 100% cotton cover with a foam layer underneath which makes it a very lasting ironing board.



5. Gimi Ironing Board Prestige

Gimi Ironing Board Prestige

  • Suitable for both left or right-handers
  • High-quality build
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If you have ever been frustrated with all the right-handed ironing board out there, then the Gimi Prestige Ironing Board is a godsend. Its standing bow can be reversed so you can easily switch it from being from a right-handed to a left-handed board. With 122 by 38 cm dimensions, it is big enough for easy ironing but compact enough not to take up too much space. If you are a left-hander, the Gimi Prestige will make your life so much easier.



6. Philips GC240 Easy8 Ironing Board

Philips GC240 Easy8 Ironing Board

  • Shoulder-wings for easy shirt ironing
  • Works perfect for steam generator irons
  • Large size for faster ironing
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The Philips GC240 Easy8 Ironing Board is specially made for steam generator irons. However, it has now become popular even among households who use a regular steam iron. Why? Because it just makes ironing so much easier and more efficient.


It is huge at 120 by 45 cm in dimensions. Regardless of what type of clothing you are ironing, you can spread it out easily. If you are ironing men shirts regularly, you will appreciate its shoulder wings which make helps positions and hold the shirt in place. It will save you precious minutes and even hours in the long run. The Philips Easy8 is one of the most expensive ironing boards, but its quality and features really make it stand out from the crowd. Make ironing a breeze with this amazing board.



7. HOUZE Premium Ironing Board

HOUZE Premium Ironing Board

  • Curved feet for additional stability
  • Sleek and modern design
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If there were an award for the best-looking ironing board, the HOUZE Premium Ironing Board would win it for sure. It is super sleek and modern-looking unlike some other brands with dated designs that look more suited for the 1990s. Besides looking good, it is an excellent ironing board. It is pretty big at 131 cm by 34 cm but is compact when folded up. It is also designed to be more stable with the addition of curved feet. That means extra stability even if you are using a heavier iron. If you want a modern ironing board, definitely check out the HOUZE Ironing Board.



8. SOL HOME Premium Standing Ironing Board

SOL HOME Premium Standing Ironing Board

  • 5 adjustable heights from 76 to 85 cm
  • Washable board cover
  • Can be hung to save space
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The SOL HOME Ironing Board is another budget-friendly model which you should consider. One thing we really like about it is that it is effortless to store. You can hang it up by hooking through its pad. That saves a lot of space and also means it is more secure than just leaning the board on a wall.


It comes with a removable cover that is washable too. It can also withstand high temperatures of up to 200 degrees celsius. What you get is a cover that lasts so you won’t have to replace it regularly. With the SOL Home Ironing Board, you save money in the short and long run.



9. IKEA Danka Ironing Board

IKEA Danka Ironing Board

  • Steel structure that is very stable
  • Silicone pads to prevent damage to your iron


For IKEA fans, you’ll be happy to know that you can get the IKEA Danka Ironing Board to complete your IKEA home collection. It is 120 by 37 cm which is a pretty decent size. It is also height adjustable. Its mesh material also helps to prevent the forming of moisture. With a sturdy steel structure, you won’t have to worry about it toppling while you iron. It also doesn’t hurt that it has a pretty cool design for its cover as well.


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Types of ironing board


When buying an ironing board, the first thing you will have to decide on is which type and form are more suitable for your use. There are 3 main types of ironing boards that you can choose from:

  • Freestanding & full-sized ironing board
  • Compact or tabletop ironing board
  • Built-in ironing board


The most common model is the freestanding ironing board. It is usually full-sized and the largest of the 3 which means two things. It will take up more space when unfolded but be the most versatile as well. You can basically iron any type and size of clothing on it without any problems. Also, you can store it quite quickly because it should be compact and slim when folded up.


The compact or tabletop model is an excellent alternative if you don’t have enough space. For example, if you are renting a room, you will likely not have space for a full-sized ironing board. In that case, any flat surface can be transformed into an ironing board with this option. You can use any available table or even the floor.


You might have seen the built-in ironing board in hotel rooms. They are usually installed into wardrobes and cabinets. You will only fold them out when you need to use it. Until then, it is nestled out of sight. Installing it requires some drilling and also customization based on the type of wardrobes you are using. Because of this, it is not popular in Singapore.



Things to consider when buying an ironing board


  • Size of the board
  • Height of the ironing board
  • How heavy is it
  • Type of iron you are using


The first thing to note when buying an ironing board is how big it is – both folded and unfolded. A bigger ironing board will generally be better as you can fit all types of clothing on it easily. The tradeoff is that it will take up much more space, especially when it is unfolded. Ironing boards range from 110 cm to 135 cm in height and 30 to 49 cm in width. If you have sufficient space in your home, we would recommend that you get the biggest one possible. Otherwise, measure out the free space you have and choose a board that matches those dimensions.


For more comfortable ironing, you should get an ironing board with an adjustable height. By being able to adjust the ironing board to the most comfortable height for you, it will lessen the strain on your arms and shoulders. Most full-size ironing board will have adjustable heights.


Different ironing boards have different weights due to their size and also what materials they are built with. A heavier ironing board is sturdier and feels more solid. The flip side is that they are heavier to carry around even when folded up. On the contrary, a lighter ironing board is easy to move around but may not feel as stable when you are ironing. If your ironing board has a permanent position in your home, get a heavier one. Otherwise, even a lightweight and portable model should be able to withstand the strains or regular ironing.


When buying an ironing board, it is also essential to consider the type of iron you are using. Steam generator irons have been increasingly popular recently. They are large and also heavy. If you are using an iron like this, you will have to get a board that is designed for it. The brand of your steam generator iron should sell compatible ironing boards. If you are using a regular iron, you can buy almost any ironing board, and it should work great.


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