9 Best Lubricants in Singapore To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Best Lubricant Singapore

Lubricants can help make spice up your sex life. Whether for solo or couple play, lubricant helps to reduce friction and enhances your senses during sexual intercourse. If you haven’t tried using a lubricant aka a sex lube, you’re missing out.


There are quite many lubricants available. Let us walk you through some of the most popular options. Here are the best lubricants you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Durex Play Classic Lube

Durex Play Classic Lube

  • Light and gentle formula
  • Safe to use with latex condoms
  • Water-based and easy to wash away
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Durex is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to sexual products. The Durex Play Classic Lube is a very lightweight and gentle lubricant that is a great option for a first-timers. It is water-based which means that it works safely with latex condoms. Also, it is suitable for oral, anal and vaginal sexual intercourse. After the deed, it is also pretty easy to wash off as it is very soluble.


If this is your first time trying a lubricant, this Classic Lube by Durex would be a very safe choice. You know you’re getting a quality lubricant because of the high number of positive reviews about it. So definitely give it a try!



2. Durex Play Intimate Lube Tingle

Durex Play Intimate Lube Tingle

  • Cooling spearmint flavour
  • Gives you tingling sensations
  • Water-based and soluble
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Ever want to heighten the sensations during sex? Try a few drops of the Durex Play Intimate Lube and it might just be the thing you and your partner needs. Once you apply it on, you’ll feel a sense of extreme coolness.


After a few seconds, there is a tingling sensation that will bring you and your partner jolts of excitement with each movement. It is also spearmint-flavoured, which makes it the best lubricant for a cooling and tingling experience.



3. Durex Play Intimate Lube Warming

Durex Play Intimate Lube Warming

  • Warming sensation with contact
  • Smooth and gentle on your skin
  • Compatible with latex condoms
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The sense of warmth when two people touch is comforting. With the Durex Play Intimate Lube Warming, you’ll feel even closer to your partner as it gives you a warming sensation when the two of you touch.


We recommend using this lubricant in an air-conditioned room as the sense of warmth will feel even better as a contrast to the cold air. Do not use this in the normal heat of Singapore without aircon! (we’ve tried) If you want to feel closer to your partner, this warming lubricant is amazing at developing that closeness.



4. Durex Play 2-in-1 Massage Gel & Lube

Durex Play 2-in-1 Massage Gel & Lube

  • Perfect for a sensual massage 
  • Soothing and healthy aloe vera
  • Easy to wash off
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Do you like to give a massage as a foreplay to sex? If so, the Durex Play 2-in1 Massage Gel & Lube is the perfect lubricant for you. It is safe to use on all parts on the body and feels super soothing when applied on. It also has aloe vera which is known for its skin benefits. Best of all, it is non-greasy and effortless to wash off after.


Giving your partner a massage with this lubricant will set the mood right. At the same time, once you guys are ready to move to the next step, you don’t need to fumble and look for another lubricant because it can also be used as one. It just makes the process of massage foreplay to sex feel smoother.



5. Durex Play Lube Aloe Vera

Best lubricant for sensitive skin

Durex Play Lube Aloe Vera

  • Ultra-smooth texture
  • Very gentle and beneficial for your skin
  • Excellent for vaginal dryness
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If you or your partner has sensitive skin, the Durex Play Lube Aloe Vera is the gentle lubricant you need. It has aloe vera which is very gentle and also beneficial for your skin. With its ultra-smooth and water-like texture, it is exceptional at solving vaginal dryness. By using a lubricant, both of you can enjoy sexual intercourse without pain. Keep your skin healthy and safe with this Durex Play Lube Aloe Vera!



6. Durex K-Y Jelly Intimate Lubricant

Durex K-Y Jelly Intimate Lubricant

  • Good for solo play
  • Fragrance-free and water-based
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The Durex K-Y Jelly Intimate Lubricant is one that we recommend more for solo use rather than full-on sexual intercourse. It is an excellent lubricant for masturbation as it gives you sufficient friction-reduction without affecting your grip.


However, we do not recommend it for couple sex — the reason why is that it does get more sticky when you use it over an extended period. Usually, full-on sex lasts much longer than a solo session which would affect the smoothness of this lubricant.


Another reason why we recommend it for solo use is that it is much cheaper than other lubricants. You can get a 100ml bottle for below $7 when we last checked. That is close to half the price of other lubricants. So if you want to add a lubricant to your collection for your own use, this is a good value-for-money buy.



7. Tenga Hole Lubricant

Tenga Hole Lubricant

  • Feels natural 
  • Works with Tenga products well
  • Safe for use during intercourse
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Tenga is a revolutionary brand that aims to make sex toys mainstream. It is no surprise that their lubricant line – Tenga Hole Lubricant is one of the best lubricants you can find. It is originally made to work especially with Tenga products. However, it is also an excellent alternative for use during sex if you don’t like Durex lubricants.


There are 4 different Tenga lubricants which are white, red, black and silver. The one we recommend is red. It feels very close to the texture and feel of natural lubricant. We prefer the more natural feel as it makes the experience more real and enjoyable. If you want the best alternative to Durex lubricants, try out Tenga, and you’ll definitely be impressed.



8. Gun Oil Water-Based Lubricant

Gun Oil Water-Based Lubricant

  • Long-lasting smoothness
  • Aloe vera and oat to soothe
  • Ginseng for performance improvement
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If you like long marathon sexual session, you’ll love the Gun Oil Water-Based Lubricant. It feels smooth and friction-free from the first moment until the last moment. It doesn’t become too sticky even after extended periods of friction. So you and your partner can keep going all night long with wetness guaranteed.


It even has added ingredients to make the entire experience better. Firstly, there is aloe vera and oat extracts which help to soothe your skin. For your performance, there is ginseng and guarana, which helps stimulate blood flow. With these ingredients combined with the smoothness of this lubricant, it’s going to be a long sexy time for sure.



9. Durex Play Intimate Lube Strawberry

Durex Play Intimate Lube Strawberry

  • Sweet strawberry scent and flavour
  • Adds a dash of playfulness
  • Water-based and safe for condoms
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The feeling of youth and playfulness comes rushing out once you open the Durex Play Intimate Lube Strawberry. It is strawberry scented and flavoured which brings a sweetness which you and your partner will definitely enjoy.


You can add this dash of strawberry for vaginal, anal or even oral sex. It is safe for use both on your skin and also if you have a condom on. A flavoured lubricant like this is something different that will sweeten up your sex life.


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