11 Best Luggage in Singapore (2023) From $35 to $350

Best Luggage Singapore

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, a good luggage is important to make sure your trip goes smoothly. A luggage should be well-designed with features that protect your belongings. As Singapore is a huge travel hub, there are countless of different luggage brands available here. Some of the more popular luggage brands include Samsonite, American Tourister, Tumi and Lojel Rando.


To help you choose the right luggage for your travels, we have shortlisted the best. Here are the best luggages you can buy in Singapore today!


1. American Tourister Curio Spinner

American Tourister Curio Spinner

  • Large volume capacity of 140L
  • TSA-approved lock
  • Double wheels for smoothness & stability
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Whether you’re going for a long or short trip, the American Tourister Curio Spinner will offer you sufficient packing space. It has a starting load capacity of 125 litres which can be further expanded to 140L. Although this luggage has a hard case, it is still pretty lightweight at just 4.9kg. Together with its high-quality double wheels, pushing or pulling this luggage around is a breeze. If you ever have to pull it along a rough pavement, the wheels also give good stability.


The inside of the luggage is well-designed. It has dividers which create compartments for you to easily segregate your belongings. Besides a mesh divider, this luggage also comes with a hanging pocket which is good for your more important belongings like your passport. This luggage is protected by a TSA-approved lock that gives you peace of mind as you check it in or leave it in your hotel.


This American Tourister Curio Spinner comes in 6 different colours from black to more adventurous colours like custard. You can also get it in 3 different sizes – 80cm by 30cm, 65cm by 25cm or 55cm by 20cm. As such, you can get it either for check-in or as cabin luggage.


If you want a trusted luggage brand that is still very affordable, check out the American Tourister Curio Spinner!



2. American Tourister Trigard Spinner

American Tourister Trigard Spinner

  • XtraSecu 3-point lock system
  • Durable & scratch-resistant surface 
  • Stylish design for business or leisure trips
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If you often keep valuables in your luggage, consider getting the American Tourister Trigard Spinner. It is a hard-cased luggage that is protected by a 3-point XtraSecu lock system that can thwart any theft attempts. Additionally, this luggage does not use zippers on the outside. There have been some cases where zipper luggages were easily broken into as it is easier to cut through the zips. With its hard case and secure lock, this luggage will protect your valuables much better than most other luggage.


With a modern and stylish design, the American Tourister Trigard Spinner can be used for both business or leisure trips. There are about 6 different colours available such as citron, raspberry pink, black, scuba blue and white. You can get this luggage in 3 different sizes – 79cm by 29cm, 66cm by 24cm or 55cm by 20cm.


The American Tourister Trigard Spinner eases your worries about losing your valuables no matter where you travel to. Get it this ultra-secure luggage today!



3. American Tourister Technum Spinner 

Best carry-on luggage

American Tourister Technum Spinner 

  • Beautiful, simple & minimalist design
  • Multiple compartments for easy packing
  • 360-degree dual wheels for easy transport
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You may be wondering why we love to recommend American Tourister luggage. That is because we love their trendy designs, well-thought-out functionality and most importantly, a value-for-money price. If you didn’t know, American Tourister is also owned by Samsonite which is one of the top brands for luggage in the world. However, Samsonite luggages are priced at a premium – which is why American Tourister is an excellent alternative for those who want quality at a lower price point.


The American Tourister Technum Spinner is another popular model that is loved for its simple and minimalist design. This design makes it a great budget business carry-on luggage. For the cabin-sized option, you’ll have access to 37 litres of capacity which is spread across 2 main compartments and also multiple zipped areas too. Each side of the compartment has a cross ribbon which helps to hold your belongings in place. As with all American Tourister luggages, this model is covered by a 3-year international warranty.


At slightly over $150, the American Tourister Technum Spinner (55cm by 20cm) offers superb value-for-money. You can also get the 77cm by 28cm or 68cm by 25cm models if you want a larger suitcase.



4. Samsonite Niar Spinner

Best business luggage

Samsonite Niar Spinner

  • Maximum capacity of 130L
  • Classy matte finishing
  • TSA-approved combination lock
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Samsonite is one of the top premium luggage brands in Singapore. At the same time, the prices of a Samsonite luggage is still much affordable than those from brands like Tumi and Rimowa. In our opinion, the minimalist design of the Samsonite Niar Spinner exudes professionalism which makes it perfect for business travel. We love the classy matte finishing which is available in silver or graphite.


The 78cm by 29cm model offers a maximum capacity of 130 litres which can be achieved by releasing its 4-side expander. Without expansion, you’ll still get access to 114 litres of space. This luggage is spacious enough to pack for a one or two-week-long business trip or vacation. The wheels on this luggage are exceptionally smooth and glide along effortlessly on any surface. The luggage is also equipped with a TSA-approved combination lock that safeguards your valuables.


For business travel, the Samsonite Niar Spinner is our top recommendation. It will be your best companion for your jet-setting life.



5. Samsonite Aeris Comfort Spinner

Samsonite Aeris Comfort Spinner

  • Withstand shock and knocks well 
  • 10-year long international warranty
  • Lightweight handle for easy manoeuvrability
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When you check in your luggage at the airport, your luggage will inevitably suffer from some knocks. If there are valuables or electronics inside, these knocks could damage them and cost you thousands of dollars. If you really want to protect what is inside your luggage, we recommend that you get the Samsonite Aeris Comfort Spinner.


This luggage is made of 100% polypropylene. This material is extremely durable and can withstand heavy knocks. It absorbs the shock so that whatever is inside is kept protected. When you look closely at the exterior, you’ll notice the patterned texture. This is to help prevent scratches and acts as a camouflage for when your luggage gets a scratch. You won’t even notice it!


If you carry electronics such as laptops or tablets in your luggage, you need one that offers good protection. The Samsonite Aeris Comfort Spinner is one option which you should definitely consider.



6. Lojel Rando Luggage

Lojel Rando Luggage

  • Lightweight but sturdy polycarbonate body
  • Sleek & simple design
  • Smooth & quiet caster wheels
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The sleek Lojel Rando Luggage is a well-designed luggage under $200. It has an initial capacity of 69 litres which can be further expanded to a maximum of 76 litres. This gives you the flexibility of keeping it more compact or larger to fit your extra belongings. This luggage is made of polycarbonate which is light in weight but sturdy in structure. It weighs only 4kg but its outer shell offers good protection from accidental bumps or knocks.


Underneath the luggage is a set of caster wheels that spins smoothly with every turn. You can pull or push this luggage effortlessly everywhere you go. The luggage is secured by a TSA lock system along with double coil zippers which are much harder to tamper with. This Lojel Rando Luggage is available in brick red, black and steel blue. You can also choose from small, medium or large sizes.


For under $200, this Lojel Rando Luggage offers a good bang for your buck with its features and design. Check it out on Lazada today!



7. Delsey Belmont Luggage

Delsey Belmont Luggage

  • Total internal capacity of 87L
  • Anti-theft zip system 
  • Covered by a 5-year international warranty
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Want a sturdy polypropylene luggage like the Samsonite Aeris at a cheaper price? Then you should check out the Delsey Belmont Luggage. Its body is also made of polypropylene which makes it a sturdy and strong outer case for everything inside your luggage. Best of all, it costs about 30% cheaper!


For theft prevention, the Delsey Belmont Luggage has a TSA combination lock together with a secure anti-theft zip system. Its zips are three times stronger than a regular luggage zipper and prevent unwelcomed entries into your luggage. We are also big fans of the minimalist look of this luggage that makes it versatile enough for a holiday or business trip.


You can get the Delsey Belmont Luggage in 4 different heights – 55cm, 71cm, 76cm and 82cm. For colours, there are 3 options which are blue, purple and dark grey. If you think the Samsonite luggage is out of your budget, this is an excellent alternative!



8. Xiaomi 90FUN Business Luggage

Xiaomi 90FUN Business Luggage

  • Special storage for electronic devices
  • Durable materials that offers excellent protection
  • 20-inch cabin-friendly size
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The Xiaomi 90FUN Business Luggage is one of the best cabin-sized luggages in Singapore and you can get it for just over $100. When travelling, if you often bring your electronic devices like tablets and laptops, you’ll appreciate the special effort to accommodate and protect your devices.


At the front of the luggage is a special compartment that you can use to keep your laptops and tablet safely. It is easy to access so you can take out your devices whenever you need to. At the same time, the compartment has good cushioning which protects your devices from any knocks. There is also a velcro strap that holds your devices in place. The front fabric of this luggage is certified to be level 4 splashproof. This means that water droplets will roll off the luggage rather than into it. If you ever get caught under the rain, you can rest assured that your electronic devices won’t be exposed.


To be honest, we are huge fans of Xiaomi products. We find them to be well-design and priced very reasonably. Therefore, we highly recommend the Xiaomi 90FUN Business Luggage if you want a cabin-sized luggage!



9. Kamilliant Kapa Spinner

Kamilliant Kapa Spinner

  • Weighs just 4.5kg for 105L capacity
  • Hard case with unique contour design
  • Protected by TSA lock
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The first thing that stands out about the Kamilliant Kapa Spinner is the unique contour design on its outer case. The contour lines add character to the luggage without going overboard. The lines look great on the black, ivory gold and pink colour options for this luggage.


When you hold this luggage up, you’ll also notice that it is very lightweight. In fact, it weighs just about 4.5kg which is light for a luggage that offers a 105-litre capacity. Pulling the luggage around is also a breeze thanks to its 360-degree spinner wheels that allow you to change directions any instant. With more than 60 positive ratings on Lazada, you know that you are getting a quality luggage that has satisfied many buyers.


This Kamilliant Kapa Spinner costs under $100. If you’re looking for a cheap and spacious luggage to bring on your travels, definitely consider this one!



10. World Polo Lightweight Luggage

Cheap cabin-size luggage

World Polo Lightweight Luggage

  • Super cheap price
  • Very light, weighing just 2.7kg
  • Scratch-proof exterior
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It is crazy how cheap the World Polo Lightweight Luggage is. If the price is your key consideration, then getting this luggage is a no-brainer. For comparison sake, this luggage is about 10 times cheaper than a Samsonite luggage. Even compared to more budget brands like Xiaomi, it is still about 3 times cheaper. It is no wonder that this is one of the most popular luggages online in Singapore.


So what do you get from the cheapest luggage in Singapore? You get a hard-case luggage made with scratch-resistant material. Additionally, its wheels move around pretty smoothly according to its users. You also get protection from a built-in combination lock. Another plus point is how light this luggage is, it weighs just 2.7kg. This means you can fit more things inside while keeping within carry-on luggage limits.


The World Polo Lightweight Luggage is an amazing deal. As you can see from its specifications and features, this luggage is pretty decent, even if you don’t consider its super cheap price. Get it now before stocks run out!



11. Moda Paolo Hard Case Luggage

Moda Paolo Hard Case Luggage

  • Modern and stylish exterior 
  • Expandable width up to 4cm
  • Available in 20, 24 and 28-inch models
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The Moda Paolo Hard Case Luggage is another super cheap option that is priced below $50. It is just a couple of dollars more expensive than the World Polo model but offers a modern aluminium-style design. This luggage can be found in 4 different colours – rose gold, green, purple and black. Our personal favourite is the rose gold design!


This cabin luggage can be expanded in size by up to 4cm. This gives you more than sufficient space for a 3 to 5-day trip so you don’t need to bring an additional check-in suitcase. For a trip to Bangkok, this luggage is perfect – even if you are an avid shopper. If you really need more space, you can opt for their 24 or 28-inch models which are also very cheap for their size.


Want a stylish luggage that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? The Moda Paolo Hard Case Luggage would be perfect.


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