9 Best Manuka Honey in Singapore (2023) For Better Health

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Manuka honey is one of the best health foods in the world. It has been used as a health supplement and for wound care for hundreds of years. Nowadays, many families in Singapore eat manuka honey to strengthen their digestive and oral health. If you have a sore throat, a spoonful of manuka honey is a lifesaver.


There is quite a wide range of manuka honey brands in Singapore. It can also get confusing with the different UMF and MGO ratings. That is why we have compiled this buying guide for manuka honey. First, let’s start by introducing you to the best manuka honey you can buy in Singapore!



1. Jade Valley Manuka Honey UMF 10+

Jade Valley Manuka Honey UMF 10+

  • Naturally sweet and yummy
  • Made with only pure honey
  • Value-for-money price for UMF 10+
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Since 1999, Jade Valley has been supplying value-for-money manuka honey in New Zealand. For manuka honey that is rated UMF 10+, we find their price very attractive when compared to their competitors.


Included in their jar is nothing but pure manuka honey. That means you get full health benefits without additives and preservatives. With a UMF 10+ rating, this manuka honey is an awesome choice for daily consumption. You will like its naturally sweet taste that is the perfect perk-me-up in the morning.



2. Comvita Manuka Honey UMF 5+

Comvita Manuka Honey UMF 5+

  • Rich and smooth flavour
  • Trusted brand of more than 4 decades
  • Available from UMF 5+ to 20+
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With more than 40 years of experience, Comvita is one of the most well-known manuka honey brands in the world. Every jar of manuka honey from Comvita can be traced by to the particular hive it came from. That is how seriously they take their job.


The Comvita Manuka Honey UMF 5+ has a rich flavour that goes down smoothly. It can go well with food like bread and does not taste overly sweet. With a UMF 5+ rating, this manuka honey is not of medicinal grade. If you want a medicinal-grade manuka honey, Comvita has anything from UMF 5+ to UMF 20+. Comvita is a premium brand, and it does cost more than other brands. However, with their strict commitment to quality, you know that every spoonful is the best.



3. Manukora Manuka Honey UMF 5+

Cheapest manuka honey in Singapore

Manukora Manuka Honey UMF 5+

  • Smooth and luxurious texture
  • Very affordable option
  • 100% sourced and manufactured in NZ
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Manuka honey is much more expensive than normal honey. Thankfully, there are also affordable options around like the Manukora Manuka Honey UMF 5+. It is a great gateway for you to try out whether you like the taste and benefits of manuka honey. It costs less than half the price of some other more premium brands. The last time we checked, it was less than $30 for a 500 gram jar.


Manukora sources all their manuka honey from New Zealand. Also, their entire manufacturing process is in New Zealand, which maintains the freshness of their manuka honey. If you are looking for a cheap manuka honey to try, Manukora is the one you should get.



4. Haddrell’s of Cambridge Manuka Honey UMF 13+

Haddrell's of Cambridge Manuka Honey UMF 13+

  • Effective relief for sore throat and colds
  • Helps improve your digestive system
  • 100% natural
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Suffering from a cold or sore throat? Try a spoonful or two of the Haddrell’s of Cambridge Manuka Honey. It can help to relieve the symptoms and help you recover faster with its antibacterial properties. It can also help you if you suffer from diarrhoea, indigestion or stomachache.


With a UMF of 13+, this manuka honey has strong medicinal properties which mean higher effectiveness. It is also 100% natural which means you can use and eat it with a peace of mind. If you want a strong and effective manuka honey for its health benefits, this is the one to go for.



5. Kare Manuka Honey UMF 10+

Kare Manuka Honey UMF 10+

  • Improves your immune system 
  • Edible in the morning, afternoon or night
  • 100% authentic and UMF certified
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Morning, afternoon or night, you can eat a spoonful of the Kare Manuka Honey and reap all its benefits. So whether you prefer it in your morning toast, an afternoon coffee or a spoonful of it at night, it is all up to what you prefer. If you consume it regularly, you notice improvements in your skin complexion, immunity system, oral health and digestion.


The Kare Manuka Honey is certified and rated by the strict standards of the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) in New Zealand. You can be sure that every bottle is of high-quality and has all the benefits you need.



6. Woodlands Organic Manuka Honey MG100+

Woodlands Organic Manuka Honey MG100+

  • Improves skin condition
  • Boosts your immunity system
  • Suitable for all ages   
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Whether young or old, everyone will benefit from a spoonful of Woodlands Organic Manuka Honey once a day. It can bring about improvements to your skin, immunity system and energy levels.


Woodlands ensures the freshness of its manuka honey by making sure the honey is bottled as quickly as possible. It is made with 100% pure New Zealand Honey. With an MG rating of 100+, it is more powerful than honey with UMF 5+.



7. Manuka Health MGO™ 100+ Manuka Honey

Manuka Health MGO™ 100+ Manuka Honey

  • Thick, creamy and delicious
  • Every batch tested to strict standards
  • Sustainable and responsible sourcing 
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Manuka Health’s manuka honey is one of the thickest and creamiest you’ll find. We love the thick texture which enhances its deliciousness and sweetness. Whether adding it to your morning coffee or spreading it on a toast, it’ll add a natural sweetness that is good for you too.


Every single batch of manuka honey is tested to their strict quality standards. It ensures that every bottle meets the required MGO level so that you can enjoy the full benefits of manuka honey. We are also fans of their responsible sourcing strategy that ensure manuka honey is sustainable for our future generations too. If you love creamy honey, you have to try it out!



8. Sweet Nature Manuka Blend Honey

Sweet Nature Manuka Blend Honey

  • Mild delicious sweetness
  • Good introduction to manuka honey
  • Cold press manufacturing process for freshness
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If you are new to manuka honey, the Sweet Nature Manuka Blend Honey will be the best introduction to ease you in. Instead of pure manuka honey, it uses a blend instead which lowers the sometimes overpowering taste of manuka honey. The end result is sweet and delicious honey that is milder than usual. If you’re not a true honey fan, you might become a fan once you try this blended honey.



9. BeePower Australia Organic Manuka Honey MGO 83+

BeePower Australia Organic Manuka Honey MGO 83+

  • Luscious and creamy 
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
  • Organic and natural
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Sourced from the beautiful East Coast of Australia, the BeePower Organic Manuka Honey is another excellent choice that is light on your wallet. For a 1kg bottle, it costs less than $60. That is a very good deal!


Taste-wise, this manuka honey has a good balance of sweetness that isn’t overpowering. Its texture is luscious and creamy, which makes every spoonful a pleasure to eat. With its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, you can even use this manuka honey for any wounds or burns.


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Benefits of manuka honey


  • Soothes a sore throat 
  • Improves your digestion system
  • Heals wounds, cuts and burns
  • Improve oral hygiene


Manuka honey is a superfood that has many proven health benefits. Firstly, it is very effective in soothing your throat, especially when it is sore. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties which lower the inflammation in your throat. Additionally, it has a soothing effect so you’ll feel pain. Manuka honey is also useful as a cough suppressant.


Manuka honey can also improve your digestion system. It can help with diarrhoea, constipation and even IBS. It introduces antioxidants and also helps to reduce any inflammation in your bowel systems.


Thirdly, manuka honey has been used for healing wounds, cuts and burns for hundreds of years. Recently, the US FDA has officially recognized manuka honey as a healing agent for wounds. In one study, manuka honey was applied to the wounds of 40 people. 88% of those wounds showed a reduction in size.


Manuka honey can also improve your oral health. With antibacterial properties, manuka honey can help to eliminate the bad bacteria in your mouth. At the same time, it can promote the growth of good oral bacteria, which is vital for good oral hygiene. Unliked sweets that are made of refined sugar, manuka honey is pure and will not cause tooth decay.


With all these health benefits, adding manuka honey to your diet will be very helpful for better health. Besides these benefits, there are also some other benefits like improving acne and strengthening your immune system. However, these have not be 100% proven by studies yet.





There are two main rating system for manuka honey – MGO and UMF. If you want high-grade manuka honey that has excellent health benefits, you should go for one that has either MGO or UMF ratings.


A common question is what is the difference between MGO and UMF. The difference is that MGO tests for the level of methylglyoxal while UMF tests the antibacterial properties of the honey. However, it doesn’t mean that one rating is better than the other. In fact, they are highly correlated.


You can convert UMF to MGO and vice versa pretty easily. Here is a list of the common conversion values for UMF to MGO. With these ratings, you will be able to compare across different manuka honey.

  • 5 UMF+ to MGO 83+
  • 10 UMF + to 263 MGO+
  • 15 UMF + to 514 MGO+
  • 18 UMF+ to 696 MGO+
  • 20 UMF+ to 829 MGO+



How to take manuka honey


There are two main ways to use manuka honey. You can eat and consume it or you can apply it on a wound. If you are eating manuka honey, you should eat between 1/2 to 2 tablespoons daily. If applying on a wound, you should apply it to cover the area of the wound and put a dressing on it after. For deeper wounds, we recommend consulting a doctor.



Where to buy manuka honey in Singapore


Thankfully, manuka honey is readily available in Singapore. You can find it in retail stores and also online. This means a wide range of choices and even more affordable prices. Our favourite method of buying manuka honey is online. It is usually cheaper and with delivery included, it is very convenient as well. Here is a list of places in Singapore where you can buy your manuka honey from. 

  • Lazada
  • Qoo10
  • Shopee
  • NTUC Fairprice
  • Watsons
  • Guardian
  • Unity
  • Honeycity
  • Honeyworld


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