13 Best Milk Powders For Babies in Singapore (2023)

Best Baby Milk Powder Singapore

Baby milk powder or baby formula is one of the most significant monthly expenses for most families with young babies. Whether it is for a newborn or growing toddler, a good milk powder gives the nutrition your baby needs to speed up their development.


Milk powder prices in Singapore rose 120% in just 10 years (2017). Therefore, many parents are searching for baby milk powders that offer the best value-for-money. To help you, we have shortlisted the best of them all. Here are the best baby milk powders you can buy for your baby in Singapore today!



1. Similac 2′-FL Growing Up Formula

Similac 2'-FL


  • 2’-FL that is found in breast milk
  • 9 vital nutrients for cognitive and mental growth
  • No palm oil for better absorption
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After 15 years of research and development, Similac finally introduced 2’-FL into their baby milk powder. So what is 2’-FL? It is a natural oligosaccharide that is in human breast milk. In contrast, cow’s milk is low in oligosaccharide. By adding 2’-FL, your baby is able to develop a stronger immune system and digestive health. As such, the Similac 2’-FL Milk Formula is great for the development of your baby.


It also has 9 vital nutrients such as DHA, AA, Lutine, Choline, Vitamin B5, Iron, Zinc and Iodine. All these work together to accelerative your baby’s cognitive and mental growth. Also, this milk powder does not contain any palm oil which means your baby can absorb all these nutrients better. With 2’-FL and a wide range of nutritional ingredients, this is one of the best cow’s milk powder for your baby!



2. Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 Gentlease Baby Formula

Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 Gentlease Baby Formula

  • Gentle on your baby’s tummy
  • Recommended level of DHA daily intake
  • Smaller protein particles for easier digestion
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Does your child feel tummy discomfort often after drinking milk? If so, you should let him or her try the Enfagrow A+ Gentlease Baby Formula. With smaller protein molecules, your baby’s tummy will find it easier to digest which reduces and eliminates potential tummy discomfort. By being easier on the stomach, it makes your child look forward to milk time.


This baby formula contains the amount of DHA that is recommended by the World Health Organization. It also includes Vitamins like A, D, E, K1, B6, B12 so you can be sure your child is getting the best. Say goodbye to uncomfortable tummies with this Enfagrow Gentlease Milk Powder.



3. Friso Gold 3 Growing Up Milk

Friso Gold 3 Growing Up Milk

  • DHA, AA, Prebiotic, Nucleotides, Vitamin D, B12
  • LockNutri to keep natural nutrients in
  • Easy to digest formula
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Friso Gold understands the need to keep all the natural goodness of milk in. That is why they use the LockNutri technology which uses low heat so that the natural nutrients are kept intact for your child to absorb. This low heat process also makes the milk easier to digest for your child, which means less tummy discomfort.


With a well-balanced formula that contains DHA, AA Prebiotic, Nucleotides, Vitamin D and B12, your child will get all the nutrients he or she needs.



4. PediaSure Gold Vanilla

PediaSure Gold Vanilla

  • 34 nutrients for growth and development
  • Suitable for kids 1 to 12 years old
  • Available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry
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The PediaSure Gold Vanilla is a delicious milk that your child is sure to love. Besides the traditional vanilla flavour, it is also available in chocolate and strawberry. It is a superb addition to your child’s regular milk diet.


It has 34 different nutrients and supplements that will aid your child’s growth and development. If you find that your child is lagging in his or her growth rate, this is the milk powder you want as an additional boost.



5. Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 Baby Formula Milk Powder 

Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 Baby Formula Milk Powder 

  • PDX and GOS for good digestive system
  • Zinc, iron for natural immunity
  • DHA, Choline for mental development
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At Stage 3, age 1 to 3 years old, your child’s brain development is fast and rapid. The Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 Baby Formula Milk Powder can help support that development by giving the right amount of nutrients. For the entire brain development, it has DHA and Choline.


Also, it contains zinc and iron that can build up the natural immunity and defences of your child. Polydextrose (PDX) and Prebiotics (GOS) are also added to maintain a well-functioning digestive system. This Enfagrow Milk Powder is excellent for giving your child the right platform to grow and develop. It is also available in from Stages 1 to 2.



6. Abbott Isomil Soy Growing Up Formula

Best for babies with lactose intolerance

Abbott Isomil Soy Growing Up Formula

  • DHA & Lutein for brain and eye development
  • 100% lactose-free
  • Made with high-quality soy
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If your baby is sensitive to cow’s milk, an excellent alternative would be the Abbott Isomil Soy Growing Up Formula. It is 100% free of lactose and is suitable for babies who suffer from lactose intolerance.


This soy milk powder is made from high-quality soy protein and has similar added ingredients and nutrition to cow’s milk formulas. For example, it has DHA, Lutein, Omega 3, Omega 6, Taurine, Choline, Iron, Folic Acid, Zinc and Prebiotics. When you look at this list, you know that your baby’s health and development is well taken care of. You won’t need to worry about your baby being lactose intolerant thanks to the Abbot Isomil.



7. Dumex Mamil Gold Milk Formula

Dumex Mamil Gold Stage 1 Newborn Milk Formula

  • DHA & ARA for brain and eye development
  • Prebiotic blend for better digestive health 
  • Contains iron, vitamin D, calcium and nucleotides
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The Dumex Mamil Gold Milk Formula is one of the most popular choices for babies in Singapore. It has the all-important DHA and ARA, which are vital for your baby’s brain and eyes development.


It has a patented prebiotic blend and the beneficial Bifidus bacteria that builds up the natural defences of your baby’s digestive system. Additionally, it also contains iron, Vitamin D, calcium and nucleotides which are good nutrients that a baby needs. With these premium mixes of ingredients, it is no wonder so many parents choose the Dumex Mamil Gold for their babies.



8. Dumex Dugro Stage 3 Growing Up Baby Milk Formula

Dumex Dugro Stage 3 Growing Up Baby Milk Formula

  • Improve calcium absorption and retention
  • Natural and great tasting
  • For toddlers between 3 to 6 years old
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The Dumex Dugro is one of the more value-for-money choices for your child when he or she reaches the age of 1. It is available in Stage 2, 3 and 4. For this Stage 3 milk powder, it is made for children between the growing ages of 3 to 6 years old.


There is no added sucrose in this milk powder which makes it healthier. Its natural taste is also yummy to children so your kid should love it. Also, it does not only have calcium but also primes your child’s body to absorb and retent it better for stronger and healthier bones.



9. Wyeth Nutrition S-26 Gold Progress Growing-up Formula

Wyeth Nutrition S-26 Gold Progress Growing-up Formula

  • More DHA and Choline for mental development
  • More Lutein for eye health
  • 26 total ingredients for holistic growth
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As previously mentioned, the ages of 1 to 3 is vital for your child’s brain development. Wyeth Nutrition has recognized this and updated their S-26 Gold Progress Growing-up Formula by adding more DHA and Choline to support this speedy development.


Besides DHA and Choline, this milk powder has a total of 26 ingredients specially chosen which are important for your child’s growing years. Here is a list of some of those ingredients – 2’-FL, Vitamin C, D, E, B, B12, ARA, Lutein, Selenium, Taurine, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, Calcium. With this improved formula, we think that this Wyeth Nutrition Milk Powder is one of the best in Singapore right now.



10. Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO 3 Growing Up Milk

Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO 3 Growing Up Milk

  • DHA, ARA for brain and eyes
  • Probiotics and protein blend
  • 2’-FL, iron, vitamins for immunity
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From physical and mental development, digestive health to stronger immunity, the Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO 3 Growing Up Milk does it all. It contains DHA and ARA for the healthy development of your baby’s brain and eyes.


A special protein blend provides the supplements needed for healthy bone and physical growth. Probiotics encourage a better digestive system. Lastly, 2’-FL, iron and vitamins strengthen the overall immunity of your baby. This milk powder definitely ticks all the right boxes and is worthy of your precious child.



11. Dumex Dulac Baby Milk Formula

Cheap & affordable baby milk formula

Dumex Dulac Baby Milk Formula

  • DHA, ARA, Taurine, Choline for brain development
  • Prebiotics for better digestion
  • Calcium, vitamin D3, iron, magnesium, zinc for growing
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With the Dumex Dulac Milk Powder, you can provide your baby with the nutrients he or she needs without burning a hole in your pocket. It is one of the most value-for-money milk formulas for babies in Singapore. When we last checked, it cost just $14.80 for an 800g tin which is less than half the price of other more expensive choices.


At the same time, you don’t have to worry about its quality as it still comes from the reliable Dumex brand. It also has everything that your baby will need. For example, it has DHA, ARA Taurine, Choline to aid brain development. Additionally, it has calcium, vitamin D3, iron, magnesium and zinc to help your baby grow taller and bigger. If you want a cheaper baby milk powder, this is your best choice.



12. Nestle NAN Sensitive Milk Formula

Nestle NAN Sensitive Milk Formula

  • 10-times smaller protein for gentler digestion
  • 25% reduced lactose
  • DHA, ARA, Iron, Zinc, Probiotics 
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Does your baby suffer from a slighter weaker stomach or is a little lactose-intolerant? Then the Nestle NAN Sensitive Milk Formula might be perfect for your precious little one. Its proteins are broken down in one-tenth its usual size so that it is much easier to digest. Furthermore, it has 25% less lactose to counter slight lactose-intolerance.


Besides its gentler formula, it has all the different ingredients and nutrients that your baby needs for healthy development. You’ll find these terms very familiar as it is similar to most other milk formulas – DHA, ARA, Iron, Zinc and Probiotics. If your baby faces issues with normal milk powder, definitely give this sensitive formulation a try.



13. Einmilk Stage 3 Follow-Up Formula

Einmilk Stage 3 Follow-Up Formula

  • For babies 12 months and older
  • DHA, ARA, Taurine, FOS, Nucleotides
  • Made in Singapore with 100% New Zealand milk
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Einmilk is a Singaporean brand started by two fathers in 2014. The reason for starting Einmilk was to provide parents in Singapore with quality milk powder that is affordable. Their fresh milk is sourced from New Zealand which is similar to other top brands.


The milk contains DHA and ARA which help in your child’s brain and eye development. Taurine which is also found in breast milk helps in weight gain. Nucleotides strengthen the immunity system. Overall, Einmilk is a brand worth supporting with their quality offerings that are less taxing on your wallet.


You may also be interested in these articles!


Breastfeeding vs formula feeding


Breastfeeding is the recommended form of nutrition for a newborn baby for the first 6 months by the World Health Organizations. If you visit most milk powder company’s websites, you’ll often see a notice that states that breastfeeding is recommended over milk powders for a newborn. After the first 6 months, breastfeeding is still recommended up to 2 years of age. From 6 months to 2 years old, complementary foods such as milk formulas can be added to your baby’s diet.


However, some mothers are unable to breastfeed, perhaps due to medical reasons. In those cases, do not feel too bad as Stage 1 milk formulas are specially designed to provide the nutrition that your newborn needs. While it cannot replicate some of the natural benefits of breast milk, your baby will still develop healthily and happily.



Milk powder, stages and ages


Stage 1 Milk Powder

Stage 1 usually refers to babies below 6 or 12 months old. Usually, breastfeeding is encouraged in the first 6 months of a newborn’s life. However, there are some instances where it is not possible. In those cases, you should go for a Stage 1 Milk Powder. They are usually gentler on your baby’s tummy.


Stage 2 Milk Powder

You should transition your baby to Stage 2 baby formulas from the 6th month which is designed to suit a baby till his or her’s 1st year. At Stage 2, milk powders usually contain much more nutrients and ingredients than Stage 1 ones.


Stage 3 Milk Powder

At the age of 1 to 3 years old, your child should move on to Stage 3 Milk Powder. During this age, their body and especially brain start to undergo rapid development. Stage 3 milk powders usually have more added DHA to help with brain and mental development. You will also see a longer ingredient list that consists of more nutrients and vitamins.



Things to look out for in milk powder



Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA) are two of the most common things mentioned when comparing milk formulas. DHA and ARA are linked with brain development and are also present in human breast milk.



Lutein is said to have beneficial effects on the healthy development of baby’s eyes. It has also been linked to healthy brain development. The main reason why it is viewed so vital is that Lutein is found as a major carotenoid in baby’s eyes and brains.



Choline is linked with the development of the brain. Choline also helps to keep our cell membranes healthy. Choline is created by our body, but it is usually insufficient which means we need to get supplements of it from our diet. In this case of babies, they need to have Choline from their baby formula or through breastfeeding.



Probiotics are good bacteria that will help improve the digestive system of your baby. Common strains of probiotics are Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus.


Zinc, Iron

Zinc and iron are common additions to milk powders. They help to improve the immunity system which means that your baby will be less susceptible to falling sick.



Expensive vs cheap milk powder


Milk powder prices are quite varied in Singapore. The price difference between an expensive and cheap milk powder can be twice as high. So does price equate to quality? This issue came to the forefront in 2017 as the government highlighted that milk powders prices rose by 120% in just 10 years.


If you are worried about the nutritional benefits of cheap milk powder, don’t be. Milk powders sold in Singapore generally meet the nutritional requirements for your babies. You’ll find that even cheaper milk powders have supposedly premium ingredients like DHA which is needed for brain development.


Usually, more expensive milk powders tout a higher DHA and other nutritional ingredients deemed important for healthier growth. However, it doesn’t mean that more is better. Personally, we like going for value-for-money milk powders as a good balance between quality and cost-savings. So if you are caught in this dilemma between expensive or cheap, a mid-price option may solve this problem.



Average cost of milk powder in Singapore


The good news is that the average prices of milk powder have fallen since 2017 when the high costs of milk formulas were highlighted in the Parliament and press. Average prices fell by 4.8%. This was due to more affordable brands being introduced to the market. Also, the parents became more willing to purchase cheaper alternatives as they found no significant differences between premium and less expensive options.



Prices of milk powder in Singapore


To give you an idea of the prices of milk powders in Singapore, we are going to list down the prices of all the products we have recommended. We will also show you the cost per 100 grams to make the comparison clearer as they come in different sizes. We understand that some of these milk powders are for different Stages which may explain the price difference. However, it should provide a good gauge for each brand. The prices were taken from Lazada which we found had some of the best deals for baby milk powders. These prices are arranged from the cheapest to the most expensive milk powder.

  1. Dumex Dulac Stage 1 –  $1.85 per 100g
  2. Einmilk Stage 3 – $4.125 per 100g
  3. Friso Gold 3 Growing Up Milk – $4.33 per 100g
  4. Nestlé® NAN® OPTIPRO® 3 – $4.36 per 100g
  5. Wyeth Nutrition S-26 Gold Progress Stage 3 – $4.38 per 100g
  6. Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 – $4.70 per 100g
  7. Dumex Dugro Stage 3 – $4.74 per 100g
  8. PediaSure Gold Vanilla – $5.44 per 100g
  9. Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 Gentlease – $5.79 per 100g
  10. Dumex Mamil Gold Stage 1 –  $6.41 per 100g
  11. Similac 2′-FL Infant Formula Stage 1 – $6.62 per 100g
  12. Isomil Soy Infant Formula Stage 1 – $6.83 per 100g
  13. Nestle NAN SENSITIVE –  $8.35 per 100g


Some of the product links that we have included are affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small commission from platforms like Amazon if you make a purchase. This commission comes at no added cost to you. This helps to support us so that we can create more buyer guides for you.