10 Best Nose Hair Trimmers in Singapore (2023) – From $4 to $30

Best Nose Hair Trimmer Singapore

One of the most embarrassing things in life is to have a stray strand of nose hair sticking out like a sore thumb. We can’t stop nose hair from growing. But we can trim it on a regular basis to never be in that embarrassing position ever!


With the convenience of electric nose hair trimmers, there is no excuse not to groom ourselves. There’s one for every budget, from brand names to OEM models. Here are our recommendations for the best nose hair trimmers in Singapore!



1. Braun Exact Series EN10 Nose Trimmer

Best electric trimmer for men

Braun Exact Series EN10 Nose Trimmer

  • Quick and sharp performance
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-year warranty
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Braun is a leader in the grooming segment. All its products are of the highest quality, and the Braun EN10 Nose Trimmer is no exception. Its blades stay razor sharp from the moment you first use it. Because of its sharpness, you can easily remove your unwanted nose hair with ease.


The EN10 is powered with just a single AA battery that can last up to an hour. While that might not seem like a lot, based on the average user, you will only need to change its battery once every 3 to 4 months. Perfect if you don’t like the hassle of recharging your devices. (we have so many devices to charge already!)



2. Philips NT3160 Series 3000

Best nose, ear & eyebrow trimmer

Philips NT3160 Series 3000

  • Safe and smooth trimming
  • A small tip that reaches anywhere
  • 2-year warranty
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You won’t miss a single strand of stray hair with the Philips NT3160 Nose Trimmer. It has a uniquely designed slim tip that will reach even the hardest to reach areas. Be it your nose or ear; no unwanted hair is spared.


When reaching deep in your nose or ear, it can feel scary that you might get cut. But not to worry as the Philips trimmer is equipped with the ProtecTube technology. It helps to ensure the sharp blades never touch your skin. Holding and manoeuvring the trimmer is also simple with its ergonomic and non-slip grip. Also, it comes with eyebrow combs for quick eyebrow trimming. Feel safe every single moment with the Philips NT3160 Trimmer.



3. Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer

Best manual trimmer

Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer

  • High-quality and long-lasting
  • Gentle yet effective
  • No batteries needed
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With more than 1 million Groom Mate Trimmers sold all around the world is a testament to how good of a product it is. A simple Google search will bring up thousands upon thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. So why is the Groom Mate so popular?


It is made with the highest quality materials that make trimming your nose hair a walk in the park. It trims effectively while taking extreme care not to hurt you. Also, many claims that buying a Groom Mate trimmer is buying it for life. Without any electronic parts, it just doesn’t seem to fail even after years of use. Another advantage is that you don’t have to spend money on batteries anymore. That saves you a good chunk of money in the long run.


Are you looking for the best manual nose hair trimmer? Here’s the Groom Mate Trimmer!



4. Panasonic ER-GN30 Nose Hair Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GN30 Nose Hair Trimmer

  • Dual blade system for effective trimming
  • Super easy to wash
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The Panasonic ER-GN30 has everything you want in a trimmer. It comes with stainless steel dual blades that are hypoallergenic. It trims instead of pulling which makes the entire trimming process painless and even enjoyable. With its wet and dry functionality, you can use it just about anywhere, from the shower to the bedroom.


It is powered by a single AA battery which gives it up to 90 minutes of precise trimming. Washing and taking care of it is also very simple. Just rinse it under a tap and the trimmed hairs will be washed out. The Panasonic ER-GN30 Nose Hair Trimmer is a solid all-round choice.



5. Panasonic ER-430

Best wet & dry nose hair trimmer

Panasonic ER-430

  • Precise Japanese blade technology
  • Safe to use
  • Lightweight and portable
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Say goodbye to unruly nose hair with the Panasonic ER-430. It has blades that stay sharp even after years of using. Sharpness and precision are important for painless and fast trimming. Besides using this on your nose hair, you can also trim your eyebrows, moustache and even ear hairs. Suitable for both men or women!


What we love about it is that you can use it in both wet and dry conditions. Trimming in the shower is super convenient and comfortable. Clean up is also easy with its smart vacuum which sucks all the cut hair into an easy-to-wash compartment.


What is important is also Panasonic’s focus on safety. The ER-430 has a safety cover over its blades that keep you safe 100% of the time. Even if you are a beginner to electric nose trimmers, there’s no need to worry!



6. Philips NT1150 Waterproof Trimmer

Best trimmer for women

Philips NT1150 Waterproof Trimmer

  • Ergonomic tip for easy trimming
  • Lightweight and portable
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The Philips NT1150 is pretty similar to its NT3160 model. It has all its good points but at a friendlier price point. It has a narrow tip which is perfect for a lady because of smaller nostrils. With some other trimmers, you may have difficulty reaching the ends of your nostrils because of their larger size.


It does not have the additional accessories of the NT3160 model. But if you are looking for only a nose hair trimmer, it will do its job perfectly every single time.


The Philips NT1150 Nose Hair Trimmer is the best choice for women. Get it now today!



7. 2 in 1 Clipper and Shaver

2 in 1 Clipper and Shaver

  • Multi-functional uses
  • Rechargeable


Shaving, clipping and trimming, this multi-functional Nose Trimmer does it all. It comes with two different heads, a trimmer and a cleaning brush for convenient washing up. You can do almost anything with this device. And it does it at just half the price of the branded options.



8. Sencor Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

Value-for-money option

Sencor Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

  • Good quality blades
  • 1-year warranty
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The Sencor Nose Hair Trimmer has everything you need at half the price of its top-end competitors. It has super sharp stainless steel blades that trim stray hairs within seconds. With two different trimmer heads, you can swap them out for a perfect trim every single time.


It even comes with many other features and accessories. Its trimming accessories are fully washable. You will also never miss a single stray nose hair because it has a lighting function. Additionally, it comes with a stand to hold the trimmer and trimming heads.


With all its excellent performance and many bells and whistles, the Sencor Nose Hair Trimmer is a great bargain.



9. Bluelans Electric Nose Hair Removal

Cheap nose hair trimmer

Bluelans Electric Nose Hair Removal

  • Super affordable


An electric nose trimmer below $5? That’s a shockingly low price. But the question is, how does it compare to other higher-priced competitors? We found that it does do the primary job of trimming pretty well. It feels safe and the process is relatively painless.


However, we do believe that price comes with the quality for nose hair trimmers. With no warranty, it could be $5 down the drain immediately if it spoils.


If you would like to try out an electric nose trimmer, the Bluelans trimmer could be a good choice.



10. Nose Trimmer Scissors

Nose Trimmer Scissors

  • Safe and easy to use


Using a pair of scissors to trim your nose hair can be a painful event. Its sharp pointy tip has probably hurt us many times before. With this Nose Trimmer Scissors, it has a rounded tip. That means you won’t accidentally poke yourselves any longer!


If you like the traditional way of trimming, this rounded Trimmer Scissors is the perfect choice!



Are you still unsure about which nose hair trimmer to go for? Here are our TOP recommendations again! If you choose one of them, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

  • Panasonic ER-430

  • Braun Exact Series EN10 Nose Trimmer

  • Philips NT3160 Series 3000


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