16 Best Office Chairs in Singapore (2023) From $69 to $1780

Best Office Chair Singapore

We spend many hours in our office chair every day. In fact, many of us spend around one-quarter of our lives sitting in it. Therefore, it is very important that we get a good office chair that is comfortable and has good support. With many different brands and models of office chairs available, it can be challenging to find the right one for you. Not to worry, here are the best office chairs you can buy in Singapore today!



Best Office Chairs in Singapore



1. ErgoTune Supreme

Best value ergonomic chair

ErgoTune Supreme


  • 11 points of adjustment so it fits your body perfectly
  • Lumbar support that adjusts itself to you automatically
  • A high-quality chair at a fantastic price point
  • 12-year warranty
  • Use the promo code “DRUMITLOUD30” for a $30 discount
Check out ErgoTune


The ErgoTune Supreme is back with a fresh look, more colours, and upgrades across the board, all while retaining the same value for money its predecessor had. If you ever wondered why your regular office chair always left you aching all over at the end of the day, that’s because it didn’t fit you well. If you couldn’t even feel your neck and head touching your headrest, you know what we mean. On the flip side, a chair is automatically comfortable when it can conform perfectly to you and support your body fully as you sit for hours on end.


That’s why the ErgoTune is more adjustable than ever before, with 11 points for you to fine-tune as you aim for that perfect ergonomic fit. The best part? Both models retain the same price tag, costing half of what their competitors would charge. The ErgoTune Supreme is still the brand’s flagship model and it will easily adjust itself to you completely. Its brand-new TriTune™ headrest is adjustable across three dimensions: height, angle of tilt, and depth. Likewise for its new GyroBrace™ armrest, which is height-adjustable AND freely rotatable. This allows it to support you whether you’re fully reclined and on your mobile phone or sitting straight and typing away at your desk.


Its game-changing lumbar support has been upgraded too, now dubbed ATLAS™. It automatically adjusts itself to fit your lower back perfectly no matter how far you recline. ATLAS™ makes sure that you don’t end up with an aching back, whether you’re seated for just a few minutes to scan through a few documents or for the whole day working. Like the old ErgoTune Supreme, we never once felt tired while sitting on this chair, even when we worked late into the night. And now that everyone is working from home, you might even find yourself relaxing on this very chair long after logging off from your work email.


The ErgoTune retains its $599 price tag because the company still sells straight to the consumer. They cut out the middleman and third-party retailers before passing the savings they get right onto you. The best part is that they are offering our readers an exclusive $25 OFF if you use the promo code “DRUM25”. This translates into even greater savings for you. Click here to visit ErgoTune’s website to find out more about its line of bang-for-buck chairs!



2. Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Air-Scape™ Mesh for support & ventilation
  • Adjustable lumbar support for good spine posture
  • Adjustable headrest, backrest, armrest & seat
  • 60-day risk-free trial with free delivery & assembly
  • 15-year warranty
Check out Ergomeister


The Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG is an ergonomically-designed office chair that’ll make your workspace a healthier one. With a wide range of adjustable components, you are able to customize the chair to fit you perfectly. For example, the backrest’s height and recline can be adjusted up to 50mm and 135°. The seat’s height and depth are also adjustable. Other adjustable features include its headrest and armrest. With regard to features, the office chair from Ergomeister may really be second to none. By providing a perfect fit for your body, the Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG gives you the right amount of support combined with comfort.


The chair uses the Air-Scape™ Mesh which allows air to circulate freely through it. This reduces heat-trapping which means the chair stays cool even in the sweltering Singapore weather. As you sit back on this chair, the mesh contours your body to provide unparalleled support. Say goodbye to body aches with the Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG!


Another standout feature of this Ergomeister Office Chair is the Lumbar+ which is the adjustable lumbar support. As our lower back has a natural curve, the Lumbar+ fills the curve to provide support for our spine. Thanks to this support, lower back pains and aches will be eliminated even if you sit for long hours.


Ergomeister is currently having a sale and is selling their Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG at a value-for-money price of $749 which includes free delivery and assembly. Additionally, the chair is covered by a 15-year long warranty. Ergomeister also offers a 60-day risk-free trial, so you can try out this chair in the comfort of your own home or office. If you’re looking for a new office chair, definitely check out the Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG!



3. Secretlab Omega

Secretlab OMEGA Leather Gaming Chair

  • Christmas sale now with up to $130 discount!
  • Plush foam mix that is extremely comfortable
  • Almost every part of the chair is adjustable
  • Smooth & durable Prime PU leather
Check Price on Secretlab


If you’re bored of the traditional design of an office chair, then you should check out the Secretlab Omega. Secretlab is a Singapore company that has gained a reputation worldwide for having the best gaming chairs. In essence, a gaming chair is an excellent alternative to consider, especially the Secretlab Omega as it has all the ergonomic features you’ll love.


The Secretlab Omega is designed to fit you. Almost every part of the chair can be adjusted to your preferred height or comfort level. For example, you can adjust its armrest, backrest and chair height. The chair can even be reclined to an entirely flat angle which is great if you want to take a quick break to recharge.


An improvement in the 2020 Omega Series is the new Secretlab 2.0 PU Leather. With this new design, the PU leather offers 4 times more durability than its predecessor. Not to mention, it also has a velvety smooth surface that feels cooling and comfortable even after long hours of sitting.


Click here to check out the Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair on Secretlab’s website today!



4. Cory High Back Office Chair

Hipvan Cory High Back Office Chair

  • Ergonomically designed for long hours of seating
  • Airy mesh fabric for cooling
  • Comfortable soft cushioned seat
Check Price on HipVan


If you find yourself sitting at your desk for many hours in a day, you need an ergonomically-designed chair like the Cory High Back Office Chair. It provides excellent support for your back and lumbar areas with its curved high back. The curve fits in line with the natural curvature of our spine so your back won’t feel sore even as you sit in it all day long.


The back is made of mesh fabric which allows air to pass through seamlessly. As such, this air circulation helps to keep your back cool so you won’t sweat easily, even in a room without air conditioning. We also like the cushioned seat of the chair which is soft and comfortable. This office chair is stylish, comfortable and functional. Best of all, it comes at a pretty affordable price tag too. The delivery is speedy (about 2 days) which is great if you need an office chair at short notice.


Click here to check out the Cory High Back Office Chair on HipVan’s website today!



5. Black Mesh Office Chair OC-191B

Black Mesh Office Chair OC-191B

  • Arch backrest for optimal spinal support
  • Sturdy 5-wheel base for stability
  • Wire-mesh material for breathability
Check Price on Lazada


The Black Mesh Office Chair is designed to give your spine optimal contact and support with its ergonomic arch backrest design. The wire-mesh material ensures that it feels breathable and cooling even when you’re resting against it for a long period. The sturdy 5-wheel base also offers ultimate stability so that you can sit at ease. It also has a lean-back switch if you need to catch a few winks or take a power nap. Improve your work performance with the Black Mesh Office Chair OC-191B.



6. eGG Computer Chair

eGG Computer Chair


  • Plush cushion to relieve strain on your lower body
  • Maximises contact with the body for better support
  • Floor-friendly wheel to prevent unnecessary scratches to floor
Check Price on Lazada


The eGG Computer Chair is a compact chair that provides amazing support for your entire torso while you’re sitting on it. Made with a plush sitting cushion, it distributes your body weight evenly and helps to relieve strain on your lower body. The shape of the chair is designed to maximise the contact with your entire being so that you feel supported even after sitting on it the whole day. Get the eGG Computer Chair today and you’d be surprised at your own productivity!



7. High Back Office Chair OC233A

High Back Office Chair OC233A

  • Provides lumbar support to reduce strain on the spine
  • Headrest and hand rest for great comfortability
  • Cooling and breathable material for long seating
Check Price on Lazada


The High Back Office Chair OC233A is equipped with a smart sensor that automatically adjusts to give your lumbar the support based on your body weight. This helps it fit more naturally to your spine to ensure that you’re in the correct position for better posture and comfort. The wire mesh back, coupled with the adjustable headrest and hand rests, is the perfect set up for comfortable and long seating. Body ache be gone with the High Back Office Chair OC233A!



8. Sofa Computer Chair

Sofa Computer Chair

  • High density foam with spring pad for comfort
  • Adjustable height and tilt with extendable leg rest
  • High quality and durable PU leather casing
Check Price on Lazada


The Sofa Computer Chair literally is like a sofa disguised as an office chair. It almost looks like Baymax with its puffy and highly padded design. The high-density foam seating cushion and the backrest with a built-in spring pad ensure that you get the best support and comfort when you’re seated on it. The adjustable height and back tilt, coupled with the extendable leg rest, almost allows you to lounge and relax. The Sofa Computer Chair is a perfect model for the best work-life balance.



9. UMD Ergonomic High-Back Mesh Office Chair Q52

UMD Ergonomic High-Back Mesh Office Chair Q52

  • Excellent back support
  • Can support up to 200kg
  • 1-year warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


If you have a bigger build, the UMD High-Back Office Chair is made for you. It has a sturdy frame that allows it to support weights of up to 200kg. Additionally, it has a taller backrest which makes it perfect for people who are taller than 170cm. With an ergonomic design, it provides good support to your lower and upper back. Additionally, this office chair comes with free installation and assembly so you’ll save time and money.



10. UMD Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

UMD Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

  • Adjustable for tailored comfort
  • Excellent quality to price ratio
  • 1-year warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


The UMD Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is the best value-for-money buy. When you look at its functionality and design, it is comparable to other chairs that cost way more. What we like is that almost every part of the chair is adjustable to your preference. From the head, armrest, back and height, you can definitely find a combination that is perfect for you.


In terms of support, it has a curved back that provides excellent lumbar support. Its study built also gives good back support over long periods. With a mesh back, it allows good circulation of air so that you’ll stay cool and refreshed all day long.



11. Herman Miller Aeron Remastered Office Chair

Best office chair for lumbar support

Herman Miller Aeron Remastered Office Chairr


  • Relieves pressure and makes sitting comfortable
  • Cooling mesh design perfect for Singapore
  • 10-year warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


The Herman Miller Aeron Remastered takes comfort to the next level. It builds on the excellence of the previous Aeron model and adds features such as increased back and lumbar support. If you want the best seating experience, you have to consider this upgraded Herman Miller model.


It is equipped with the PostureFit SL which is designed to provide support to your lumbar region. Often, the lumbar is ignored as we only focus on the upper back. However, Herman Miller has identified this issue and created an elegant solution for it. The chair is made with the unique Pellicle mesh that provides comfort and also coolness. In the warm Singapore weather, having a cooling office chair is definitely a plus point. If you want the best chair for your back, there is only one choice.



12. MYSEAT.sg BRENDA Chair


  • Stylish and minimalist design
  • Available in PU leather, linen or velvet
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


If you’re not a fan of large bulky office chairs, this minimalist MYSEAT.sg BRENDA Chair may be the one for you. It has a simple yet stylish design that adds an elegance to your workspace.


We also like that there is a decent range of materials and colours you can choose from. This chair is available in PU Leather, Linen or even silky smooth Velvet. From there, you can select colours like brown, grey, black, green and navy. Overall, the chair feels very sturdy on its wooden legs. On the bottom, you’ll find anti-slip material which protects your floor from any scratches when you want to move the chair.


In our opinion, this is the best alternative to a traditional office chair with rollers. Another awesome point you’ll love is how affordable this office chair is – the last we checked it was under $50. So don’t miss out on this amazing bargain!



13. Type A 4D Gaming Chair

Type A 4D Gaming Chair

  • Unique race car seat design
  • Good support from top to bottom
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


If you want a unique office chair, check out the Type A 4D Gaming Chair. It is popular among gamers but has gained a reputation as a good office chair. Besides its trendy design, it has all the features that you want in an office chair. The chair is highly adjustable and customizable so that you can find the right posture and height according to your preference. Additionally, you can even lower the backrest to a 180-degree flat angle to rest and stretch out your back periodically. The Type A 4D Gaming Chair is not a conventional choice, but it can be a great alternative to the boring old office chair.



14. C55 Office Chair

Cheap office chair

C55 Office Chair

  • A budget option that has good support
  • Supports up to 90kg
  • 6-months warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


If you don’t mind self-assembly, the C55 Office Chair will be a great budget option. In terms of functionality, it provides a good level of support and comfort to the user. A breathable mesh back allows thorough air circulation that makes it comfortable even if non-aircon environments. Additionally, its armrests are foldable so you don’t have to worry about them getting in the way of your desk. All considered the C55 Office Chair gives you precisely what you need in an office chair – without the high price tag.



15. Herman Miller Aeron Mesh Office Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Mesh Office Chair

  • Super ergonomic design for maximum support
  • High-quality design and finishing
  • 10-year warranty
Check Price on Shopee Check Price on Lazada


Herman Miller is one of the top brands when it comes to providing quality office chairs. The Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair is one of the best in the market. It is made with you in mind. Every aspect of it is designed so that you can have a more comfortable experience. Sitting on a Herman Miller is a therapeutic experience that is clearly a level above other office chairs. It has also garnered tons of rave reviews.


The curvature and shape of the backrest provide optimal support even for long hours of sitting. You may notice that there is not much padding on the chair. It is made that way to provide posture support. Not to worry, the chair is very comfortable to sit in. As expected, every part of the chair feels premium – from the wheels to the armrest. Once you go for a Herman Miller, you will never go back to a regular office chair – even if you have to pay a premium.



16. KIEFER Curved Backrest Office Chair

KIEFER Curved Backrest Office Chair

  • Durable and sturdy build
  • 5 different colour options to choose from
  • 1-year warranty


Add a dash of colour to your office with the KIEFER Office Chair. You can select colours like blue, orange, purple, red or black if you prefer a less flashy design. Its height can be adjusted up to 10cm so it should be suitable for almost anyone. A downside to this model is that its back and headrests are not adjustable. However, the general comfort level is excellent even when sitting in it for long hours.


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Benefits of a good office chair


Investing in a good office chair can bring many benefits which will greatly outweigh the cost. Additionally, an office chair is a pretty durable piece of furniture. A small investment today will last for years and give you these benefits daily.


Health benefits

A good office chair can provide the right amount of support that our back needs. Given that we spend around 8 hours a day on average sitting on the chair, getting a high-quality office chair is essential. Having good support will help us to improve our posture and eliminate the probability of back problems.


Increased productivity

A comfortable office chair will increase your productivity. Let’s compare a comfortable vs an uncomfortable office chair. If you are sitting on an uncomfortable office chair, you’ll hate it and not want to sit on it any longer than you need to. On the contrary, a comfortable office chair that provides good support will provide the right environment for high productivity. Even if you spend a few hundred on the chair, the increased productivity will give you a multifold return on that investment.


Makes the office look more professional

A professional and well-design office chair will elevate the status of your office. An office chair that looks cheap may cause your employees and clients to view the workplace negatively. Spending a little more for a modern and sleek office chair will help transform the professionalism of your office.



Considerations when buying an office chair


When you’re searching for an office chair, these are the considerations that you should think about in order to choose the perfect chair for you. In general, these thought-provoking questions are meant to guide your purchase decision. After going through these questions, you should have a clear idea of the type of office chair you want.


Is an expensive office chair worth it?

Spending hundreds of dollars on a chair may seem like a lot of money, but when you divide it over the years, the money spent is negligible. Let’s say you pay $600 on a chair. It should last at least 5 years. That translates to a cost of just $120 a year, less than 50 cents a day, for all the best benefits of a good office chair. If you ask us, that is a bargain!


A more expensive office chair is generally going to be more comfortable and designed to provide maximum support. As you pay more, the materials used are more premium and can last longer. A Herman Miller chair is a better choice than a $200 off-brand office chair for sure. Especially with the rising popularity of home offices, a more expensive office chair is definitely worth it.


How often are you going to be using it?

How much and what type of office chair you buy will depend on how much time you will spend in it. If you are spending more than 5 hours in the day on a regular workday, we highly recommend that you get a higher-quality chair. The benefits will greatly outweigh the cost.


On the other hand, if you are only in the chair 1 to 2 hours a day, you can afford to spend less on it. There is a positive correlation with the amount of time you spend in a chair to the amount you should spend on it. That being said, don’t cheap out and get one that is less than $50. It will likely be super uncomfortable to sit in and may spoil more quickly.


How adjustable is it?

Most office chairs on the market nowadays are adjustable in some way or other. Therefore the key differentiating factor between them is not just adjustability, but the degree of adjustability. Essentially, it is how much can you customize it to your liking and preference.


Being able to customize the height of the office chair is important. Each of us has different optimal heights and also different desk heights. Generally, most office chairs should work out fine in terms of height. However, if you are exceptionally tall or short, you may have to take note of what is the maximum and minimum height of the office chair you are getting.


Being able to customize the angle of the backrest is a good plus point. While most of the time we will be keeping it straight for good support, there are times when we want a more relaxed position to relax for a few minutes. Being able to tilt the angle of the backrest to a semi-lying position is great!


Does it provide enough support?

You need an office chair that provides good back support. Otherwise, it will lead to short and long term posture and back problems which can cause irreparable damage. You should look for office chairs with good upper and lower back support. It will relieve the stress on your spine and make sitting more comfortable. You can also supplement it by getting lumbar support to attach to your office chair.


Is it stationary or does it come with wheels?

Do you want an office chair that is completely stationary or one that can be swivelled and moved around? In most instances, we would recommend a movable office chair. The range of motion provided by an office chair with wheels is helpful. If you want to reach the other end of your desk, you won’t need to get up as you can just roll on over. Additionally, moving the chair from one place to another is also much easier if need be.


Do you need armrests?

Armrests are pretty nifty to have on an office chair. You can rest your arms on it while typing or when looking at the computer screen. However, a common complaint about armrest is that it may not be compatible with the desk. You may have experienced this situation before – your armrest hitting your desk and not being able to move your chair in as a result. One way to counter this problem is to get an armrest which is adjustable so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


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