The 16 Best Ovens in Singapore | Review & Buying Guide

An oven is one of the essentials in the kitchen. You can do so much with it. Whether you choose a built-in or countertop oven, you’ll get to make amazing food for your family in it. The question is – which oven should you get? Not to worry, we have done up a comprehensive guide on buying the right oven. Now, let’s find out which are the best built-in and countertop ovens you can buy in Singapore today!


Best Ovens in Singapore



1. Toshiba Pure Steam Oven MS1-TC20SF

Toshiba Pure Steam Oven MS1-TC20SF

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Retains more nutrients in food for maximum benefits
  • Healthier cooking without requiring oil
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The Toshiba Pure Steam Oven works almost like a pressure cooker but doubles up as an oven where you can even bake pudding cakes and make custard too. It is versatile and offers three pure steaming modes, steam combination, convection baking and frying modes! This means that you can make steamed Hainanese chicken with this, or fry up some vegetables or salmon and even bake a pizza! You can even proof dough or make yoghurt using the low-temperature steam fermentation mode.


The plus point about a steam oven is that it retains more moisture in your food and preserves as many original nutrients as possible so that you get the most out of it. It also does not require oil, so this is a healthier cooking mode. Put your creativity to the test with the Toshiba Pure Steam Oven!



2. Aztech Silvertone InnoBake Digi-Convection Oven ACO6845

Aztech Silvertone InnoBake Digi-Convection Oven ACO6845

  • Controlled temperature for precise cooking and control
  • Durable material for longevity
  • Easy to use with function buttons for different modes
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The Aztech Silvertone InnoBake Digi-Convection Oven gives you perfect chicken rotisserie each time with its precise cooking temperature capabilities. Designed with both upper and lower heat sensors, it regulates the temperature precisely with a 5 deg tolerance level. This prevents your rotisserie from getting over-roasted. The exterior is made of stainless steel which is heavy duty so that this oven can withstand high heat over time.


The knob controls feature LCD displays for each mode so that you can set precisely the temperature that you desire. This has up to 120 minutes timer function so that you won’t have to keep restarting it manually. With up to 9 preset modes, you can do baking, proofing, defrosting and heating up your toast or pizza. Be a masterchef today with the Aztech Silvertone InnoBake Digi-Convection Oven.



3. KitchenAid Digital Countertop Oven 5KCO211BBM

KitchenAid Digital Countertop Oven 5KCO211BBM

  • Digital for more precise control and settings
  • Rectangular interior for larger capacity
  • Easy to use with 9 preset programs
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The KitchenAid Digital Countertop Oven features a sleek matte black face with silver encasing hardware. It comes with a non-stick baking pan, grill rack, and a metal drip and crumb tray that can be removed. The interior is designed in a rectangular manner to offer a larger capacity so that you can even roast two large chickens. All this while still maintaining a petitie build that’s suitable for any countertop.


With a digital LCD display, you can use the knob to control to set the exact oven temperature depending on what you’re making. As it comes with 9 different preset programs such as bake, toast, warm, reheat, roast and more, you can literally whip up a feast with just one of this! The quality of this KitchenAid Oven is undeniable, and you won’t regret purchasing it.


4. Iona GL4802 Convection & Rotisserie Oven

Iona GL4802 Convection & Rotisserie Oven

  • Huge 48L capacity
  • Independent controls for top and bottom temperature
  • 1-year warranty
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Ever experienced the top of your food burning before the bottom of it is cooked. With the Iona GL4802 Oven, that will no longer be a problem. It has thought of the problem and solved it by introducing independent temperature controls for top and bottom heating. What this means is that you can vary the temperature for either to get perfect cooking results.


Another key selling point of this Iona Oven is its huge interior capacity of 48L. It is almost comparable to built-in ovens and is probably one of the tabletop ovens you can get. Additionally, all these wonderful features come at a very affordable price – much cheaper than what we expected.



5. Panasonic Cubie Steam Oven NU-SC100

Panasonic Cubie Steam Oven NU-SC100

  • Healthy cooking for a healthier lifestyle
  • 16 auto cooking programs
  • 1-year warranty
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Want a healthy way of cooking? Why not try a steam oven like the Panasonic Cubie Steam Oven. It uses steam to cook your food so you can use less oil. Additionally, it also means the food you cook will be less heaty in the Chinese context.


If you are unsure of how to use a steam oven, don’t worry as it comes with 16 auto cooking programs that you can select just by pushing a button. Here are some of the programs – steamed fish, egg, buns, chicken, vegetables, yoghurt, pizza, cheesecake, prawns, fried fish and spring rolls. Pretty impressive which makes it really easy for a beginner to use. Embark on a healthier lifestyle with this amazing Panasonic Cubie Steam Oven.



6. Electrolux EOT38MXC 38L Electric Oven

Electrolux EOT38MXC 38L Electric Oven

  • Powerful 2100W for fast heating
  • Big 38L capacity
  • 2-year warranty
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For a countertop oven, the Electrolux EOT38MXC Oven is one of the most powerful ones. You can get the oven up to the heat you need faster than other models. This means less waiting for your food to cook. Its larger exterior also means you can fit more ingredients in it – more than enough to feed a family of 5. If you want a powerful countertop oven, consider the Electrolux EOT38MXC Electric Oven.

7. Bosch HBF114BR0K Built-in Oven

Best built-in oven

Bosch HBF114BR0K Built-in Oven

  • 3D hot air for even heat distribution
  • 7 different heating modes for versatility
  • Safe for a home with a child
  • 2-year warranty
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If you want a quality built-in oven, check out the Bosch HBF114BR0K Oven. As with all Bosch products, it has an air of elegance which will make it the centrepiece in your kitchen. Looking at its functions, it has everything you need and more.


Food in this oven is heated evenly thanks to the 3D hot air feature. This means that you won’t even need to go through the trouble of flipping your food – which saves you time and make cooking so much more convenient. If you don’t want to use the 3D hot air function, there are 6 other different heating modes to choose from, making it very versatile.


The interior of the oven is smooth without any sharp edges which makes it easy to clean after using. From start to finish, using this Bosch oven is a breeze. Additionally, it comes at a pretty affordable price for a top-quality built-in oven. It is definitely a good buy!



8. Cornell CEOE20SL Electric Oven

Cornell CEOE20SL Electric Oven

  • Compact and portable
  • Very budget-friendly oven
  • 1-year warranty
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The Cornell CEOE20SL Electric Oven is a great choice if you want an oven without burning a hole in your wallet. It is one of the cheapest ovens in Singapore. What you get is a highly functional oven that is compact and lightweight. This oven is perfect if you don’t have much excess space in the kitchen. If you are only planning to use an oven occasionally, this oven also fits the bill. When its small size, you can easily keep and take it out of storage anytime. Get this cheap and good electric oven now!



9. EuropAce EEO 5301T Electric Oven

EuropAce EEO 5301T Electric Oven

  • Reliable heating performance
  • Value-for-money positioning
  • 1-year warranty
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EuropAce has steadily gained a reputation in Singapore for value-for-money home appliances. As expected, the EuropAce Electric Oven has been well-received with many satisfied users. There isn’t really a standout feature – but that is okay because what we want in an oven is a good and reliable performance.


It has a 30-litre interior capacity which is sufficient for an average-sized family. You can choose between the convection or rotisserie function. For its price tag, we certainly can have no complaints about it.



10. De’Longhi EO 2475 Electric Oven

De'Longhi EO 2475 Electric Oven

  • 7 cooking functions
  • Durable Durastone interior
  • 1-year warranty
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For a durable and lasting oven, consider the De’Longhi EO 2475 Electric Oven. Its interior is fitted with Durastone which makes it more resistant to heat and scratches. Even after years of use, it will seem almost new. It has a double glass door which helps keep heat in and reduce energy wastage. Want an oven that will last you years? Then get the De’Longhi EO 2475 Electric Oven.



11. Rowenta Electric Oven OC3838

Rowenta Electric Oven OC3838

  • Large 38L capacity
  • Safe to touch exterior
  • 2-year warranty
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The Rowenta OC3838 Oven is an excellent standalone oven that is large enough for a medium-sized family. Its interior is a spacious 38 litres – space which you would appreciate as you can fit more food in it without crowding. It even comes with a rotisserie option which you will appreciate as it can help you cook up a mean whole roast chicken. Its exterior is designed to be well-protected from the interior heat which will keep you from accidentally burning your fingers. Want a countertop oven that is spacious at the same time – check out this Rowenta Oven.



12. Brandt BOE5302x Built-in Enamel Oven

Brandt BOE5302x Built-in Enamel Oven

  • Spacious 65L capacity
  • Excellent heat distribution for even cooking
  • Easy to install even in HDBs
  • 2-year warranty
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The Brandt BOE5302x Built-in Oven is powerful but compact enough for an apartment. If you are staying in an HDB and feel that a built-in oven is not suitable for you, this oven may change your mind. Its size is ideal for even smaller apartments. Also, it just needs 15A of power to function which means a typical electrical setup can support it. Installing and even replacing this built-in oven is a pretty simple affair as well. Don’t give up on built-in ovens if you live in an apartment – let the Brandt BOE5302x Built-in Oven change your mind!



13. Mayer Electric Convection Oven MMO328

Mayer Electric Convection Oven MMO328

  • Fast heating for quicker cooking times
  • Very value-for-money
  • 1-year warranty
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The Mayer MM0328 Electric Oven is one of the most popular countertop ovens in Singapore. Why is that so? Well, first of all, it is priced affordably which means everyone can get it regardless of their budget. Secondly, it has a pretty spacious interior which is more than enough for a family size of 3 to 4. At 8kg, it is also relatively portable so you can keep it if you aren’t using it for some time. With a 1600W motor, you can expect it to heat up fast so you can get your meals done quickly. Now, you can see why it is so popular in Singapore!



14. Ariston FA3834HIXAAUS Built-in Oven

Ariston FA3834HIXAAUS Built-in Oven

  • Large 61L interior capacity
  • Diamond Clean for easy wash-up
  • 10 different cooking functions
  • 2-year warranty
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The Ariston FA3834HIXAAUS Built-in Oven is a versatile oven that has 10 different cooking options that you can choose. Some of the options are pizza, bread, conventional, forced air, grill, turbo grill and grill tilting. With these many functions, you can basically cook almost anything in it with delicious outcomes. A spacious interior means this oven is great for a larger family so you can cook sufficient portions for everyone.


Another cool thing about this Ariston Oven is its Diamond Clean. The oven has a special coating which makes stain easy to remove when you let it go through a Diamond Clean session. You will no longer have to scrub endlessly after cooking a wonderful meal with this oven. Functionality and convenience make the Ariston Oven one of the top choices for a built-in oven.



15. Teka HSB 645 Oven

Teka HSB 645 Oven

  • SurroundTemp for even heat distribution
  • A+ energy efficiency
  • 1-year warranty
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The Teka HSB 645 Oven is a high-end oven that outperforms most other ovens because of its excellent functionality. It is equipped with the SurroundTemp technology which ensures that your food will cook evenly and quickly. At the same time, it is also an energy efficient oven with an A+ rating. Compared to an A rating oven, you’ll save up to 20% on electricity costs. If you cook regularly with an oven, this could save you a lot of money in the long run.


You can also preheat or defreeze in this oven. Another cool feature is that you can use a multicook tray in it. This is an optional add-on but what it does is it make cooking in an oven healthier. Another thing that stands out is its high-quality finishing. It is truly a beautiful and at the same time, functional oven.



16. Elba Elio 624 Baker Built-in Oven

Elba Elio 624 Baker Built-in Oven

  • Beautiful mirror glass design
  • Easy to clean interior
  • 1-year warranty
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The Elba Elio 624 Oven is a stylish and beautiful oven that fit nicely in a modern kitchen. Thanks to its mirror glass design, it stands out compared to the other traditional oven styles which are safe and sometimes boring.


Beyond its great looks, it is an oven that has great functionality and features. It can go from 40 to 300 degrees celsius which means you can cook just about any recipes in it. There are also 9 different cooking functions that you can select so make cooking in it more intuitive. After cooking, clean up is straightforward thanks to its enamel coating. For a stylish oven, there is no other choice than the Elba Elio 624 Oven.


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Built-in oven vs standalone oven


In Singapore, the countertop or standalone oven is more popular than the built-in option. Given the lack of space in most of our kitchen, it can be hard to find a permanent place for our kitchen as we have to sacrifice some cabinet space. Additionally, a standalone oven is often much cheaper than a built-in oven. You can get one for less than $200 usually with some even costing less than $100. If it is your first time owning an oven, this is a really attractive option.


On the flip side, built-in ovens have some functionality and features that countertop ovens won’t have. Firstly, built-in ovens are much larger and can be up to twice the size of a countertop oven. That means more space to cook more things in a single bake. If you have a large family, you may have to go for a built-in oven. These ovens are also much more powerful. They can go to high temperatures faster than a countertop oven. If you use an oven daily, a built-in oven may be more suitable.


A common complain or misconception about built-in ovens is that they are hard to install or replace. While that is true compared to standalone ovens, it isn’t that hard. In fact, when you buy one, the retailer will usually install it for you or recommend a trusted installer. When finding for a replacement, just provide the previous model to the seller and he or she will easily recommend a suitable replacement for you. It really isn’t that hard compared to what people think.

Air fryer vs oven


In recent years, air fryers have become really popular not just in Singapore but all over the world. The air fryer vs oven debate is always on. Air fryers are said to be able to replace an oven or have even been termed as an oven-killer. While an air fryer is a handy kitchen appliance, it cannot truly replace an oven.


Firstly, an oven is much bigger than an air fryer. You can cook an entire meal for your family with a single cook session with an oven. An air fryer has a much smaller capacity which means it is only suitable for much smaller families or just for preparing snacks. For example, in an oven, you can fit an entire chicken inside and have space for potatoes and carrots – for a complete meal. An air fryer can barely fit a full-sized chicken, let alone sides.


Another advantage that an oven holds over an air fryer is that you can actually see your food when it’s cooking. You can know exactly when your food is done. On the other hand, an air fryer is closed up – you can only see your food if you pull out the drawer. It could lead to problems like over or under cooking.



Things to consider when buying an oven


After looking at so many different models, you may still be confused about exactly which oven is suitable for you. Therefore, before buying an oven – here are the key questions which you might have to ask. With these considerations in mind, you will be able to choose a perfect oven for your home.


How much space do you have in your kitchen

The size of the oven you get would depend on the space that you can give up for an oven. If you only have spare countertop space, you may need to get a standalone oven instead of a built-in one. You can even clear away the oven when you aren’t using it.


If your cabinets can be modified to fit a built-in oven, it could actually save some countertop space for you. This a great option if you want an uncluttered countertop. However, it also means the oven has a permanent space in the kitchen albeit somewhere in your cabinet.


How often will you use it

If you are planning to use your oven very regularly, perhaps a permanent fixture like a built-in oven would be the better choice. They are usually more durable which makes them more suitable for heavy usage.


If you don’t foresee yourself using the oven regularly then a standalone oven may be the smarter option. That way, you’ll save money and also a permanent space in your kitchen. With a countertop oven, you can keep it stored away until you need to use it.


How much capacity do you need

A built-in oven has much more capacity than a countertop model, often close to twice the amount of capacity. If you are cooking for a big family, you may need a bigger oven to accommodate the number of ingredients you need to put in. Essentially, a countertop oven is more suitable for smaller families of 2 to 4 people. A built-in oven can easily feed a much larger family of 6 to 8 people or even more depending on the size you get. Asiaone has a great article on the considerations of which ovens to choose.


What is your budget

Built-in ovens are 3 to 4 times more expensive than countertop models. They may not be suitable for everyone’s budget, especially if you are not a heavy user. Generally, a countertop oven is going to cost around $100 to $300. On the other hand, a built-in oven will cost around $500 to $2000 depending on capacity and features.


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