8 Best Paper Shredders in Singapore (2023) For Your Office

Best Paper Shredder Singapore

Keeping confidential work and personal information safe is important. Therefore, a paper shredder comes in very handy whenever you need to get rid of documents with sensitive information. Every office should have one. If you use your home as an office and have confidential paper documents to dispose of, you should also get one for your home. Here are the best paper shredders you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Aurora AS618SB Paper Shredder

Aurora AS618SB Paper Shredder

  • Shreds 6 sheets at one go
  • No need to remove staples
  • Works on credit cards
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The Aurora AS618SB Shredder is one of the best-selling paper shredders in Singapore. So why is it so popular? First of all, it is super affordable. When we were checking it out, it costs just under $50, which is a very reasonable price for a shredder.


Secondly, its functionality is good enough for a small to medium-sized office. It can shred 6 pieces of 75g A4 papers at one go. You also don’t need to remove any staples as it is powerful enough to deal with them. It can even shred a credit card which makes it very convenient to get rid of it when your card expires. Whether for your home or office, this affordable shredder is a great buy!



2. Aurora AS1060SB Paper Shredder

Aurora AS1060SB Paper Shredder

  • 10-sheets maximum into 6mm strips
  • 13L wastebasket
  • Reverses paper jams efficiently 
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If you need to shred papers on a more regular basis, the Aurora AS1060SB Paper Shredder would be a better option. It is more powerful and larger than the previous Aurora model. It can shred up to 10 sheets of paper at one go into even smaller strips of 6mm. Similarly, it can also shred a credit card and also any staples.


With a 13-litre large wastebasket, you won’t need to clear this paper shredder often. There is also an opening in the front of the basket that lets you throw any other paper waste you want into it. It is slightly more expensive than the first Aurora Shredder, but with almost twice the capacity, it is worth the extra cost.



3. GBC Shredder Alpha Confetti

GBC Shredder Alpha Confetti

  • Up to 5 pieces of paper 
  • Shreds to P-4 security level
  • 14-litre waste bin
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Every piece of paper that passes through the GBC Shredder will get shredded to P-4 security level which is meant for confidential documents. The shredder cuts your paper into confetti measuring 4 by 38mm, which protects your important documents from getting stolen.


It can shred up to 5 pieces of paper at one go. With a shredding speed of 3 metres per minute, it isn’t the fastest shredder around but is decent enough for a small office. Its bin capacity is pretty large at 14 litres which can store about 60 to 70 pieces of shredded paper. This GBC Shredder is also very affordable – similar to the Aurora AS618SB, so it is an excellent budget shredder.



4. Aurora AS800CD Paper Shredder

Aurora AS800CD Paper Shredder

  • 8-sheet capacity
  • Slot for shredding CD/DVD
  • Sleek and modern design
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The first thing you notice about the Aurora AS800CD Shredder is its black glossy design. It makes the shredder look much sleeker than the other plain matte black shredders. In terms of functionality, it has everything you need.


It has an 8-sheet capacity with the ability to shred credit cards too. Additionally, it comes with an additional slot for shredding CDs or DVDs. Despite its compact size, it manages to fit a 16-litre capacity waste paper. With these features and good-looking design, you’ll love this paper shredder.



5. GBC Shredder Alpha Ribbon

Best paper shredder for home use

GBC Shredder Alpha Ribbon

  • Max 6 paper capacity 
  • Shreds to P-1 security level
  • Small and compact size
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The GBC Shredder Alpha Ribbon is the best shredder for your home. It is small and compact in size which means it will not take up too much precious space. It cuts up a maximum of 6 pieces of paper at one go into straight cut strips of 7.25mm. A 10-litre bin allows it to hold up to 30 sheets of shredded paper before needing to be emptied.


One thing you have to note is that it means the papers are shredded to the P-1 security level. That means it is more for normal documents rather than very confidential ones. For home use, that is more than enough. On our list, this is the cheapest full-fledged paper shredder, so it’ll definitely not burn a hole in your pocket.



6. Aurora AS1630CD Shredder

Best heavy duty paper shredder

Aurora AS1630CD Shredder

  • Up to 16 pieces of paper at once
  • Automatic anti-jam technology
  • Touchguard safety feature for safe fingers
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Need a heavy-duty shredder for your office? If so, check out the Aurora AS1630CD Shredder. You can fit a total of 16 pieces of paper into it all at once which will make the process of shredding a breeze.


It shreds all the papers into cross-cut patterns which equates it to have a security level of P4 – good enough for confidential documents like bank account statements. We also like the JamFree feature which automatically reverses the paper whenever it detects a jam. You won’t have to struggle to pull out the stuck papers, unlike some other shredders.


Because this Aurora Shredder can fit 16 pieces of paper, it has a large opening. That means your fingers can fit in. That is why this shredder is equipped with the Touchguard safety protection. It can sense when your fingers are too close to the opening which powers it down. Additionally, this paper shredder has castor wheels which mean you can move it around very easily despite its larger design. Overall, this is definitely the best large paper shredder you can get in the market right now!



7. USB Paper Shredder

USB Paper Shredder

  • USB or battery-powered
  • Reverse function for paper jams
  • Compact and portable 
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If you only need to shred documents occasionally, consider this USB Paper Shredder. It is can either be powered by a USB cable or batteries. It also does a pretty decent job at shredding. There is even a reverse function for paper jams which doesn’t happen very often. Furthermore, its compact design makes it very portable so you can keep it easily when it’s not in use. You’ll also save money because it is half the price of the cheapest full-sized paper shredder.



8. Hand Crank Paper Shredder

Hand Crank Paper Shredder

  • Spin to shred 
  • Very light at under 500g
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Shredding with this Hand Crank Paper Shredder is super fun! You turn the hand crack round to roll the paper, and it comes out into long thin strips. It is pretty therapeutic to watch. We wouldn’t recommend this shredder if you have many documents to shred frequently. This is more for home use where you shred some letters occasionally.


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