10 Best Pest Control Services in Singapore (2020)

Pest Control Services Singapore

If you are facing problems with pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, mosquitoes – you need the professional services of a Pest Control Operator (PCO). They will help you to get rid of these pests with ease and also give you tips on how to stop these pests once and for all.


There are quite a number of pest control companies in Singapore. Here are the best pest control operators in Singapore who are effective and trustworthy! 



1. Origin Exterminators

origin exterminators
Credit: Origin Exterminators
  • Contact number: 62805666
  • Email: sales@origin.com.sg
  • Website: https://www.origin.com.sg/
  • Address: 39 Jalan Pemimpin, #01-01, Tailee Industrial Building, Singapore 577182


With more than 30 years of experience, Origin Exterminators is one of the most trusted pest control companies in Singapore. Every situation is analyzed thoroughly before a plan is formulated to get the best results.


No matter what pests are bugging you, Origin Exterminators always has the perfect solution. From ants to rats, they have a range of treatment plans that will eliminate these pests effectively. They are experienced in both residential and commercial projects. With Origin Exterminators, you can say goodbye to your pest problems once and for all.



2. Rentokil Pest Control

Rentokil Pest Control
Credit: Rentokil Pest Control
  • Contact number: 63478138
  • Website: https://www.rentokil.com.sg/
  • Address: 16, 18 Jln Mesin, Singapore 368815


Rentokil is a global pest control company with a presence in more than 60 different countries with more than 90 years of experience. Rentokil first came to Singapore in 1964 and has become one of the first names people turn to when they are finding for pest control services.


As a global operator, Rentokil is a company that believes in investing in each one of their employees. As such, all their pest control teams are highly trained and professional. They understand the behaviours of every pest type and know how to deal with them effectively.


Rentokil’s team also follow closely to a set of Health and Safety policies formulated to keep their customers safe. Pests are eliminated efficiently and in a safe manner. Rentokil deals with pests like termites, mosquitoes, bees, rats, birds and even snakes.



3. Aardwolf Pestkare

Aardwolf Pestkare

  • Contact number: 62681771
  • Email: enquiries@aardwolfpestkare.com
  • Website: https://aardwolfpestkare.com/
  • Address: 26 Third Lok Yang Road Singapore 628015


Since its incorporation in 1997, Aardwolf Pestkare is one of Singapore’s top pest control companies. At the time of this article, they have over 3000 Clients that they are providing pest services for. With more than 70 highly trained professionals, Aardwolf can resolve any pest-related issues such as cockroaches, bed bugs, snakes, termites, and mosquitoes, and any situation including homes, offices, F&B establishments, and even vehicles.


With a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Google, you can expect top-quality service whenever you engage Aardwolf Pestkare. Additionally, for prepaid services, it comes with a Satisfaction Promise. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the service provided, re-treatment will be conducted for free. If you still feel that the service is not up to standard, you can pay what you think is fair with the rest of the payment refunded to you. With this Satisfaction Promise, it shows the high confidence that Aardwolf Pestkare has in their pest management abilities. You can have peace of mind that they will solve any pest issues you have.


Besides pest control, Aardwolf Pestkare is also certified by NEA for disinfection and sanitization services, so you can trust that their Anti-microbial Disinfection service is effective against coronaviruses. If you need professional pest control or disinfection services, definitely check out Aardwolf Pestkare!



4. Pestbusters

Credit: Pestbusters
  • Contact number: 62882828
  • Email: pestbust@singnet.com.sg
  • Website: https://www.pestbusters.com.sg
  • Address: 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-03 to 08 Primax, Singapore 536208


When you look at the team of Pestbusters, you know they are serious professionals. They are dressed-to-kill – specifically the pests that are a hindrance to you. For us, the first impression is very important. And, from the first impression, you know that Pestbusters means business.


Since 1991, they have been helping Singaporeans get rid of unwanted pests. Now, Pestbusters have expanded to over 7 countries and are on the way to become a global pest control company.


Their success can be attributed to their commitment to constant improvement. They are a pest control company that has adopted the best technology to improve their services. They use video recordings, GPS tracking and even flying drones. Whatever it takes to get rid of your pests, that is what Pesbusters will do.



5. Ikari Pest Control

Ikari Pest Control
Credit: Ikari Pest Control
  • Contact number: 67431313
  • Email: ask@ikari.sg
  • Website: https://ikari.sg/
  • Address: 625 Aljunied Rd, #03-07 Aljunied Industrial Complex, Singapore 389836


Ikari has its roots in Japan and was founded in 1959. In 1976, Ikari started its operations in Singapore. They are well-known for their low-toxic approach to dealing with pests. They are committed to using as little chemicals as possible to ensure that it is safe for humans and pets.


They have a 5-step approach to deal with pest problems. Firstly, Ikari will inspect the problem area to diagnose the issue. After that, they will formulate a unique plan for the specific situation. Thirdly, they will proceed with the cleansing process to get rid of the pest.


Even after the pests are eliminated, Ikari will conduct follow-up checks and also provide you with updated education on preventive measures. If you want a safe and holistic approach to pest control, Ikari is the best.



6. Killem Pest

Killem Pest 
Credit: Killem Pest
  • Contact number: 68966607
  • Email: info@killempest.com
  • Website: https://killem.com.sg/
  • Address: 48 Toh Guan Rd E, Singapore 608586


Killem Pest is a homegrown pest control company that has seen remarkable growth since its founding in 1993. They have humble beginnings, starting in a home office. To date, Killem Pest has more than 100 employees with 45 vehicles and 1500 satisfied customers. Very impressive for a small start-up back in the days!


Every week, Killem Pest conducts internal training for its 100-strong team of pest control operators. This refresher is essential for their top-notch service and expertise which you the customer enjoys. Additionally, they also use more eco-friendly pesticides whenever possible. That way, it is not only safer for you but also the environment.



7. Anticimex Pest Management

Anticimex Pest Management 
Credit: Anticimex Pest Management
  • Contact number: 68623828
  • Email: pestfree@anticimex.com.sg
  • Website: https://www.anticimex.com.sg/
  • Address: 3A, #11-01 International Business Park Rd, ICON@IBP, 609935


Anticimex is one of the large pest control companies in the world. They have more than 4500 employees worldwide who serve 3 million customers over 17 different countries. If you want to go with a trusted worldwide brand, then definitely consider Anticimex.


Anticimex SMART is their intelligent pest control system. It monitors the movements of pests and provides real-time data to act on. Non-toxic traps are also included in this system. What you get is a holistic solution that uses automation to effectively control pests. This system is more tiered towards businesses.


But don’t worry, Anticimex also has operations for the residential segment. Whether you face a termite infestation or a bed bug headache, they are always here to help.



8. The Pestman

The Pestman
Credit: The Pestman
  • Contact number: 62934889
  • Email: pestman@singnet.com.sg
  • Website: http://www.thepestman.com.sg/
  • Address: 37 Defu Lane 10, #02-61, Singapore 539214


From residential, industrial, construction to F&B, The Pestman has garnered plenty of positive reviews from their satisfied customers. Customers state the professionalism and effectiveness of their service, which is important in the task of pest control.


The Pestman has been featured on many news and media publications. They are well-respected for their expertise in pest management. So if you have any pest problems from termites to rats, they are a call away from solving it.



9. Top Pest Control


  • Contact number: 91559692
  • Website: http://www.top-pestcontrol.sg
  • Address: 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, #08-12 E-Centre@Redhill, Singapore 159471


Top Pest Control may not be as large as some of the other pest control companies. However, their customer service is top-quality. They treat every one of their customers well – no matter how big or small your business is.


They don’t claim to use any fancy methods. They are more of the old-school type who just get things done. You want pests gone? Top Pest Control will do whatever it takes to get them gone.



10. Pest Pro Management


With large corporations like the Ministry of Education, Ascendas and Fairprice trusting Pest Pro Management – you know you are in good hands. They view each pest situation with a fresh pair of eyes. That helps them to develop customized plans to get the best possible results every time. Whether you are a business or residential owner, Pest Pro Management can help rid you of your pests.


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What are Pest Control Operators (PCOs)?


Pest Control Operators is the official terminology for pest control companies in Singapore. Their job is to help you exterminate or remove pests from your home or office spaces. You will likely have encountered them before as they are responsible things like fogging.


Whether you live in an HDB or condominium, you’ll often see pest control teams fogging the general area to prevent pests like mosquitoes. If you have pests inside your home, you’ll need to engage these PCOs on an individual basis to help you to deal with them.



What can pest control companies help you with


You may be wondering when you should engage a pest control company. Is the problem serious enough? Here are the common scenarios where you will need professional pest control in Singapore.


1. Termite control

Have you spotted signs of termites at home? If so, it is time to get rid of them. Termites are destroyers of homes – especially wooden furnishings. The longer you let the termites stay, the more damage they will cause. It is essential to get rid of them as soon as possible to minimize the damage to your property. If you have termites, you need the help of a pest control company as they are almost impossible to handle yourself.


2. Bed bugs

Bed bugs are a horrid pest. They feed on blood. During the day, they hide. In the night, bed bugs become active and come out to torment us. Their bites are very itchy and are often situated in clusters.


Bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid off. A pest control company is your best bet. With their experience and also their professional equipment, they can ensure that all the bed bugs are eliminated.


3. Cockroach control

Cockroaches are a common home pest. If you only see them in very small numbers and on irregular occasions, you might not need a pest control company. You can buy cockroach poison to scare them away.


However, they are coming in significant numbers; you may be looking at a cockroach infestation. That is when you need the help of professionals to get rid of them. They will not only eliminate the cockroaches but also help decrease the chances of them returning in the future.


4. Rodent control 

Rats are a serious problem if your area has them. Within a short period of time, their population can multiply to hundreds. The key is to effectively stop them before it happens.


If your home, offices or F&B establishment has a problem with rodents. It is important to contact a pest control company immediately. It needs to be solved as quickly as possible. You do not want them to run rampant and be out of control.


5. Mosquito control

Mosquitoes are a pest that thrives in the hot and humid Singapore. They can be a very dangerous pest as they can spread deadly diseases like dengue fever. The NEA takes a very serious view on mosquito breeding – even if it is accidental.


If you suspect that your area is a mosquito breeding ground, it is good to get a pest control company to check it out. They can eliminate the mosquitoes and also give you tips and tricks on how to stop them from coming back.



Pest control prices in Singapore


Pest control prices in Singapore range from $100 to thousands of dollars for customized solutions. It depends on what pests are involved and the type of pest control work. For example, the prices for home extermination is going to be much cheaper than a business one.


In general, for home pest control services, you can expect to pay around $80 to $800 for termites, ants and bed bugs. For business services, it is hard to give an estimate because the prices vary very widely. Often there are also monthly or quarterly plans for businesses. For more accurate pricing, it is better for you to contact the pest control company directly.



Is pest control safe?


Yes, pest control is very safe when it is done by professionals. They know how to conduct their operations safely for humans and also pets if you have them. They will understand the situation and come up with an effective and safe solution to remove the pests.


The National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore does keep track of companies who are certified to do pest control works – specifically Vector Control Operators (VCOs). These VCOs need to be registered with the NEA. Additionally, their employees must have valid licensing for Vector Control as well.


Therefore with the strict regulations in the Singapore market, you can feel safe when engaging a certified pest control company.