The 18 Best Rice Cookers in Singapore | 2019 Review & Buying Guide

Cooking  the perfect rice every time can be difficult. When it comes to getting the most fluffy and fragrant rice, the brand of the rice may not matter as much as how you cook them. Getting the right amount of water-to-rice proportion may sound easy, but then somehow, the rice either comes out sticky and wet, or dry and overcooked. The worst part is having to soak the pot for over an hour because the rice got burnt and stuck to the bottom.


The good news is this: There are now many rice cookers out there which can help you nail that perfect rice each and every time – without having to overly fret about the proportions and rice type. The even better news is that some rice cookers now not only can cook rice but even porridge, beans, oatmeal and soup. Some also come with an insert to steam your vegetables and meat at the same time! Talk about the multitudes of benefits of a rice cooker! Here are the best rice cookers that you can buy in Singapore today!



Best Rice Cookers Under $350



1. Philips Avance Collection Rice Cooker – HD3175/62

Our TOP recommendation

Philips Avance Collection Rice Cooker - HD3175

  • Spiral heat technology to control cooking of multi-grain rice
  • 10 pre-sets for ease of use and convenience
  • Easy to use
  • 2-year warranty
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What sets the Philips Avance Collection Rice Cooker apart from the rest is that it’s designed to ensure that your rice (and a whole load of other menus) is cooked perfectly every time. With the inbuilt iSpiral IH heating technology and “fragrance-retaining” valve, the rice retains its aromatic freshness as if it were just harvested from the fields. The pot is coated with copper for an even heat transfer, which means that even the rice in the middle of the pot is cooked at the optimal temperature. Each grain of rice is as tasty as it can get!


We like that the buttons are at the top of the cooker and is easy to see and use. The LED display is clear and provides an accurate indication of the time left till your rice is ready. There are also 10 pre-set cooking modes which offer customisation and convenience. This means that you can get creative and utilise the rice cooker to cook oatmeal, porridge or even soup. You can also steam vegetables, eggs or meat with the steaming tray which comes together as a set.


Get fluffy rice that tastes and smells fragrantly with every bite with the Philips Avance Collection Rice Cooker. It is definitely worth its price!



2. Tiger JAX-S18S Rice Cooker

Tiger JAX-S18S Rice Cooker

  • Automatic rice-cooking program for ease of use
  • 4-in-1 function for versatility
  • Allows for simultaneous cooking of other dishes
  • 1-year warranty
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Made in Japan, the Tiger JAX-S18S rice cooker comes with guaranteed quality.  The pot has a round bottom that encourages even heat transmission and circulation to cook your rice perfectly each time. It is also scratch-resistant so the pot will last for a long time. You can also prepare other dishes like steamed eggs, vegetables or meat with the “tacook” plate that comes with the rice cooker. As it is tailor-made for simultaneous cooking, the rice at the bottom is still cooked well without any compromises.


For a premium rice cooker with versatile functions, Tiger JAX-S18S Rice Cooker is definitely a good choice.



3. Cuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker

  • 12 cook functions for versatility
  • Electric pressure cooking that is safe and easy to use
  • 1-year warranty
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The Cuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker is a hybrid cooker that incorporates pressure cooking technology to cook, bake and even ferment.  Its 12 cook functions makes it easy to cook all kinds of rice – glutinous rice, sushi rice and porridge! It can also be used to ferment bread or bake! Talk about an all-in-one pot. Cuckoo also prides itself on coming up with an unparalleled way to cook nutritious and healthy rice. With the press of one button, the rice cooker ferments the raw grain before cooking, and the result is perfectly cooked rice with the maximum benefits.


Improve the well-being of your family with this amazing Cuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker today – it is not just about the perfectly cooked rice, but also the ultimate nutritional benefits!



Best Rice Cookers Under $250



4. Zojirushi NS-TSQ18 MICOM Rice Cooker 

Zojirushi NS-TSQ18 MICOM Rice Cooker and Warmer

  • MICOM technology control cooking of multi-grain rice varieties
  • Versatility of functions include steaming, baking cake, and all kinds of rice
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic and extended keep warm function for convenience
  • 1-year warranty
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The Zojirushi MICOM Rice Cooker and Warmer is every mom’s dream kitchen assistant. The inbuilt technology automatically adjusts the temperature and cooking time according to the rice type. It also steps up by timing the required pre-soak of the raw grains and the waiting period required at the end. This means that you can entrust the Zojirushi rice cooker to cook the perfect rice for you – every single time! Your rice stays warm and doesn’t get overcooked with the extended keep warm function. It also is versatile and can steam dishes and even bake cakes.


We highly recommend the Zojirushi NS-TSQ18 MICOM Rice Cooker and Warmer as it is a godsend to complete the perfect kitchen. Get it now on Lazada!



5. Tiger JNP-1800 Rice Cooker

Tiger JNP-1800 Rice Cooker

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Shortens time required to cook white rice
  • 1-year warranty
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One push of the button is all that’s needed to cook the rice with the Tiger JNP-1800 Rice Cooker. Featuring a simple design that’s clear to see and easy to use, the rice cooker cooks rice perfectly in the shortest time required. Cleaning of the rice cooker is also a breeze as its inner pan is non-stick and its inner lid is removable.  Despite its higher price point, this rice cooker is durable and definitely can last for a long time to come.


This Tiger JNP-1800 Rice Cooker series has established itself as a necessary household item in the market for decades. You won’t go wrong with a product that focuses on quality.



6. Cuckoo Rice Cooker – CR-0631F

Cuckoo Rice Cooker - CR-0631F

  • MICOM technology control cooking of multi-grain rice varieties
  • Teflon coating ensures non-sticking of rice
  • 1-year warranty
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The Cuckoo Rice Cooker hails from Korea’s No. 1 household brand. With the Fuzzy Logic technology, you can mix your white rice with brown rice or grains and they will all be cooked perfectly – without over- or under-cooking any of them. It also has the GABA rice cook function which allows you to ferment the raw grains before cooking. This ensures that you reap the maximum nutritional benefits from the rice with the best texture and fragrance.


Get the Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker today as it has excellent value and will benefit you and your family!



Best Rice Cookers Under $200



7. Zojirushi Micom Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker NS-LAQ05

Zojirushi Micom Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker NS-LAQ05

  • MICOM technology control cooking of multi-grain rice varieties
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-menu function for versatile cooking
  • 1-year warranty
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The Zojirushi Micom Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker cooks a variety of rice with the multi-menu function. Coupled with the Fuzzy Logic (or also known as MICOM technology), the cooking time and temperature are automatically adjusted for optimal cooking, even if it is an assorted mix of beans, barley and rice grains. The thicker inner pot ensures an even heat transmission. The exterior is coated with stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean.


Zojirushi Micom Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker NS-LAQ05 gives an added touch for perfectly cooked rice. Get it now from Lazada.



8. Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker RK8115

Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker RK8115

  • 10 multi-cook programs to choose from
  • Spherical Pot Technology for homogeneous cooking
  • Fuzzy Logic technology adjusts cooking time and temperature for optimal performance
  • 2-year warranty
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Featuring the spherical pot and fuzzy logic technology, the Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker RK8115 is legitimately a coming of age product. With this rice cooker, rice, even when mixed with different beans and barley, will cook optimally. Every bite is a balance of taste and texture. This rice cooker is easy to use with the 10 multi-cook programs which is customised for you to cook your favourite dishes.


Tefal has enhanced the optimal cooking performance with the Fuzzy Logic Rice Cook RK8115. Get this and you will look forward to cooking and tasting rice every day.



Best Rice Cookers Under $150



9. Tefal Rice Cooker RK7088

Tefal Rice Cooker RK7088

  • Fuzzy Logic technology for optimal performance
  • Ultimate versatility with 25 cooking programs
  • 2-year warranty
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If you like varying your meals with all kinds of dishes, you have to get the Tefal Rice Cooker RK7088. It has 25 cooking programs, ranging from cooking rice to baking, soup, stew, slow cook and even pasta and desserts! This rice cooker even has a program catered to make baby food, so this is most suitable for 3G households. It also features the Fuzzy Logic technology that allows for even cooking of items with different textures and types – all simultaneously!


Get creative with your meal preps with the Tefal Rice Cooker RK7088. Life has never been so exciting and interesting!



10. Tefal Mini Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker RK5001

Best small and mini rice cooker

Tefal Mini Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker RK5001

  • Compact design for added convenience and space-saving
  • Versatile with 11 cooking functions
  • 2-year warranty
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Tefal Mini Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker RK5001 answers the question to the diminishing flat sizes of newer homes. With a compact design, it fits neatly into the top cabinets along with your plates and bowls for easy storage. Not compromising on the quality and functions, this rice cooker has 11 cooking functions that can cook rice, congee, instant noodles and even just keeping your dishes warm.


This is a great choice if you want to cut down on the space occupied by your household appliances at home. You get quality all tightly packed in the compact Tefal Mini Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker RK5001.



11. Hitachi RZ-PMA10Y Rice Cooker

Hitachi RZ-PMA10Y Rice Cooker

  • Rapid cooking which reduces time required
  • 10 cooking modes to choose from for convenience
  • 1-year warranty
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The Hitachi RZ-PMA10Y Rice Cooker has a rapid cooking mode that reduces the time required for rice to be completely cooked well. This is an important feature especially when you just want your meal to be prepared quickly and fuss-free. With the convention method, this rice cooker ensures that your rice is cooked tastily and perfectly. It also has a system to cater for cooking of long-grain rice. Comes with a steam basket too so that you can simultaneously prepare your meal!


For added convenience and time savings, get the Hitachi RZ-PMA10Y Rice Cooker to help you prepare your meal especially after a long day at work!



12. Philips Rice Cooker – HD3060/62

Philips Rice Cooker - HD3060

  • 5 cooking functions for ease of use
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • 2-year warranty
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While the Philips Rice Cooker HD3060/62 is small in size, it is still packed with a load of functions and quality to ensure that your rice is perfectly cooked all the time. This is especially suitable for smaller households or if you’re living alone, as it prepares small portions of rice well. Comes with 5 different functions and all it takes is one touch to get the rice cooker going. It not only cooks rice but also congee and soup. You can even make yoghurt with this!


For a compact-sized rice cooker that doubles up as a multi-cooker, get the Philips Rice Cooker – HD 3060/62 today.



13. Xiaomi IH Rice Cooker

Xiaomi IH Rice Cooker

  • Wifi-enabled to phone app for seamless connection
  • Remote control for added convenience
  • Smart rice cooker that adjusts to rice type
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Xiaomi has introduced its IH Rice Cooker that uses advanced technology to value-add your life. Not only does the IH electromagnetic heating technology and high-end micro pressure heating technology cook rice evenly and perfectly, but you can also adjust the preferred softness or hardness of the rice via the smart temperature control! As the rice cooker is wifi-enabled, you can control it remotely – from your room or anywhere else. An alert will also be sent to you once the rice is done.


Xiaomi has yet again redefined the Internet of Things with the Xiaomi IH Rice Cooker. Get connected and get tasty rice cooked right to your preference.



14. Panasonic SR-ZE105WSH Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-ZE105WSH Rice Cooker

  • MICOM technology control cooking of multi-grain rice
  • 6-layer diamond coating for optimal heat transmission and retaining
  • Durable and long lasting
  • 1-year warranty
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The Panasonic SR-ZE105WSH Rice Cooker is easy to use and is inbuilt with the MICOM technology that adjusts the cooking time and temperature automatically. The 6-layer diamond coated inner pan is ultra non-stick, and can transfer and retain heat to cook each grain of rice with tender loving care. Your rice comes out fluffy and well cooked, with a fragrant aroma.


Get good tasting rice with the durable Panasonic SR-ZE105WSH Rice Cooker. Highly recommended!



Best Rice Cookers Under $100



15. Philips Viva Collection HD3038

Philips Viva Collection HD3038

  • 5-layer golden pot for even and optimal heat conduction
  • 9 customisable food menus for versatility
  • 1-month warranty
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The Philips Viva Collection HD3038 Rice Cooker enhances the conventional cooking of your rice. If you cook frequently and want a fuss-free and easy to use rice cooker, this is a great choice. With inbuilt multi-functions, you can even bake a cake or boil soup easily.


For a convenient rice cooker which doubles up as a multi-cooker, the Philips Viva Collection HD3038 is a good all-in-one choice!



16. Panasonic Micom Rice Cooker SR-DF101

Panasonic Micom Rice Cooker SR-DF101

  • MICOM technology control cooking of multi-grain rice varieties
  • 6 pre-set cooking options for versatility
  • 1-year warranty
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Designed with a minimalistic display of ergonomic buttons, the Panasonic Micom Rice Cooker SR-DF101 sets out immediately on the cooking task on hand. Comes with 6 pre-set cooking options, it can cook white and brown rice, steam dishes, boils porridge and soup. There is also a quick cook function if you want to save some time!


If you want a trusty rice cooker that is easy to use, you have to get the Panasonic Micom Rice Cooker SR-DF101.



17. Zojirushi NH-SQ10 Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NH-SQ10 Rice Cooker

  • Non-stick pot for easy cleaning
  • See-through glass lid
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The Zojirushi NH-SQ10 Rice Cooker allows you to check in on the progress of the rice as it cooks. With one simple press-down button, you can easily alternate between the cooking and keep warm modes.


Get the Zojirushi NH-SQ10 Rice Cooker for a simple and easy rice cooker that cooks great rice.



18. Sharp KS-G18TR-ST Rice Cooker

Cheapest rice cooker

Sharp KS-G18TR-ST Rice Cooker

  • 4 pre-set menus for convenience
  • 1-year warranty
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The Sharp KS-G18TR-ST Rice Cooker is a value steal at this low price. It has a stainless steel body with a removable aluminium inner lid for easy cleaning. It also has 4 pre-set menus that can cook rice, porridge, keep warm and steam dishes!


If you want a rice cooker that is value for money, the Sharp KS-G18TR-ST Rice Cooker is a good choice in the market!



Once more, here are our TOP recommendations. Choose one of them and you will not be disappointed!


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Standard vs Multifunctional rice cookers


The standard rice cookers focus on cooking white rice well. These typically come with just one press-down button, and have mainly “cook” and “keep warm” functions. As such rice cookers have been in the market for a few decades now, the quality of the rice they cook is relatively consistent, and it’s hard to go wrong cooking rice with them!


The multifunctional rice cookers are fast gaining popularity as they come with more pre-set menus and can cook a variety of dishes – ranging from rice, brown rice, porridge to even oatmeal and soup! These cookers may be slightly pricier than the standard ones, but the added convenience and variety make it a worthy investment to have.



Features to look out for



Size of rice cooker typically measured in terms of cups, and this range from 4 to 18 cups. If the capacity of the rice cooker is too large, it may only be designed to cater to a minimum amount of rice and water proportion before it can cook the rice well. So take note of the typical amount of rice you need to prepare each time to decide what capacity suits you best!



Some rice cookers come with dual functions where you can also include a steaming tray above which allows for concurrent steaming of vegetables, meat or tofu while the rice cooks. The technology of such rice cookers will ensure that the texture and fluffiness of the rice are not compromised. This helps you save time and gives you added convenience as you settle your meal in a one-pot arrangement.


Ease of cleaning

For easy cleaning, look for features such as a removable inner lid and a non-stick pan — the inner lid when detached allows for easy washing and wiping. The non-stick coating ensures that the rice does not get burnt. This makes for easier and faster cleaning – as less soaking and scrubbing are required!



What is Fuzzy Logic or Micom?


Both Fuzzy Logic or Micom refer to an inbuilt set of algorithms that allows the rice cooker to act intelligently. Instead of forcing the rice cooker to a hard set of parameters, fuzzy logic or Micom enable the rice cooker to react to the changing conditions and adjust the temperature and cooking time accordingly.


For example, if the rice feels too wet, the fuzzy logic or Micom would program the rice cooker to increase the temperature slightly and to continue to cook the rice for a slightly longer time. Also, the rice cooker can adapt the optimal temperature and cooking time for a variety of rice, like sushi rice, mixed rice, brown rice or normal white rice.


In short, fuzzy logic or Micom allows the rice cooker to make certain judgement calls without needing any manual adjustment by us. This ensures that your rice is always cooked optimally and deriving the best results every time it’s done!



Are you still unsure about which rice cooker to go for? Here are our TOP recommendations again! If you choose one of them, you definitely won’t be disappointed.



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