10 Best Safe Boxes in Singapore (2023) For Protecting Your Valuables

Safe Box Singapore

With a safe box, you can keep your valuables securely in your own home without needing to worry. You can store valuables like luxury watches, jewellery and money. Additionally, offices will also benefit from having a safe box as you can keep important documents and deeds locked away and protected.


With many safe boxes available in Singapore, the question is which one should you get. Don’t worry; we have done all the research for you. Here are the best safe boxes that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Yale Safe YSS/250/DB2

Cheap safe box

Yale Safe YSS 250 DB2

  • Safe and secure keypad access
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Emergency alarm for wrong password attempts
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting
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If you are looking for a small home safe, the Yale YSS/250/DB2 Safe is the perfect choice. Firstly, it is very space-efficient so you can definitely find a space big enough for it. Secondly, despite its small size, it is very secure.


Secured with 2 steel bolts, you can be sure that your valuables will be safely protected. You can choose a passcode between 3 to 8 digits for access. If the wrong passcode is inputted for 4 times, an alarm will ring out loudly to deter the intruder.


One thing we recommend is to mount it with its pre-drilled holes permanently. Because of its smaller size, it is not as heavy as larger safes. There is a possibility that someone could carry the safe away. Therefore, mounting it would make this safe more secure. Other than that, it is pretty much the best home safe that you can get – especially at a reasonable price point.



2. Yale YSS/380/DB2 File Safe

Yale YSS 380 DB2 File Safe

  • Good size for keeping documents and files
  • Big capacity of 39 litres in volume
  • Made with solid steel that stops any break-in attempt
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Do you have important documents that you want to keep safe? If so, you should consider the Yale YSS/380/DBS2 File Safe. It comes in the right dimensions that fit documents and files nicely. You won’t have to fold and bend your files to fit in it.


Its dimensions inside are 37cm by 34cm by 31cm which gives you more than sufficient space to keep your files whether at home or in the office. Made with solid steel, it will stand firmly against any attempt to penetrate it. Keep your essential documents and files protected with this reliable Yale safe.



3. Yale YSS/520/DB2 Standard Digital Safe

Yale YSS 520 DB2 Standard Digital Safe

  • Large storage capacity of up to 53.8 litres
  • 16mm ultra strong impact-resistant lock bolts
  • More than 100,000 lock combinations 
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If you are searching for a full-sized safe, the Yale YSS/520/DB2 Safe would be a top contender. It has all the security features of the Yale safes but is much larger. With interior dimensions of 51cm by 34cm by 31cm, you can fit a mix of valuables and documents inside easily.


The door of the safe has reinforced hinges and is locked by an impact-resistant bolt. You can be sure it will stand firm even against an attempted break-in. With 100,000 different password combinations in total, no intruder will be able to guess your password blindly. For a large safe, this Yale model is surprisingly affordable too.



4. Yale YSM/520/EG1 Professional Safe

Yale YSM 520 EG1 Professional Safe

  • Reinforced door with armour plated steel
  • 22mm thick and solid steel bolts
  • Laser cut door to ensure almost zero gap
  • Internal lighting to make it easy to see inside
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If a thief looks at the Yale YSM/520/EG1 Professional Safe, he’ll likely leave before trying to open it. It just looks so intimidating. Every aspect of this safe is made to ensure 100% protection of all your valuables.


It has a reinforced steel door that is further reinforced with armour-plated steel. The door is also laser cut to precision to minimize the gap between the door and the body. Behind the lock, it is bolted by thick 22mm bolts.


Additionally, this safe is also very user-friendly. It is easy to set up even for a beginner. Also, it has internal lighting, which turns on when the door opens. That way, you’ll be able to check your valuables without taking them out of the safe. This safe makes it hard for the thieves but easy for you; it is essentially the perfect safe.



5. Diplomat 119KC Fire Resistant Safe Box

Diplomat 119KC Fire Resistant Safe Box

  • Secured by 4 solid bolt locks
  • Heavy and secure at 42kg
  • Fire-resistant rated
  • Fits both A4 files and also valuables easily  
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The Diplomat 119KC Safe Box provides excellent all-round protection for your valuables and important documents. To protect against tampering, it is secured by 4 strong and reliable bolt locks. Also, the weight of the safe is 42kg, which makes it difficult for a burglar to escape with it.


Beyond thieves, it can also protect your belongings from fire as it is rated to be fire-resistant. So even in the event of a fire, you need not rush to take out your valuables as it will be safe. The only downside to this safe box is that it uses a combination dial instead of a keypad. Other than that, it is a very competent safe for your office or home.



6. SentrySafe Security Safe X125

SentrySafe Security Safe X125

  • Steel construction for maximum protection
  • Soft interior lining that protects your valuables
  • 1 to 8 digit digital lock
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Whether it be your jewellery, documents or even electronic devices, the SentrySafe Security Safe will safeguard them all. It is strong against intruders but gentle to your valuables. On the outside, it is constructed with solid steel to ensure zero success for break-in attempts. Inside, it is lined with soft fabric to prevent scratches or damage to your precious valuables.


It is of a good size and can even fit a laptop quite easily. It also has a removable shelf so you can create more space inside for larger items. You can set a variation of passcodes ranging from just 1 digit to 8 digits. For extra security, we recommend at least a 4 number passcode. For a safe that truly takes good care of your belongings, this SentrySafe model is an excellent option.



7. Honeywell 1103 Security Chest

Honeywell 1103 Security Chest

  • Excellent for total protection of important documents
  • Waterproof seal to keep interior dry
  • Fireproof for up to 30 minutes at 843C
  • Relatively portable with easy carry handle
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The Honeywell 1103 Security Chest is unlike the usual safe box. It is meant to be slightly more portable and is shaped like a briefcase. It is excellent that protecting important deeds, documents and contracts.


Besides being secure, it is also waterproof and fireproof as well. It has a watertight seal that prevents moisture from seeping in. Additionally, it can withstand fire at up to 843 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes without damage to its contents. If your office needs a portable safe to protect vital documents, this Honeywell model will do the job wonderfully.



8. Solid SLS49E Electronic Safe

Solid SLS49E Electronic Safe

  • Heavy and secure at 55kg
  • 1 to 15 digit pin code
  • Fireproof for up to 1 hour at 1000 degrees celsius
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At 55kg, the Solid SLS49E Electronic Safe is a heavyweight safe that offers excellent protection and deterrence against theft. It can only be opened with two methods: Pin code and key or RFID and key. Besides that, no one is going to get close to cracking this secure safe.


Internally, it is big enough for you to store a good number of valuables and documents inside. But, it is not as big as it looks because a lot of its size is because of its solid steel structure. A plus point of this safe is its great fireproof capabilities. It can withstand 1 hour in blazing hot temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius. That is probably the best if not one of the best in this price range of safes. If you want a heavy and menacing looking safe, you’ll love it.



9. Eagle Safe Combination Dial & Keylock Safe

Eagle Safe Combination Dial & Keylock Safe

  • Fire-proof protection
  • High-quality steel exterior and interior
  • 3-wheel mechanical lock & key
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This Eagle Safe has the old-school charm of a safe box. It may not be the most modern-looking safe but it is one of the most secure ones. The safe is made with tough steel together with anti-fire elements. It is not only secure but can withstand fire as well.


It has been tested to be able to withstand fire at 925 degrees Celsius for an hour. Not too bad for an old-school looking safe. To get access to the safe, you’ll have to set a code for the mechanical wheel. To further enhance security, you can also choose to use the keylock. If you don’t mind its slightly dated looks, this Eagle safe can be the security that your valuables need.



10. Morries Safe Box MS-16TKK

Morries Safe Box MS-16TKK

  • Dual-key access
  • Fire-resistant for 60 minutes
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The Morries Safe Box MS-16TKK is a no-frills model that just does its primary job of protection very well. It is protected by a dual-key setup which you will need to open the safe. Also, the safe is fire-resistant at very high temperature for as long as 1 hour. It doesn’t have the fancy keypads and looks of other safes. But that is not a bad thing because it does everything you need a safe to do.


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