8 Best Small, Mini and Bar Fridges in Singapore (2023)

Having a fridge is pretty much essential nowadays. But, what if you just don’t have enough space for a full-sized fridge? Lucky for you, there’s the option of a mini fridge! They serve the same purpose of chilling, freezing and keeping your groceries fresh. Just a tinier version of it, so that you can fit it even in the smallest rooms. Here are the best mini fridges you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Beko Bar Fridge TSE1283

Best Mini Fridge

Beko Bar Fridge TSE1283

  • Spacious 121L volume
  • Great cooling and freezing efficiency
  • 3-year warranty
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The first thing that stands out is the sleek silver finish and modern looks of the Beko Mini Fridge TSE1283. It would be a great addition to a secondary fridge for your home, office or even dormitory room.


Beko Bar Fridge TSE1283 has a high quality built. It is supported by a 3-year warranty which is probably one of the highest among small fridges. Its cooling function is great and comes with a separate section for freezing. With a total capacity of 121L, that is split into 101L and 13L for the fridge and freezer compartments respectively. With 101L of capacity, you can easily store fresh food and drinks for an entire party if you wanted to.


While relatively heavy at 31kg, it is still possible to move it around to where you need it to be. If you are searching for a high-quality mini fridge, the Beko TSE1283 Mini Fridge is one of the best you can find.



2. PowerPac 2 Door Mini Fridge

PowerPac 2 Door Mini Fridge

  • 49L fridge, 22L freezer 
  • Anti-bacterial carbon filter
  • Vegetable crisper compartment 
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The PowerPac 2 Door Mini Fridge has more features than the usual small fridge. It feels like a replica of a larger fridge in terms of what it can do. Firstly, it does not just have a fridge compartment but also a 22L capacity freezer. Also, there is a crisper compartment which helps keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and crunchy.


There is also an anti-bacterial carbon filter which helps to keep bacteria from growing. That means you can store your groceries inside without worrying about it going bad. Most bar fridges are only suitable for holding drinks – but this mini fridge does everything a full-sized refrigerator does, just packaged in a compact form.


If you want the features of a regular fridge that fits in a small space, the PowerPac Mini Fridge is your best choice.



3. LG GL-131SQW Mini Fridge

LG GL-131SQW Mini Fridge

  • Inbuilt freezer and fridge
  • 90L storage capacity
  • 2-year warranty
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LG GL-131SQW Mini Fridge is another top quality choice. It incorporates the best of freezing and cooling technology. Along with good insulation with its polyurethane material, your groceries will be kept cool and fresh at all times.


With 90L of total storage, it is sufficient even for a family of 2 or 3. It also comes with a freezer compartment that can easily fit a couple packets of frozen items. The small fridge is also complemented by LG’s Bioshield technology that stops mould growth. Essentially, it will help to prolong the lifespan of your fridge and food items stored inside. Additionally, it also helps to save energy because of better insulation.


The LG GL-131SQW Mini Fridge is designed to fit even in the smallest spaces. It is flat on all sides with no protruding edges. You can definitely find a space for it to fit comfortably. Whether you are looking for a small fridge or a complement to your main fridge, this LG mini fridge will be a great choice.



4. Tecno TFR 48 Mini Bar Fridge

Tecno TFR 50 Mini Bar Fridge

  • 47L inner capacity
  • Solid stainless steel build
  • 1-year warranty
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Tecno TFR 48 Fridge is one of the most popular mini bar fridges around. Two main factors for this are its portable size and reasonable price point.


Beyond its smooth stainless steel facade, it is a very competent fridge with an internal design that maximizes its 47L capacity to seem bigger than it is. Despite its small size, you will find additional pockets of space such as a side rack for storing bottles. You will definitely not find yourself limited by its size. From day one of operation, you’ll find yourself impressed by its quietness during operation and efficient cooling system. Can drinks are cooled within the hour quickly and efficiently.


Because of its compact design, it can fit in a corner, on the floor or even on a tabletop. Basically, as long as there is a small pocket of space, the Tecno TFR 48 Bar Fridge will slide right in. If you choose it, you’ll definitely be one of the many happy and satisfied buyers.



5. Kuche Small Fridge KBF-103W

Energy Efficient Bar Refrigerator

Kuche Small Fridge KBF-103Wi

  • 97L capacity
  • Great at staying cold
  • Energy efficient
  • 1-year warranty
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Keeping cool in Singapore can sound challenging and expensive. The weather is constantly close to 30 degrees or even more on hotter days. The general impression is that a fridge would cost a bucket load in electricity fees. Maybe not with the Kuche Small Fridge KBF-103Wi. It costs only an estimated $66 per year to run this energy efficient fridge. A fraction of what we expected.


It comes with a generous interior space of 97L. That means more storage for food, drinks, and anything that need refrigeration. No need to compromise what to leave in the fridge or out. Fresh food like vegetables, fruits, and meats can be kept for extended periods without any issue. That is thanks to its high performing cooling capability and efficiency.


The Kuche Mini Fridge KBF-103Wi is one of the larger bar fridges that offers good functionality at a great price. If you are looking for a value-for-money option, definitely consider it!



6. Midea Bar Fridge MS50

Best Quiet and Silent Mini Fridge

Midea Bar Fridge MS50

  • 50L interior capacity
  • Silent operation
  • 1-year warranty
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It’s so quiet, you won’t even know that it’s there. That is the Midea Bar Fridge MS50. Quietness is a great trait, especially if you are buying a mini-fridge for your room. Trying to sleep or concentrate with a noisy fridge is a nightmare. With the Midea Mini Fridge, you can enjoy the convenience of having a fridge, without the loudness of one.


With energy efficiency that is rated at 2 ticks, Midea Bar Fridge MS50 is one of the more power-saving options for mini fridges. It is estimated to cost only $48 per year in electricity. 45L of storage capacity means it can accommodate a decent amount of items with no problem. It also comes with an ice cube tray, perfect for making an ice cold drink with. A reversible door means you can switch the direction of the door opening to make it fit wherever is more convenient.


If quietness is your key concern when choosing a small fridge, definitely pick Midea Bar Fridge MS50!



7. Stylux LH-JY4AD Mini Fridge

Stylish and Car-Friendly

Stylux LH-JY4AD Mini Fridge

  • Super portable, bring it anywhere
  • Sufficient for 6 drink cans
  • 1-year warranty
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Do you love the outdoors, but can never find a refreshing ice cold drink while outside? Or are drinks from the vending machine too expensive to splurge on? With the Stylux LH-JY4AD Mini Fridge, you can have cold drinks all the time, even in the middle of nowhere.


It can fit up to 6 can drinks, perfect for sharing with your family or friends. They will definitely appreciate an ice cold drink while fishing or camping in the hot outdoors of Singapore. Stylux LH-JY4AD Mini Fridge can cool your drinks to 20 degrees below outside temperatures. That means a nice cool can of 100PLUS at 4 to 8 degrees. You can even fit chocolate bars or any snacks that need refrigeration inside!


What’s more, it is very easy to power it up. Simply connect it to your car’s charging outlet and you are all set. Even if you disconnect it and bring it out of the car, its good insulation means it can continue to keep your drinks cold.


Stylux LH-JY4AD Mini Fridge is a perfect companion for your car and outdoor adventures. Your friends will thank you for it. It will save you money in the long run. Also, an ice-cold drink in hot and humid Singapore is priceless.



8. Cooler and Warmer USB Mini Fridge

Cooler and Warmer USB Mini Fridge

  • Charge using only a USB cable
  • Can warm or cool drinks
  • Super easy to operate
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A warm can of coffee? Or an ice cold can of coke? No need to choose between the two of them with this USB cooler and warmer fridge. Simply connect to a USB outlet and enjoy either hot or cold drinks all day long. Perfect for a short break in the office. Its classic red and white colour combination also means it also serves as a nice looking desk accessory.


What is great is that you don’t need a power plug, which can be hard to find sometimes. Even though it is USB-powered, it can cool drinks to 8 to 10 degrees or warm them up to 60 to 80 degrees. Pretty impressive! Also, it is super simple to use, simply plug into a USB power source. Voila, you are all set to go.


This is a great office accessory for yourself or even as a present for your favourite colleague. Its affordable price means you get can get a few for yourself, your family and your friends!


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Mini fridge buying guide


Do you need a freezer


Some mini fridges come with a freezer compartment. However, they are more expensive, uses more energy and also lessens the amount of space for normal refrigeration. So if you don’t need a freezer compartment, we recommend that you do without it. If you need the freezing capabilities, go for a mini fridge with a proper freezer compartment.


Size and capacity


When buying a mini fridge, you have to make sure it fits into the space you have. Specifications of each fridge can be easily found online. The next step is to measure the amount of space you have for the fridge and find one that matches it.


Another factor to consider is how much space you need inside the fridge. If you are only storing some drinks and light snacks, a smaller fridge will do. If you are using it as a substitute for a full-sized fridge, a larger mini fridge might be a better fit.


How noisy is it


A quiet mini fridge would be the best choice, especially if it is going to be near your rest or sleeping area. Usually, the more expensive models will have better noise insulation. If your mini fridge is going to be put at an outdoor area, a noisy one may not matter that much.


Is it energy efficient


Energy efficiency for fridges is determined by the number of ticks they have – with 4 being the maximum. Better energy efficiency means lower electrical bills. However, you’ll also need to pay a slight premium for an eco-friendly fridge because some of their materials are more expensive.


Some of the product links that we have included are affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small commission from platforms like Amazon if you make a purchase. This commission comes at no added cost to you. This helps to support us so that we can create more buyer guides for you.