14 Best Smart TVs in Singapore (2023) From $499

If you are buying a TV now – the smart choice would be to get a Smart TV. Compared to a few years back, Smart TVs are very affordable right now. You can get one for as little as $400. That is a small price to pay because you get so many features and functionality in a Smart TV compared to the standard television.


What is a Smart TV?


In layman terms, a Smart TV is a television that can be connected to the Internet. They have WiFi capabilities or an ethernet port for internet connectivity. It can do much more than a traditional TV as it is not limited by the channels it receives through its antenna. You can surf the Internet, use applications, stream content and much more. As of 2019, most TVs sold in Singapore are mostly Smart TVs. When smart TVs first came out, they were really expensive costing more than a few thousand dollars. Right now, they are much more affordable and you can get one for less than a thousand dollars. In fact, even a few hundred bucks can get you a pretty decent one. There is no reason not to get a Smart TV anymore.


The next question is – which Smart TV should you get since there are so many different models available. We will answer that question for you – here are the best Smart TVs you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Philips 4K Razor Slim OLED Smart TV 55OLED873/98

Philips 4K Razor Slim OLED Smart TV 55OLED873

  • OLED panel for impeccable picture quality
  • Ambilight that makes the screen look even bigger
  • Philips Triple Ring technology for fuller sound
  • 3-year warranty
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For a luxurious experience each time you turn on the TV, you have to get the Philips 55OLED873 OLED Smart TV. You will never watch TV the same way ever again. Every single scene playing on the screen feels so real that it draws you deeper every second. Once you try an OLED panel, you will never ever want to go back to LED.


The 55-inch screen is already huge. But with the Ambilight, it will cast ambient colours onto the walls of your room and make it feel like you are actually inside the show. Together with the Triple Ring technology which creates an immersive audio experience, it gives you a full visual and audio experience that is worth every cent you pay.



2. Philips 55″ 4K Ultra Slim Smart LED TV 55PUT6002

Philips 55 4K Ultra Slim Smart LED TV 55PUT6002

  • Sharp 4K UHD resolution
  • 3-year warranty
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For a large, branded and 4K Smart TV, the Philips 55PUT6002 Smart TV is an excellent deal in terms of price. Its display is sharp, clear with accurate colours that make viewing an enjoyable experience. With a slim and sleek design, it will fit nicely on any tabletop or mount without taking up too much space. For a 55-inch 4K Smart TV, you’ll find it hard to find a better deal anywhere else.



3. Prism+ E55 4K UHD Smart Digital TV

Prism+ E55 4K UHD Smart Digital TV

  • High and enriched resolution at affordable price
  • Zero bezel design for better visuals
  • Decent sound quality with Dolby audio
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The Prism+ E55 4K UHD Smart Digital TV offers a 4K UHD resolution watching experience. It is programmed with the IPS Panel technology to give you consistent and vibrant colours on the big screen. The colours are enhanced and vivid with pristine clarity for an almost true to life visual screen. The contrast brings out the fullest range of colours for the most brilliant screen display. With a zero bezel design, the 55-inch screen looks larger than it actually is and this elevates your viewing enjoyment to the next level.


This TV is officially licensed to stream Netflix at 4K quality and there is no need for an additional set-top box. It is also able to play videos from YouTube and Amazon Prime! This also has inbuilt Dolby audio, which complements the great visuals, for an overall cinematic vibe. All you need is the Prism+ E55 4K UHD Smart Digital TV to keep yourself well-entertained from the comforts of your home.



4. Xiaomi Mi LED 4K Smart TV 4S

Xiaomi Mi LED 4K Smart TV 4S

  • Dolby + DTS for immersive sound
  • High definition 4K+ quality for impressive visuals
  • Redefines watching experience with motion smooth optimisation
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The Xiaomi Mi LED 4K Smart TV 4S comes with a 4K+ HDR picture quality so that you get an enhanced playback experience. You’d find yourself subconsciously zooming into the details with the precision of each image. With motion smooth optimisation and an upgraded 64-bit Quad-Core processor, this TV provides stability and precise clarity even for action-packed movie genres. This gives you a comfortable viewing experience without any distortion or pixelation. With Dolby +DTS audio, you’d find yourself immersed in the all surround sound without the need for an additional soundbar.


With a range of connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and multiple ports, you’d never have to struggle with connecting your devices. There is also a large internal memory so that you can install more apps to watch different shows on the big screen. You can also opt for high quality shows from Netflix and Amazon Prime. Simply connect with the Google Assistant and you can command the TV to play what you fancy with your voice. Get the ultimate viewing experience with the Xiaomi Mi LED 4K Smart TV 4S.



5. Samsung Q60R 4K HDR Smart TV

Samsung Q60R 4K HDR Smart TV

  • Great value for QLED quality
  • Compatible with gaming for great performance
  • Equipped with smart TV functions for versatile use
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The Samsung Q60R 4K HDR Smart TV is designed with a slim bezel and sits on any countertop stably with the wide u-shaped legs. This eliminates the need for mounting on the wall if you rather a fuss-free option. With four HDMI ports, two USB ports and a digital audio port, there are endless connectivity options for you to connect with other devices. The QLED quality is evident from its rich, contrasted and vibrant screen display. This offers a dynamic and immersive viewing for all kinds of movies and shows. It also doubles up as an awesome gaming screen. There is no lag and you see all the details in your game to outperform your fellow gamers!


Inbuilt with the Tizen technology, you get a very fast and seamless smart platform. It supports apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV! It also supports Apple Airplay if you want a seamless projection from your phone. With the assistance of Bixby, the AI assistant, all your smart devices can be synced with the TV easily too! Get Samsung’s flagship Samsung Q60R 4K HDR Smart TV today.



6. Panasonic TH-50HX650S 4K Android Smart TV

Panasonic TH-50HX650S 4K Android Smart TV

  • Precise resolution with brilliant contrast for high-quality display
  • Borderless all around for better immersion
  • Built-in Chromecast and compatible with Android TV
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The Panasonic TH-50HX650S 4K Android Smart TV features a 4K ultra-HD LED LCD panel. You get precise resolution with the optimised contrast and colour settings for high quality and immersive watching escapade. You can also choose from 5 different picture modes for the best settings for different genres with just one switch. The TV is almost borderless which augments the viewing experience for you. With the Dolby Audio and DTS True Surround output, you get an amazing sound that envelops you. It is as if you’re entering into a different world each time.


Like all smart TVs, this also comes with your very own voice personal assistant, Google. The Android TV platform also allows you to download movie-streaming apps for endless entertainment varieties to while your time away. There is also a built-in Chromecast so you can just project onto the TV using your phone, tablet or laptop seamlessly. Go the smart way today with the Panasonic TH-50HX650S 4K Android Smart TV.



7. Philips 5100 series Ultra Slim Smart LED TV

Cheap smart TV

Philips 5100 series Ultra Slim Smart LED TV

  • Average screen quality
  • Super cheap Smart TV option
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If you are looking for a cheap Smart TV for your home or room, then the Philips 5100 Smart TV would be perfect. It is definitely not a perfect TV, especially when compared to the other Smart TVs featured here. For one, it only has a 1366 by 768 resolution. Audio quality is also average. But its price is just so incredibly low that we had to feature it. If you don’t mind its flaws, it is a good budget Smart TV.

8. Sony LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV KD-43X7000G

Sony LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV KD-43X7000G

  • 4K HDR X-Reality Pro for remarkable clarity
  • ClearAudio+ for life-like sounds
  • 3-year warranty
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The Sony 4K KD-43X7000G Smart TV has the two key aspects that you want in any TV – clear picture and audio. It has a 4K HDR resolution that is further enhanced by the X-Reality Pro that processes every pixel for even more clarity. Additionally, its ClearAudio+ technology helps transform audio to become more vibrant and more immersive. You will enjoy every single minute you spend watching this fantastic 4K Smart TV.



9. Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV NU7090 Series 7

Samsung 43 UHD 4K Smart TV NU7090 Series 7

  • Certified 4K UHD display
  • HDR10+ for better image optimization
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Good energy efficiency
  • 1-year warranty
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The Samsung NU7090 Smart TV is surprisingly affordable considering its amazing quality. It has a certified true 4K UHD display that has one of the sharpest images among all the TVs. This is further enhanced by HDR10+ and PurColour which optimizes each scene to show accurate and realistic textures and colours.


As a Smart TV, it is very functional. You can get access to a whole range of apps that can be easily downloaded. Also, you can sync your phone to your TV by downloading the SmartThings app. From there, you can also use your TV to views the photos and videos on your phone. A great way to share content with your entire family during a gathering!



10. Samsung UA49J5250 49” Full HD Smart TV

Samsung UA49J5250 49” Full HD Smart TV

  • 1080P Full HD display
  • Colour Enhancer Plus for wide colour spectrum
  • 3-year warranty
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If you want to get a branded TV at a more affordable price, check out the Samsung UA49J5250 Smart TV. It has a pretty big display at 49 inches which would be perfect if you stay in an apartment. The only thing is that it has a Full HD rather than a 4K display. Honestly, there is a noticeable difference if you are previously used to the 4K resolution. However, if you don’t mind it, you can get a fully functional Smart TV at a good discount of around $300 to $400 off its 4K counterpart.


The picture quality isn’t bad. It is just not as good as a 4K resolution display. In terms of colour, it does very well. You can expect rich colours as the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus will apply a broad spectrum of colours to each scene. It really is a great Smart TV, especially when you consider its very affordable price.



11. LG 49UK6320PTE Ultra HD 4K Smart TV

LG 49UK6320PTE Ultra HD 4K Smart TV

  • 4K UHD accurate display
  • Wide-angle viewing wherever you sit
  • Surround sound audio
  • Voice control and recognition
  • 3-year warranty
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The LG 49UK6320PTE 4K Smart TV is not just smart, but it is AI-enabled as well. The Google Assistant is built-in which means you can control it or ask it questions with just your voice alone. For the 21st century smart home, an AI-enabled Smart TV is precisely what you want.


LG also doesn’t neglect the core of what a good TV is supposed to provide – excellent image and audio quality. It has a clear and crisp 4K UHD display that shows vibrant and accurate colours. Additionally, it has a wide viewing angle which means the image will look as good no matter which angle you’re watching the television at. With multi-channel audio, you will also get to enjoy surround sound that encapsulates you. For all these amazing features, you would think that this LG TV will be very expensive. Well, it is pretty affordable and a great deal if you want an excellent Smart TV.



12. Hisense 50A6501UW Smart Ultra HD TV

Hisense 50A6501UW Smart Ultra HD TV

  • Large and clear 4K UHD display
  • Super-value for money
  • RemoteNOW app to transform your phone into a remote
  • 1-year warranty
Check Price on Lazada Check Price on Shopee


Are you looking for a big, 4K Smart TV that is cheap at the same time? Perhaps you have long given up hope – that is until the launch of the Hisense 50A6501UW Smart TV! It has a UHD 4K resolution on a 50-inch display that costs the same price as a HD Smart TV. What a steal!


To be honest, it does lack a little in terms of picture quality compared to its competitors which cost twice the price. But for the price you are paying, you will have zero complaints about its quality and functionality. Smash your price expectations of a 4K Smart TV with this wallet-friendly Hisense model.



13. Sony 49″ 4K Ultra HD Smart TV KD-49X8000E

Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart TV KD-49X8000E

  • Good picture quality with 4K resolution
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • Wide app selection through Google Play
  • 3-year warranty
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For crystal-clear images, the Sony KD-49X800E Smart TV is the one to go for. It is 49-inch wide with a 4K HDR resolution that ensures everything looks crisp and clear no matter what you are watching. In terms of its smartness – it has everything you need. It is equipped with a built-in Chromecast along with a Google Play Store so you can get any app you want up and running in seconds.


Its sound quality is also commendable because of the cinematic S-Force front surround sound. It seems like the action and sounds are happening right beside you. It also comes with a remote that you can control using your voice. Whether you are using this Smart TV for gaming or Netflix – you will be 100% satisfied.



14. LG 49 inch Smart LED TV 49LJ550T

LG 49 inch Smart LED TV 49LJ550T

  • Full HD display
  • Easy to use app launcher
  • 3-year warranty
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Simple, easy and without frills – the LG 49LJ550T Smart TV is an excellent choice if you want an affordable and easy to use Smart TV. You can launch apps quickly using the webOS launcher bar that allows you to use apps like Netflix and YouTube. You will never run out of content to watch with just these two services.


Display-wise, it has a full HD display that is decent but not fantastic when compared to the 4K models. If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of image quality, this affordable Smart TV will be perfect for you and your family.


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Benefits of a Smart TV

  • You are no longer limited by television networks
  • Endless amount of content
  • More content for less money
  • You can surf the Internet on it
  • You can play games
  • Its software can be updated


With a smart TV, you are no longer limited to the content that is broadcasted by the television networks in your country. You can access an endless amount of content that is available worldwide. You aren’t limited to the Mediacorp channels anymore. Instead, you can subscribe to content providers like Netflix and Hulu which costs less than $20 a month. Compared to normal pay-TV prices – it is a steal as you’ll save $50 to $100 a month. On those platforms, there are literally millions of hours of content for you to feast on. You will never run out of things to watch.


If you don’t want to pay for content – there are also free video platforms which you can watch on your Smart TV. Imagine being able to watch your favourite YouTube videos on your large Smart TV. Almost any app available on the Google Play Store can be loaded up on your Smart TV. You can choose from a wide array of content to enjoy.


A Smart TV can even replace your computer because you can surf the Internet on it. Any website is accessible through it. If you do plan to surf the Internet with your TV, we recommend getting a wireless keyboard and mouse for better user experience.


Besides being able to watch countless shows on it, you can even play games on your Smart TV. If you are a casual gamer, it can be a great source of entertainment. Also, you can save some money as you won’t have to buy a game console just to enjoy an hour or two of gaming once in a while.


A Smart TV will not become obsolete over time as its software is usually updated regularly. You will be able to enjoy new features, applications and content without paying for an upgrade. In terms of hardware, as long as you buy a relatively new model, it should work well for at least 3 to 5 years without a problem.



Smart TV buying guide: What you should look out for

  • Screen resolution
  • Screen size
  • Refresh rate
  • Audio quality
  • Price
  • Warranty


Screen resolution is one of the most critical factors for a Smart TV. There is no point getting an awesome TV only to be let down by a low resolution that makes pictures and videos look grainy and unclear. There are 2 main resolutions for new Smart TVs nowadays – 4K and 1080P. If it is within your budget, we would recommend that you get a 4K resolution TV. The reason being that 4K TVs are relatively affordable now compared to a few years back. If you want to futureproof your TV, a 4K TV would be the smarter choice. That being said, a 1080P Full HD Smart TV is not a bad choice if you want to save more money.


Is a bigger screen better than a smaller screen? Well, it depends on your home layout and also your personal preference. There is an optimal distance to screen size ratio which you can use as a guide. For a quick formula, take the distance from you to the screen in metres and multiply it by a factor of 25 to get the optimal screen size. If you are sitting around 1.3 to 1.5 m away, then a screen size of 32 to 36 inches would be perfect. If you are 2.5 metres away, then a 60 to 64 inch TV will bring you the best visuals.


The refresh rate in a TV is usually not noticeable until you watch a fast-action scene. In general, the higher the refresh rate, the better. The most common refresh rate among TVs now is 60Hz. It is decent, but if you value good graphics, then we recommend going for 120Hz and higher. It is going to be more expensive but it is worth it the extra money because it will future proof your TV.


Unfortunately, good audio is not common even among the best TVs. You will be surprised to find that even the most expensive television will not have a similarly high level of audio performance. That doesn’t mean the audio is bad and hard to hear. It is just not as crystal clear and rich as if you add a soundbar or speaker system for your television. So, if you value great audio – get a soundbar. (We have an article on the best soundbars in Singapore!)


After looking at the key features, the next thing you should consider is how much the Smart TV is going to cost. Prices can vary over a pretty wide range – you can get one for less than $500 but also can find ones that sell for more than $5000. Thankfully, Smart TVs nowadays are much cheaper and affordable for the average household. As with most electronic devices, prices are usually higher for new releases and drop significantly for older models. If you don’t mind an older model, you can usually get a good discount for a decent Smart TV model.


When you buy a Smart TV, it is usually cover like a year-long warranty. Often, retailers will also offer to sell you an extended warranty for about 10% of the purchase price which might cover you for another 2 to 3 years. The question is, do you need an extended warranty? If you want absolute protection for your TV, then we say go for it. However, most failures for TVs happen within the first month of using it so the initial warranty should cover it. So in our own experience, we do not usually buy the extended warranty, and so far it has worked out.



Where to buy a Smart TV in Singapore?


You can get a TV almost anywhere in Singapore – from online e-commerce sites, electric shops, large home retailers or even from supermarkets nowadays. The question is where should you buy your TV to get the best deal and prices. Here are the best places and websites to get your Smart TV from.

  • Lazada
  • Qoo10
  • Best Denki
  • Courts
  • Harvey Norman
  • Mustafa
  • NTUC Extra


Our personal favourite is Lazada. All major TV brands are sold there, and some of them even have an official store on Lazada which means 100% authenticity and also warranty. We also like that the prices are very competitive and are often cheaper than retail stores. Also, you can further reduce the price by using discount and promo coupons for an even better deal. Lazada also has the LiveUp program which allows you to earn rebates for each purchase that you make. If we were buying a new TV, Lazada would be the first place that we check out. Interested? Click here to check out the latest TV offerings on Lazada.


When buying a TV, Qoo10 may not be the first thought that pops into your mind. However, it can be a decent place to get a cheap and good TV. Most TVs sold there are not that expensive. You can also find less-known brands which mean even lower prices. Click here to check out the TV deals that Qoo10 has now – you might find a hidden gem!


Best Denki, Courts and Harvey Norman are 3 of the biggest electronic retailers in Singapore. You will definitely be able to find an outlet near you. Honestly, most of the brands that are offered in these 3 retailers are similar. There might be small differences in prices depending on what promotions they have. Sometimes, you can try to ask the salesperson for a better price (it will only work rarely). From our comparison, their prices are usually slightly higher than e-commerce stores like Lazada after accounting for the discounts and promotions.


Mustafa is known in Singapore for selling almost anything at great prices. You can find TVs from most major brands there. However, unlike the other electronic retailers, there is only one location in Singapore –  Little India. The interesting quirk about Mustafa is that it is open 24 hours a day. So if somehow you need to buy a new smart TV in the middle of the night – you know where to go.


NTUC Fairprice is known more for its groceries and household necessities than electronics. But in recent years, they have begun to offer more and more home electronics, especially in their Fairprice Xtra outlets. There aren’t many TVs available, but sometimes you can find a good deal especially for lower-end TVs.


Some of the product links that we have included are affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small commission from platforms like Amazon if you make a purchase. This commission comes at no added cost to you. This helps to support us so that we can create more buyer guides for you.