11 Best Standing Desks in Singapore (2023) From Just $269

Best Standing Desk Singapore

Are you suffering from back pains and aches after hours of sitting at your desk? It is time to change to a standing desk. In recent years, standing desks have become increasingly popular due to the health benefits it brings to our usually sedentary office life.


Fortunately, in Singapore, there are a growing number of companies that sell standing desks. This means more choices and better affordability. If you’re wondering which standing desk you should get, you have come to the right place. We have scoured through all the standing desk options in Singapore to shortlist the best of them. Here are the best standing desks you can get in Singapore today!



1. EverDesk+ Max

Best-in-class features and customization


  • Excellent build quality and stability
  • Limitless customization to build your dream workspace
  • Affordable pricing, starting at $749
$749 at EverDesk


Having tested numerous standing desks, the EverDesk+ Max comes out just about top on every criteria that matters. The EverDesk+ Max is the successor to the popular AmpDesk, by affordable ergonomics retailer, ErgoEdge. The best part? Their great price seems to come at no compromise to its quality. Here’s what we love about the EverDesk+ Max.


Best in class stability

In our stability test at standing height (105cm), the EverDesk+ Max is the most stable desk we tested. When typing or writing, we felt no vibration/wobbling on the desk. Shaking it at standing height resulted in barely any movement, thanks to its zero wobble structure. The desk can also support up to 120kg of weight.


Smart features and fantastic build quality 

The EverDesk+ Max has a height range of between 60cm to 124cm. It also comes with the Health Coach which reminds you to sit or stand at preset intervals.

Health Coach

You can also save 3 custom height settings to its memory. Movement is quick and stable at 8cm per second almost silent during the adjustment. It also has the Gryoaxis Anti-Collision system equipped to prevent damages and accidents. If it senses an obstacle when moving up/down, it automatically stops! Build quality is fantastic. The frame is built from cold-rolled steel which is sturdier than normal steel. The frame is powder-coated too which prevents rusting and makes it easy to maintain.


Limitless customization

The EverDesk+ Max lets you build your dream workspace, thanks to its seemingly limitless customisation options. You can choose between the Classic, Natural Wood or Wild Folks tabletops. Our favourite is the Natural Wood Series which comes with UniGroove that helps with cable management, storage and even functions as a phone or tablet holder.


You can also add on accessories such as a Monitor Arm, Pegboard Organizer Panels, Shelves, Power Cube and more.



Feature and quality-wise, EverDesk+ Max is the best standing desk you can get in Singapore. With its limitless customization, you can make your dream desk come true.



2. EverDesk+ Elevate






  • Highly adjustable height from 12 to 50cm
  • One-click lift mechanism for seamless adjustment
  • Generous space for 2 monitors and more
  • Solid build that holds up to 15kg
Check Price on EverDesk


The EverDesk+ Elevate is the best choice for converting your current desk into a standing desk. There are two different sizes for you to choose from – Standard and Large. Both options can fit a laptop and a monitor with ease. You can also fit or even mount 2 monitors if that is the setup you want. The main difference is that the Large is about 20% more spacious gives you space to fit documents and notes in front of your monitor.


The EverDesk+ Elevate is height-adjustable from as low as 12cm to as high as 50cm. With a wide range of height selection, you can adjust it to fit perfectly for your ergonomic needs. Adjusting the height is seamless with the one-click lift mechanism. Both the Standard and Large models come with a removable keyboard tray that makes it convenient to remove and keep away when you don’t need it. You can also use the tray to fit in a laptop thanks to the cut-in laptop grove.


Lastly, the EverDesk+ Elevate is constructed solidly. It can support up to 15kg of weight on its main surface and 2kg for its keyboard tray. You can fit large and heavy monitors or laptops on it without any worries.


If you want a sturdy, well-designed and value-for-money desk riser, go for the EverDesk+ Elevate! You will fall in love with it!



3. EverDesk+ Lite



  • Great budget option that starts at only $599
  • Wide range of ergonomic features & addons
  • Height adjustment from 70cm to 120cm
Check Price on EverDesk


If you want to enjoy the quality ergonomics and space-saving design of the EverDesk on a tighter budget, consider getting the EverDesk+ Lite. You will still be able to customize the desk with the Natural Wood Series tabletop and fit it with the various ergonomic and space-saving addons. With the Lite, you can also add on Monitor Arms, Pegboard Organizers, Shelves and more.


The build quality of the desk is excellent. Similar to the Max, the EverDesk+ Lite has a zero wobble structure, GyroAxis Anti Collision and is made with high-quality cold-rolled steel. The main difference between the Lite and Max model is the desk frame. The Lite has a minimum height range of 70cm and a maximum of 120cm. You can adjust the desk height with an up-down controller that controls its single motor setup. With a weight allowance of up to 70kg, it’s definitely sturdy enough for your preferred work setup.


With a starting price of just $599, the EverDesk+ Lite offers excellent value-for-money especially considering the potential for customization.



4. TakeAseat Electric Standing Desk

TakeAseat Electric Standing Desk

  • Adjustable from 62 to 125cm
  • Alert to remind you to stand up
  • 15 tabletop colours and designs
Check Price on Lazada Check Price on Shopee


If you want a wide variety of tabletop options, then you love the range of choices offered by the TakeAseat Electric Standing Desk. When we checked their website, we found more 15 different tabletop designs and colours. Their colour variations are of the different shades of black, brown and grey, which give it a classic look.


For the tabletop, you can choose from 1.2m length to 1.8m length. The desk frame is limited to 2 colours of black and white, which do go well with the 15 tabletop designs. The frame can handle loads of up to 125kg (including the tabletop) and is sturdy enough even if you have a crazy desktop setup.


For its height adjustment options, it can go from 62cm all the way up to 125cm. You can also set the preferred height that you want into its memory functions so that you won’t have to set it the next time manually. We also like that there is a built-in alert system which reminds you to switch to a standing position if you have been sitting for too long.


If you want a specific shade of colour for your tabletop, the TakeAseat Electric Standing Desk will probably have that. So check them out!



5. TakeAseat Ergonomic Standing Desk

Cheap standing desk Singapore

TakeAseat Ergonomic Standing Desk

  • Load capacity of 15kg
  • 13 to 45cm height variation
  • Small and compact to fit on any desk
Check Price on Lazada Check Price on Shopee


The TakeAseat Ergonomic Standing Desk is a small and compact add-on that will transform your regular desk into a standing one. With a width of 50cm by a length of 70cm, it is small enough to fit on any free space on your desk.


Despite its compact build, it is relatively sturdy and has a maximum load capacity of 15kg. You can safely put a laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse on it without any issues. It is also effortless to adjust with a knob on the side which moves the height anywhere from 13 to 45cm high.


If you are looking for a compact convertible standing desk, the TakeAseat Ergonomic Standing Desk will work nicely. Best of all, it is one of the cheapest options available in Singapore!



6. Omnidesk Pro Standing Desk


  • Electronic height adjustment from 60 to 125cm
  • 4 memory presets for quick adjustments
  • Highly-customizable with wide range of options
Check Price on Lazada Check Price on Shopee


If you’re a gamer, you will probably have heard of Aftershock and their customized PCs and laptops. Now, they are here to revamp your desk experience with the Omnidesk Pro Standing Desk. If you go to any PC or IT Fairs in Singapore, you might have seen their standing desks being exhibited with crowds of people trying them out.


So why is the Omnidesk Pro so popular? Firstly, it has a wide range of heights that you can adjust to – from as low as 60cm all the way to 125cm. Normally, most standing desks start from 70 to 75cm. If you’re on the shorter side (like me), you’ll appreciate the ability to adjust it lower for better ergonomic comfort.


Lowering or increasing the height of the desk is also fast, effortless and silent with its dual-motor setup. There are 4 memory presets which allow you to save the heights that you prefer so you can push a button to get the desk moving to that particular height.


Last but not least, the Omnidesk Pro is customizable so that you can make it uniquely yours. There are 3 desk sizes from 48, 60 to 72-inches. You can also choose 3 different table tops with 2 different finishings within each option. From monitor arms to PC mounts and even ergonomic chairs, there are various add-ons for you to complete your ergonomic setup.


The Omnidesk Pro is a good option to check out if you’re looking for a standing desk.



7. Omnidesk Switch

Omnidesk Switch

  • Converts any desk into a standing one
  • Wide and spacious 
  • Adjustable from 11 to 50.5cm high    
Check Price on Lazada Check Price on Shopee


Do you already have a desk that you love but still want to enjoy the benefits of a standing desk? With the Omnidesk Switch, your current desk can be converted to a standing desk (at a more affordable price too!).


All you have to do is place the Omnidesk Switch on your current desk and it is all ready to use. With height adjustment options from 11 to 50.5cm, this is suitable whether you are tall or short. The well-designed mechanism also allows you to adjust it to accuracy in millimetres so it can fit perfectly for you.


This convertible standing desk is also very sturdy. The desktop section can hold up to 15kg in weight while the keyboard section holds up to 2kg. With a total surface area of 95cm by 40cm, there is more than enough space for your laptop, keyboard and other accessories.


At about half the price of a regular standing desk, the Omnidesk Switch is a cheaper alternative that you should consider, especially if you already have a computer desk.



8. Altizen Pro Smart Standing Desk

Altizen Pro Smart Standing Desk

  • Independent stand and monitor adjustments
  • 98-degree angle for optimal viewing experience
  • App tracking and reminders
Check Price on Altizen


The Altizen Pro Smart Standing Desk offers an unparalleled experience of tracking your sitting and standing habits at your desk. You can download the iOS or Android app which will sync with the standing desk to track the number of hours you are sitting or standing over time. You can even set the goals that you want to hit along with reminder alerts to help you follow your goals.


The Altizen Desk is an add-on to your desk that you have. One thing we like is you can adjust the height of the monitor and keyboard area independently. The stand also comes at a 98-degree angle which is the optimal angle from which you should view your screen from. Because of its design, the Altizen is not really suitable for laptop users in our opinion, unless you are using an external monitor and keyboard.


For PC users who are looking for a convertible standing desk, definitely consider the Altizen Pro Smart Standing Desk. Its smart features will bring your workspace into the 21st century.



9. Altizen Active Standing Desk

Altizen Active Standing Desk

  • $200 cheaper than previous model
  • 2 memory presets for height adjustment
Check Price on Altizen


The Altizen Active Standing Desk is the cheaper option to the previous Altizen model. You’ll save about $200. In return, you do miss out on some out the features such as the smart app and the automatic monitor adjustment. Instead, you’ll have to manually shift your monitor up or down. This isn’t a deal-breaker because usually, you’ll only need to set it up once. But if you need to change the monitor height regularly, the Altizen Pro Smart Standing Desk would be a better choice.


Besides that, the other features are pretty similar. It has the motorized elevation for the stand with 2 different memory settings. Also, it has the 98-degree angle for your monitor and a generous amount of table space for your keyboard, accessories and arms.


If you don’t need the smart features of the previous Altizen model, saving $200 by getting the Altizen Active Standing Desk would be the smart choice.



10. IKEA Bekant Standing Desk

IKEA Bekant Standing Desk

  • Height from 65 to 125cm
  • Easy cable management
  • Minimalist design
Check Price on IKEA


When it comes to furniture, how can we miss out on IKEA? As we did our research, we found that IKEA has two standing desks models and so we went to try them out (and also eat some IKEA chicken wings). The motorized option that they offer is the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk.


It has a minimalist design which is simple and elegant. There is nothing flashy about this standing desk and that’s not a bad thing. There is a cable net under the table which will help keep your workspace and floor tidy.


The height of the table is adjustable from 65cm to 125cm. One thing we wished it had was a memory function to save the preferred height that we want. It is sometimes hard to get the exact height we like right away, but after a minute of adjustment, you should get it.


If you’re a fan of minimalism and IKEA, this IKEA Bekant Standing Desk will be a good option. The plus point is that even if you don’t buy it, you can have an excuse to go to IKEA for some chicken wings.



11. IKEA Skarsta Manual Standing Desk

IKEA Skarsta Manual Standing Desk

  • Manually adjustable from 70 to 120cm
  • Crank can be installed on left or right
Check Price on IKEA


The second option for standing desks at IKEA is the IKEA Skarsta Manual Standing Desk. Instead of a motorized movement, you’ll have to spin the hand crack to adjust the height of the desk. The plus point is that it is about 50% cheaper than the IKEA Bekant.


Similar to the other model, IKEA standing desks all have a pretty simple and functional design. The height can go from 70cm to 120cm which should be more than enough adjustment for most people. The hand crank can be installed on either side of the table to make it suitable for both right or left-handers.


The IKEA Skarsta Manual Standing Desk is another chance to get to IKEA’s cafeteria. But seriously, it is a decently-priced option for a manual standing desk if you don’t mind its very simple design.


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