The Best Steam Irons to Buy in Singapore (2020 Review)

Steam Iron Singapore

Ever feel like you can never iron out those creases on your dress? Or that crisp line just doesn’t get pressed down the front of your pants as you would have liked. In this day and age, the quote “Clothes maketh the man” still holds true. It then becomes a daily necessity that our clothes look crisp and professional. A good steam iron will ensure that you make that first good impression.


More steam gets the job done better. But how much steam is enough to get the job done quickly? Afraid of leaving a burnt hole in your shirt? Which steam iron suits your needs best?


We hear your concerns! And have put together the best steam irons that you can find in Singapore based on different price points. As most steam irons look the same, we also break them down so that you know the differences. Here are the best steam irons that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron – GC9682/86

Most powerful and efficient

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron - GC9682

  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • OptimalTEMP technology automatically adjusts based on fabric type
  • Intelligent auto steam for quick crease removal
  • Guaranteed no burns
  • 2-year warranty
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Even someone who has never ironed clothes before in their life can easily do so with the PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron. This is definitely a game changer with its multi smart functions. The iron automatically adjusts the temperature according to the fabric type. The inbuilt sensor knows how and when the iron moves and delivers powerful steam at the right moment. Not even the most stubborn crease can prevail.


Its T-ionicGlide soleplate also allows for smooth gliding on your clothes. This helps you iron your clothes easily and quickly. With an ergonomic handle and lightweight body, it reduces the strain on your wrist and is comfortable to hold.


Philips’ advanced technology is definitely worth the price. Get into auto-pilot mode with the Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron. Experience ironing like none others!



2. Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron – GC5039/30

Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron - GC5039

  • OptimalTEMP technology automatically adjusts based on fabric type
  • Customisable steam modes
  • Turbo Steam delivers powerful continuous steam
  • 2-year warranty
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Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron has similar offerings to the Philips PerfectCare Elite Steam Iron, but at a lower price point! With the OptimalTemp technology, it’s guaranteed that there will be no burns on your clothes. You can iron fabrics ranging from jeans to silk or cashmere with a peace of mind. With this iron, you won’t have to organise your clothes based on the type of fabric to iron anymore!


It also has customisable steam modes for you to choose from, including an IONIC steam mode for hygiene purposes! Indeed a touch of added convenience to make ironing easier. Get the Philips Azur Elite Iron for you and your family today!



3. Tefal Freemove Steam Iron FV9976

Best cordless iron

Tefal Freemove Steam Iron FV9976

  • Cordless for ultimate freedom of movement
  • Powerful steam for crease removal
  • 2-year warranty
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Always get stuck wanting to reach the end of the fabric on the board, because the wire’s just too short? Or the wire gets coiled and tangled up because it’s too long? Worse still, the cord ends up creasing your clothes? These hindrances could make ironing cumbersome and unpleasant. Every household differs in the space available for ironing, so getting rid of wires is a game changer.


The Tefal Freemove Steam Cordless Iron gives you the ultimate freedom when ironing. The quick recharge plate instantly charges up the iron and is ready for use again – right after adjusting your clothes on the ironing board. In terms of performance, it compares easily to the other steam irons with cords. It is also able to produce powerful shots of steam which effectively removes creases.


Break free from the cord and fly like a free bird with the Tefal Freemove Steam Iron FV9976.



4. Philips EasySpeed Advanced Steam Iron

Philips EasySpeed Advanced Steam Iron

  • Heats up within 30 seconds
  • Strong steam output of 40g/min
  • Smooth glide for effortless ironing
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The Philips EasySpeed Advanced Steam Iron has everything you need in a value-for-money package. It is very powerful and is rated at 2400W which means it can heat up and be ready within 30 seconds. Its ceramic soleplate is smooth which lets you glide the iron seamlessly over any garment material.


If you’re using its steam function, it can consistently provide up to 40g/min of steam pressure. Need stronger pressure? You can activate its steam boost that increases the pressure up to 190g/min. The best thing is that all these features are packed within a very affordable price tag.


Want a powerful and durable steam iron that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? Then you have got to check out the Philips EasySpeed Advanced Steam Iron.



5. Philips HD1301 Iron

Portable travel iron

Philips HD1301 Iron

  • Compact and lightweight for superb portability
  • Non-stick soleplate for compatibility with all fabrics
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On a work trip and need to look professional at all times? Or want to look presentable on your getaway? The Philips HD1301 Iron is an excellent choice as it is super portable yet still powerful enough to remove those creases. It is lightweight and folds flat, and is easy to set up when you need to iron. It has a non-stick soleplate so that you can iron on any kinds of fabrics with ease.


Never get caught unprepared again on your trip overseas with the Philips HD1301 Iron. It is so compact and light you won’t even feel it in your luggage!



6. Tefal Eco Master Steam Iron FV1721

Budget steam iron

Tefal Eco Master Steam Iron FV1721

  • Energy saving up to 25%
  • Comes with steam boost for crease removal
  • 2-year warranty
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The Tefal Eco Master Steam Iron FV1721 has an unparalleled balance of energy saving and performance. With up to 25% reduced energy, the Tefal Steam Iron is inbuilt with a steam boost that provides additional strength to remove creases. An anti-drip protection also ensures that your clothes are in safe hands.


If you are constrained by budget, the Tefal Eco Master Steam Iron FV1721, with its stellar ironing performance, is definitely a great choice.



7. Panasonic NI-E410T 1800W Steam Iron

Panasonic NI-E410T 1800W Steam Iron

  • Vertical steam to remove creases
  • 1-month warranty
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The Panasonic NI-E410T 1800W Steam Iron is a great option for fuss-free ironing. The vertical steam allows for removal of creases. There is minimal maintenance required too – all thanks to the anti-calc system which automatically prevents clogging of the steam holes and minimises calcium crystallisation on the soleplate!



8. PowerPac Steam Iron PPIN1200

Cheapest iron

PowerPac Steam Iron (PPIN1200)

  • Steam and spray options available
  • 2-year warranty
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With continuous steam and adjustable temperature controls, the PowerPac Steam Iron (PPIN1200) is a great budget option. It has all the requisites to iron your clothes and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


If you’re constrained by price, you should definitely consider the PowerPac Steam Iron (PPIN1200).



9. Rowenta Steam Force Steam Iron DW9230

Rowenta Steam Force Steam Iron DW9230

  • Powerful steam output to remove stubborn creases
  • Autosteam control that regulates steam optimal for fabric
  • 2-year warranty
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The Rowenta Steam Force Steam Iron is a quality product with remarkable longevity. With a powerful production and optimal distribution of steam, all creases on any kind of fabric are effectively removed. While the iron is compact, Rowenta has managed to fit a larger water tank capacity (350L) into its body! With this, you definitely won’t encounter the need to constantly refill with water while ironing. This makes for a faster ironing process and relatively seamless experience.


For a long-lasting steam iron, the Rowenta Stem Force Steam Iron is a great choice.



10. Philips Steam Iron – GC1434/70

Best value for money

Philips Steam Iron GC1434

  • Easy to use
  • Effective for removing creases
  • 2-year warranty
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With a continuous stream output, the Philips Steam Iron – GC1434/70 makes ironing out creases on your clothes easily. You can also opt for the steam boost to remove the more stubborn wrinkles on certain parts of your clothes. It also has a decent water tank which fills quickly. At this price point, it definitely gives you the most value. It irons well – which is what we all really need.


For a great value buy which ticks all the boxes, get the Philips Steam Iron – GC1434/70.


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Features and specifications to look out for


Having more features will make ironing feel less tedious and less of a chore.


If the price is not an issue, you should opt for an iron with continuous and strong steam coupled with a high water tank capacity (at least 8 ounces or 226 grams) and a power unit of at least 1500-watts. This ensures that the iron heats up quickly and is equipped with sufficient steam to iron out the creases on your clothes quickly.


Other good-to-have features include the anti-calcium system and either stainless steel or ceramic soleplate. Whereas others like the cord length versus cordless and weight then depend on your personal preferences.


Strength of steam


The strength of steam depends on the number of vents, steam blast and vertical steaming functions. A higher number of micro steam vents results in an equal diffusion of steam for even ironing, as compared to larger holes. Both steam blast and vertical steaming allow for a stronger boost which then helps to smooth out stubborn creases.


Type of soleplate


It is important to opt for a good soleplate, if not your iron might end up ruining your clothes. Get a stronger non-stick soleplate with scratch-resistant properties for higher durability. If not, polished stainless steel or ceramic ones are also good options.


Ease of use


Steam irons are generally easy to use, but there are slight variations that allow for more comfortable and easy ironing. Cordless irons allow for freedom of movement, and you won’t accidentally get caught winding the wire around your arm or body. Also, opt for handles that are slightly curved and designed ergonomically so that it fits the grip of your palm.


You should also look for a clear water tank with a wide opening. This allows you to see the level of water and refill easily.


A little goes a long way, so do look out for these features to make ironing less tiresome!



Tips and tricks for crease-free clothes


Nailing the right technique:


To achieve crease-free clothes, it all boils down to pulling off the right technique. It may sound complicated. But all you need to do is to get the order right. Start with the collar and work from outside in, i.e. the cuffs and sleeves first.


For efficiency, make sure the seams of your clothes are aligned and iron on them in long and straight strokes. Use the entire length of your ironing board when you do this.


For cotton clothes:


If most of your clothes are made of cotton, we know that they usually come out of the washer all crinkly and end up drying with many creases on. A quick way to get rid of them quickly is to iron them while they’re still slightly damp! The contact of the wet cotton with the hot iron will result in steam blasts. The creases will be gone in a jiffy!


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