14 Best Strollers in Singapore (2023) For Your Baby’s Comfort

Best Stroller Singapore

A pram or baby stroller is perhaps the most important baby product you’ll buy. Your baby or toddler will spend many sleeping and waking hours in it. For the parent, a good stroller gives you a peace of mind that your baby is safe and comfortable. Additionally, a stroller gives you the flexibility of bringing your baby around with ease.


Unsure of what stroller or pram to get? Not to worry, we got your back. Here are the best strollers and prams that you can get in Singapore!



1. Prego S507 Reversible Handle Stroller

Prego S507 Reversible Handle Stroller

  • Portable and easy to bring around
  • Reversible design for your child to face you
  • Recline backrest with extendable leg rest for ultimate comfort
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The Prego S507 Reversible Handle Stroller comes with very thoughtful features to ensure your child’s utmost comfort. It has a reversible handle which allows your child to face you when pushing the stroller. The recline of the backrest can be adjusted to different degrees and the leg rest is extendable. Your child can lie back and rest when he or she is tired. The backrest is made of a mesh material, which has better ventilation. Even when in the stroller for a long time on a relatively humid day, it does not get overly suffocating or warm. With a lightweight of only 4.2kg, it makes for great portability. You can fold it up with one hand under 2 seconds and it is self-standing without needing any support. Get the Prego S507 Reversible Handle Stroller today!



2. Prego S503 Stroller

Prego S503 Stroller

  • Very lightweight and compact for great convenience
  • Large canopy with sun protection to shield your child
  • Easy to bring around with one hand folding
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The Prego S503 Stroller weighs up under 3.8kg and makes for a great option for public commuting days. It is lightweight and folds up easily with one hand. You can easily bring this up on public transport or stow it away in the car boot. If you’re alone with your child, these are useful features to consider when getting a stroller. Even with its compact build, it comes with a large canopy with UV rays protection. This shields most of your child’s face and torso from direct sun rays. For a great lightweight yet with fully functional design, look no further than the Prego S503 Stroller.



3. Bugaboo Fox 2 Comfort Stroller

Bugaboo Fox 2 Comfort Stroller

  • Superior cushion to absorb all bumps
  • Ergonomic handles for easy steering
  • Compatible for infants up to toddlers
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The Bugaboo Fox 2 Comfort Stroller was built for all terrains with its superior cushion and suspension. Even on uneven pathways laden with cobles, this can absorb all the bumpiness so that your child sits in absolutely safety and comfort. The ergonomic handles are designed for power one-hand steering. The wheels easily turn in the direction so that you won’t need to use much effort to push the strollers. This makes it a convenient and easy means of bringing your child out to play, even at an infant stage up to the toddler stage. You also won’t have to worry anymore about sharing the path with an oncoming passer-by. A smooth ride for your child is made possible with the Bugaboo Fox 2 Comfort Stroller.



4. Joie Aire Travel System Step LX

Joie Aire Travel System Step LX

  • Folds easily with automatic lock for easy stowaway
  • 5-point harness with shoulder covers for safety
  • Adjustable backrest and leg rest for a good rest
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The Joie Aire Travel System Step LX is made suitable for newborn infants as it comes with the gemm group 0+ infant seat. It has a 5-point harness and shoulder with plush cushions to secure your child to the seat without any strain. To allow your kid to rest comfortably, you can also adjust the backrest and extend the leg rest so that he can lean back and take a nap. This folds easily with one hand and has an automatic lock. You won’t have to worry about making a scene in the shopping mall or on a public commute, especially if your kid just wants to be carried around. You can also place all your grocery bags in the large shopping bracket at the bottom. For a great quality and portable option, you can consider getting the Joie Aire Travel System Step LX.

5. Maclaren Quest Stroller

Maclaren Quest Stroller

  • Made for newborns to babies up to 25kg
  • Large UV protection hood for Singapore weather
  • Extremely safe design that is tested rigorously 
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Maclaren has been a household name for strollers for the past 50 years. In fact, they were the creators of the popular umbrella stroller design. As you can guess from the name, it means their strollers can be folded up into the form of an umbrella.


The Maclaren Quest Stroller is suitable for your newborn all the way until he or she becomes a toddler. Its reclining seat has 4 different positions you can switch to which means your baby is sure to feel comfortable. With a large sunscreen hood that provides UPF 50+ of protection, it is perfect for the hot Singapore sun.


Another thing to point out is how seriously Maclaren takes the safety of your precious baby. They even have their own Maclaren Global Safety Standards, which are higher than the usual standards required. That means you won’t ever need to worry about your child’s safety when he or she is in a Maclaren.



6. GoodBaby Pockit+ Stroller

GoodBaby Pockit+ Stroller

  • For toddlers above 6months till 4 years old
  • Very space-efficient when folded
  • Improved seat design for better comfort 
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When you first look at the GoodBaby Pockit+ Stroller, you’ll immediately notice how little space it takes up. It is very slim and would be perfect for navigating the urban and crowded streets of Singapore. Its double-wheeled design makes it very good at turning quickly and efficiently.


When folded up, it takes up even less space. You can also fit it inside your luggage when you go travelling. Even with its lightweight design, GoodBaby has managed to make this stroller a comfortable ride. Compared to its previous predecessor, its seats are now broader and deeper. Your toddler will be very comfortable as you will, pushing this lightweight stroller around.



7. Chicco Ohlala Stroller

Chicco Ohlala Stroller

  • Ultralight at just 3.7kg
  • Adjustable backrest and footrest
  • Easy one-handed operation
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When you see the Chicco Ohlala Stroller, you wouldn’t think it is very light. But when you need to lift it up, you’ll be stunned. It is just 3.7kg and is around 1kg less heavy than the next branded stroller on this list.


The reason why it doesn’t look that light is that it has superior cushioning on every part of its interior. That cushioning gives your baby the most comfortable environment to rest, sleep and play in. Additionally, the back and footrest of this stroller are highly adjustable to fit the preferences of your baby. For a lightweight stroller that is super comfortable, this Chicco Ohlala Stroller is the one to get.



8. Joie Pact Lite Stroller

Joie Pact Lite Stroller

  • Suitable for newborns till 15kg
  • One-hand easy folding and packing
  • Added suspension to wheels for a smooth journey
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The Joie Pact Lite Stroller is one of the most popular lightweight and travel strollers in the world. So what is the reason for its popularity? Firstly, it is suitable for your baby from when he or she is a newborn up till 15kg. That gives you a relatively long time to utilize this stroller.


Secondly, it is a favourite among parents who love to bring their baby on travels or outings. It is relatively light and is very easy to fold even if you only have one hand free. Also, it has well-design wheels with added suspension that ensures a smooth ride whatever the surface is. If you want a trusted light stroller that has a pretty affordable price tag, get this Joie Stroller!

9. Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller

Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller

  • Dual functionality – car seat plus stroller
  • Excellent support and protection
  • For babies from 0 to 15 months
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The smart design of the Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller combines the functionality of a stroller and a car seat together. You can quickly transform it into a stroller or car seat in less than a minute. There is no need to fold up your stroller and fit it inside the boot anymore with this innovative design.


Both as a stroller and car seat, it is perfect. As a car seat, it has side impact protection, and 5 point harnesses to protect your baby inside the car. As a stroller, it is very comfortable and supportive. It has body support cushions, head support and comfortable cushioning.


This car seat stroller is made for babies from 0 all the way up to 15 months old. It can support weights of up to 13kg. It is also covered with a removable, washable cover for easy cleaning and better hygiene. If you need a car seat plus a stroller for your infant, this fits the bill perfectly.



10. Babyzen Yoyo+ 0+ and 6+ Stroller

Babyzen Yoyo+ 0+ and 6+ Stroller

  • Top-quality comfort and finishing 
  • Very compact with a travel-friendly design
  • Suitable for both newborns and 6months+
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The Babyzen Yoyo Stroller is by no means a cheap stroller. In fact, it is pretty expensive. However, it is still very popular among parents, especially if you are looking for a quality travel-friendly stroller. With the Babyzen Yoyo, travelling with your baby is a breeze.


Firstly, it is very lightweight at around 6kg. When folded up, it is very compact and can fit within the cabin limit of an airplane. When you need to transform it back into a stroller, the process is effortless and quick.


It is convertible from a newborn stroller to a 6months and older stroller with just a fabric change. So although it is expensive, it’ll last you a very long time. For frequent travellers, definitely consider this premium travel stroller!



11. Kiddopotamus Ultra Lightweight Baby Stroller

Kiddopotamus Ultra Lightweight Baby Stroller

  • Reclined design for newborns
  • 4-wheel design with added suspension
  • Folds up smaller than a cabin size luggage
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If you want a lightweight stroller that is light on your wallet, check out the Kiddopotamus Baby Stroller. When we last checked, it was priced at less than $120, which is a terrific deal and much cheaper than its branded counterparts.


This baby stroller is made for newborns. It has a reclined lying design that is comfortable and supportive for your newborn baby’s development. With a 4-wheel design and suspension, its movement is very stable and safe. It can even be folded up into the specifications for cabin luggage. So if you need a travel stroller for a few trips, this budget-friendly model may be more suitable for you and your baby’s needs.



12. Graco Literider LX Baby Pram

Graco Literider LX Baby Pram

  • Combines perfectly with Graco car seat
  • Removable child and parent trays included
  • Supports your child up to 23kg
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If you already have a Graco car seat, getting the Graco Literider LX Baby Pram is a no-brainer. It has the Click Connect technology which secures the car seat to the pram instantly. Even if you don’t have a Graco car seat, this stroller is good enough that you should consider it.


It is lightweight but sturdy at the same time. As such, it can support a child up to the weight of 23kg, which means many years of use. The seat inside is adjustable to two different positions and comes with comfortable padding, so your child has a relaxing time inside. It also comes with accessories such as a child and parent trays. These features all add up to form a top-notch stroller that is very value-for-money.



13. Seebaby Foldable Baby Stroller

Seebaby Foldable Baby Stroller 

  • One of the lightest ever at 4.7kg only
  • Seat is reclinable to 170 degrees
  • Transforms into compact form in 1 second
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At 4.7kg, the Seebaby Foldable Baby Stroller is one of the lightest around. It even comes with a carrying bag which its compact form will fit in nicely. If you don’t like bulky and heavy stroller, this one will be the dream stroller for you.


Despite being very lightweight, it has all the essential features that your baby needs. It has the safety straps and harasses to keep your baby safe inside the stroller. It can even be reclinable to 170 degrees so your baby can rest comfortably inside. Best of all, this lightweight stroller is very affordable too.



14. JIJI Light Weight Foldable Stroller

Cheapest baby stroller in Singapore

JIJI Light Weight Foldable Stroller 

  • Super duper cheap price (less than $50)
  • Weighs only 3.2kg


If you want the cheapest stroller, then get the JIJI Light Weight Foldable Stroller. When we checked its price, we were totally shocked at how cheap it was – just $39.90. That is crazy cheap considering the next cheapest option was at least $100 with premium brands going to as high as thousands of dollars.


For a cheap stroller, it is good enough for a toddler to sit in comfortably for hours. Furthermore, it weighs only 3.2kg, which means it is easy for you to push it around for long periods. For its price, it is definitely a great deal!


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Things to consider when buying a baby stroller or pram


It is crucial to choose the right stroller or pram for both you and your baby. If you are first-time parents, you may not be sure on what to get. Here are the things which you should consider before making the big pram purchase.


Types of strollers


Full-size baby stroller

Most parents get a full-sized stroller because of its reliability and usability. These baby strollers are large and very sturdy. With much more space, your baby can comfortably sit or lie in it from his or her infant years till they become a toddler. Usually, storage space is abundant too so that you can keep your bags and baby stuff in it.


The downside to a full-size stroller is its size. It is not portable and could be seen as bulky, especially if you navigate through crowded malls, bus or MRTs. It is also much pricer than other options. However, we still highly recommend a full-size stroller as it can be used for many years on many different occasions.


Lightweight or travel stroller

We would say that a lightweight or travel stroller is a must-have if you plan to be on-the-go with your baby regularly. These lightweight strollers are a life-saver in tight and crowded situations. They take up around only about half the space of a full-size stroller and are much lighter as well. They are also foldable and compact, which means it is effortless to fit inside a car boot. It will also be your best companion if you plan to bring your baby on holiday.


Jogging stroller

For the fitspo parents who love to take walks and jogs, you should definitely consider getting a jogging stroller. A jogging stroller has good cushioning, support and suspension to keep your baby secure and comfortable even when you bring it for a run. You don’t need to give up on your healthy lifestyle once you have a baby as long as you have a jogging stroller. It could even be a special bonding time for you and your baby.


Pram vs stroller


Prams and strollers are used pretty interchangeable. But there are some key differences between a pram and baby stroller which could help you decide which one you need.


A pram is for newborns and babies younger than 6 months old. A pram is designed to keep your baby in a lying down position. It is believed that newborns should be kept in that position to aid in their healthy breathing and development.


A stroller is meant for babies above the age of 6 months. Of course, the exact time to switch to a stroller is dependant on your baby’s development. You can seek advice from your paediatrician during your baby’s regular health check-ups. A stroller is meant for a sit-up position. However, many strollers nowadays come with convertible features which can turn it into a lying down position too. We recommend this as it is very useful when your baby wants to take a nap outside.


3 vs 4-wheel stroller


3 wheel strollers have become the go-to choice for parents nowadays. They are fitted with 2 large wheels at the back with a smaller wheel in the front. They are meant to be easier to manoeuvre which is vital in crowded Singapore. Because of their wheel design, it is also possible to push a 3-wheeled stroller with one hand.


4-wheeled strollers are still a great option because of the stability and comfort it offers. With 4 wheels, the stroller is very stable regardless of what terrain it faces. They are also less likely to flip if someone accidentally bumps into your stroller. The downside is that they are less easy to manoeuvre because of their larger turning radius.


Price of strollers in Singapore

Strollers and prams have a wide price range. They can be really expensive or surprisingly cheap. They can range from low hundreds ($100) to even thousands of dollars ($2000). To be honest, you can get great deals especially if you shop online. We find that retail stores are generally more expensive than online platforms like Lazada – even for the exact same model.


Of the strollers we have featured, the cheapest is the JIJI Foldable Stroller at just $39.90. There are also at least 4 different options that cost less than $200. So if you want a value-for-money stroller, check those out.


Is it safe and reliable

The most important aspect when buying a stroller or pram is whether they are safe. Your precious baby is going to be sitting or sleeping in it for their formative years. You want to make sure you have the best and safest model possible for them.


So how do you get the safest stroller for them? The most important thing is not really the brand or price you pay. It is actually real-life reviews on the stroller. In our article, we have actually done in-depth research to find strollers that have good reviews from users online.



Where to buy a stroller in Singapore


There are many different physical and online stores in Singapore that sells strollers. We find the best offers are usually online – which is why we have pointed you to Lazada where there are frequent discounts and excellent deals throughout the year. Here are where you can buy a stroller in Singapore!

  1. Lazada
  2. Qoo10
  3. Shopee
  4. Baby Kingdom
  5. Mothercare
  6. Kiddy Palace
  7. Mums and Babes
  8. First Few Years
  9. Pupsik Studio
  10. Baby GoGo
  11. Toys”R”Us


Some of the product links that we have included are affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small commission from platforms like Amazon if you make a purchase. This commission comes at no added cost to you. This helps to support us so that we can create more buyer guides for you.