10 Best Thermometers in Singapore (2023) From $21.90

It can be frightening when your child’s temperature is running on the high side. Even for adults, it may be worrying when your body temperature feels elevated. But how can you be sure that it’s the onset of the dreaded fever?


That’s why it is important to have a good thermometer on hand at home. Infrared, ear and digital thermometers typically provide the most reliable and fastest temperature readings. They are usually available for use on your forehead, in the mouth or under the arm, and come in contact and non-contact modes. Here are the best thermometers that you can buy in Singapore right now!


1. Rossmax HA500 Temple Thermometer

Rossmax HA500 Temple Thermometer

  • Clinically tested for accuracy
  • Non-invasive and safe for use on your child
  • 5-years warranty
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Rossmax HA500 Temple Thermometer is a non-contact thermometer. It is easy to use and has been clinically tested for temperature measuring accuracy and reliability. Not only is the thermometer safe for use on your kid, but it is also a sanitary way for monitoring temperature for everyone. Protected by a 5-year warranty, this thermometer is built to last with a high-quality parts.


Looking for a non-contact thermometer at an affordable price point? Look no further than Rossmax HA500 Temple Thermometer.

2. Braun NTF3000 Forehead Thermometer

Braun NTF3000 Forehead Thermometer

  • Ultra-sensitive sensor for increased accuracy
  • Non-invasive and safe for use on your child
  • 1-month warranty
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The Braun NTF3000 Forehead Thermometer provides a convenient means of taking temperatures. You can alternate between the no-touch and touch modes, depending on whether your child is awake or asleep. The large display and colour coding helps you interpret the temperature readings quickly and easily. This Braun thermometer is highly accurate. It also senses the temperature fast and conveniently without any contact.


Get a peace of mind with the Braun NTF3000 Forehead Thermometer, thanks to its reliable temperature measurement and ease of convenience.



3. Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Ear Thermometer

Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Ear Thermometer

  • Fever guidance based on age
  • Easy to use
  • Nightlight for visibility in the dark
  • 3-months warranty
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Ever had to google what temperature signifies the onset of a fever based on the age of your child? Never have to do that again with the Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Ear Thermometer. Inbuilt with an age precision technology, the thermometer provides accurate fever guidance based on age. In the night, this thermometer also has a night light which lets you see the temperature reading on the screen very clearly. This is a very good feature because it means you won’t have to turn on the light to take your child’s temperature.


Never have to do the guesswork of reading your child’s temperature again with the Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520.


4. OMRON TH-839S Thermometer

Best ear thermometer for baby

OMRON TH-839S Thermometer

  • Gentle for use on child and infant
  • Easy to use with an ergonomic handle
  • 1-year warranty
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The OMRON TH-839S Thermometer measures temperature in the ear. It is gentle and easy to use, especially for younger infants. The thermometer alerts you once it’s done with the reading. There is also an alert if the temperature reading is more than 37.5 degrees, which signifies the onset of a fever. This thermometer also provides a quick assessment within 1 second, so your child won’t have to sit still for too long. For hygiene purposes, you can also attach a cover to the ear tip.


If you’re looking for a gentle yet reliable in-ear thermometer, the OMRON TH-839S is the one.




5. OMRON MC-720 Thermometer

Best forehead thermometer for baby

OMRON MC-720 Thermometer

  • Non-invasive, safe and hygienic for your child
  • Gentle and comfortable measurement taking
  • Fast and accurate readings
  • Backlight for visibility in the dark
  • 1-year warranty
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The OMRON MC-720 Thermometer measures the forehead temperature, which is non-invasive and comfortable, especially for younger children. It is also easy to use. You won’t have to worry about waking your child up when taking his temperature. This is also a great thermometer for checking the temperatures of a large group of people. The non-contact aspect makes it more hygienic.


Upon pressing the Start button, the thermometer completes its assessment in 1 second. The thermometer also displays the last taken reading with the current reading. This allows you to easily and quickly keep track of your child’s temperatures.


Definitely your best assistant in monitoring your child’s temperature. Get the OMRON MC-720 Thermometer today!



6. Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer

Value-for-money infrared thermometer

Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer

  • Clear display of data suitable for use by elderly
  • Precise accuracy guaranteed
  • 1-month warranty
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Featuring similar specifications as the other well-establish brands, the Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer is a value for money non-contact thermometer. It costs under $50 which is very cheap compared to other infrared thermometers which start at above $100.


The iHealth thermometer is suitable for use by the older folks too as it has a large LED screen display. The temperature is displayed clearly and prominently for ease of reading. It has a comfortable hold as it is angled at 15.5 degrees. Great for self-help too! Lastly, we love the minimalist all-white design of this thermometer.


If you’re looking for a product with great value and at a competitive price point, you have to get the Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer!



7. Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

hommyhands Infrared Thermometer

  • Responsive temperature reading
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • 1-month warranty
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Suitable for home use, this Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is easy to use and provides precise temperature readings within a single second. It can also be used to measure the temperatures of cooked food or even the oven. There is also a silent mode available if you do not want to disturb your sleeping child. A customisable alarm mode is also available based on the preferred temperature set by you.




8. Omron Eco Temp Basic Thermometer

Best digital thermometer

Omron Eco Temp Basic Thermometer

  • Economical option
  • Easy to use and water-resistant
  • 1-year warranty
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Omron Eco Temp Basic Thermometer fulfils the fundamental requirement of taking precise temperature readings. You can use it to take temperatures in the mouth or under the arm. It has a rounded tip so it is comfortable and safe to use. This takes a slightly longer time at approximately 60 seconds for a temperature reading. But who’s to complain at this price point?


For a reliable and basic thermometer, choose Omron Eco Temp Basic Thermometer.



9. NUK Baby Flash Thermometer

NUK Baby Flash Thermometer

  • Fast and precise temperature reading
  • Non-contact for optimal hygiene
  • Versatile use
  • 1-year warranty
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Many parents have raved about the NUK Baby Flash Thermometer for its non-contact versatile use. Not only can it take the temperature of your child, it also takes temperature readings of baby food, water bath and the surrounding room temperature! Talk about all in one benefits. This thermometer also provides almost instantaneous readings within 1 second.


Opt for a safe and reliable non-contact thermometer with the NUK Baby Flash Thermometer. You won’t regret it!



10. Bion Temple Thermometer

Bion Temple Thermometer

  • Quick & accurate 1s measurement
  • 9 memory storage
  • Can be used on objects too
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If you want quick temperature measurements, the Bion Temple Thermometer is perfect. Within a single second, you can get an accurate temperature measurement. This swiftness is especially useful when measuring your child’s temperature because kids are very active and fidgety. 


This thermometer can also store 9 previous temperature readings which is very useful for checking on temperature fluctuations. Additionally, this thermometer also has a fever alarm that sounds out if the reading hits the fever zone. 


You can also use this thermometer to measure the temperature of objects. For example, aiming it at a bottle of warm milk to check if it is cool enough for your baby to drink. This 2-in-1 function is very practical and useful. 


The swift temperature of the Bion Temple Thermometer makes it a must-buy especially if you are getting it for your kiddo. 


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Infrared, ear or digital thermometers: Which to choose?


While ear thermometers supposedly give off the most accurate readings as the ear is recessed inside the body, the newest addition in town is the infrared thermometers and they are an increasingly popular choice for their non-invasive benefits.


Infrared thermometers sense the infrared emission from the skin from a distance and convert this into the oral-equivalent temperature based on a programmed algorithm. This is usually clinically tested for accuracy. You won’t have to worry about the measurement not being precise. The benefits are multi-fold, ranging from it being more hygienic to being easier to use on your sleeping or restless child.


Digital thermometers are a more old-school option. They are usually cheaper and may come in handy any time you need to take a temperature measurement. These digital thermometers may take a longer time to provide the measurement reading, compared to their counterparts. However, they also cost a fraction of the price.



For babies (0 to 3 years old)


It is important to verify the exact temperature for babies, as they’re prone to having a fever. Hence it is recommended that infrared thermometers be used. These are known for the precision in taking temperatures and can do it almost instantaneously. As it is contactless, it is hygienic and safe for use. You also won’t have to worry about waking your sleeping child. Many infrared thermometers now come with a silent mode and a night visibility mode, which further increases the convenience.


For children (3 to 12 years old)


Ear-thermometers are recommended for children aged 3 and up, as their ear canals have grown relatively bigger. This is also a minimally-invasive option so there will not be too much discomfort for your child. Ear-thermometers yield the highest accuracy of body temperatures as ears are recessed in the head.


However, the presence of earwax may result in an accurate reading, so you may also opt for infrared thermometers.


For Teens and adults (13 years and above)


Teens and adults may be more disciplined and understand the need to take their temperatures. Hence, digital thermometers may be a more economical choice as they do the job as well as the infrared and ear thermometers. But there are no hard and fast rules for this; you can always opt for the infrared or ear ones if you fancy.



How to use an infrared thermometer

Hold the thermometer about 1 to 3 cm from the centre of the forehead. Depending on the brand of the infrared thermometer, this distance may vary up to 5cm, so read the instructions carefully.


Once positioned properly, you just have to press the button for the thermometer to commence its measurement. This should usually be done within 1 second.


How to use an ear thermometer


Make sure the probe tip is cleaned before using. For best measurement results, make sure the ear is free of earwax.


Gently pull on the top of the ear and pull it back slightly, then insert the thermometer probe tip into the ear. The probe tip should fully occupy the ear canal such that it is sealed off.


Press the button for the thermometer to commence its measurement. Once there is a beep, remove the thermometer gently and read the temperature. For hygiene purposes, we recommend that you use a disposable probe cover each time.


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