5 Best Web Hosting For Singapore Websites (2020) From Just $3.95/Mth

Best Web Host Singapore

Finding the best web hosting for Singapore can be difficult. There are thousands of web hosting companies online. How do you choose the best one? Well, the first criteria is to get a hosting company that has a data centre in Singapore. Here are the best 5 web hosting options for Singapore!



1. Siteground


  • Low prices, high performance
  • Friendly, helpful and fast customer support all day long
  • Many value-added features that make hosting fast and easier
  • Singapore data centre for blazing-fast speeds
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Siteground is one of the most popular shared web hosting companies around the world. In fact, it hosts close to 2 million domains for customers all around the world. Their team has now grown to more than 400 people from a small operation back in 2004. The main reasons for their dramatic rise in popularity are because of their attractive prices combined with top-notch performances. Let’s take a more in-depth look at their plans and pricing.


Siteground plans and prices


If you are a new customer, you’ll be pleased once you see Siteground prices. For just $3.95 per month, you can get quality hosting that can handle 10000 monthly visitors. Additionally, these visitor numbers can actually increase if you use their caching features. If you are just looking to host a single website, their StartUp web hosting plan is perfect.


Siteground pricing

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Their most popular plan is their mid-tier shared hosting plan, GrowBig at $5.95 per month. You can host an unlimited number of websites on this plan. Furthermore, you get 20GB of storage which will allow you to host 10 to 20 WordPress sites easily. With traffic allowances of 25000 visitors monthly, this plan is suited for small to medium sized sites that are seeing constant growth.


If you think your site has great growth potential, consider the Siteground GoGeek plan. It costs $11.95 per month but provides value comparable to $50 plans elsewhere. You can host an unlimited number of websites as long as they take up less than 30GB of space. The GoGeek plan is suitable for higher traffic sites as it can handles up to 100000 visitors a month. With the GoGeek plan, your websites get more resources and hardware dedicated to it so you can expect top level performance. Also, GoGeek plans are running on PCI compliant servers which is vital for e-commerce websites. If you need super fast speeds and specialized features for your sites, the GoGeek plan would be the right choice.


Overall, no matter whether you choose the StartUp, GrowBig or GoGeek plans, you will be getting one of the top value-for-money hosting services anywhere in the world. The bonus that they have Singapore data centres makes Siteground the top choice for websites in Singapore and Asia.


Siteground performance and speed


Most web hosting companies promise 99.9% uptime. Siteground goes one step further by consistently achieving 99.99% uptime. This improvement may look minimal, but it equates to 30 minutes less downtime a month. For a website that has a constant stream of visitors, that commitment to 100% uptime is critical. How Siteground achieves this is by building their platform on Linux containers for additional stability. Also, their servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure any problems are fixed almost instantaneously. Their AI-operated Anti-Bot technology also blocks bot attacks. Reliability is a crucial facet of the Siteground experience. Your websites will be in good hands if you get a Siteground web hosting plan.


In terms of speed, Siteground is one of the fastest shared web hosts, with almost similar performances to some VPS hosting. One critical factor for quick page loading is the Time to First Byte (TTFB). Siteground aces this category with consistently fast performances. On our test site, TTFB is 0.2 to 0.3 seconds. That is extremely fast and with a well-optimized site, you can expect load times of 2 seconds and below.


Siteground has consistent performance throughout the day. The reason for this is they set reasonable limits for their shared hosting plans to ensure fair usage and fast speeds for everyone. You may notice that Siteground does not offer “unlimited or “unmetered” resources and bandwidth. This helps to ensure there are no websites which overload the servers and take away resources for your site. That is why you can get fast loading speeds any time of the day.


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Siteground support


Siteground support

Siteground offers the best support among all the shared hosting providers. This is what keeps us staying with them. On any occasion when you encounter any problem, live chat support is one click away. You will barely wait a minute for a real person to respond to you. When they do, their answers are knowledgeable and helpful. You can tell that their support staff are dedicated to solving problems rather than deflecting issues and wasting your time. Siteground’s commitment to excellent customer support can be seen from their monthly recognition of the best customer support staff.


For a webmaster, great and responsive customer support is priceless. With the prices that Siteground charges, the support they provide is exceptional value. For this reason alone, Siteground is our number one choice.


Siteground additional features and services


Siteground is not just a web host. They view themselves as your partners in creating and maintaining the perfect website. That is why they go above and beyond what a typical web host does. Here are some of the wonderful additional features that you can enjoy as their customer.


As though their servers are not fast enough, Siteground has a caching plugin, the SuperCacher. Simply enabling it will help you reduce your page loading times. It is available for customers on the GrowBig and GoGeek plans.


You can also get free LetsEncrypt SSLs for all the websites that you host on Siteground. This helps you save hundreds of dollar every year as you don’t have to purchase SSLs anymore. Installing an SSL on your website is super easy. Just go into your cPanel and it is a few clicks away – less than a minute of work for a secured website!


If you need a CDN, Siteground offers smooth integration with Cloudflare for free. Again, it is accessible through your cPanel and takes just a few clicks to enable. This feature is great if you have visitors from all around the world as your content will be stored in the cloud and distributed to them quickly.


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30-day money back guarantee


Committing to a web hosting provider can be hard. Thankfully, Siteground offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. If their services are not up to par, all you have to do is to request a refund before the end of 30 days. You’ll get all the money you paid back. Although we doubt that any of you will be disappointed with Siteground, it provides peace of mind as you sign up with them. So what have you got to lose – click here to visit Siteground pricing page for special promotional prices just for you!



2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Singapore

  • Value-for-money pricing for both shared and VPS hosting
  • Fast performance especially on their Turbo plan
  • Guru support team is helpful around the clock
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An independently-owned hosting company since 2001, A2 Hosting has quietly risen to become a powerhouse for shared hosting. Their reasonable prices together with their consistent performance make them a webmaster dream. If you need more powerful hosting, A2 Hosting also offers VPS and dedicated hosting plans. Small or big, your website will thrive with A2 Hosting as your web host.


A2 Hosting plans and prices


A2 Hosting Price

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Their most popular shared hosting plan is Swift and no wonder. It is superb value for money. With prices starting at just $4.90 monthly, you get to host an unlimited number of sites, have unlimited storage and free SSL. Additionally, all their hosted plans are on SSDs which make them super fast. If you want an additional boost, get their Turbo plan which costs $9.31 per month. With more resources dedicated to your websites, combined with the A2 Site Accelerator, your loading speeds will improve by up to 20 times.


A2 Hosting support


A2 Hosting Support

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When we tested out their live chat, it took a grand total of 20 seconds to speak with someone live. While we tried it out on 5 different instances and each time it was that speedy. It shows that their customer support channels are well-staffed. If you face any technical, sales or billing issues, the A2 Hosting live chat will be a real lifesaver with their efficiency. If you don’t like the interactiveness of the live chat, you can choose to send in a ticket instead. Replies are also speedy and you can continue the conversation with them through email. With excellent pricing and customer support, what’s stopping you from checking A2 Hosting out? Click here to get 51% off their shared hosting plans now!



3. Vodien


  • Speedy load times, especially on their Business hosting
  • Reliable Singapore host with 16 years of excellent track record
  • Wide range of plans starting at $10/month
  • Knowledgeable and quick SuperSupport team
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Vodien Internet Solutions has been in the hosting game since 2002. That is close to 20 years of providing quality hosting for their Asia-Pacific clients. In that time, they have grown to become one of the top Singapore and Asian hosting providers with more than 200,000 customers.


Vodien hosting plans and prices


There are 3 main hosting types available from Vodien – Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Business Web Hosting. Within each type of hosting, there are different price points to accommodate for different resource requirements. Let’s take a look at each of them.


Vodien price

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Vodien’s Web Hosting starts at $10 per month for their webValue plan and goes all the way to $60 per month for the webElite plan. If you are starting your very first site, the webValue should provide enough resources for you to start growing. It has 15GB of storage along with unlimited data transfer which are very generous limits for a basic plan. You can even host 10 email address on it.


Vodien wordpress pricing


If you are looking to host a WordPress site, go for Vodien’s WordPress Hosting plan. It is tailored to get your website up and running in the fastest time with its one-click WordPress installer. It has caching, auto updates, auto backups and easy migration options. Basically, everything you want in a WordPress host, you’ll get. Starting at just $10.50 per month, it is an affordable WordPress hosting option.


Vodien business hosting price

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If you have a business-critical website, consider Vodien’s Business Web Hosting plans. These plans are hosted on SSDs which can be up to 3 times faster than non-SSD hosting. You’ll also get a one-time free consultation on optimizing your CMS to get even faster-loading speeds. Additionally, these plans are allocated with more server resources which means it can handle more traffic efficiently. Vodien’s Business Hosting starts at $25 per month for bizValue and goes up to $150 per month for bizElite.


Vodien support


Getting quick and efficient support on any technical, billing or sales questions is a breeze with Vodien. Our favourite is the live chat functionality. You just need to key in your email address and a short description of what problem you’re facing, and you will get an answer within minutes. Alternatively, you can also call them if you prefer a comforting voice to guide you. Vodien SuperSupport team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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4. Exabytes

Exabytes Singapore

  • Experienced Singapore and Malaysia web host
  • Scalable plans from shared to dedicated hosting packages
  • A well-designed website that is easy to understand and navigate
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With 18 years of experience in supporting more than 100000 customers, Exabytes knows what they are doing for sure. From a small blog to super high traffic site, you can host them all on Exabytes with excellent results.


Exabytes plans and pricing


Exabytes has one of the widest range of prices. You can get starter web hosting packages from as low as $3.99 per month all the way up to dedicated servers that cost $350 per month. What this means is you can easily find a plan that is suited for your websites no matter what your budget is. Let’s take a look at some of their more popular plans.


Exabytes WordPress Hosting

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If you are planning to use WordPress as your CMS, Exabytes has designed a special plan for WordPress sites. Prices start at just $6, $10 or $32 per month for 10000, 20000 and 50000 monthly visitors. Setting up, maintaining and updating your WordPress sites is a breeze with the Plesk control panel. For both beginner and experienced WordPress users, this customized WordPress plan is a great option.


Exabytes Business Hosting

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Another popular option is their premium hosting plans that are fast loading. This increased speed comes from the use of SSDs instead of HDDs. For just $12.99 a month, your website can enjoy a speed boost that will propel its growth.


Exabytes customer support


You get 24/7 customer support with any of Exabytes plans. We are kind of disappointed that there is no live chat option. Instead, you have to contact their customer support team through sending in emails or tickets. We have to say that responses are pretty quick for tickets, even on the weekends. We do hope to see live chat functionality added shortly. For now, the ticketing support works pretty well.


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5. Cloudways

Cloudways Singapore

  • Managed VPS hosting at a fraction of the price
  • Superb performance that trumps most if not all shared hosting
  • Free 3 day trial – no credit card required


Cloudways is not your typical shared hosting provider. They are also not your typical VPS hosts. They offer managed VPS hosting from providers such as Digital Ocean, Linode and Vultr. What you can expect from websites hosted by Cloudways is amazingly fast loading time.


Cloudways plans and pricing


Cloudways prices are higher than shared hosting. That is expected given that they offer a level of performance that shared hosting providers cannot provide. What Cloudways should be compared to are managed VPS hosting providers. In that case, Cloudways prices are crazily low. You can get $50 VPS performances at $20 prices. Let’s take a look at Cloudways pricing on a Digital Ocean setup.


Cloudways pricing


While Cloudways state that their most popular plan is the $42 one, we reckon that the $10 would be sufficient even for a mid-sized website. The $10 plan comes with 1GB of RAM, 1 Core processor, 25GB of storage and 1TB of bandwidth. Honestly, these specifications are better than most shared hosting. You would comfortably be able to host a website with 100000 monthly visitors. If you are considering Cloudways instead of a shared web host, get the $10 plan first before scaling up.


What we also like is that payment is on a monthly basis. You do not need to commit yourself to 1, 2 or even 3 year plans unlike most shared hosting plans. That gives you a whole lot of flexibility especially if you don’t like Cloudways after using it. There is almost no risk involved beyond the $10 payment. Additionally, you can try it free for 3 days. No need for credit card details! Just an email address will do. Click here to try the 3 days free trial with zero obligation!


Cloudways support


Cloudways chat

As a managed VPS provider, having good support is essential. A VPS is notoriously harder to maintain than shared hosting. Thankfully, you won’t encounter many problems with a managed VPS hosting. If you do face any issues, Cloudways support is only a click away. You can access a live chat where all your problems will be solved within minutes. In the past, Cloudways live support was a little overloaded because of the influx of new clients. Since then, improvements have been made and customer support has improved. Otherwise, we won’t be recommending them!


Cloudways features


Cloudways benefits

In addition to providing blazing fast hosting, Cloudways has a bunch of features that will make your web hosting experience better. Their servers are installed with a range of caching options such as Memcached, Varnish, Redis and Cloudways own Breeze plugin. All these serve to make your websites even faster and more efficient.


In terms of security, your servers are protected by firewalls that make sure your website is secure at all times. Your sites are also automatically backed up. You can install the LetsEncrypt SSL with a single click through the Cloudway control panel. To protect your account, you can also enable two-factor authentication.


Cloudways is a holistic cloud and VPS hosting provider that offers value beyond its pricing. Even if you don’t purchase it, you have got to try their free 3-day trial at least.


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Types of web hosting


When choosing a host for your website(s), you’ll also have to consider what type of web hosting you need. There are 4 main types of web hosting – Shared, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated. Each of them has its pros and cons along with differing price points. Let’s take a deeper look at each one and see which would be more suitable for your website.


Shared hosting


Shared hosting is probably the most common type of web hosting out there. It is very accessible and affordable. It also requires a more hands-off approach which makes it easy for first-timers or seasoned operators. Here is a list of the pros and cons of shared hosting.


Pros of shared hosting


Shared hosting is the cheapest form of web hosting

You can pay as little as 3 dollars every month for the lowest-tiered plan. If you are looking for the most wallet-friendly option to host your website, shared hosting will be the best option.  When your site first goes online, you’ll likely get low traffic numbers. Therefore, the traffic and bandwidth limitations of a shared host will not limit your initial website growth.


Shared hosting plans are cheap because each server can host hundreds or even thousands of these websites. Because you are sharing resources with many other people, the cost is divided which makes it very affordable.


Setting up a website is fast and convenient

A shared web host will do all the hard work of managing your server for you. Managing a server is tough, even for seasoned webmasters. When you get a shared hosting plan, the web host will cover every aspect of server management for you. You do not need to worry about patching, security features and any of those technically difficult tasks. Server management skills are notoriously tricky. Hiring someone to manage your servers can be very expensive. By entrusting server management to your shared host, you’ll save loads of money.


Cons of shared hosting


Your bandwidth, storage and resources are limited on a shared hosting plan

With thousands of websites on a single server, the amount of bandwidth and resources allocated to your sites will be capped. This is to ensure fairness and that every site has sufficient bandwidth to work with. If the bandwidth and resources are not capped for each site, it may lead to situations when one large site steals all the resources and slows down all the other sites. That would not be fair.


Usually, the bandwidth, storages and resources provided are sufficient for a small to medium size website. If you are running a WordPress blog that has less than 10000 visitors a month, any shared hosting should be good enough for you. You should not face any issues with these limitations.


Your server and websites may be compromised

With thousands of different websites on a server, there is a chance that whatever that affects them may affect you. For example, if one site is infected with a virus, the entire server may also be affected. A shared server setting is managed by the web host which means you are unable to enhance the security settings by yourself. That is the flip side of using a managed shared host.


However, most reputable shared web hosts do have very tight and secure virtual environments for each shared server. They are experts in ensuring security and safety for each and every site. The bigger the host, the more resources they have to combat potential problems like hackers, malware and viruses. If you choose a good web host, you will not need to worry about these type of security compromises.


Who should use shared web hosting?


For new projects like blogs and simple websites, shared hosting is perfect. The cost of shared hosting is low which means you don’t need to invest much money into your project initially. Your traffic is likely to start small, so the limitations of a web host will not affect the day to day performance of your website.


Shared hosting is also great for beginners who are starting out on their first website. The entire process of signing up to setting up a site on a shared host is very straightforward. You won’t get overwhelmed with server management but can concentrate all your efforts on building a functional and beautiful website.


Essentially, if you have between 0 to 10000 visitors to your sites every month, the lowest-tier of a shared hosting plan will be sufficient. If you have between 10000 to 50000 visitors every month, go for the mid to high-tier shared hosting plans. It should cost you between 10 to 30 dollars per month.



VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting


VPS hosting is getting more popular as webmasters become more proficient at server management. It gives much more flexibility and also bandwidth which is useful for larger websites that are growing fast. It is cheaper than a dedicated server but provides some of the benefits of dedicated hosting.


For VPS hosting, a key difference is whether it is a managed or unmanaged VPS. An unmanaged VPS is much cheaper, but you’ll need to put in much more work for it to function well and securely. A managed VPS is likely to be much more expensive, around 5 to 10 times the price of an unmanaged VPS. However, you won’t need to handle server management which takes a lot of time and effort. Let’s take a deeper look into the pros and cons of VPS web hosting.


Pros of VPS hosting


Unmanaged VPS hosting can be as affordable as shared hosting

When you think of better performance, you usually associate it with high prices. While higher-end VPS hosting does cost much more than shared hosting, the starter VPS plans are often very budget-friendly. A point to note is that we are talking about unmanaged VPS hosting. You can pay as low as $5 a month for a droplet from VPS hosts like Digital Ocean, Vultr and Linode. These VPS droplets are powerful and cheap. If you configure and set up them efficiently, you can comfortably host a website that has hundreds of thousands of visitors every single month with no issues.


VPS web hosting can be more secure and safe than shared hosting

If you host your websites on a VPS server, you’ll be sharing it with fewer sites. That decreases the chances of being infected by malicious attacks as websites hosted on VPS servers are usually pretty secure. Additionally, in a VPS setting, each virtual server is barricaded more securely which means if one server instance gets infected, it will be isolated so that your website is not affected.


Your website will get a huge performance boost

With less websites sharing a server, more resources, bandwidth and storage can be allocated to each server. You will notice significant improvements in loading speeds especially if you have an optimized website. Based on our experience, a site that previously takes about 3 seconds to load on shared hosting will load within 1.5 seconds on VPS hosting. That is a dramatic improvement that creates better user experiences for your website visitors. If you run an e-commerce site, the drop in loading time will increase conversions and lead to tangible increases in revenue.


You can scale your website(s) up easily

Did you receive a sudden spike in traffic from some viral article? If your website is on shared hosting, chances are it will crash within minutes and you’ll lose valuable traffic. With VPS hosting, sudden spikes in traffic can be handled with ease. Firstly, the higher server resources will enable your website to manage hundreds and thousands of concurrent visitors easily. If those resources are still insufficient, you can easily add on more resources with just a click of a button. Many VPS hosts give you the flexibility to change your server resources to deal with traffic surges. You can double, triple or even quadruple your server specifications without any hassle or downtime. This ability to scale fast is essential for webmasters of fast-growing and viral websites.


Cons of VPS hosting


Managed VPS hosting can be much more expensive than shared hosting

If you need your host to do the server management tasks for your VPS, the price is going to be substantially higher. You will likely need to pay at least $30 a month or even more depending on which VPS host you choose. That being said, the higher price for a managed VPS is worth it. By outsourcing the server management to someone who knows what their doing, your website will be kept safe and secure even from brute force attacks. Additionally, the higher prices also translate to a performance boost for your site which can be very lucrative.


An unmanaged VPS can be a nightmare for non-technical webmasters

Setting up a VPS server may seem simple. After all, there are so many guides and tutorials online that teach you a step-by-step approach on how to get your server online. The problem is when even the tiniest mistake ends up taking your website down. If your VPS is unmanaged, you have no support to turn to. It can be a real nightmare to see your precious website down for days or even weeks as you figure out what the problem is. Even for more technical webmasters, managing a server can take precious hours every week. That time could be better spent on income-generating tasks rather than tedious old server management. Honestly, if you are thinking of getting a VPS, we strongly urge you to consider a managed VPS to save you time and money in the long run.


Who should use VPS hosting?


If you have a fast growing blog, website or e-commerce shop, migrating to a VPS server will help you to scale fast. For instance, if you notice that your server resources on your shared hosting plan are continually maxed out, the time to switch to a VPS is now. Other signs like slow loading speeds and user feedback on sluggish website performance also serve as prompts for you to upgrade to a VPS.


If you have a technical background, VPS hosting will be the right choice for you. You will be able to enjoy fast speeds at low prices because you can get an unmanaged VPS server. Shared hosting won’t cut it as it offers too little for about the same price.


For e-commerce sites, if you have more than 10000 monthly visitors, a VPS hosting plan will be ideal. Every second that your website loads slowly is money down the drain as your website visitor leaves.


For business websites and large blogs, if you have around 50000 monthly visitors, your shared hosting plan may be insufficient especially if you continue to grow. As your site grows, you will need additional bandwidth, storages and resources all which only a VPS can provide consistently.



Cloud hosting


“In-the-cloud” has been one of the leading technological trends in the 21st century. Similarly, cloud web hosting has also increasingly become more popular. Instead of your data being stored in a single local server, your website is now in the cloud and stored in many different cloud servers in different geographical locations.


Pros of cloud hosting


You can scale easily and quickly with cloud hosting

As your website is not hosted by a single physical server, you are not limited to the resources of that single server. With multiple servers all over the cloud, you can increase the resources and bandwidth dedicated to your website without any hassle. Yes, you will have to pay more to get more. But this ability to scale up is great when you get a sudden surge of visitors. Your website will never be limited if you use cloud hosting.


Cloud hosting has fast and reliable performance.

When your website is hosted in the cloud, multiple servers will deliver your content to your site visitors. With more resources, your webpage will reach your visitor at the speed of light. Additionally, having your website on multiple servers means that your website is unlikely to go down. When your website is hosted on a single server, if that server goes down, your website will go down. For cloud hosting, when one server goes down, there are still many other servers that can serve your site to your visitors. You can expect 100% uptime with cloud hosting.


Cons of cloud hosting


Cloud hosting can be expensive compared to shared and VPS hosting

With your website being available on multiple servers all around the world, it is going to be more expensive to host your site on a cloud hosting package. It will likely be around the same pricing or slightly more than a managed VPS host. However, cloud hosting will still be cheaper than dedicated server hosting.


It is less flexible than unmanaged VPS and dedicated hosting

If you are experienced in managing your own server, you may want to make changes that will not be possible on cloud hosting. The environment of cloud hosting is a managed one where the web host will do all of the server management. They are unlikely to allow you root access as anything you do could affect the other sites hosted on the cloud server. If you want the flexibility to do your own thing, it would be better for you to stick to an unmanaged VPS or a dedicated server.


Who should use cloud hosting?


Cloud hosting is for you if you have a high traffic blog or business website. Also, if you have a global reach and have visitors from all around the world, cloud hosting will help you to reach every one of them as fast as though your website is hosted in their local country.


Cloud hosting is also great if you have fluctuating traffic in different months. For cloud hosting, you pay for the resources that you use. If you have very slow months, you can pay less for those months as you use less resources. It is a fairer pricing system – you pay what you use.



Dedicated hosting


Having an entire server dedicated to your website means unparalleled performance. The truth is that not many sites require the significant resources that a dedicated server provides. In one aspect, dedicated server hosting is also similar to VPS as you can choose from a managed or unmanaged one.


Pros of dedicated hosting


It offers the best performance even for high-traffic websites

If you are continually struggling to keep your website up because of the sheer number of visitors to it every single second, a dedicated server could be the solution. With the entire CPU, RAM and bandwidth of a whole server dedicated to your site, you can expect top-notch performance and blazing-fast speeds.


Cons of dedicated hosting


Dedicated hosting is the most expensive hosting option

Renting an entire server is expensive. It is even more expensive if you opt for a managed dedicated server. The price can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars every month. It is substantially more costly than VPS and cloud hosting.


Managing an entire dedicated server is a headache

Server management is expensive in terms of time and money. When you have an entire server to yourself, keeping it updated and working is a tedious process that requires a full-time staff. On the other hand, you can choose a managed dedicated server but that will cost you much more.


Who should get dedicated server hosting

Not many websites require a dedicated server to host it. Even large sites use VPS and cloud hosting as a solution to manage high amounts of traffic. A dedicated server will only make sense if you have millions of visitors to your site every month.



Managed vs unmanaged hosting


If you are new to websites, the hosting you need and want is definitely managed. Unmanaged hosting is for experienced developers and webmasters. That is the short answer as to whether you should get a managed or unmanaged web hosting service. For the longer answer, continue reading!


So why should you get managed hosting? The simple answer is that it makes hosting a website so much easier. With managed hosting, the hosting company will take care of all aspects of server management. That includes installing and maintaining the operating system, setting up firewalls, protecting and removing malware and data backups.


For a layman picture of managed vs unmanaged hosting – imagine cooking a meal. For managed hosting, all the ingredients have been bought, cut up and ready for you to throw in a wok to fry up the perfect dish. There is even a recipe for you to follow and someone to ask for advice if you need help. Creating the perfect meal (aka your website) with all these preparation work done is pretty simple.


For unmanaged hosting – you have to go to the market to shop for different ingredients, cut them up, decide on what dish to cook, and with no one to help you. If you are a new cook (aka webmaster), preparing an edible dish can be super challenging. Hopefully, this has helped you to understand the differences between managed and unmanaged web hosting.



Why you should choose a host with Singapore servers


For web hosting, it is essential that your website is hosted by a server close to where your visitors are. If your site visitors are mainly from Singapore, South-east Asia or Asia, getting a web host with Singapore servers is vital. The closer your server is to your visitors, the faster the website will load for them. The quicker the website loads, the more likely your visitors will stay on the site.


Additionally, fast loading speeds are also a ranking factor for Google search. If you want to do search engine optimization for your website, improving your site loading time is critical. After all, getting faster speeds if not that hard – it just means choosing a good web host that has Singapore servers.


Let’s take a look at why a Singapore server would work better than a US server if your visitors are from Singapore and Asia. First, what is the physical distance between Singapore and the United States? It is more than 15000 kilometres apart. If your website is hosted on a United States server, that is the distance your site data has to travel to reach a Singaporean visitor. Even if you have a super fast US server, it would still take a considerable amount of time – precious seconds that may cause your Asian visitors to leave your site before it loads.


On the other hand, the furthest distance within Singapore from East to West is 50 kilometres. If a Singaporean visitor visits a website hosted in Singapore, imagine how much faster it is for your website data to reach him or her. 15000 kilometres versus 50 kilometres. Even if your visitor is in Bangkok, the distance is only 1500 kilometres – much less range than Bangkok to the United States. If you want a fast-loading website for Asian visitors, your site should be hosted on a Singapore data centre.



Things to consider when choosing a web host in Singapore


Choosing a web hosting company is not that simple. There are hundreds and thousands of companies out there vying for your business. The question is how do you filter out the bad from the good and the excellent from the good? Here are some of the factors you should consider when you evaluate a web hosting company.


Price of hosting plans


Price is probably one of the most important considerations when choosing which hosting plan to go for. As with most things, there is a significant correlation between price and quality. Hosting that costs $1 a month may sound enticing, but it may mean hours or even days of downtime every month.

It is important to find a right balance between attractive pricing and good hosting. Thankfully, affordable hosts are not too hard to find. For example, in our reviews, all the hosting companies offer terrific deals ranging from $3.95 per month for reliable hosting. Personally, we are huge fans of Siteground. They have an exclusive offer that provides 70% discounts for new sign-ups. Click here to get this awesome limited time offer!


Technical specifications and limits


Pay attention to the limitations that each hosting plans set so that you can choose the right one for your website and the resources it needs. Some of the technical terms you need to take note of are – RAM, CPU, Disk Space.


If you are hosting a high-traffic website of more than 50000 monthly visitors, you will need the higher-tiered shared hosting plans. These plans will provide you with higher RAM and CPU so that your pages loading times are kept low. If you have a low-traffic site of fewer than 5000 visitors monthly, the lower-tiered traffic website should work for you.


Disk space is usually not a big constraint, especially if your website does not have many pages, images and content. Even cheaper shared hosting plans will give you around 10GB of storage – more than enough for WordPress installations and a medium sized site. Usually, you will require more disk space if you upload very high-quality images and videos. A common type of site that needs much more storage space is e-commerce sites. If you are hosting an e-commerce site, go for the higher-tier plans.




Good, knowledgeable and fast support is essential for any hosting plan. When your site goes down, having live support will help you get any problem solved quickly. And most importantly, get your website back up. For that reason, we prefer web hosting companies that have a live chat or phone support. It feels reassuring when you have knowledgeable support staff on the end of the line helping you with whatever technical issues you are facing.


The best web hosting companies have fast support. A way to test out their response time is to start a live chat with them before you purchase their web hosting. If it takes more than 5 minutes to get in touch with their staff, maybe you should reconsider buying their hosting plans.


Another aspect of good support is having a strong knowledge base of articles and FAQs that you can refer to. A good web host will have hundreds or even thousands of such informational pages. With an extensive knowledge base, most if not all of the potential technical issues you will face will be covered inside. That way, you can easily troubleshoot your websites anytime you need.


Email addons


Having a business or personalized email with your website’s domain will make you look more professional. Some hosting plans provide free hosting for your email addresses which saves you money because you don’t need a separate email hosting plan. Besides that, you should also take note of the limits on the number of email address and storage space.


Reviews and reputation of web host


If a web hosting company is good, you should be able to find legitimate and positive reviews online. Before you commit to a web hosting plan, do some research online to find out what their reputation is like. Are they known for reliable hosting? Do they have fast and good support? All these can easily be found online within minutes which will give you further evidence of whether a web host is worthy of your business.


The web hosting industry is a very competitive one. Sometimes, you have to be careful when reading reviews online – they could be fake. Usually, a method of filtering through reviews would be to steer clear of the overwhelmingly positive and negative comments. Look for the 3 and 4-star comments and see what they say. These views are more balanced in terms of providing an accurate review of the web hosting service.


Control panel


Two of the most common control panels for web hosting are cPanel and Plesk. These two have user interfaces that make modifying the backend of your website simpler. Most shared hosting comes with cPanel. From cPanel, you can install SSL certificates, access the FTP, create emails, and much more. Another benefit of getting a web host with cPanel is that migration is easy. If you want to switch to a different web host, cPanel to cPanel site migration is quick and is often provided free when you change hosts.


For VPS, Cloud and Dedicated hosting, a control panel is usually not included for unmanaged services. You can pay an additional monthly fee to get a cPanel license for your site if you need to.


Is it scalable?


For a fast-growing website, an important point to consider when choosing your web host is whether they are big enough to grow with you. For example, if you need to upgrade your hosting consistently to a higher plan, does the web host offer these higher-tier plans? If they do, you will save the trouble of needing to switch hosting which can be tedious.


If you are starting with shared hosting, check out if the web host has VPS, Cloud or even Dedicated hosting options. Additionally, make sure that they have a managed hosting options for those if you do not want to deal with server management.


One-click installer


If your web host offers one-click installs, it will help significantly in getting your website up and running. A popular one-click installer would be for WordPress. You can get set up with a running WordPress site within a minute with a one-click install. Most of the hosts that we recommend offer this feature.




Having a web host that has top-notch security is critical is ensuring your website is always safe and operational. They should have multi-layer firewalls and protection all-round the clock. They should constantly update their software and processes to keep up with the latest cyber-security needs.


Free SSL certificates


Having an SSL certificate is getting more critical by the day – regardless of the type of site you are running. In fact, Google states that having an SSL secured website is one of their ranking factors for their search engine. SSL certificates cost about $100 per year. However, many web hosts offer free SSL certificates for their customers.


These free SSL certificates are usually issued by LetsEncrypt. They require renewal every 3 months but web hosts do have automated processes which will keep your SSL certificate valid all the time. There is no excuse not to get an SSL certificate for your website as the best web hosts to make it a one-click process that even a beginner can do. When searching for a web host, look out for those who offer free SSL certificates.




Having updated and constant backups of your website is vital. Imagine if your site goes down or gets hacked, without a backup, you would lose all the valuable content on your website. If you have a backup of your site available, you can easily restore it within minutes and it will look just like it did before.


A host that has an automated backup system would be very helpful. That way, they will have the latest and updated backups which they will keep in case you need it. Additionally, they can also rollback to a backup version for you as per your request.



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